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  1. B3B sheet metal alignment question

    I used steel shims everywhere. I made some of them, and I used some from a body shim pack I got at harbor freight (part #67585). I also used washers a lot. I forgot to mention that I had to shim my cab up and down to get it right too. My frame was very bent and out of square when I bought the truck. I got it pretty close to the factory measurements, but I know its not perfect. As far as the rubber mounted parts, I used an old truck mud flap too. I cut them in squares like the original ones were, but added steel shims as needed.
  2. B3B sheet metal alignment question

    I hope something I say helps and sorry in advance for stating the obvious, because I know I probably am going to say stuff you already know/thought about! It took me HOURS to get it right on my truck. I spent multiple weekends just trying to shim and align the front sheet metal on it, so I know what your going through, but you'll get it! First, how centered are the front bumper brackets through the front panel? When I did my truck, I started by getting that fairly centered, then I just rotated the panel from that point to even out the gaps at both doors to the fenders. I also had to shim the core support up and down on each core support stud to get the front clip square (and to get even gaps up and down the doors. The amount of shims on each core support stud is noticeably different for my truck to line up right. If one side is lower than the other up front, I would think that would cause some of your hood fitment issues too. I'm sure this isn't the case (but I'll ask lol), but do you have the rubber bumpers on both hood halves for when they are resting? if one or the other is missing it would cause that side to hit in front corner and the other not too. I also noticed in the video, your passenger side hood to cowl gap looks a little tight. You might try evening that out side to side and pushing the core support straight back to take up the gap. As far as the center section of the hood, my hood doesn't fit the radius between the center and halves the best either, but side to side the gaps/step is even. Something else to keep in mind is your door to cab gaps. Make sure the rear gap on both doors are the same. My hinges were bent, and it took a while to get the doors to fit right to the fenders. The front fender to door gaps on my truck are still the greatest, but its the best I could get it. I hope this somehow helps and was understandable! Below are the best picture I have on my work computer to show the gaps.
  3. 48 Desoto Project

    I thought I'd give another update. Since last time, I have all the rust repair done, and the holes where the spot lights were patched. I've been playing around with knocking more dents out of the front clip, and we got all the trim off the car. My dad marked, and labeled the wiring harness (quite a project), and has that removed now too. This weekend we will start preparing the body for a coat of epoxy primer. Between the rest of my vacation this year from work, and the holidays, I'd like to get it in primer and some of the body work done by the first of the year. Not much to see in terms of progress, but here are some pictures.
  4. 48 Desoto Project

    I polished a couple flat areas on the inner fender and took the whole thing in. They have a color eye to match the paint with (the area has to be fairly flat). You only need maybe a 4" by 4" area of decent paint I would think to match with. I did the same thing with my truck too, I found a good sample for the original paint, and took it in the get a match.
  5. 48 Desoto Project

    I'm still at it! I typically work on the car 1-2 nights a week and at least one weekend day. It doesn't look like much is happening in the pictures, but I have the metal work on the rear fenders done, and over half of the front clip's rust repair is completed. We're getting pretty good at taking the front clip on and off to fit and tack the patches in to keep the door gaps halfway right. Hopefully we're doing the car justice. (Disclaimer - Once again I'm no welder/body work expert!) The repairs for the inner parts of the front fenders (as seen in the first picture) were a bit tedious to say the least, but they are done! That had to be near perfect to put the outer skin back on with a crimped edge (like a door skin is crimped) and keep the door gaps and fender shape right. I also don't know if I mentioned it before, but all the metal I have used on this car is from an old metal desk I got for free. I can't believe how much it cost to buy a sheet of metal when you can generally find desk like this for free or minimal costs! I did most of my truck with this same desk. I also included a picture of the paint code for the inner fenders/trunk/floor/everything they used that blue/gray/greenish color on. Not sure if anyone could use it or not. I'm not sure how the code will cross either if at all, but this was a cheaper single stage urethane Valspar paint.

