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  1. I know not everyone goes between the car side and the truck side of the website.....so I just wanted to remind all the car guys, as always, you are invited to the Tailgate BBQ! Its a fun way to meet a lot of the folks on this forum and a great way to learn about the vehicles. Sometimes a guy has a running chevy or ford (cuz he's still building his dream Dodge) and wants to know if he can bring that....of course! Follow this link to the truck side and join the conversation......I'll have the flyer ready to go soon. 11th Annual BBQ If you look at links below my post (I understand the links don't show up on the mobile site) you can read the older truck show posts from 2008-2017. Hope to see you there! Tim aka 48Dodger
  2. I have a 1955 1.5 ton with a 270 poly......I'll shoot some pictures and see if it holds any info that's helpful. 48D
  3. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    20800 Brandt Rd Lodi, CA 95240 I about 15 miles east of Lodi, but a few of us out here get Lodi addresses....go figure....im right next to Clements... lol. Hope you can make it!! 48D
  4. Water distribution tube

    My experience with the dreaded "Toob"...lol Estrada Motorsports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Water Distribution Tube You can keep my share of the Lotto winnings Jack.....I know you earn it! 48D
  5. APRIL 14TH 2018 CLEMENTS TAILGATE BBQ in CLEMENTS, CALIFORNIA Home of the largest meet up of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks in the WHOLE WORLD!!! MARS AND JUPITER TOO!!! We get invaded by Vintage Cars and Trucks from other makers, BUT WE DON'T CARE! CUZ WE ARE COOL TRUCKERS AND DON'T MIND THE WIERDOS! ...at least I don't.....lol Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!! Woohoo! Timothy A. Estrada aka 48Dodger
  6. Mystery project

    Your building your own BBQ truck!!! 48D
  7. Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    The American Canyon write up on it was by Bob Koch....I might have done one too. The yard in Williams has changed a bit. The guy had problems with the city and moved everything just outside of town on his personal property. He was getting environmental issues thrown at him. Last time I saw him, I walked down his drive way and asked what had happened. It was a lil bit into the conversation before he trusted me and discussed things openly. In short he deals with online, mail order only...not into vistors since its private property. He did make an exception for me and Jim Shepard, but was not super thrilled with the idea. I'd suggest emailing/calling him for an appointment or tour. Honestly, the biggest number of rebuildable 50's era Hemi's I've ever seen. Almost all cars. His website is outdated, but I believe the phone number works. Big M Automotive if you look at the Google maps image (Williams ca) the website address will show up on the google maps image....but the yard is empty....because he's not there anymore. He's down the street (old hwy 99 west) near a place called "Tim Ingraham trucking"...you'll see all the cars. Brian's yard is the best for trucks (has cars too). He doesn't like talking on the phone, or spending time on the internet...so no website. He likes sitting in front of his yard shed (good size) and read the paper. Ask him what he wants for his stuff and he has a pretty quick answer. He lives right there on site and is a good dude. I think he's been there maybe 40 years. He's closed Sunday-Monday Brian's Salvage and Junk 707-642-5408 2580 Green Island rd, American Canyon, Ca 95403 48D
  8. I've been clearing out projects, equipment and trucks from the shop area....my wife calls it "nesting"...lol I call it getting ready for the BEST show of the year! I got a call from the 3 different COE guys...looks like they will be back this year... so I guess I need to work on the wife's project, or I might be in a bit of trouble...:D Also heard from a local ford truck club...they'd like to come....I said "yes" of course, "we need target practice".....just kidding, every one is welcome, trucks, cars, COE's, muscle cars, vintage wagons, etc.....we'll show are Dodges off to anyone who wants to show up...:D Its getting closer....time to GET'ER CLEANED UP,TUNED UP AND READY TO ROOOOLLLLLL!! WOHOOO!!!! 48D
  9. 48-49 1/2 tons are "on the floor" shifter and "on the floor" pull brake.....1950 was the first year on the tree and pull brake under the dash. 48D
  10. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    I actually like the look of your lid Paul..... Does it have hooks inside the bed walls too? 48D
  11. Todd Build Thread

    I'm gonna need an updated shop photo-tour.....look'n good inside the ol club house. 48D
  12. Yeah....he meant that the guy selling the truck used a filter on his images...not good. AND its a 51-52.....not a 53 (fenders give it away). And...what is "patina potential"???? Aren't all vehicles in that category??? I mean if you don't take care of them......cuz it looks like he's already there. Just asking for a friend. 48D
  13. Just a few more pictures to show the "pocket" or "channel" that attaches the foot board to the cab. 48D
  14. What you may haved miss is the lower side of the foot board has a "pocket" that goes from side to side. It slips onto the cab floorboard. You may need to tap it free from underneth or soak it from the inside floor seam to get it loose. I did a video that shows it for a second or two....maybe you'll see it. 48D Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Throttle return spring
  15. Boxing frame

