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  1. Frame swap advice

    Get your hub to hub measurements right...the cross measurements even....the frame height even front to back....and firewall figured out ahead of time. There's more....but my wife wants me to load groceries....lol 48D
  2. 48 B1B

    Pleasanton, CA is about 1.5 hours from my place.....nice score my friend. 48D
  3. 1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    There are so many 1.5 ton dodge trucks in the area where I live....just rotting in the orchards. I do my best to save them, to give them a place for people to enjoy. I have several which means I've had a few towed my way. Getting a tow company that has experience is the best of course, and not terribly expensive considering what can go terribly wrong on the streets if towed incorrectly. 48D
  4. motor choice question

    I've never seen that before.....and I've seen a fair number of frames! I guess I need to remember to look for hidden cracks on that there bracket before I sell/give away another frame. 48D
  5. Welding uh-ohs

    I agree....it looks like you're using solid wire w/o the gas. Check you connections too....there is a diagram for w/gas or w/o gas.... Also, If you weld with a gas .....and it runs out.....It can look just like that. Flux core doesn't really look like that. Flux core is good for welding outside in the wind etc....if you use gas, the wind will blow your shield away. There are other reasons for using different types, but for panel repair....that's the basic difference. 48D
  6. My new BBQ project.......its just getting started. It must be built.....no questions why.....just know, It Must Be Bulit!!! I have more plans for it.....somethings might work....others maybe not. But I am open to suggestions. So when you show up for the show....be prepared to have a seat! 48D
  7. I'm pretty sure you've been at EVERY get together Jerry......all TEN so far......I'm I right? 48D
  8. Here's the flyer! This year's Flyer Truck is a long time BBQ attendee.....Jerry R. out of Stockton, CA. Hope to see you there!!! 48D
  9. I understand how it works, what it looks like, I've worked with one before.....I still like calling it an IRS,( which in itself is a broad term). The Swing axle has been around since I believe 1903 and can be describe as a simple IRS. The route van has a solid axle that ties it together underneath, but still "stole" the swing axle concept to get what they needed. Just having some fun, not writing a tech article. 48D
  10. Photo’s of my Truck

    I did not know those trucks ran on salad! That's awesome! Can't wait to see it at the BBQ! 48D
  11. Pretty nice 1952 find.

    Awwwww......using a creeper for a temporary bench seat!! Wish I thought of that!!! I've always used a dang bucket. Nice find my friend. 48D
  12. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    The image that Merle posted is like yours except it's designed to be hit with hand sledge. Note the leverage of the targets for the hammer. The hub will "pop" when it gets free from the axle. The one you have isn't beefy enough for that. When you physically have one in your grip...you notice the difference. I see them at the swap meets once in awhile... 48D
  13. 1 ton tires

    Nice work my friend! 48D
  14. Spotted on Instagram

    Love those route vans.....love the Independent Rear Suspension. 48D
  15. Clements BBQ raffle.

    Anyone kind enough to bid on Keven's beautiful craftsmanship, make a donation to the BBQ, even if they can't make it, is awesome in my book. I promise if the funds "exceed the need"....I will donate it to this website, p15-d24.com. My email for paypal is: blackcoyoteranch@yahoo.com I promise to post more videos this time around to say thank you to everyone. Tim aka 48D