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  1. I'm joining Worton to document my experiences with my '52 B3B. In the next four weeks I will be taking short special Pre-BBQ jaunts to shake down unknown little items. One new associated wrinkle, I'm building an Airstream style camper for overnight stays. I salvaged a hoard of tubing from a wind destroyed shade, and a large amount of quality semi-trailer, thin aluminum top skin. So will attempt to use mostly discarded materials. With two fold-down sides for sofabeds, and a mini-kitchen across the front of the bed, it will be a nice two man, husband-wife sleeper. Details to follow. Attached is the current construction of the roof. To be continued.
  2. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Jeff, please explain, "You are dreaming"?
  3. 1952 Dodge B3B

    Great information. TKS . I removed the freeze plugs and steam cleaned, but this is good to know. Is there a way to remove the sludge with a running engine?
  4. Carpel Tunnel damage

    The bandages are off. Another week to heal and I can get more work done. Very hard to do much with only one hand. A drill press really helps.
  5. Carpel Tunnel damage

    March 8 I am scheduled for neurological testing of both wrists and hands. My right hand is severe, the fingers go numb fast. Wrenching really sets it off as does screw driver work. This is not a complaint just a fact of my life. Question, how many of you have had this problem and what kind of relief have you received and how much relief did you get?
  6. These designs are way over designed and none for an R 10. I have fabricated one for my B3B, with R10 overdrive. It will be on display at Tims BBQ. Parts are at a machine shop now getting "professionalized.
  7. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    NO NEW PROJECTS.i will finish what I have clean out my shop and do fun things. There are so many things to see in a 250 mile radius from my house, work has lost all attraction for me. zachary and are are going to stay Saturday night in Groveland, ca on the way to Yosemite. The streets are so narrow the can only park on one side.
  8. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Cool. Is that camper on a long wheelbase truck?
  9. So Don, if you started work at age 20, that would make you over 82 years old and counting! Cool! I sincerely wish you many more.
  10. Get together?

    It's only 2100 miles to Clements, Ca. That is only 5, 400 mile drives. Included in the two routes, northern and southern, are Route 66, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, NM, Branson, MO., southern route. The black Hills, Mt Rushmore, Rocky Mts, Yosemite on the northern route. It would be a trip you would never forget and in the middle the GREATEST PILOTHOUSE BBQ ANYWHERE. To meet Tim and Stef alone would be worth the effort.
  11. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    I'm going to bolt through at all connectors the reinforce for shear strength an wind loading with properly placed plywood triangles. It looks a little cruce now, but all squared up will be a nice frame. Since the top of the camper now is very light, the strength should be very sufficient. Additionally, the truck cab cuts through the air which should leave some vacuum space begin for. Ive got to be very careful with my wrist, so easy to reach for something. . . .
  12. Carpel Tunnel damage

    Is'nt Wisconsin cheese high in Vitamin B 12? LOL gonna be some at the Q, One more reason to BE THERE!
  13. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    I'm designing a small "tank" for my new cat!
  14. Carpel Tunnel damage

    Surgery was today. I thought this picture might interest some one. I waited too long so that I may have some permanent damage. So have yours done as soon as it is confirmed.
  15. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Will add a storage area with the forward side at an angle similar to the windshield, at 55 mph wind load should be minimal. Tube strength, with hard board backing and triangular bracing, the structure should be sufficient. Just returned from carpal tunnel surgery, so will be set back a few. So Worden, my report is in!
  16. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    I am aware of the need for clean metal, another reason to bolt / screw it together. On strength, I believe the strength of a structure is the combination of the total. For example, it is easy to break one pencil, very difficult to break three held together by easily breakable rubber bands. Carpel Tunnel procedure today so have time to mull this over.
  17. We and the Windsor 2018

    Like Worden 18, my new exhaust is awesome, MUCH quieter and no engine fumes, double awesome!
  18. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Our current POTUS said, always have a plan B. So will drill and secure with screws. Question, would pop rivets be better. This cone bit is fast, but will still need center punch, maybe if I grind off the powder coating at the spot faster than punch. Many Airstream designs have square shoulders so aluminum skin and pop rivers will have to do.
  19. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    D________", I haven't welded in a coon's age, but this tubing is as thin as the tin foil in a gum wrapper. It's going to take some ugly welding to find the steady hand. The power coating doesn't help either, yet it burns off quickly. Running a bead is highly unlikely, , spot welding I spect. May have to drill holes and bolt it together. H,m,m,m,m
  20. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Well, a huge step today. This end panel is ready to spot weld. Then lay it on a good flat surface and complete it. As much as I wanted the rounded top edge, several issues surfaced. One was that it really complicated the frame / layout bed design, the second, the rounder corners made top cabinet space very limited, and I need every inch if space. So top square shoulders and flat top. Carpel Tunnel procedure tomorrow so I will be working late tonight. I just noted the top two corner joints are incorrect.
  21. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    Brownies from here. Authentic!
  22. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Well, just sat down in my shop office lazy boy. 4:00 pm, no wonder I'm winded. Anyway, I dismantled the wooden top design and worked on a totally tubular frame. Will bend tubing for the top rounded edges today (Wednesday) Trim two pieces to length and the end frames are ready to square and weld. Then weld in the horizontal side rails and I will have a standing tubular, strong, light weight frame to cover with aluminum tin.
  23. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Jeff: it is on the engine manifold. I will fab an oven to fit on top, then a thermostat and gauge on the dash. Temp + time = done, longer with sirloin than with meatloaf. Lonejackberry: yes an air hole in the top and maybe a grease tube to the engine vent tube, AND a fire extinguisher close by.
  24. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Late night hour planning, great time to mull over ideas. I was wondering how to attach unloading storage jacks and how to put a light boat, kayaks, etc., on top. Incorporated into the frame, these will be very strong. With a reduced height, a top rack is feasible. Dawn is breaking, best get one more sleep cycle in. Side thought, if I allow passage ways from connection to connection when I weld this together, the tubular frame could be the water carrier through out the camper for the kitchen sink, the shower head, etc. H,m,m,m, or if I lived in Wisconsin or Minneapolis could connect to a beer keg and put in a couple of spigots. Be great for ice fishing or GB/MV/CB's tailgating. For tailgating, put spigots all the way around, gut lots of Coors Beer kegs and have a "Refreshment Center" .LOL To to be continued
  25. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    I'm cutting mine back to 60 inches with a pop up section 5' x 36"and I'm eliminating all wood. Going all tubular welded frame and laminated aluminum skin ( aluminum / insulation / aliminum ). The reduced height and weight will significantly change driving in the mountains. Air shocks will likely be a must. I set set up a temporary work table at the alley door and started laying it out. I will bend the pipe for the side walls. It won't take very long. Tomorrow will square and spot weld all connections, then will teach my 13 year old grandson how to wire weld and he can finish it. That type of sustained welding is what truly teaches one how to weld. He'll be quite good by the time he's finished. to be continued. . . .