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    B3B Transmission Cover Plate

    The floor pull brake was the standard for 39-47 W series 1/2 ton and 48-49 B series 1/2 ton trrucks. The 1950 B2B was the first to have the under dash pull brake. Different weight trucks used the possible hole/slot openings differently depending on purpose. 48D
  2. 48Dodger

    Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Go to county....get a plot map....send him a copy. Now he knows what everyone else knows. At that point, inform him that you two need to meet and confirm the understanding of boundaries per the map. Make the meeting on neutral ground, agree on a pair of "witnesses" to share the experience. If he refuses.....get a lawyer. 48D
  3. 48Dodger

    Free Book - Truck by John Jerome

    LOL.....the book! Man I thought you knew me Brent! I only drink when you and Mark make me drink. 48D
  4. 48Dodger

    Gone but not forgotten

    Wow Don...crazy way to get out of a head head race with me and The Brick....guess that just leaves the foot race from the curb to the pancake house! Nice that it went to a forum member. I see the ol'48 as an icon to the forum. Tim aka 48Dodger
  5. 48Dodger

    Worse drivers?

    Huh......seems I always remember county and states by their slowest drivers...... or by how nice their Highway Patrol Officers are....lol. 48D
  6. 48Dodger

    Free Book - Truck by John Jerome

    I'm game....:) 48D
  7. I was gonna write something funny, maybe a lil burn or something....but honestly, I really like the guy and I'm glad to have met him personally! 48Don
  8. 48Dodger

    12th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ

    Its time to bring your truck before your peers and have some cold beers.....or root beer.....its all in good cheer!!! Tim aka 48Dodger 209-401-9595 Text me with who you are and I'll text you back with the info you need.
  9. 48Dodger

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I'm gonna send you one of my #45 racing stickers DC.....I say stick it on the basket. 48D
  10. 48Dodger

    Emergency/Parking Brake

    I did two videos on the e-brake set-up. Maybe that will help you figure out what you need. Tim aka 48 Dodger Video One Video Two Video Three
  11. Rare vs. "Not popular enough" might be more the issue here. I came across this video about ugly "at the time" vehicles and how they might be reconsidered today as "cool". Vehicles that maybe were before their time. I remember wanting a Dodge Rampage in High School......lol. 48D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCSE2nb4vJ0
  12. 48Dodger

    Pilot-House Trucks are Rare? Maybe not.....

    What's your top 5 oddball vehicles? Mine are: 5. Edsel 4. Delorean 3. Pinto 2. Daimler smart car 1. Messerschmitt KR200 Edsel: Love the toilet-seat grille Delorean: the Back to the future car gets a pass over the basic design. Pinto: Almost killed me on the 680 Freeway in San Jose, Ca. 1978 Daimler smart car: crazy under foot rodents of the highway...lol Messerschmitt KR200: its amazing how airplane guys translate their efforts into automobiles Remember, these aren't vehicles I don't like....just think are a bit odd. 48D
  13. 48Dodger

    Sand blaster advice

    How I strip a frame: Propane torch the 70 year old dirt and grease. Scrap it with a multitude of putty knives. Power wash the loose crud and mouse poop out of the corners. Sand blast the rest. 48D
  14. 48Dodger


    Happy Cake Day Paul!!! 48D
  15. 48Dodger

    New Project

    That's awesome Merle and Michelle!!.....I'm sure we can stuff a 241 Hemi in there.....with a little bit of bondo and duck tape, we could get it truning 12's in no time! Just throw it in the back of your Pilot-House for the next BBQ and we'll all knock it out in a weekend! :D Congrats Michelle...you are awesome. :) Tim aka 48Dodger
  16. 48Dodger

    Sand blaster advice

    HF is fine.....dry, dry sand. I keep mine in an old ice chest....I run the sand thru a spaghetti strainer....when I'm done I empty the sand out.....otherwise moisture that's in there will rot your steel, causing scale and stuff. 48D
  17. Far right fits under the dash as a brace between the firewall and the front lip of the dash. The steering column bracket is bolted to it as well. 48D
  18. 48Dodger

    What is this bracket?

    If its a pre 1950 flywheel cover, you may not have the ebrake mount on the cover. Estrada Motorsports 1947-53 Dodge Trucks: Emergency Brake (video #3) 48D
  19. 48Dodger

    Hand Crank a 218

    Well....with 34 years in the Emergency room I can say with much certainty, that this is still true. 48D
  20. 48Dodger

    pictures from the other side of the pond

    Loved that video....reminds me of Bonneville. My second home....lol. 48D
  21. 48Dodger

    Ecodiesel Files

    When I was towing cattle or the racecar with my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500, I used air bags to level the load....never a problem. Now I use my Dodge Ram 3500 V10 flatbed for the cattle trailer. You have the engine, maybe level out the suspension? Love the idea of a new truck, that 2006 was current year new for me. 48D
  22. 48Dodger

    WPC or Bust

    I'm a truck guy, but I'm still hoping to get a 1950 Dodge Wayfarer Convert someday.....for those sunny days with da wife. :D Looks like you're having a great time Merle! 48D
  23. 48Dodger

    Junkyard Bromance

    Over the last 12 years I have had the honor of meeting a lot of the forum members here through the Clements Ca. BBQ at my ranch every April. I plan on heading out east this next year to the Minnesota/Wisconsin area for a much needed vacation and seeing a whole bunch of my BBQ friends. Seems every year I meet someone new who makes an impact on my love of the old trucks. I can say with certainty, it never gets old. Great story on your junk yard "find"...:) 48D
  24. 48Dodger

    Portland, Oregon, 1939 video of cars

    Gotta feeling they documenting the problems at this intersection.... 48D
  25. 48Dodger

    New 1953 Pilothouse questions

    An oval plate, with the trucks info is on the drivers side front door jam area. Its held i with two small screws. If you see the screw holes and no plate, it may have been removed to give it an old fashion lacquer paint job in the barn. The driver side front frame area has the stamped numbers you need......this is a Youtube video I did concerning basic engine/frame ID.... the stamped numbers on the frame shows up near the end of the video. 48D Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Identification notes part one p.s. just took a lookie see, the frame number info starts about 7:40

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