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  1. Fantastic! I wish sometimes I were more adventurous, but I sure enjoy watching others travels. Especially when they involve old Mopars.
  2. It's old enough to smoke if it wants to. I find mine smokes a little less if I run the oil level about a pint or so low on the dipstick.
  3. First Mopar I can remember was either my Granddad's '50 Dodge or the 60 something Desoto Dad had with the record player in it. Not sure on timing, but the Desoto is what hooked me. My first Mopar was a '65 Dodge Coronet 2 door hardtop, 318 auto, I bought it when I was 15. My current Mopar is my '41 Dodge Business Coupe. There have been too many in between to list them all.
  4. Great story so far Bbdakota. This, to me, is what old cars are all about. I especially like the idea of the family being involved. I put a 3.27 rear in my '41 Dodge. I like it a lot, but may experiment with 3.55's as well. Keep it up........
  5. Yeah, sometimes "Jack" always buys the last round because he is the last man standing...................
  6. Good on ya Cold Blue. Self diagnosis and repair is half the fun of these things. And, Greg I hope you are feeling better. Happy motoring to all.............
  7. Similar routine here Greg. Unplug battery tender, pull choke, pump accelerator pedal six or eight times, turn on ignition with key, step on starter pedal, a couple more pumps on accelerator while cranking and it was running. Just moved in and out of garage to test brakes but all looks good to go. Still need to check air pressures. I love the first start of spring, when it actually starts! Bring on the nice weather!
  8. Maybe I could make it if I left home in the '41 today......................................hmmmm, boy I wish we could get away from the ice and snow right now. Not to be, but enjoy the show!
  9. I hope he meets my Dad in heaven. Dad loved working on old Mopars and Bob loved to drive them. A match that could only be made in heaven. Rest in peace Bob.
  10. I like fuzzy dice, and I really like what Don has in his pic. Although, I must admit, I don't think I want 'em to be "fuzzy or furry"!
  11. My brother in law has a Ram Ecodiesel. He loves it. He put a tuner on it and claims it increased both power and fuel mileage. I drove it, unloaded, and it felt responsive.
  12. When I was a kid Dad had one in a tail finned Desoto, not sure of the year. I remember him talking about the big motor and how fast that car was.
  13. Almost 250 miles today. Drove to the New York state border and back. Why? Because it was there. Lunch in Bradford, PA. Pic in restaurant parking lot.
  14. Found this Nash picture but the trunk lid looks longer than in the other picture.
  15. When I put the Explorer rear under my 41 Dodge the sghocks hit the larger axle tubes with the original mounts so I made these
  16. Driven when weather permits and the urge strikes. Got it on the road in 1991 and we have driven it some every year since.
  17. Great question. I work on the campus of a large university. Many nationalities represented and no one seems to know to keep right on the sidewalk. Americans included.
  18. "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it"
  19. Cold Stream Dam Philipsburg, PA
  20. My '41 Dodge had a 1-1/8" bore MC when I first started driving it. I swapped it with a 1" bore with no ill effects. I think the 1" will require more pedal travel to move the same amount of fluid, but the affect I saw was minimal if any. I was told the smaller bore creates more hydraulic pressure with the same foot pedal pressure, but I don't know if that is a tested fact or a law of physics or something. Should you swap to 1-1/8"? It is my "opinion" that it doesn't matter, but that is a choice only you should make. I am only relating my personal experience with each MC bore size. I have been known to do some things that others feel are, shall we say, abnormal.
  21. I have both 1" and 1-1/8" master cylinders here. Both look identical. Just different bore sizes. Like P.A. said, stuff gets swapped around on these old cars all the time.
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