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  1. You're always welcome in Clements brother!....I mean, we let Mark in fur pete's sake. 48D
  2. OK.....its the last days of May, so the International Work On Your Truck Day #7 is falling on June 2nd!!! No excuses Great Lakers area folks!!!(is that a thing?) the snow has GOT to be melted by now! The Five Rules: 1. Work on your truck. Not Mark's, but yours...unless you are Mark, then work on your truck buddy. 2. Report what you did to the Forum, not the girl at the post office, she doesn't care, she's just trying to get the junk mail sent out. 3. Post a picture of what you did. Its all good, sitting in it counts.....but at least hold a hammer or something. 4. Explain how you got the truck, what inspires you about it. 5. Try to share the days experience as soon as you can!!! Sharing is caring!!!.....Believe it or not, your story could inspire one of us to get back to it! Your story could help build another truck!!! Good luck!!!! Here comes Saturday!!! 48D
  3. 48Dodger

    Engine troubles

    Heat has a way of "breaking" things free too. Crud in an original gas tank can lay dormant for years before a rebuild...get "softened" by fresh gas, and start to break free on a hot run. Did you replace the gas tank? Have it hot tanked?.....* One deal that can fool some people, is the pick up tube in the gas tank. Its bent at a 90 degree angle to the floor of the tank at its last few inches. I have found decay and pin holes that would be above a 1/8 full, maybe 1/4 full tank. This of course would aid in fuel starvation. There is no filter on the end either, so chunks of scale and debris can get stuck as well. 48D * don't put a chain in an original gas tank to help clean it....might crush the pick up tube.
  4. I love the old buses....I have two floating around my area dying in open fields.....but no one is selling'em...just letting them rot. Looked like a ton of again this year! 48D
  5. What an awesome amount of truck work that was done!!! I didn't get pictures posted yet, but I did save yet another old dodge truck. She was sitting next to a building of similar age that was set to be knocked down. Turns out she was gonna be crushed along with the old building. I pleaded with the owner and got him to sell it to me for 100 bucks and I would haul it out...I called my haul'n buddy and we saved her butt for whatever may come to pass. Maybe parts, maybe its own rebuild....the deal is, I can't stand to see the big ol trucks go down without a fight. I'll post pictures as soon as I can! 48D
  6. 48Dodger

    New chapter in my life.

    A 68 Dart would be perfect! More room than you think...its the body panels that are smaller not the interior so much. Plus it would fit in the semi...... 48D
  7. 48Dodger

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Always enjoy a good build thread Casper50....thanks for making the effort! 48D
  8. 48Dodger

    who knew baseball was so expensive!

    We complain....but yet the stadiums are full on the weekends....supply and demand I guess. I spent my money on a 70 inch screen TV...for sports of course. Full disclosure: I'm a lifetime A's fan (1972 to present)....cheapest seats in pro baseball. 48A's
  9. "So how do I tune this truck?" In general: do a normal tune-up for an internal combustion engine. Bring the ignition system together first. plug gap/ignition timing/breaker point gap/dwell/breaker arm tension...... Check float height: 5/8 inch Carb circuits: float level/idle rpm/idle circuit/accel-pump adjustment (power piston)/fast idle Check the unloader tension arm for the choke Use the nut plug over #6 to find top dead center and max vacuum pull. Depending on the year or use or preference its 2deg BTC or 0deg BTC. Minimum idle speed is 450 to 500 RPMS Resistor plugs need more gap: 0.035 vs non resistor @ 0.025 Your tappets need to be adjusted. Good to try that while running. Can be done not running. Intake 0.008 Exhaust 0.010 Double check float height for starvation Double check vacuum pull Double check the unloader Double check the valves for loose adjustments Double check the nut above #6 after your done checking vacuum and timing Check throttle connections Check choke connections let'er rip 48D P.S. Triple check the damn sparkplug wires for proper location.
  10. I don't know Paul.....the pictures you post....I wanna call your truck "Waldo" from now on...lol 48D
  11. I was gonna ask you that, Ed...! Wouldn't you remember if it was you?????.... "...was delivered by an old wrinkled man, not the nice post office girl.".... lol, well that describes about 98% of the guys posting on this site. :D 48D
  12. 48Dodger

