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  1. kbuhagiar

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Nice Job, Nick, looks like a bit of time and patience is worth the effort. Glad to see that the grill trim is in such nice shape. Regarding polishing, I have had success with a product called Simichrome on stainless steel trim, but I'm sure others will chime in with better suggestions.
  2. kbuhagiar

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Nick, Where are you located? I think I have a spare front grille, I have to check in my parts shed.
  3. kbuhagiar

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    I have the three-point seat belts installed on my 47 Plymouth...personally I think it's worth the effort, and when done skillfully & tastefully will blend right in.
  4. kbuhagiar

    Carpeted Floor Mats for P15

    Greg, thanks for the lead. I checked their website, and apparently they do replacement sewn-to-fit carpets, and replacement rubber mats, but do not do any floor mats. To be clear, I am talking about a set of four floor mats to cover my existing carpet in the footwells...something like these.
  5. kbuhagiar

    Carpeted Floor Mats for P15

    Hello Folks, I've looked/searched/Googled everywhere but haven't been able to find a vendor who makes carpeted floor mats for a 47 Plymouth. Any leads? Thanks.
  6. Hello Folks, I am in the process or re-wiring my modified 47 Plymouth. The car had already been changed over to 12 volts when I got it. Although the factory fuel gauge was operational, it has never been particularly accurate. I've just discovered that the gauge was fed a straight 12 volts (not reduced). Is it safe to say that this would have affected its accuracy? Would the gauge be damaged by the increased voltage? And, if memory serves me correctly, the resistance range of the factory fuel sender should be 0 ohms (empty) to 30 ohms (full), correct? Thanks in advance.
  7. kbuhagiar

    Driver side door lock assy.

    I may have an extra in my parts shed, but it may be just as worn as yours. Nonetheless, if you still need one and are desperate drop me a private message and I'll check on it. Cheers, Ken
  8. kbuhagiar

    My wife's gotta be the absolute best :)

    I am also very fortunate to have found someone who understands my (near-) obsession with all things automotive. Dorothy and I will be married 30 years this September, and in that time she has always been supportive of my hobbies. In December I finally realized my long-time dream of a four-post lift...that evening, after final assembly and testing was complete, I came in from the garage and she met me in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I asked her what this was all about. and she replied that she knew how much this meant to me and that we should celebrate! Damn near brought a tear to my eye. OK, maybe it did. I am grateful every day for all of life's blessings.
  9. kbuhagiar

    Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    Hey Tim, What's the address/location in Clements of the BBQ? Thanks.
  10. kbuhagiar

    P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    I got my pedal draft seals from Andy Bernbaum. They are of a very high quality. After removing the pedal pad from my brake arm I was able to stretch the seal enough to get past the threaded portion. It requires some effort but it's not too bad. Running the seal under some hot water prior to the installation helped a bit. Afterward, I was able to maneuver the seal past the floorboard to its intended location at the base of the pedal arm. After observing it in operation from down under, I am quite surprised at how effective it appears to be. It is firmly gripped in position on the arm, and yet is pliable enough to form a surprisingly good seal on the floorboard. Two thumbs up. Thanks again to all for the input and observations.
  11. Hello Folks, Can someone please confirm that the brake (and clutch) pedal "grommet" on a P15 isn't really a grommet, but a draft seal which is fixed to the pedal arm and moves with the pedal arm under the car, thus creating a seal when the pedal is at rest (not activated)? I was operating under the (apparently) mistaken impression that the seal was actually a grommet that was fixed to the floor and the pedal lever slid through it. Thanks in advance.
  12. kbuhagiar

    Firewall Brace for GM Tilt Column in P15

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. At this point I am leaning towards the Speedway/Ididit brace, but a friend has a firewall brace from an early 70s Blazer that I may be able to adapt with some minor fabrication. Fun, fun, fun.
  13. Hello Folks, I am in the process of re-wiring my modified 1947 Plymouth Club Coupe. Since I have everything under the dash removed, I thought it would be a great time to fix all of the Mickey Mouse 'upgrades' made by previous owners. My biggest challenge yet is removing and replacing the GM tilt column that was mis-installed some years ago. I have rebuilt the column itself; now I need to install it correctly. The upper steering column support was done well, and can remain, but the lower support was the definition of 'hack job'. Can anyone recommend either a universal-type firewall support that will work on the P15, or perhaps a factory-style GM firewall brace that can be adapted? The column itself is the standard-issue early-70s GM with a 2" outer diameter. I realize that just about anything can be made to work, but I was hoping that someone out there has been through this before and perhaps could share what worked for them. Thanks in advance.
  14. kbuhagiar

    temperature gauge

    Mark, You have a PM.
  15. kbuhagiar

    Inexpensive Firewall Cover Repair 46-48 p15

    Beautiful work! For the benefit of those of us who do not have one to repair, (mine is long gone), which vendors have firewall covers for sale? Thanks in advance!

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