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  1. 48 Desoto Project

    Thanks! The car came with 2 or 3 of most trim pieces for it (including many NOS). I believe I have a re-chromed hood ordainment already. I need to go in the attic and figure out what I have! The previous owner started collecting parts, and his neighbor owned a chrome shop, so (lucky for me) all the chrome is done between NOS parts and what he had plated.
  2. 48 Desoto Project

    Here are pictures of the previous two weeks worth of work. This side was a lot worse than the other. I had to make a lot of panels in the A pillar area, and I had to get into the floor a little more too. I am farther along than the pictures (I didn't take any pictures this week). I have the drivers inner and rockers in and welded. I have the rear dog leg by the fender repaired, and the rear wheel well is rust-free now. All I have left is to fit and install one small floor patch and the sill plates. I feel like I'm getting there though! After this is done, I will move on to the rear of the body by the trunk (two small patches), and it will need a patch in each fender it looks like. I am hoping to get some of the filler and blocking done this year in hopes to paint it in the spring (or late fall maybe). It would be really nice to get the body done and painted before it gets too cold so we can assemble it in the winter. I'm probably being too optimistic though, but time will tell! You can also see the damage on the doors that I'll have to straighten. I worked on them a few hours already, but I have a long way to go. Its going to a challenge with a black car! Once again - Disclaimer - I'm no expert!
  3. What sill mats to get for 48 coupe?

    Keep us updated! I need to buy a set for the 48 I'm working on! It would be nice to save a few bucks if these work out good.
  4. 48 Desoto Project

    I bought reproduction panels, but with the amount of fitting and trimming, I should have just made them. The passenger side I already repaired in the first post shows the new panels installed.
  5. 48 Desoto Project

    Update: I finally was able to start the other side yesterday. Too much other stuff has been getting in the way. I was able to get the body braced and I got most everything cut out yesterday. This side is a little worse than the other was. If you look in the first picture, there isn't really anything left of the inner rocker to speak of. I did start to make a new rocker support/body mount from some scrap pieces of steel in the garage (you can see it in the second to last picture, and it wont exactly look factory, but it will work). I need to finish the support and I have a lot of patching to do around the A pillar/rocker area. Once I get the patches made and welded in, it should be smooth sailing to fit and weld the rockers in. From there it's a few patches in the front clip, some patches around the bottom truck lip, and some body work. I'll try to post more pictures as I go. Again, I'm no expert at body work or a great welder/fabricator, so it isn't perfect! I'm only going for a nice (and safe) driver. On a side note, I am still continuing to find some more darn mouse homes! I think the car served as an apartment complex for the mice!
  6. Cracked Block.. ouch!

    I'd look on craigslist for an engine. I see them fairly regularly on my local craigslist. I've bought a low mileage original engine (good runner and currently in a car) for less than that!
  7. Cab/truck VIN serial number help

    You should be able to go off the serial number on the front left of the frame. It should match the cab unless the cab has been swapped.
  8. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    I put mine to work yesterday taking the doodle bug to a tractor show. With the trailer, I was pulling somewhere north of 4,000 lbs (probably closer to 4,500) It was in the upper 80's and even with the load it ran about 185F which is pretty darn good I think. I ran 55 mph highways doing around 50 mph with it. It did great. People really were snapping their heads around to look! I also added a period correct Kelsey Hayes electric brake controller to the truck for added safety. It look like it belongs in the cab, and it helps get the truck stopped. Taking off, it is a little slow going, but once you are to speed it is easy to maintain even going up over passes. You really need to run the engine up with my three speed to compensate for the large RPM drop from 2-3. It's not excessive but if you don't you struggle in the lower RPM ranges. Keep in mind I have a 3.54 rear end too. On my way home I had my wife take a video of me as I turned the corner by our house.
  9. 48 Desoto Project

    Lol, revoke my truck membership?? I put too much time into my truck for that to happen! And besides that, I finally have all the bugs worked out of it! From what I understand, some kids broke into the garage the car was parked in sometime in the mid 70s and there were cinder blocks against the wall. They got the idea to pick them up and do some damage! You can see the outline of the blocks in the car! Lucky for us, the car has some thick metal to work with and I was luck to find a good used rear fender from a Chrysler that will work. Just need to fill an extra hole on the Chrysler fender for a rear bumper support.
  10. 48 Desoto Project

