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  1. Master cylinder kits problems

    My '41 Dodge had a 1-1/8" bore MC when I first started driving it. I swapped it with a 1" bore with no ill effects. I think the 1" will require more pedal travel to move the same amount of fluid, but the affect I saw was minimal if any. I was told the smaller bore creates more hydraulic pressure with the same foot pedal pressure, but I don't know if that is a tested fact or a law of physics or something. Should you swap to 1-1/8"? It is my "opinion" that it doesn't matter, but that is a choice only you should make. I am only relating my personal experience with each MC bore size. I have been known to do some things that others feel are, shall we say, abnormal.
  2. Master cylinder kits problems

    I have both 1" and 1-1/8" master cylinders here. Both look identical. Just different bore sizes. Like P.A. said, stuff gets swapped around on these old cars all the time.
  3. The legend lives on

    Best part of my old car are the memories of my Dad. your grandson will never forget the time he spends with you on the Plymouth. Good for both of you!
  4. temperature behaviour/ reading, cranbrook 218 engine

    Another vote for a plugged / bad water tube.
  5. Long Time Lurker Official Car Introduction

    i live on Fernwood Road, the road before the one you turned on to. Those are Chevy's, they belong to a guy who lives in Morann. Early fifties I believe. He has, or had, a very nice '54 Chevy. I haven't seen it for quite a while now. Not sure if he still has that one or not. His Dad used to live on 28 Road where the old cars sit.
  6. Long Time Lurker Official Car Introduction

    Nice car. I remember that car from the Pennswoods ads. I think the guy had a Javelin and a '67 Dodge for sale that looked interesting too. Had to r-e-s-i-s-t the urge to go look myself. With some (ok, a lot of) help from my wife I was able to restrain myself. I am glad the '48 got a good home. I am real close to you in Fernwood, just outside Houtzdale. I am sure we will see each other out and about. I thought I caught a glimpse of a Mopar coupe in Houtzdale a couple weekends ago. Maybe a '41 Plymouth, possibly just passing thru, or maybe these old Mopars are taking over Clearfield County.
  7. Coupes you like

    41 Dodge
  8. The Picture Game

    5/29/17. Clearfield, PA. Next picture-- your Mopar at a neighborhood baseball field.
  9. Look what I found!

    That is a beauty! Nice find!
  10. What's in the Box?

    Good topic! Spare tire, lug wrench, jack, rags, jumper box, window cleaner, california duster, small toolbox of hand tools, oil, tow strap, points, condenser, fuses and bulbs. Phone and credit card. As far as use, I have used the jumper box on a few other cars when out and about and on mine a time or two at home before I got the battery tender. I have used a variety of the hand tools on different occasions. My cars and others. Had to put a fuel pump on my Dart once only to find that my fuel problem was electrical and I stopped in the next pull off and replaced the points. Pulled the thermostat on the Dodge coupe once on the road. I used to carry a gallon of water but gave that up a while back. Disassembled, cleaned and reassembled a stuck wheel cylinder on a '48 Chrysler on a show field once. (had to send someone for brake fluid, should add that to my kit). Pulled spark plugs on a '50 Ford one time that wouldn't turn over on a show field. Found two cylinders had water, one full. Cranked it over, reinstalled plugs, pushed it and caught in gear, water blew out the exhaust but the flat six ran and the guy made it home. That is where my water jug went, I remember now, I gave it to him in case he needed it on the way home. I used the tow strap once the first year we had the Dodge Coupe, towed it home with a Dodge Dart, 340 4-speed of my brothers that Dad was driving that day, it was an overheating issue, my first encounter with a water tube. Was probably quite a sight with the Dart towing the Coupe. Can never be prepared for everything, don't even try to. React, asses. formulate a plan and execute the plan, Once the bugs are worked out, with a little maintenance these cars are very reliable.
  11. Tail light socket source

    When I did my rewire I used all #12 wire. Paralleled where it could have been #10. I did it for simplicity, bought one spool of wire and did the whole car. I soldered the #12 to as short a lead as I could at a couple new tail light sockets that had thinner (probably 16 or 18) gauge wire. .
  12. Another brake story

    Sorry for not updating last summer, but there wasn't really any new developments. The bracket held up fine. The whole system worked as planned, but I took it off and reinstalled my stock type MC. I was going to cut out pieces for another one and have everything professionally welded, but decided to go a different route when I do. I am thinking about a two piece setup. One piece would be strictly a pedal mount, and the other a MC mount or possibly a pedal mount and a hanging brake pedal with firewall mounted master cylinder. I hate having to pull the floor up to check fluid levels. A remote fill like you propose would definitely be an advantage. I have made no progress on that idea yet, still thinking. I beat the brake system pretty hard trying to bust that thing while it was on the car but the bracket I removed showed no signs of flex, cracking, failed welds or other damage of any kind, but the seeds of doubt had been placed and I would never forgive myself if my part failed and injured another person. 48ply1stcar I would say go for it. I would advise you to watch for the dimension from the frame to the center of your MC to insure proper brake pedal placement. I am not familiar with Chevy parts, but a master cylinder isn't what I would consider brand specific. It is all about dimensions, bore sizes, pedal travel and personal preference.
  13. I wrote on your post "Another brake story",  Beside myself I think others would like a update from last April on how the master cylinder bracket held up.  I want to to this and hope my Brother-in-law be make this.

  14. Intake manifold "leans"

    Do the intake and exhaust ports line up with the ports on the engine? If the exhaust manifold is sitting level and the intake is canted I think it would have to be specially cast to get the ports to line up correctly. If it is amachining error I don't think the ports are going to align properly.
  15. The Picture Game

    Nice picture! What's next?