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  1. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Yea....I believe a tear drop would be a good answer. fits the with the vintage look the old truck. 48D
  2. Got my vacation time approved......3 weeks.....why???? Cuz you crazy truck people wear me out!!!! 1 week before the show and 2 weeks after to recover! I need it, I'm getting old, 54 years old! I was 43 when I started this incredible event with my incredible friends....now its my favorite time of the year! This is the first time I'm taking this much time off work....what it means is I can spend quality time with all my buddies who stay days before and after the event......I'm a lucky dude. Look forward to seeing you all again this year. And a big shout out to my friend Davin, who hopefully makes it for the THIRD time from Oz in 2020. You can thank him Brent....there will be a Lucky # 13teen....lol Tim aka 48Dodger
  3. Get together?

    I think that would be a great idea! There's nothing like getting a bunch of like minded people together with old dodge "whatevers"...lol I'd be happy to share any insight I have about putting one of these together. In fact I owe a trip to a bunch of members out that way..... So maybe I'd see you guys there! 48D
  4. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Yep, I like it! Welcome to the site. Tim aka 48Dodger
  5. Kayak rack idea

    Never tried this, but a thumbnail drawing would help me visualize what you're thinking. Sounds interesting. 48D
  6. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    Its getting close!! Don't forget to double check those U joints and wheel bearings!!! And bring brownies....cake works ina pinch. 48D
  7. Clean up work this week-end......Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Its looking like rain Saturday, so If you don't care about the wet stuff, I'll still be working away, cleaning up the mess from last year. So don't be afraid to stop by any of those three days....every little bit helps!!! The final dusting off, followed by pizza and a night around the fire pit is....wait for it... Friday the 13th! Its on everyone to bring a scary story and a camping buddy. I have dibs on Steph. 48D
  8. Clean-up day 3/10/2018........bring some water and an appetite for pizza!! The bobcat will be here Friday (3/9) doing some of the heavy lifting, etc......so it will be mostly simple dusting off of the ranch for starters 10th. Those of you who are used to helping on the Friday before, are still NEEDED!!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone, ITS GETTING CLOSE!!!! Tim aka 48Dodger
  9. Sorry to hear that........ You could start planning for next year. I believe Davin is planning on 2020.....that grantees a barn burner if he's coming! lol.....or is that Dave Sr??? I forget.....all you guys are crazy! 48D
  10. You are in the UK......so I'm not sure what the norm was in the 30,40's era. How long have you had the truck in your possession, i.e. have you rebuilt the engine or have you had work done to it you can vouch for? Has kerosene or any other oil or oil base product been used in the past for engines in your region. Tractors in the U.S. have been known to use oil as a coolant. If the previous owner was "clever" he may have used oil to cool the engine as he did his tractor. Oil doesn't have the cooling properties like water, but are easier on an old engine or freezing conditions. I only say all this because I don't know how long you have had the truck, what the practices are in your neighborhood and most have given traditional advice already...... 48D
  11. Thought I had enough trucks!

    Niiiiicccceeeeee!!!!!!! 48D
  12. rear leaf spring pin removel

    Thank you gentlemen......HanksB3B did a great write up on the steering box rebuild a while back. Maybe I should go visit him and make a video of him explaining what went on....infact I should make a few videos of the guys on this forum. 48D Hanks post 1 Hanks post 2
  13. Road trip to get a 1948 Panel....

    I just started working on my Panel again.......dang.....hard to believe this post was almost 8 years ago. I was single back then and choose the road quite often. Now I feel a bit more relaxed.....stayin' home with the wife and dogs. Old Dodge trucks are still the norm, but getting to places by plane is sounding better and better. Maybe I can weld some wings on my 50 Truck and have the best of both worlds........ 48D
  14. The weekend is over.....I worked straight through that weekend cleaning up what I could. I have so many things on my plate I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get the project of "BBQ party prep". Jim Shepard showed up on Sunday and we knocked out a bunch of stuff. Really, it doesn't matter what my place looks like.....the trucks and the people....the food and the fun...that's what everyone remembers. I love Friday night before the Q, everyone who can make it, sits around the fire and bs's about whatever.....the hammock, always a good moment by "Big Brother" the old 49 1.5 ton dump truck watching over the front gate, watching the all the trucks and cars make their way up the long driveway that Saturday morning.......then the late night fire, everyone's voices a lil hoarse from the days endless conversations about trucks and stuff, yet, still willing to get out a lil more before the party is really over......I can't wait. I've made a lot of good friends that don't live any where near me. I plan and hope to meet many more. My friends are always welcome here, and I'm lucky enough to see most of them around spring, when the grass is green and the air is crisp. If I could send a tiny bit of the experience to everyone who ever wanted to go, but couldn't.....I wouldn't know what to send.....but if you can imagine being surrounded by a bunch of friends who know what an old Dodge truck looks like, what it sounds like, if you can imagine not having to explain it, but just enjoy the moment and know you are not the only one who gets it.....that's what I would send, cuz really, that's the best part. Hanging out with people who get that lil bit of "crazy" we have. lol Here's looking forward to another awesome get together! Cheers to everyone who wishes they could make it, Cheers to those making it for the first time, Cheers to those planning for the next year, and a big Cheer to those who are making this deal a bit of a habit!!! Can't wait to see y'all. Tim aka 48Dodger
  15. No quseo para usted Paul....eso es mi quseo!!!!!!!! 48Denaro