    Thanks for all the comments! It makes me want to dive into the other side! Here is a picture the day I towed it home. When we bought it, it was stuffed in a garage buried under a lot of "stuff". The body looked good rust wise from what we could see (minus the drivers side dents) so we "assumed" it was pretty solid, but we were wrong. My dad and I aren't the type to turn down a project, so here we are. The car was a good buy. The interior is in very good shape. The car came with most every piece of NOS trim, and what wasn't NOS, the previous owner had parts re chromed already. Most of the NOS parts are in the original boxes and wrapping. We even have NOS bumpers. The engine came rebuilt, and we know who did the work. We are trying to make a nice driver, and as long as I can get the driver side body straightened out good enough for a Black car, we will have one! I'll post pictures of the drivers side damage when I get a chance.
  11. 48 Desoto Project

    I thought I'd share my current project with everyone. I'm normally on the truck side, but my dad bought a 48 Desoto Custom 4 door a few years ago. We've been working on it VERY slowly mainly due to time constraints. The body has seen better days, the rockers were completely rusted out, and the drivers side of the car was vandalized in the 1970's (bricks were thrown at it). The sheet metal is pretty solid though, and the doors are rust free. When we bought it the engine was rebuilt in the late 70s, but they never fired it up. We got it running and drove it up and down the road. We went though the front end, resealed the rear axle, and rebuilt the brakes, so mechanically it is ready. Now all we have to complete is the dreaded rust repair and body work. I've never done anything this invasive on a car, but it wasn't too bad once you dive in. Over the 4th of July weekend, and last weekend I was able to get the rockers done on the passenger side of the car. It took a lot of time, but it is done. Don't laugh too hard, I'm not a welder or body guy. I'm just trying to make a nice driver. I'm ok with the results, so that's all that matters. Now I have one more side to do.... Pictures are below. I had to do a lot of other metal work under the car (body mounts and braces), the rear wheel well, and the front rocker/A pillar structure. A lot of it was rusted through and needed patches. It seems plenty strong now, and I think it will be good for another 50 years. I seam sealed and undercoated the inside of the rockers before welding the sill plates on. I'll try and post pictures every so often when I work on it but I can't promise it will be frequent.
  12. Speedometer Gear

    It was $105, and I bought it from PATC Transmisisons: 1-888-201-2066. The are a dealer for Clark Brothers. I used the Clark brothers catalog to figure out what I needed. I had a typo, it should be 7/8-18.
  13. Speedometer Gear

    It has 3.54 gears. It really surprised me, but I checked it against my phone and its reading right. My dad always comments about how quick it accelerates and how fun it is to drive. I have a Chrysler Industrial 230 in it. Its bored .030 over and I have no idea what the compression ratio is. I've never had a reason to check the compression.
  14. Speedometer Gear

    My repaired speedometer came in the mail today, so I put it in after work and took it for a drive. I finally have a usable speedometer in my truck! It's pretty nice knowing how fast I'm going without worrying or without a speedometer app on my phone. I drove about 20 miles, and it is pretty enjoyable! According to the speedometer app on my phone, my speedometer is reading 57-58 when my phone is reading 55. Up to 40 mph, they are both reading the same, but the truck speedometer seems to have some error over 40. I can live with the 2-3 off at 55 mph though! As a side note, with the speedometer issues I had, I could never get a good feel for the performance of the truck. Now that I can see the acceleration, it definitely has more pep than I thought! I guess I don't have anything to compare it to though.... Here is a video (it's not the smartest thing to take a video when driving so the video quality isn't the best):
  15. Speedometer Gear

    You would have to make some sort of cable adapters to make it work. The speedometer head has a smaller 5/8"-18 thread, so you'd have to somehow adapt to the 7/8"--16 thread of the adapter. I suppose someone might make an adapter for the 5/8-16 cables, but I'm not sure. I might be a little concerned with the drag of the adapter on the cable as it turns over that length of cable if mounting it at the speedometer. Having it driven directly off the transmission (or as close as possible) would remove any chance of added load to the cable. I don't think a speedometer cable will take a whole lot of extra load before failing, but I really don't know or have any experience with this. When I spun the adapter before it was installed, it was a little stiff but I'm guessing it will loosen up over time as the fresh grease moves around a little. Once I drive it some, I'll take it off and let you know if that is the case.