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  1. 58prostreet

    seat adjuster

    I have a '52 dodge and the track has four 5/16th and two 5/8th balls in each track. I found them at Norfolk bearing, so I would think pretty muc h any bearing shop should have them. Not sure if # and sizes are same for '47 Plymouth. Bob
  2. 58prostreet

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    Are you keeping the stock brake pedal or are you going to swing pedal? I'm getting ready to do a 360/ A518 swap in my "52 Wayfarer and I think I will keep the stock brake pedal. Will follow your post. Thanks Bob
  3. 58prostreet

    tire valves for 47 plymouth

    I got oval stems for my 52 Dodge from Patchboy, but I don't see them now. I did find some at Tire Supply Network, part #H-501OV. May want to call them and confirm they will fit. Their phone is 1-855-550-2626. Good luck Bob
  4. 58prostreet

    Easy things are getting difficult

    First read Gregs post about doing anything above my neck, I thought "I'm the same way". Then I realized he was talking about the height of what he was working on and not remembering why he was doing it.
  5. 58prostreet


    look at patchboy.com. check brass truck stems. I used the plastic beads for balancing with WWW radials and have same experience as Joe Lee.
  6. 58prostreet

    Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I second the 9' wide doors, minimum. I put 8' in mine, and regret it every time I use them.
  7. I have a '52 Dodge Wayfarer and I went to Lowes and got an 8 ft. piece of vinyl screen tight used to trim 4x4 porch posts.. I got the 3.5 in.wide section. You get base piece and snap on top piece. I trimmed it to fit and works fine. Doesn't look close to original, but covers rough rocker and looks somewhat finished. Cost about $12, so not a disaster if you don't like it. Bob
  8. 58prostreet

    where is this heading

    Radio news going to work this morning warned not to eat your turkey if it was spoiled, or if came out of a trash can or dumpster. Point of announcer reading it was exactly as PA pointed out.
  9. 58prostreet

    Unknown Parts - Any thoughts ???

    fourth picture looks like a crude side post battery cable clamp.
  10. 58prostreet

    Best work place pranks

    Had a good friend who drove an old beater Ford truck to work every day. He tack welded a box end wrench and a pair of vice grips to the top edge of the bed right behind the driver door and then waved back at everybody that honked, waved and pointed toe to tools.
  11. 58prostreet

    My son has started our Scarebird conversation

    See he busted a knuckle.....builds character and the vocabulary.
  12. 58prostreet

    WWW Tires - Tubes ??

    Oval valve stems available on Amazon for $18.00 for 5. Made by Milton Industries.
  13. 58prostreet

    WWW Tires - Tubes ??

    One tip I didn't mention is to clean off any of the blue protective coating on the bead of the tire before mounting. I did not and it bled out after the first 3 or 4 washing and in the rain. It goes away, but was a little messy for a bit. Bob
  14. 58prostreet

    WWW Tires - Tubes ??

    I had Coker www bias ply on my 52 Dodge on original rims. No tubes and no leaks. But they wore out quick, I have Diamondback radials on the same rims with no tubes and no leaks at all. Very happy with the Diamondbacks.
  15. 58prostreet

    Explorer rear end with disks

    I used the ECI dual pot master cylinder, part # EC444. Works great .

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