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  1. jeff the jerk

    Explorer rear end

    The car is a 41 ploge or d20 Plymouth rebadged for Canada as dodge wms to wms is 60" I am looking at using the explorer 8.8 but for the look I'm after it's to big If I shorten the long side to the same length of the short side the rear Will be 56-5/8 as per ranger station and u tube videos I have seen has anyone put a rear end that small I think all rears and frame are the same from 40-49 The rims I want to run are like these
  2. jeff the jerk

    Explorer rear end

    I should have stated that s 10 guys are shortening the explorer rear to 56 and 5/8 I want to run a deep dish rim but that might be 2 much
  3. jeff the jerk

    Explorer rear end

    Hey I'm sure this topic is been gone over a million times but in my search I couldn't find the information I was looking for I know s 10 guys are shortening these rears to 56 5/8 now I have the chance to pick one up for a 6 pack of beer with a 373 and lsd has anyone done this to a 41 ploge And how much back spacing did you have on the rim
  4. jeff the jerk

    4 link and explorer rear end

    Yeah im spending the $ on the 4 link instead of a mustang 2 up front the factory did a good job in the front im going to make my own dropped uprights fab up a bracket for shock relocation and put air springs in the pocket and i might get a power steering kit from butches cool stuff this is not going to be an original restoration kind of a hotrod/taildrager and it will be an everyday driver in the summer and maby a few days in the winter i gotta take it in the snow at least once lol
  5. jeff the jerk

    4 link and explorer rear end

    This is a grate video thanks for sharing it
  6. jeff the jerk

    4 link and explorer rear end

    Hey no problem ive yet to do a 4 link but with the right information i can do just about anything
  7. jeff the jerk

    4 link and explorer rear end

    Hey everyone im at a point were im starting to think about the rear end as much as I don't want to put a ford in a dodge i here explorer rear end is a nice fit i also want to 4 link it and air ride Has anyone done it and how hard is it And lets see some pictures of lowered rides
  8. jeff the jerk

    Drop a 41 Dodge with uprigths

    If you have an extra set of uprights cut the bosses off one put in a kingpin for alignment and weld it on then all you do is cut off the original bosses reassemble the suspension and bend your steering arm and thats the quickie version
  9. jeff the jerk

    Front disk conversion project.

    will this work with fatmans dropped spindles???
  10. jeff the jerk

    front air ride using original front suspicion

    OK well air bags ordered and now i am thinking about using the explorer disk conversion i have seen this done allot but will it work with dropped spindles and can i order from fatman or go through butchs cool stuff??
  11. jeff the jerk

    front air ride using original front suspicion

    Don this has nothing to do with trophies. it has to do with a good ride you cant get a smoother ride then air. also i like the look of a car, truck or what ever you have lowered to lay on the frame when parked its about hot rodding and their are no rules when it comes to that. when the car is done i want to enjoy it driving and not sitting around at a car show
  12. jeff the jerk

    front air ride using original front suspicion

    cool thanks for the info i have a few mini truck friends as well i will talk to them
  13. jeff the jerk

    front air ride using original front suspicion

    thanks tank looks sweet!! do you know what size bags and the size of the pocket adaptor you have ?i think i will go with dropped uprights and bags but will use the ford explorer disk breaks cheers
  14. hey just seeing if anyone has put air bags in the factory spring pockets and what was the outcome i am looking at doing this on my 41 so i can drop it on the ground the rear is easy but the front looks a bit tricky i don't want to stub the frame as we all know the factory ifs with a shock relocate is awesome cheers Jeff
  15. jeff the jerk

    Front disk conversion project.

    wow good tech i now know what breaks to run thanks guys

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