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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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    Radiology, Automotive dealer, Car painter and Creator

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  1. 48Dodger

    Cracked Manifold

    Nothing like a late night in the shop with a moment of success! Glad you got friends like mine to help get problems solved. Look forward to meeting Todd someday soon. I might send you a part anyway so I can say I help build your truck...lol. 48D
  2. 48Dodger

    49 B1B drive shaft length

    I have a few drive shafts laying around.....I'll have to measure'em up and check the numbers and see where they fall. Most might be of the 1950 variety. 48D
  3. 48Dodger

    WC and Pilot House

    Been on the forum a long time as a 1950 PH dude (2007?)....but I do have a few 1.5 ton W series trucks as well as a 1946 COE I'm working on for the wife. 48D
  4. 48Dodger

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    HAHAHA....."Great balls of fire!!"........bad Don, go stand in the corner..... 48Dip-dip-dip-do-do-de do...de-doop...
  5. 48Dodger

    Fuel Tank

    Put a load of bricks in it and park the left side in a pothole.....then measure....I bet its more dramatic. Like I say, its probably not as important now as back then....but its still a frame willing to flex under the right situation. 48D
  6. 48Dodger

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Yes! I love that thing. Can we put at least one or two Pink Floyd tunes in it? 48Dark side of the Moon....
  7. 48Dodger

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Nice collection! 48D
  8. Some new stuff for the Man Cave....what you got? lol The computer image is the truck I picked up to complete Steph's COE. 48D
  9. 48Dodger

    Cracked Manifold

    If Todd doesn't set you up Merle, I'll send one out pronto. I owe more than that to you, so it's a start....lol Tim aka 48Dodger
  10. 48Dodger

    Rebuild of 230

    The flat 6 made it as far as the 70's which is a good reason why a lot of stuff can still be found in the main auto stores. Mostly for industrial use after 1960 . Cars etc received the new slat 6 by then. 48D
  11. 48Dodger

    1950 Canadian Built DF-1

    The grille is 1948-50. The doors are 1951-53. 1950 is a B2B. Looks good to me.... 48D
  12. 48Dodger


    It sez Chris has a 1955 C-series truck. I have a 1.5 ton C series truck in my fleet of "The Unrestored"...I could see whats up and report back later. 48D
  13. Where you at? Someone close might be able to help. 48D
  14. Well.....I've worked 21 years straight on the graveyard shift....I'm always checking the lights, markers, windows and mirrors.....why the mirrors and windows you ask? When a dirty windshield or mirror is hit by oncoming traffic light, you find you can't see out the window so good , but can see the dirt and bugs just fine. Around here, the license plate light is so current registration sticker can be identified along with the license info. 48D
  15. 48Dodger

    gas tank installed

    The frame is designed to flex (1940-50's dirt roads and potholes). The rear of the gas tank was designed with spring loaded bolts to allow for the tank to remain "still" or isolated so the frame could flex without damaging the rear mount or the tank itself. Its a simple design for the times. With the current road systems, it may not be as relevant, but it will flex none the less. Might want to look at that part of the design and see if it is indeed a problem for you. 48D

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