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  1. where is this heading

    Radio news going to work this morning warned not to eat your turkey if it was spoiled, or if came out of a trash can or dumpster. Point of announcer reading it was exactly as PA pointed out.
  2. Unknown Parts - Any thoughts ???

    fourth picture looks like a crude side post battery cable clamp.
  3. Best work place pranks

    Had a good friend who drove an old beater Ford truck to work every day. He tack welded a box end wrench and a pair of vice grips to the top edge of the bed right behind the driver door and then waved back at everybody that honked, waved and pointed toe to tools.
  4. My son has started our Scarebird conversation

    See he busted a knuckle.....builds character and the vocabulary.
  5. WWW Tires - Tubes ??

    Oval valve stems available on Amazon for $18.00 for 5. Made by Milton Industries.
  6. WWW Tires - Tubes ??

    One tip I didn't mention is to clean off any of the blue protective coating on the bead of the tire before mounting. I did not and it bled out after the first 3 or 4 washing and in the rain. It goes away, but was a little messy for a bit. Bob
  7. WWW Tires - Tubes ??

    I had Coker www bias ply on my 52 Dodge on original rims. No tubes and no leaks. But they wore out quick, I have Diamondback radials on the same rims with no tubes and no leaks at all. Very happy with the Diamondbacks.
  8. Explorer rear end with disks

    I used the ECI dual pot master cylinder, part # EC444. Works great .
  9. Explorer rear end with disks

    I made a mistake in telling u I had disc conversion from Fat Man. It was Ply Do back in May, 2007. Ply Do is not in business any longer. I do have their instructions which may be of help to You. I apologize for the error.Scan0012.pdf
  10. Explorer rear end with disks

    I have a '52 Dodge with a '98 Explorer rear end. I am running original wheels with no problems. I have 215R75 15 tires. I am also running fatman front spindle/disc and air bags and have no clearance issues with tires hitting anything. Bob
  11. Explorer axle swap

    I have a 98 Explorer rear in my '52 dodge and I am running stock rims with no clearance problems. Same bolt pattern.
  12. shop lift and clearance required

    I have a 9000 lb. Eagle 2 post , model MTP-9F that was installed in August, 2011. It has a floor plate and 113" posts. The floor plate is no problem for me but may be if you are changing transmissions.I have 12' ceilings and my Dodge Wayfarer has plenty of clearance at full lift. There is approximately 6' clearance under car. The lift is symmetrical, but I don't have a problem getting in or out of car and I have sizable gut. I put split foam pipe insulation on upright where door would hit. Lift is 220v and requires 20amp svc, but I have 30. Also, I have Dalton I drive automatic door opener which has no center rail. Something to consider if u have automatic doors. I have had no problems with the lift and am very happy with it and feel safe working under it. I paid $2000 for it new. That was for lift, delivery and install. Came from Greensboro, N.C. to Va. Beach, Va. Bob
  13. Old vehicles, a mad, mad, mad world

    WOW, who would of thunk?
  14. Advice on mounting tires

    When I got my new wide whites I left the blue on as somewhat of a protective film. I would recommend this, except I would advise you to take a damp cloth and remove the blue on the bead that goes under the steel rim. I did not do this and after they were mounted I cleaned them, but under the rim is still there and when you drive the blue streaks out on the white. This eventually stopped, but took a while. I also told the tire guy to please be careful with the white and I stayed and watched him. They came out fine. Bob