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  1. How Many Drive Their Old Mopars In Rain

    We've never let rain stop us! If we have something planned with a car and it rains, we don't let it stop us. That's why they have wipers! Lol, how else do you know if your windshield leaks? It adds to the fun in my opinion and actually gives me reason to wash them other than from dust. On my 61 Ford convertible, you can see daylight very clearly in the top corners of the windshield frame where the top meets it, and it never leaks any water. My truck with a new windshield seal and glass leaked like a garden hose at first.
  2. I left mine unpainted stainless, and it looks nice.
  3. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    That's exactly what I would do too, but I'd add a large exhaust fan if you plan on doing welding or painting in there. I'd also make it so you could store parts above the ceiling.
  4. 48 Desoto Project

    Looks great! Nice metal work!!!
  5. 48 Desoto Project

    Yes, this car had the truck painted the greenish blue color that the inner fenders have also. I know it was dependent on what plant the car was made in, and this one was made in Detroit (which used the green color). I am looking forward to getting it painted too! I just hope I can do a good job spraying it and keeping dirt out of it!
  6. 48 Desoto Project

    More pictures.
  7. 48 Desoto Project

    Yesterday I was able to get the trunk painted the green color it is supposed to be and I painted the door jambs and firewall black. Everything came out great with the exception of a little dirt here and there. I'm happy with how the paint is laying out! Today we assembled the front clip and got most of it aligned before calling it quits. Now I have a lot of blocking to do!
  8. 48 Desoto Project

    The epoxy came out nice yesterday, so I'm pressing on! Today we fixed a few small promblem spots with some glazing filler, and put on almost a gallon on high build. I used my new gravity feed HVLP primer gun, and I really like it. I had a couple learning curves with it, but I feel pretty good about putting the black down with the finish coat gun that came with it. I plan on painting the trunk next, then I'll do the jambs and firewall before doing the final block on the high build I just put on. Hopefully I'll get the cut in and trunk done this week still and get some of the blocking done.
  9. 48 Desoto Project

    Don't laugh too hard! It's nothing fancy, and it definitely doesn't work great, but it seems to help. It's just some cardboard duct work running to the window with a box fan in it. I put a cheap fiberglass filter over the opening to try and keep the fan clean. I also have filter inlets in the opposite side in the ceiling plastic. I put them up top to try and draw the warmer air through the booth when I "seal" it up. I also thought it would give a cross flow. The box fan is brushless and is rated at 2500 cfm but I probably need 4 of them to really get air moving. I only used one because I'm afraid of heat lose. It's only 9 degrees out today, so it's taking a lot of propane to heat the garage this week! Spraying high build today, I had very little overspray. The difference is my new HVLP gun. That thing makes a HUGE difference! Almost no haze and overspray.
  10. I used my axle shafts. All I did was unbolt the 4.10 center section once I had the axles out and bolted the 3.54 center in as a complete unit. I had to reshim the axle shaft end play though.
  11. I changed the center section of my rear axle with a 3.54 from a Plymouth for better cruising speeds. I also added an AUX plug on the radio in my truck so I'm not stuck with AM radio. Other than that, I added a factory spare tire holder, I added electric wipers from a junk yard truck, I stained and varnished the bed wood, and my truck originally had a black bed that I painted body color. Everything else is stock on my truck. It drives and runs great!
  12. 48 Desoto Project

    Today was the first day of primer. I've been busy making something that resembles a paint booth (more to keep the rest of the garage clean and to keep the fumes away from the furnace as much as possible). My dad and I finished a few minor details, and we masked the car off today, so I thought I might as well give it a go. This is PPG epoxy primer that I'm using as a barrier between the original paint and the new. It's left over from my truck, and it was the perfect amount to get a good wet coat over the entire car. Tomorrow I'll fix some minor imperfections in the epoxy and put down a couple layers of high build over the body work areas to get the sanding marks out. I'll be a happy guy when the body work and paint is over! The booth did ok until the filter I have for the exhaust plugged up. I need to rethink it a little bit before I try again.
  13. 48 Desoto Project

    I have a gallon of PPG JP202 2K primmer. I was told any 2K primmer will work with it. I'll know some results once I spray the firewall and door jambs.
  14. 48 Desoto Project

    I am going to use Automotive Art Paint's Motocryl. Its a single stage Acrylic Urethane. They are the cheapest I found and I should be able to paint the car for under $400 and have some extra paint for touch up. I have enough primmer left over from other projects, so I don't need to buy any. I've never heard of the brand before, but the guys at the local paint store really like it so we will see. I figure the car isn't worth a ton of money, and like all our other cars, it's not going to be a garage queen, so why put $1,000 in paint on it.
  15. 48 Desoto Project

    Just to give a quick update. Last weekend I got the body work completed, and I started making the "paint booth". I have the ceiling up, and I plan to get the booth completed by Christmas still. I am hoping to get the primmer and blocking done by New Years. As far as the final paint, I want to see how well the booth works with the primmer, and I'll make my decision on weather to wait for a little warmer weather or not. I should know next week. I am pretty happy with the drivers door on the car. It was in pretty bad shape to start with, and it came out pretty good. I probably have 8 hours in that drivers door alone with fitting it, getting it to close right, and with body work. Its not perfect, but it's definitely good enough for me!