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  1. Surprisingly no. We were all talking about that.....no critical pts. no vents, no surgeries, no codes.....crazy quiet for that time of night...dumb luck. 48D
  2. Love my 48" deck Graveley zero turn..... 48D
  3. Looks way better with the extenders on! 48D
  4. After you kill the rust you need to dry it out and then seal it with an Epoxy primer. Its high in resin and designed to keep moisture out. Its technically not sandable because of its tough exterior. You are suppose to spray a sandable primer over the Epoxy primer. A good Urethane primer for shaping, then an Epoxy as a sealer (thinned) over that . In the old days, you'd use an etching primer (acid based) but that's not used much anymore. I only use etching primers in areas I can't sand very well (the inside trunks and doors etc) Its acid based which is why most don't use it anymore for complete jobs. Etching primers are thin, and didn't always hold the oxygen out like Epoxy's do now. Epoxy primers come in black......some guys stop right there and call it done, until it needs more black. 48D
  5. Do they have the rubber cap on the end of the support? Most are missing as they rot off etc..... 48D
  6. It affected the Hospital I work at and quite a few of my friends. The lights (power) went out around 12:40 am.....The Hospital had just made the diesel gens state compliant with remote off switches......the state didn't turn the new switches back on after their test and of course, our guys didn't catch it either. The Hospital was dark for over an hour until engineering discovered the mistake. I video'd the whole event from my dept's perspective. Turns out that gets me an invite to the next eval meeting for future power deals. yea me. Hope they got donuts. 48D Battery
  7. Did you push back forth? Maybe knock a non conductive bug out of the way?.... 48D
  8. I will trade you a pair of factory correct chrome plated headlight bezels for it........ No questions asked......straight across....two....(2) shinny headlight ring thingys.... Just let me know...... 48D
  9. It wants me to sign into AOL, Bud..... Not sure what program you're using.... Give me a call and we'll catch up. 48D
  10. John let me floor his dual carb L6 anyway I saw fit on the freeway in the Bay Area....it was impressive. Sanctioned racing is highly regulated, personal builds are not. I'm interested in how Fargone proceeds with his build. 48D
  11. I have several vises....why can't I have a pretty one I keep by the fireplace???? Bid entered. 48D
  12. Build it, race it, if you don't win, rebuild it, race it until you win. Then sort out the good numbers. To much talking and not enough racing. Good luck with your build Fargone, enjoying your documentation. 48D
  13. Get the frame level all the way around. If Its not able to get to level, It might be "twisted". This may indicated stress cracks etc in the frame itself. Frames from this era were designed to flex to handle road conditions (what we call rural roads now) but panel trucks may have faired better. Having owned many frames and built up a good number of them for friends and customers.....the cracks are hard to see. Front mounting points for the rear leaf springs are one area, the other being the rear cab mounting area. Once you decide your frame is straight, or curved, the next thing to decide is if you can live with its potential. My feeling is, in an original usage plan, the fix is small. Matching springs, good tires and boxing the weak areas if there are some, you're good to go. If you're racing your neighbor down the street at the local track, it will most definitely take more work. 48D
  14. My eyesight is going too......I would have ended up parking there too after TRYING to hit the Ford....lol. 48D
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