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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from Frank Elder in Correct Fasteners for Radiator Support 47 Plymouth   
    Hi Frank,
    I'm right on board with you on this one; I could care less about having the factory correct items (my car is FAR from stock), but I would like to know the most appropriate fastener for the application, in other words a flanged head bolt vs. a bolt with a flat washer and/or lock washer. I'll eventually figure it out for myself, just thought it would be nice to know how the factory did it and proceed from there.
    If all else fails I'll fall back to the old reliable standby: hex head bolt with a flat washer at every location.
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    kbuhagiar reacted to DJ194950 in 47 Plymouth Radiator Support Removal & Installation   
    I'd say #1 Take a lot of measurements between the front mounting points. Take measures of everything that looks like something that will be needed to be exactly the same. Top side , bottom, etc. write them all down!!
    Support the fenders in several lower locations-blocks,shims,etc. before loosening any bolts.
    Best of luck with your project!
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    kbuhagiar reacted to Andydodge in 47 Plymouth Radiator Support Removal & Installation   
    I know that its a different hood and opening arrangement but I've taken the hood off my 40 Dodge , then undone the radiator support frame and/ or just the radiator and removed and/or  both and while the fenders may have dropped a fraction so long as you don't undo the fender to cowl bolts you shouldn't have any real issue.............you may even be able to just leave the hood in place also and just undo only the specific radiator support bolts, think there are 2 thru the crossmember, a couple on the each side halfway up the support frame and a couple where the fender side attaches............more or less......lol...........dunno if this helps ...........andyd 
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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from NickPickToo in My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe   
    No offense taken - at least certainly not by me. Our opinions are just that - opinions.
    Your preference is all that matters, the car will be beautiful in black.
    Go for it - just post lots of pictures!
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    kbuhagiar reacted to NickPickToo in My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe   
    Engine of frame today.  We will take frame in for sandblasting before rebuilding suspension and changing out the brakes.  Will take this opportunity to clean up the engine on its outside as well.

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    kbuhagiar reacted to NickPickToo in My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe   
    This is a two man shop set up in one of the bins at a self storage facility it’s a no frills facility but They do sandblasting, powdercoating and ceramic coating.  Couple real artist. They seemed more exited about the final outcome than I was. They were really happy for me.   “Quality Powder Coat” in Heartland Michigan 
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    kbuhagiar reacted to NickPickToo in My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe   
    Super Chrome is the color for the small trim pieces on the dash and Illusory Rose Gold is the main color on the dash and interior trim pieces. 
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    kbuhagiar reacted to NickPickToo in My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe   
    Not to mention that this beautiful old car will likely be around another 70+ year once were done
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    kbuhagiar reacted to NickPickToo in My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe   
    Body off this weekend 😜.   Now the real fun can begin!!

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    kbuhagiar reacted to P15-D24 in Want ads?   
    rant on/
    Honestly, between the amount of crap I've gotten from people about the ads being out of date, items sold or no longer needed and other members not following some very basic simple rules I would just as soon not have any.  Sorry folks, it not my fault ads get out of date and the original author doesn't update or delete them.
    If people want ads, they need to step up and be responsible for paying and managing them.  /rant off 
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    kbuhagiar reacted to Plymouthy Adams in Ohms, Volts and Fuel Gauge Operation on P15   
    the fuel gauge has a built in voltage regulator...while it can operate on 12 volts it may indicate the higher voltage by a flickering needle due to the faster cycle rate of the VR...the 12 volts I still do not recommend since it is so easy to reduce the voltage back to the optimal 7.2 volts as is the output of the generator when functional at normal input.  approx. 28-32 ohms across the sender is correct.
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    kbuhagiar reacted to 56 c3 & 47 wfa 32 dodge pu in build thread for our 46 Plymouth special deluxe   
    Yeah the door we  have. As for rust there is only surface rust and for it sitting in the middle of nowhere out in the country full of alkali the car is really solid. 
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    kbuhagiar reacted to Plymouthy Adams in Rims   
    with all due respect, you have two threads under this title this day, the answer has been given to you by other....read your other thread entry.....maybe you can request a moderator to combine these threads so it would be easy for you and others trying to follow along to stay on track......
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    kbuhagiar reacted to greg g in Newspaper Archives   
    From spring of 47 before city dales tax enacted. Prices for used cars still high from war years.

