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  1. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Next time I work on the car I'll try and get some pictures for you! Should be good timing, I'm hoping we put the grill in soon.
  2. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Thanks! We definitly are! I know my dad is very happy with it. It has exceeded his expections on all of it so far. I'm just soaking up being able to do a project like this on someone else's dime lol. So far we haven't sank much money in the car so he's also happy about that! He still needs to get tires and door glass cut, but other than that not much!
  3. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Thought it was time for another update. Things are still progressing. Most the trim is on the car now, which turned into more of a project than I thought. The front bumper is a pretty decent used bumper, but the rear is NOS, and it was coated in some sort of protetant (cosmoline like). That stuff was TOUGH. I spent probably 5-6 hours with paint striper and a paint stir stick to get all of it off. It did do it's job though, the bumper is in great shape. We also have the wiring harness going in. The engine compartment conections are nearly done, but nothing under the dash yet. Last night I took the wiper motor apart and cleaned it up with freash grease. It seems to be working pretty nice now. The than that, I took some of the electrical switched apart, bead blasted them, lubercated them, and painted them. The exhaust is done now too. I'm hoping it will last a couple years. All the small stuff takes a bit of time!
  4. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    I definitely understand that. This project sat for a few years torn apart before we actually dove into it. It takes a lot of time and dedication to see any project to completion!
  5. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Thanks! It is on the home stretch, but there is still a lot to do! We need to paint some more small parts, order tires, get new door glass cut, install the wiring harness, and install the interior. But for the most part, that should take too long.
  6. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Getting there slowly. Sure takes a lot of time to polish and reinstall the trim! Some of the chrome definitely needs re-plated, but that can be done in the future. Tonight I am planning to band-aid the exhaust in hopes of getting it on the road for now (and so it can be driven to a shop sometime this summer).
  7. 52b3b Joe

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    If that big red truck wasn't behind you, you'd be looking at a green 41 Desoto!
  8. 52b3b Joe

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    We take ours pretty much anywhere for a tour or show. We never trailer. We do park them in the winter while the salt is on the road, but when the weather is good distance isn't much of factor for a show. At that point it comes down to if we have the time. I think the farthest distance we've done in one day is around 700 miles a few years ago to Minneapolis from Ohio in our 41 Desoto. All of our cars have stock drive-trains. They were made to drive and go down the road right? The picture below is from last summer on a tour. It covered around 1,000 miles in a week.
  9. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    I finally finished the cut and buff on the paint, this weekend. My arms are pretty sore! It looks good for a DIY job in a dirty garage. I also put the rear fenders on for the last time! I still need to push the fender welt in though and tighten the bolts.
  10. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Today was spent wet sanding and buffing (just when I thought we were done with sanding on this car...). We took the car down to 2000 grit and I hit it with a course compound to start bring back the shine. The next step will be a fine polish, then hand glaze. The water in the paint made a lot of craters that are down the the primer in spots. We sanded out what we could, but some we are going to have to live with. I touched up all of them with a brush before I quit today, and am hoping I can wet sand them lightly again to make them go away. I'm pretty happy with how it is coming out. It's just going to be a driver, not a show car. It's a little hard to believe the drivers side is as straight as it is with all the damage it had!
  11. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Thanks! Yeah its single stage. It's Automotive Art Motocryl. I paid $120/gallon for it, so it was pretty cheap. I put a light tack coat on each panel first and did two medium-heavy coats. The front clip and hood alignment is a matter of trial and error. It took a lot of time to get it as nice as it is. The biggest thing is to get the door gaps as best as possible before lining up the front clip. You may have to adjust the doors a little after the clip is on, but the closer they are before you fit the clip, the better off you are! The hood on this car doesn't fit as good as we'd like, but it will work. I don't think the gaps were great on these to begin with out of the factory. Lol, the interior is none existent right now. Its all original but in Ok shape. It will be good enough for a driver quality for the time being. We are planning to put it back in as is for now. It'll be a project for a later time. I'm not even sure I have any pictures of it before we took it out!
  12. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    It's black again! It went pretty good. No runs or sags, and minimal to no orange peel, BUT (there's always a but lol) I had some moisture problems with the air compressor. I ended up with quite a few spots on the final coat that I'm not too happy about. I'm hoping I'll be able to wet sand and buff them out, but we'll see. I am definitely happy with the body work though!
  13. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Yeah, I worry about flash fire too with sparks and the furnace! The exhaust fan is "explosion proof", but the furnace sure isn't! I always turn it off when spraying. Crank the heat up before I start, and turn it back on after most the over spray has cleared out.
  14. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Well, tomorrow is the day! I spent two nights this week getting the garage prepped for painting, and I have the hood and rear fenders back off and ready. Tonight I'll get the surfaces of the car clean and mask it off. Tomorrow morning I'll be spraying a ton of black paint! I hope it all goes well! I did change the exhaust fan set up again. The box fan wasn't cutting it, so I put my big exhaust fan in its place. It moves a lot more air.
  15. 52b3b Joe

    48 Desoto Project

    Another day in the garage yesterday, and the car is ready for ready for paint. We just need to clean the garage better and mask it off. We are planning to paint it next weekend if everything goes well. We definitely don't want to rush it since we don't have to. Hopefully I don't destroy all the work with a bad paint job!

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