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  1. pflaming

    Pulling The Radio In my '53

    You can keep the radio, I want the Chrysler! LOL
  2. pflaming

    Identify this motor cycle

    This is a cool bike. I dont know much about bikes. Someone might enjoy this one.
  3. pflaming

    Sleepless nights

    Anyone else with the same? Maybe get two continuous hours at most. Frustrating.
  4. I believe the '52,Plymouth hood ornament was the bow of a ship cutting through the water with the waves showing. Will that ornament fit on a 54 plymouth hood?
  5. pflaming

    ANSWERED Forum Rank

    Rank and file doesn't concern me. I just appreciate the help I've received.
  6. pflaming

    Swapping drivetrain in my 1948 p15 coupe

    48p15, I think your opinion on the naysayers is a little strong. My interest in original patina is not popular on this forum yet the consensus is "Its your truck!" I view the opposing thoughts to be constructive, and do not discount them because they are meritorious and as such "warnings" . so I encourage you to proceed and share what you do because there is always something new to learn. Best to you, but please proceed in a positive way!
  7. pflaming

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    There IS a B3B in this picture.
  8. Looks like a good buy. I'm going to check this out for my Suburban.
  9. pflaming

    Fuel Milage

    I followed a friend to the BBQ several years ago. He had a small Mopar V8 in a 47 Plymouth coupe. I had a 218 with a 3:73. We filled up two times side by side and drove together the distance. The distance we drove between the two roll ups was approximately 160 miles. He got 18.5 with his coupe and I got 18 with my truck!
  10. https://bakersfield.craigslist.org/cto/d/tehachapi-1955-desoto-station-wagon/6786492421.html fixed up, this would be nice.
  11. Well, one could weld the rear doors shut and put in a 60/40 front seat! Maybe even put in convertible front doors and call it a " SIRBURBAN" sportsman wagon!
  12. pflaming

    Fuel Milage

    When correctly tuned on my B3B I get 18 driving steady on the highway, but maybe 12/14 around town. They need tuning maintenance both for best economy and power. One mfg which had some MPG efficiency in mind was Rambler. Though not popular those were great cars. We had an early American, year 1960 which had overdrive, it was a 25 mpg car, better out on the road.
  13. pflaming

    1954 1955 1956 Big Dodge 10 Wheel Trucks

    I shot this pic near Detroit. It's probably not what you want but very impressive. That may be the area you could find one.
  14. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    It looks to me to be a snow blower attachment to a grain combine which would be easy to do.
  15. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Got snow? I've never seen one of these.
  16. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Moose hauler? if I should take a stab at the purpose of the above finned Plymouth.....funeral flower car..... funeral car for gangster loser?
  17. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Moose hauler?
  18. pflaming

    Identify this motor cycle

    If you are referring to post #5, yes it is. He was broke down middle of Kansas his wife from Lincoln NE was bringing parts. He was in a cross country race from Long Beach CA to Boston, MA.
  19. pflaming

    Sleepless nights

    Don, were the two of you still in the car?LOL
  20. pflaming

    Sleepless nights

    Can't remember 68 let alone 48! 80 is where life begins!
  21. I am going to start a thread on the rebuilding of my truck. I will continue updating on the building but I think this now should be separated out. Tomorrow I will remove all wiring and on Friday the goal is to install the kit from EZ Wiring. I'll have a very capable helper so that will expedite things. I hope to have it road safe by the end of next week which means: wiring, tires, glass, basic interior needs, like a seat, controls, and a substitute steering wheel. I have two basic ones, so will use one of them. So here we go! Here is what I have today. I've got to get the mechanicals an some of the cosmetics done SOON so I can drive it to the BBQ April 5th with my Granddaughter.
  22. Feb 2013, Sunday morning 2 am. It burned to the ground. As you well know, my B3B was in there. Rumor persists that my granddaughters cat started the fire!
  23. I just passed through the "dark side" into the "twilight zone" because I just bought this suburban. The bumpers are worth more than I paid for the entire 'roller'(no engine or tranny) vehicle, so it's really a parts car for my vert, and includes extra 54 fenders and hood, and most of the trim. Yet I Iike this body style and will store it for future consideration. This is not a picture of mine, but it is the same car. My suburban looks new compared to my convertible, no sig rust, etc. Could go original patina, put a surf board on top, and head for the coast. Then get a good tan and fake the surfing stories, like I said, "the twilight zone"!. (to be continued)
  24. pflaming

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Light switch. So bend back the small tabs an repair? What type of greaser, vasoline?
  25. pflaming

    Sleepless nights

    Our youngest son was a sleep walker. He is a tall 6'4 and very strong. One morning in his early 20's. He dove through n unopened bedroom window. We found him in the back yard, bleeding excessively. Webput a tounaquet on hos arm. The kitchen looked like a slaughterhouse when we left for the hospital. When we walked in, we went to the head of the line. Returned home some eight hours later with neatly 100 stitches to fix it all up.

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