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  1. What was this for ? Indy ?

    Or a COE maybe? I'd have to look at my 49.....it has the updraft set-up. 48D
  2. engine swap upgrade

    Risking "the jumping around, stay on topic" finger....just wanted to say that those of us in the central valley of California who regularly paint cars, know that the labels (almost all labels) say not to thin with a reducer.....its a clean air act deal, companies have to do this.....we thin our damn paints to get the right spray pattern etc.... Get the Hemi if its in the budget. Even if you never put it in a truck.....it will look great in your shop!!! 48D
  3. engine swap upgrade

    The guys who are building period correct vehicles are harder to spot because they buy small parts and build each section up little by little. A guy like me who throws in a race motor and graphs in a later model front end or whatnot is hard to miss. I love both worlds, that's why I save every part. I do that because its part of the hobby to me, share a lot, live and let live etc etc. But if Jim Shepard lines up against me on the way to the store.....with his perfectly build L6 and shiny paint.....I'll eat him alive with my race prepped V8.... my racing googles and long white scarf ......yah, we'll see who gets to the soda shop first! In the 10 years of Pilothouse Trucks shows I've put on.....There are way more factory L6 engines showing up than upgraded or modified engines. 48D
  4. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Yes......at my house...you know, for safe keeping....against ,elves i guess. 48D
  5. 1950 Dodge B2 Pickup (my new toy/project)

    Registration info seems is always to blame for mis identification of these trucks. Here's some things you could look at to help indentify the year of your truck. Pilot-House Era is defined as 1948 to 1953 Clues your truck is a 1951: The Grille: has a 1951-53 type The Cab: the wiper holes are in the wide position (48-50 are closer inward) Cab Doors: the mid horizontal body line stops mid way ( 48-50 goes all the way to the door jam) The Bed: The bed has round fenders. 1953 is the only year with square fenders (square lasted to 1983) with the changes to the cab and grille in 1951, the round fenders remained until 1952. The Bed cont': Not pictured in your thread is the back of the bed below the tailgate. The cross member or lower bracing of the 51-53 bed below the tailgate is "knotched", the 48-50 is not, it's rectangular. 48D
  6. $50,000 Pilot House?

    Its worth 50,000 . If you're a person who doesn't paint, doesn't sand, doesn't research, doesn't put in glass, doesn't rebuild engines, doesn't rebuild axles, doesn't mount tires, doesn't color sand, doesn't re chrome, doesn't cut and buff, doesn't locate small parts, sew panels, doesn't re upholstery seats, doesn't cut glass, doesn't restore/reassemble heaters , rebuild door internals, can't weld exhaust pipes, doesn't balance or mount tires, doesn't do body work doesn't rebuild steering boxes, doesn't rebuild transmissions, doesn't restore rims, doesn't cut/fit wood beds, doesn't know how to locate correct radios or light covers, if you don't know jack about working on vehicles.........yeah, 50,000 is gonna be your price to have it all done and have the keys handed to you. IMO 48D
  7. Pilothouse spotted locally

    48-49 has the floor lever pull brake.....50 has the under the dash T handle pull brake. Its hard to see from the picture posted. 48D
  8. ....So I'm looking for weekend dates in Jan, Feb, and March.....I don't want to post actual dates until I have an idea what people can do for the event. If you get a text from me and have already responded here... I apologize ahead of time. Its kinda hard to keep track of who've spoken to...you know....cuz I'm old. 48D
  9. I have 7 to 10 1/2 tons laying around and it seems the common attachment is a hole in the splash shield that the spring loops through. The hole used, is about waist height, say above the tire. I've seen other ways it was attached to the shield, thou nothing in the manuals. 48D Here's another video that shows the B&B carb location for the spring....but no inner location images.....guess I know what vid I'll make next. lol "Identification notes"
  10. Gonna need help prepin' this year....anyone close who wants to help, PM me and wheel git'er done. 48D
  11. Not sure about the 54....but the 48-53's have two. One is connected to the linkage rear of the engine to the foot board. the second is 90 degrees coming from the carb to the splash shield (inner fender). Here's one of my first videos....really should redo it. "Throttle return Springs" 48D
  12. RPW

    Glad to have you! Lots of farm trucks here to compare, etc. Post a bunch of pictures, always better with pictures. Also, if you choose to, post your location in the profile incase anyone is close by and can lend a hand. Tim aka 48Dodger
  13. OK.....I'll give it a go and report my findings. 48Dum Dee Dum Dum......
  14. B3B suspension frightful experience

    My truck was designed to scare me. Then I realized it was me, scare'n myself. The truck had nothing to do with it. Apologies to my truck. 48D "I drive it slow enough just to stay conscience, which is, actually, pretty fast" (something dumb I said to sound smart at the racetrack, lol ) Tim Estrada driver of the #45
  15. Shackle removal

    Yeah those can be tough. You need to grind and punch the rivets to get the mount removed and replace it. You can weld it in or bolt it with a high grade bolt. I would really recommend welding it in. This a reply video I made awhile back when someone had a similar problem. Hope it helps shackle mount video 48D