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  1. New guy New Zealand 2x mopars?

    Thanks for the positive comments,How would i go about starting these trucks? Ive put a bit of transmission fluid down the clys,I hvent tried to turn them over yet.
  2. Dodge and fargo truck

    Hi guys Im in New Zealand, These are my 2 trucks ive bought ,both have sat 40 years .Its taken me 10 years to get the owner to part with them.Im goin to paint the dodge ang leave the fargo as found.,I dont know anything elese about them, Thanks David
  3. New guy New Zealand 2x mopars?

    Hi all I dont know if this is the right place to post this, Ive bought 2 older trucks ones a dodge and the other a 42? fargo Both have been sittin 40 years, Its taken me 10 years to get them ,Im goin to paint up the Dodge and leave the fargo as found,I know nothing about these trucks so any advice/help/comments/models etc would be appreciated Thanks David