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    kbuhagiar reacted to ebruns1 in 1948 Dodge Sedan to Coupe tail lights interchange?   
    All my coupe tail light chrome is deeply pitted all over...looks like 50 grit sandpaper!  The inside of the pot metal castings are stamped "COUPE".  In looking for decent driver replacements on Ebay I see many of the SEDAN brake lights available, but only a few coupe.  In scrutinizing photos I see little, if any difference in the castings.  Has anyone installed sedan tail lights or center brake lights on their coupe?  Would the curvature of the sheet metal be the same, or close enough to make the swap without large gaps where they meet?  The cost to re-chrome mine is astronomical and I'm just looking for some decent shiny ones with no moon craters!  Most on Ebay are sedan, and should be easy to find if they work.  Thanks!
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    kbuhagiar reacted to RobertKB in 1946 dodge coupe rear window   
    I think Dodgeb4ya has given the definitive answer. Good luck with your search!
    Never ever pass up on a curved rear window that will fit your car. With the Plymouth and the Canadian Dodge D25(Plymouth body with some Dodge trim) club coupe, the rear window is curved but for the business coupe it is flat. I have a 1948 Dodge D25 club coupe and when I got it the only piece of glass missing was the rear window. No sedan window fits so it had to be a club coupe window. I got very lucky with a derelict club coupe and the only piece of glass in it was the rear window. Even luckier, the owner was willing to sell it. That was 40 years ago and I have never come across another one although I am always looking.
    Long story short, never pass up on a rare piece of glass even if you don't need it now. You or someone else may need it down the road and they aren't making them anymore.
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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from 3046moparcoupe in My wife's gotta be the absolute best :)   
    I am also very fortunate to have found someone who understands my (near-) obsession with all things automotive.
    Dorothy and I will be married 30 years this September, and in that time she has always been supportive of my hobbies. In December I finally realized my long-time dream of a four-post lift...that evening, after final assembly and testing was complete, I came in from the garage and she met me in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I asked her what this was all about. and she replied that she knew how much this meant to me and that we should celebrate!
    Damn near brought a tear to my eye. OK, maybe it did. I am grateful every day for all of life's blessings.
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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from 61farnham in P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)   
    Hello Folks,
    Can someone please confirm that the brake (and clutch) pedal "grommet" on a P15 isn't really a grommet, but a draft seal which is fixed to the pedal arm and moves with the pedal arm under the car, thus creating a seal when the pedal is at rest (not activated)? I was operating under the (apparently) mistaken impression that the seal was actually a grommet that was fixed to the floor and the pedal lever slid through it.
    Thanks in advance.
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    kbuhagiar reacted to Dozerman51 in P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)   
    Hello Kubuhagiar,
    I had a hell of time installing those draft pads on my WC-12 Pick Up. I just cut them enough so they would slip on the pedal shaft and wrapped them closed with some very small gauge plastic coated wire. They seem to be holding up well. Say, I see you and I live close by. I’m down here in San Carlos. I know SSF well. I worked for the city for 28 years. It is a great city to work for.  Maybe some day we can get together with our vehicles. 
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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from Don Coatney in P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)   
    I got my pedal draft seals from Andy Bernbaum. They are of a very high quality.
    After removing the pedal pad from my brake arm I was able to stretch the seal enough to get past the threaded portion. It requires some effort but it's not too bad. Running the seal under some hot water prior to the installation helped a bit. Afterward, I was able to maneuver the seal past the floorboard to its intended location at the base of the pedal arm.
    After observing it in operation from down under, I am quite surprised at how effective it appears to be. It is firmly gripped in position on the arm, and yet is pliable enough to form a surprisingly good seal on the floorboard. Two thumbs up.
    Thanks again to all for the input and observations.
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    kbuhagiar reacted to Niel Hoback in P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)   
    It's fixed to the pedal arm, not the floor.
    Learned the hard way.
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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from 3046moparcoupe in Inexpensive Firewall Cover Repair 46-48 p15   
    Beautiful work!
    For the benefit of those of us who do not have one to repair, (mine is long gone), which vendors have firewall covers for sale?
    Thanks in advance!
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    kbuhagiar reacted to TodFitch in California & The Internal Combustion Engine   
    Got a link to that article?
    FWIW, pretty much every law I've seen or heard about regarding automotive equipment had a "manufactured on or after" clause in it. Heck the last I checked, the California Motor Vehicle Code still has the details about what you need to do to be legal with solid rubber tires (seen that on a big truck in the last 90 or so years?) and carbide headlights (seen that on a car in the last 100 years?). Both of those are legal but may have the same restrictions now they had way back when (e.g. there is a pretty slow maximum speed for vehicles with solid rubber tires).
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    kbuhagiar reacted to knuckleharley in California & The Internal Combustion Engine   
    Maybe they can just go back to the old-timey hobby of scalp collecting?   Eliminating bloviating political creatures from the Eco-system would even be a public service.
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    kbuhagiar got a reaction from knuckleharley in Pretty Dodge Brothers Coupe   
    Get over it. His car, his choice.

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