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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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    The Brick (1950 PH Racetruck) 1948 B-1-BQ(yep, its a BBQ), 1949 COE, 1945 COE, many, many, B series 1/2 tons with parts


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  1. Stop by the Ranch and take a look at the 39-47's I have here and maybe get a better look at parts and etc..... With with almost 80 years of existence, never know what was changed, welded, funk-a-fied, or frank-a fied. 48D
  2. Being a 20 plus year graveyard worker, I'll be leaving @4 pm and driving 10-12 hours the first leg of the trip. By the time I get to Minnesota, I should be on a daytime schedule. If anyone wants to share their experience driving across country, I'm listening. My route will be starting from the Greater Bay Area. north to Billings Montana, Fargo ND, and into Minneapolis area. When I head back, I'll take a more southern route through Rapid City SD and Sal Lake, City Utah. I love driving. Looking forward to the trip. 48D
  3. Miss you Davin! Glad to hear from you and hear you're doing so well. WE'LL SEE YOU 2021 !!! You are a valued friend and hope everything continues to come up aces, brother! Tim aka 48Dodger
  4. Note to self...."bring grass from California"......uh, wait.... 48D
  5. Plan so far....... 9/11.......hitting the road : 30 hours to Oak Grove. 9/12.......still on the road 9/13.......show up 9/14........visit 9/15........visit some more, leave late afternoon or early 9/16 Gonna try and get Jeremiah on the phone and get his take on the drive.....he's done the route a few times. 48D
  6. I'll be cruising through Minnesota around the weekend of September 14th. Hope I can see some of you guys out that way....those I've met before and some new faces. I'll post more info as it becomes available. 48D
  7. Davin has been a bit busy lately, but I'll send him an email....let him know the Aussie crowd is growing! lol NICE TRUCK!!! 48D
  8. The third character is the weight class. B-1-B : B = 1948-53 1= 1948/49 B = 1/2 ton (further example: B-2-B : B = 48-53 2 = 1950 B = 1/2 ton) 1/2 Tons are 108" wheelbase. The driver side door jam tag should tell you what you have (as long as its still readable) If any of the previous owners swap tags, or swapped frames OR added length to the frame...... You'll need to post some pictures of what you have, so we can tell what you really have. Paperwork is a pain, if it's not registered to the year it actually is. If you bought a 1950 in 51....it would be registered as 1951. 48D
  9. 13th ANNUAL CLEMENTS TAILGATE BBQ APRIL 4TH 2020 SATURDAY 9AM TIL WHENEVER EARLY TOW-IN BEGINS NOW AND LATE TOW-OUT ENDED YESTERDAY Show up Thursday or Friday and Camp-Out til Sunday or Monday, always need the Help! "Lucky 13teen" Its the best day ever! Old trucks and old friends! The car guys are part of the whole deal too, but man, I love the trucks! Its the place where the largest number of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks meet in the whole WORLD !!! (at least no one's proven otherwise ..lol) The people I've met over the last 12 BBQ's has made my life so much better. This time of year is so awesome because finishing an old truck actually has meaning to the crowd you'll see here! Fenders and bumpers to hang on, hoods to lift, parts to swap, and stories to tell! I look forward to it all. Every year is special with returning long distant travelers and new ones that are finally able to make the trip! I always look forward to meeting you all! If you have an old frail beater truck that is weak on the road.....trailer it here early! I'll keep it here on the ranch til show day and you can pick it up when you can.....save your energy for the best weekend ever! ITS A BBQ, NOT A FOO FOO CAR SHOW!! *what is a "foo foo"?* If you have a "Real Bitchin" Shoebox, Shovelhead, Stovebolt, A-Bomb, Backhalf, Barn Find, Basket Case, Chopped Up, Belly Pan, Boat Tail, Nailhead, Pancaked, Resto Rod, ........well, Bring-It-On-Down, me and my friends got a few Dodge Trucks for you'all to see!!! I love Hot Rods and Muscle Cars too.....it is an awesome time to show off the hard work we all put into these old rigs and no need to fuss, Its all Good! ...no mini coopers please...., yea, go ahead and bring one, they're kinda cool. It really is my favorite time of the year. Happy 13teen guys. "The car crowd is growing and more than welcome to come. I could easily call it "The Tailgate/Trunk BBQ"!" "I can't tell you how much I look forward to this every year, its a blast and for some, lasts a few days. Campers show up on Thursday or Friday and leave on a Sunday morning.....all enjoying late night chat sessions around the fire pit." "I hope new and old members alike are inspired to make the trip and maybe even drive their trucks the distance....you know we have your back! " "So many good stories around the fire pit the nights before and after the event. I can't tell how cool it is to have forum members stay several days and just relax....." "Looking forward to a great party! Now build it, and bring it!!!" "It was around 2007 when Bob Koch, Jim Shepard, and myself (Tim Estrada), went to Reg Evans' place to check out his "yard". While we were eating hotdogs, drinking cold beverages, solving international and regional issues....we thought "lets have a BBQ". "Get the wheels on, and the tanks full....its time to finish up and git to the Q! It ain't no beauty pageant of trailer queens, its a truck show...so flex your rust as well as your shine!" Tim aka 48Dodger
  10. The BBQ is SATURDAY APRIL 4th . Show up Thursday, if you like, and camp. Leave Sunday, if you want. Its SHOWTIME!!! Clements, California A flyer will be posted in the Truck forum, Car Forum and Forum Announcements...soon 48D
  11. Great job!!! You probably saved a few more Mopars from the wrecking yard by your great interview! 48D
  12. Split rivets!........? I don't know.......oh! Tranny fluid. :D 48D
  13. Thank you Plymouthy.....(climbs on the box) I've removed (shot) the few Diamondback Rattlers on my immediate property (California). Working in the ER for 35 years has shown me the problems that come with being bitten. Not interested. They will survive as a species, regardless of what we do. Rattlers in California are "not endangered". Timber Rattlesnakes are considered "not endangered" either, but some states classify them as "endangered" due to declining habitat, pet market etc.... Encounters are considered rare, but its a lottery you don't wanna win. If I encounter them outside my home, say at a park, I'll adjust my path etc......but at my home? I'll enforce my "Apex Predator" status. 48D (gets help off the box, but still falls in a blaze of glory)
  14. The get together looked great, sir! 48D
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