    These old trucks (speaking of 48-53 PH trucks) were never tested the way today's vehicles have been tested for high/low speed impacts etc. The moment someone starts playing with the geometry of any frame/engine design, they should ask themselves where their skills levels really are. I say this just to remind any kid reading this, to remember to walk before you run. The other thing I usually say is find a build you like, one that is proven, within one's skills, and build it. Having said that, I love being scared behind the wheel......which is why I race stock cars, land speed race, and on occasion drag race. Of course all done with a helmet, 5 pt seat belts, fire extinguishers, etc...... My first recommendation would be to choose a motor/trans combo you really want.....than study its torque abilities, gearing, and keep designing from there til you have a bigger picture of where it will land. Get on the search button and try to find a like minded person who already built what you invisioned, and study his impression of it. Its easier to redraw the layout, than to cut things up and discover you need to start all over. 48D
  16. Boxing frame

    The frames were allowed to flex to help with traction on crappy dirt roads while carrying heavy loads. If you look at the design of the gas tank and the mounting points to the rear, springs are used to keep the tank from flexing with the frame. If your truck spent any time on those rual roads (i.e. potholes, etc) the typical place these frames begin to crack is on the top past the rear of the cab. The frames I've braced, boxed, or repaired all had cracks that orginated from the contact points of the mid cross member. Its hard to inspect for those cracks without removing the cab or the bed. If you build a motor with a lot of low end torque, and you have a heavy foot (GUILTY) I would think one would want to add strength where needed. If its a fun truck with extra horsepower, you may find a healthy stock frame works just fine. IMO It wasn't the engine or torque that cracked the frames in the past, it was the heavy loads on low tech roads...... 48D
  17. Well...since I have the club picture blown up and hanging in my living room...I thought maybe I could join. 48D
  18. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I went with a single 12' wide door on my 40 x 60....no regrets. When I built my house 20 some odd years ago, I thought the garage was going to be my shop. Had a 16 ft garage door along side of an 8 ft garage door.....didn't hold up to what I really needed. That 8 foot door still bugs me. lol. My only concern would be this.....if you put the lift in the middle, it cuts down the efficiency of the two other bays. Maybe consider the furthest stall as the lift area, and leave the other two side by side to increase the "free" area of the building. So in conclusion, lol, three 10 foot doors, a car lift bay to the side, and two side by side hang-out areas...oh and at least 30 feet deep. 48D
  19. Yes....like Kev said, Jackson Rancheria, Red Hawk, and Black Oak. Jackson is where I work...it's a 35-40 minute drive from my house. 48D
  20. Floorboard Metal Repair How To

    The fact you are on a site like this one, means you have an interest in the art of creation. Metal fab, engine building, wiring/intruments, upholstrey, suspension geometry, paint, metal treatment, and even glass.......There are alot of trades in that there truck, finding one that really does it for you is gonna go a long way if you really go after it. Metal Shaping Engine Building Automotive painting Frame building/suspension Automotive electronics and wiring Transmissions and Running gear Automotive Testing and Racing To have a complete fabrication shop only means you have to love a few of the trades....the rest are friends of yours. To have everything needed to do a vehicle front to back in a home shop, one would have to invest a ton. I sometimes feel understanding someone's trade and respecting their investments and abilities is as important as respecting your own abilities. When I see someone's super cool ride, I know its his, but I also know he made some friends along the way who helped build it. Oh damn....I think I just ranted....sorry about that. 48D
  21. 225 slant six change

    I'm lost ..."problems with a frame swap" What frame swap problems?? If you're changing the motor, its possible you're not reducing your problems but increasing them. If you've never done a swap on a truck like yours ( no idea, just speculation here ) , either frame or motor.....(opinion coming up) I would say find a completed swap, drive it, and if you like it over the stock set-up, build that. Nothing wrong with learning from what someone else learnt. (end of opinion, reflection coming next) it truely does involve "seat time"......I mean, someone could tell me all day long how hard a 98 Viper pulls in second gear in the 1/4 mile......but I tell ya..... it was better finding out myself ...(reflecting on the joy I felt back in 98)...lol 48D
  22. Hubcap Red Lettering Touchup Paint

    lol....having spent time in John T's garage....I know what he keeps under the car cover! Just have to keep the crew honest is all...:D 48D
  23. Frame interchange for pilot house

    Hey Merle, I'll double check the angles, hole locations etc.....I just got a 53 frame recently that has it steering.... 48D
  24. New Year Resolutions

    Continue to run the B/PP class at Bonneville and hit 175mph in 2018*.....but really, the kids are out of college now, so just getting back to Bonneville will be good enough. lol 48D *the record is 195.146 mph....yikes
  25. Frame interchange for pilot house

    The frames are the same general dimension 1948 thru 1953. The mid cross member faces a different direction 48-50 vs. 51-53 The locating holes for the steering are the same for 48-49 The locating holes for the steering are the same for 50-53 The steering brace to the frame is in an "open" position 48-49 The steering brace is in a boxed, or "closed" position for 50-53 note: This is why a 48-49 steering column/box will NOT interchange with a 50-53 frame I made a video awhile back showing the two different steering bracket set-ups: Estrada Motorsports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Steering Bracket 48D