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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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  1. Great to hear you're back in the game Kev!! The fuel system is easy...it goes from the gas tank to the fuel pump, from the pump to the carb, and then into the cylinders.......:D Miss you bud! 48D
  2. Check the rules again.....you guys are covered! lol 48D
  3. Forgot the final pictures of the install....many thanks to my better half for the assist....lol 48D
  4. Wow, what a day in Clements!!! My wife is an inspiration, she is never to proud to try something new. Today on "INTERNATIONL WORK ON YOUR TRUCK DAY", she jumped in and helped me hang the bumper on "THE BRICK". Damn, what a woman! Charged the 1949 COE's battery steering wheel installed on B1BQ (finally) Rear bumper on the The Brick aka Wedding Truck 48 "lucky" D
  5. I'll be installing a factory correct used rear bumper on "The Brick"....I plan on doing a complete teardown this year, so this will be a fit-up really. Definitely will have a few pictures to share. 48D
  6. You da friggin man!!! 48D
  7. This is it Man.....MAY 6TH 2017 - International Work On Your Truck Day #6!!!! Get your wrenches out ....the good weather is coming.....time to make it roll without the nieghbors pushin it! Power to the toolbox! Its a day we all make all stand together as one, and show everyone, that: "We love our old Trucks!!!!!!!!" The Five Rules: 1. Work on your truck....looking at it counts, writing "wash me' on it counts, washing, dusting it, kicking the rubber ALL counts! a. Ordering parts count! b. Waiting by the mailbox for your part counts. 2. Report what you did....and be honest, cuz its all good. 3. Post a picture of what you did....again, fresh finger prints count. 4. Explain what inspires you the most about your truck, how you got it....it was your dad's, it was your uncle's, brother's, you found it, Brent stole it for you, Mark molded one piece at a time for you, Merle made you build one, you won it in a badminton game with Tim Adams and Don Coatney, you read ED's thread and got super inspired.......found it in a barn or whatever...lol. 5. Try to share your days experience and pictures as soon as you can.....!!! Good luck everyone!!!!! Here comes Saturday!!! Tim aka 48Dodger
  8. I've only hand crank started the old B and A model John Deere (the big wheel on the side, not a bar)......they have the compression valves you open up so you could turn the dang thing. If you've ever done that, then you may have also enjoyed the "spray" as the sucker started up! I was definitely standing in the wrong place the first time I helped Grandpa fire it up. 48D Tractor video (not me, lol) skip to 2:50
  9. I've never seen one, but it could be done. You might look to the Chevy/Ford sites to find a product that works. Tying the frame rails together and connecting to the L/R side of the I beam. Just to clarify...you're not talking about a Panhard, right? That's a totally different animal. It keeps the axle centered. If your looking for a better ride, less body roll, try better (meaning better for you) shocks. Cuz shocks should fix most non high speed, non racing problems with these trucks. 48D
  10. THAT'S where I should keep my boots!!! I know of two in California....both on this forum. Jerry Little and John T. 48D
  11. Glad I could be of help! Tim aka 48Dodger
  12. Guess its time I get my build card.....just incase it turns out to be a ford or something unfortunate like that. 48D build card info
  13. Where the nose piece and fenders meet, put a double layer of painters tape (blue, not as sticky as yellow or green masking tape).....where the fenders meet the door......where the hood meets the fender, etc.....put tape. This will keep the chips down....the inevitable body "strikes". Where you can, lay a nice non-abrasive blanket down to help protect the surface during assyembly. New paint is still "soft" for weeks after the exit from the booth. Finger prints can still be recorded in a paint job days old. If you have received your parts painted, don't lay a cover over them....let them air out a week or so and then slowly put it back together. Show us some pictures, would like to see the new color. 48D
  14. WoHoo!!!! Nice work Ed! You've got a pit crew train! 48D
  15. Haven't been on chat for awhile, but certainly enjoyed it......hope there is a replacement. 48D