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  1. Piston ID

    Andy, I bought them on Ebay about 6 years ago. Just thought they might be handy if my motor needed a rebuild. I was a bit "green" about Mopar parts then.
  2. Piston ID

    Andy, From what I found, this size was first used in 1942 S10 De Soto. Good idea with box I only have two and there are 7 pistons. 6 of them are complete with rings and gudgeon pins and covered in a thick preservative grease. The clean one has gudgeon only. Didn"t think to ask Jim. Thank's mate.
  3. Piston ID

    Thanks for that. I boo booed with supplier it is "Chryco". See photos.
  4. Piston ID

    I have some NOS Mopar pistons and would like to know what they are used in. I have found they were used in DeSoto/Chrysler 251 and Chrysler 265. But this size is also used in the Red Ram. So which motor are they for, or can they be used in either one. Mopar Part number 966918. 3 7/16 + 0.020. Thank You.
  5. Ride in a 1938 Chrysler Royal - Photos

    Here are some photos of John's Royal. Steering wheel is ok, we are in Australia. https://postimg.org/image/dkiinj0fp/ https://postimg.org/image/4s1jzufat/ https://postimg.org/image/4e0808v79/
  6. Ride in a 1938 Chrysler Royal - Video

    My mate John took me for a ride in his 1938 Chrysler Royal last Sunday. Beautiful car and runs great. See the youtube video.
  7. Creative dash boards

    Sorry don't know, it was on car when I bought it.
  8. Creative dash boards

    This is a 1952 Australian Dodge Kingsway dash. I sold this car a few years ago.
  9. steering wheel help

    Here are some photos of how my '52 comes apart. No push and turn, just pull with tape. Roger.
  10. steering wheel help

    That's what my manual says. But the button is just a push fit, no turning. Mine is an Australian '52. Roger.
  11. steering wheel help

    The horn button is cup shaped and held in by a sprung edge ? Mine comes out by sticking a piece of duct tape on it and pulling. Or prise it out carefully with small screwdriver. Then you will see 3 bolts holding the horn ring. Roger.
  12. 1949 dodge kingsway custom restoration

    Kate, welcome. I am in Pakenham, and have a 1952 D40 Dodge Kingsway. As Andy said Jim Robinson (Dodgeparts.com.au) is a good source. I am in The Chrysler Restorers Vic. Contact details : Meet 8pm 3rd Friday of the month, Feb to Dec 8/41-49 Norcal Rd, Nunawading, Vic PO Box 3143, Nunawading Vic 3131 We also have a Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/chryslerclubvic/ You can get a Club Permit Rego through us. Here is a photo of my car.
  13. Alternator upside down?

    Mine is set up the same as Don. No problems.
  14. Trophy Winner

    Bob, for the Annual tour trophies we mix it up each year so everyone gets a chance. Another one was Baldest tyre. That was won by the oldest tyre as there was no bald ones. Last year we had a Best Arse End trophy, which was won by a Big Fin rear end. Just a fun 3 day weekend. Around 40 club cars this year. Roger.
  15. Trophy Winner

    Went on the Chrysler Restorers Annual Tour last weekend. My 1952 Dodge won Best Bonnet Emblem (hood to you) Trophy. Roger.