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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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    Radiology, Automotive dealer, Car painter and Creator

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  1. 48Dodger

    THANK YOU ALL from Steve, the OCD King :)

    Nicely said....I couldn't agree more. 48D
  2. 48Dodger

    Amtrak questions

    Sooo.....does this mean....???? 48D
  3. Well we ain't getting any younger my friend......START YOUR ENGINE! Cya there MB 48D
  4. If we get anymore V8 builds on this site, I'm gonna lobby for a "shoot out"!!! Straight line 1/2 mile on the beach, winner gets a hand shake and forum bragging rights.....lol LOVE that steering! "get'er built!" 48D (408 Stroker/soild lifter/500hp/850cfm sq bore, mech secondary, dbl pumper/race prepped 904/3.27 caged rearend/roll cage and 5pt race seat.....no horn.)
  5. 48Dodger

    No Cabs here Doug....nope nope nope.....

    Maybe Doug has never seen a full PH Truck? Maybe he's never seen a running Dodge PH Truck..... Maybe I need to invite him to BBQ and help him see what these truck really are??? Maybe I'll show him the BBQ truck and then......oh wait.....ah crap. Maybe I've been to hard on Doug. .....sorry Doug. 48D
  6. A guy is selling a bed made from a 1950 Dodge cab.......*shutter* If a guy calls me looking for spare cabs....and his name is Doug.....I'll direct him to the Ferd site across the street! lol 48Dforever Doug's deal on craigslist.....
  7. I'm 6'1 and a newly 380lbs......down from 410.....with Brent's boots on, I'm 6'5. 48D
  8. Don't hear that to often! It should fit snug, like it belongs there.....in other words it goes in without a lot of force. I would make sure its burr free and not misshaped. Make sure the block is clen of crud to, like Merle said. A long stout pipe brush might be needed too. 48D
  9. 48Dodger

    Fiberglass Fenders?

    Post some pictures of your truck.....I'm a big fan of the humpbacks and working on getting my own as we speak. AND....I'm hitting a certain yard for friend of mine for a fender insert. 48D
  10. 48Dodger

    Fiberglass Fenders?

    Yea....I'll give Dave a heads up.....they should have something in the yard. 48D
  11. 48Dodger

    December 7th, 1941

    Its up to the parents to educate. My kids are grown and appreciated their Dads love of history. They know things about history that their Grandparents don't. My son is an English teacher...he spells words better than me. In my opinion, history is like math and the auto manuals we hold so dear. Its there to read, reread and remind us of the details, so we can have brain space to remember where the heck we left our keys. 48D
  12. While I'm searching through my piles of spare parts looking for interesting things....here's some related videos. E-brake video #1 E-brake video #2 E-brake video #3 48D
  13. I want this.......is that wrong? 48Dreamin'
  14. "No motor no trans".....that right there makes it NOT 90% complete. Body work is old too. Wife: You've had this thing for 20 years! Get rid of it! Ratrodder: But honey, its like...90% done!!! Wife: You've been saying that forever....send it off or we're 100 percent done! This man has my sympathy. 48D

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