    Todd Build Thread

    Your build is looking awesome brother! Keep the metal flowin'.....soon it'll be time for paint! 48D
  13. APRIL 14TH 2018 CLEMENTS TAILGATE BBQ in CLEMENTS, CALIFORNIA Home of the largest meet up of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks in the WHOLE WORLD!!! MARS AND JUPITER TOO!!! We get invaded by Vintage Cars and Trucks from other makers, BUT WE DON'T CARE! CUZ WE ARE COOL TRUCKERS AND DON'T MIND THE WIERDOS! ...at least I don't.....lol Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!! Woohoo! Timothy A. Estrada aka 48Dodger
  14. 48Dodger

    Todd Build Thread

    Got plans to pull some for you soon.... 48D
  15. 48Dodger


    Welcome back Bud!! The Photobucket deal cost money now...but the photo deal here works just fine. 48D
  16. 48Dodger

    1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    I hear ya Dav....I just think, "If there was ever a guy who should paint..." It'd be you. You're a guy who cares about these old trucks and your eye for detail is outstanding! I realize it takes time to develop skills, but I believe you could fast track those skills better than anyone....so in the spirit of the American way of getting someone's resolve up...." I dare you...I double dog dare you!"...:D 48D
  17. 48Dodger

    1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    You're a gifted man Dav......time to add to your abilities....time to put another feather in your cap.....time to buy a paint gun and learn the ways of Automotive Pigment. Fill a pint, point and shoot. Happy to help mate. 48Dingo
  18. Plenty of space for you next year Todd.... and the years after that, don't sweat it brother!!! Oh.... little late on that Intel....wondered why I was feeling funny yet satisfied....!!!! SAY CHEESE! 48D
  19. Round trip it??? Stay the night...we have a room for ya....! 48D
  20. Travelers are rolling in! Mark for Minnesota.... Jereimah from Minnesota.... Sarah from Minnesota..... So it's safe to say "Minnesota is in the hooooouse!!!" Road warriors from the north and south are fighting their way to the epicenter of the Valley of the West Coast....not much longer, it will be a grand feast of burgers and dogs..... Oh, and don't forget the trucks and cars.....they'll be there too...lol. Tim aka 48Dodger
  21. I know not everyone goes between the car side and the truck side of the website.....so I just wanted to remind all the car guys, as always, you are invited to the Tailgate BBQ! Its a fun way to meet a lot of the folks on this forum and a great way to learn about the vehicles. Sometimes a guy has a running chevy or ford (cuz he's still building his dream Dodge) and wants to know if he can bring that....of course! Follow this link to the truck side and join the conversation......I'll have the flyer ready to go soon. 11th Annual BBQ If you look at links below my post (I understand the links don't show up on the mobile site) you can read the older truck show posts from 2008-2017. Hope to see you there! Tim aka 48Dodger
  22. Some of the crew are flying in TOMORROW NIGHT....this Q just got REAL!!! Been fighting through this rain, cool weather, wind without help of extra hands! My kids grew up and are living their own lives... My Bay Area son, Zac will be manning the burger truck again this year with his long time buddies Frankie and Justin. But my youngest daughter moved to Arizona, following her College Graduation.....she found a great job and plans to come home for visit, AFTER the BBQ.....sigh. My oldest lives 4 miles away (has the grand kids) but is so busy with her own family life, I can only sneak my butt in there as a babysitter once in a while...lol. Me and Steph do a pretty darn good job. The weather: It's a gonna be 75 degrees, a few clouds and a bunch of old trucks......its a gonna be a nice! So I'm getting old and tired I guess, so trust me......I can't wait to see y' all and get this party STARTED! Tim aka 48Dodger
  23. No guessing........we are old school. please make a note of it. lol 48D
  24. 48Dodger

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Its a great bumper set-up.....exactly where I'd be sitting if I was 10....lol 48D
  25. 48Dodger

    Thermostat housing

    I did a few videos that might help. This one is about the Water Distribution Tube. This one is about several topics, but covers The bypass. 48D

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