    My truck didn't want to take grease with all the new parts either. I could barely get it to take any! After driving it a little bit, it took grease like normal. Hope this helps!
  7. What would you do??

    Thanks for all the encouragement! I will definitely enjoy the work ahead!
  8. What would you do??

    Lol, its already covered up and in storage! I did get one picture with the truck, so here it is:
  9. 48 Desoto Project

    I took a vacation day today from work, and I spent it on the car. I was able to get the inner fenders repaired, sand blasted, epoxy primed, and painted. They came out pretty good. The rust repair was a pretty fun project, especially making the new battery tray. I polished a couple spots on the inner fenders before I started working on them to get the original green/gray/blue color matched. The paint store around the corner from my house was able to get it perfect! I'm happy with the results.
  10. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    I have a 3.54 rear end and I can cruise pretty much speed I want to. I like 55-60 though. Acceleration is pretty good I think, but I'm definitely not going to win any drag races lol. I have no issues keeping up with traffic. It also has no lack of power with towing either. It has more mid range power than it does in the lower end. Here is a video of the acceleration:
  11. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    I have a 230 industrial from a fork lift in my truck. It runs fine. I swapped the necessary parts over, and I've had no issues. My truck has plenty of power, but I don't have anything similar to compare it with. What is the metal tang/spring clip for in the valve area over the oil return hole for? I've seen some engines with it and some without it.
  12. What would you do??

    I wore a mask, not worth getting sick over cleaning out a truck!
  13. What would you do??

    More pictures
  14. What would you do??

    I was able to get all the cleaning and storage prep done over the weekend, and the truck is now sitting in storage in a concrete floor barn about 10 minutes from my house. I picked it up on Friday night, and got it power washed. Lol, mice were running/falling out of it! Condition wise, the truck has some rust issues, but it is restorable. It has rust holes and thin metal, but overall it shouldn't be anything I can't handle. Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent with family, so I had a late start with the truck. I spend 4 hours cleaning the interior out Saturday evening. It was the most miserable interior I've ever removed. The smell alone was enough to make anyone sick! There was a solid 4-5" of mouse home/feed/whatever you could imagine in the entire cab. I took a shovel and trash can to start the cleaning process. I followed up with a shop vac and putty knife to scrape with. It was NOT a fun task. Sunday (yesterday) I took the seat back and bottom down to the springs, and removed the firewall pad, and door panels to finish the interior cleaning. I sprayed febreze in the cab, and let it air out. The other VERY strong bad odor from the truck was the 40 year old varnished gas left in it. Someone over the years added a second round fuel tank on the drivers side. One of the straps were already broken and the tank had a lot of pin holes in it, so I took the line off, and took it off. I drained about 16 gallons out. That stuff was dark brown and smelly. Luckily, the original tank on the passenger side looks to be in good shape. I also took the battery that was in it out, and I took the rear platform/bed extension off it. The bed is junk, so it will be going to the scrap pile when ever I start this project. It is a dump bed, but the rear hinges are tearing and there is a bit of rust. The engine is loose. I was able to rock it with the fan easily, so that makes me feel good, and the drive train seems ok as far as I can tell. I'm guessing it wouldn't take much to get it running. I pulled the floor panels and the spark plugs to put some oil down the cylinders. I'm hoping some oil made it to the cylinders with the way the truck was leaning on the trailer, and it all didn't go in the intake/exhaust. The truck is all there. I don't see a single bolt missing, so I shouldn't have to chase parts for it too bad. Now, I just have to wait until I can get to it! Hopefully its only a couple years down the road!
  15. What would you do??

    Well, it made it home! I took our yard truck and trailer to pick it up. Loading it was a breeze, I used the knuckle boom on the truck to pull it up on the trailer. The truck definitely has its fair share of rust, but it's definitely not too far gone. I decoded the serial number and it's a 1952. It's a B3JM161. I'll post more pictures this weekend of it. I'm just happy I finally have it!