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  1. Sisson Choke

    Hey, I've got an extra one of those. I didn't think it was worth much. Hmmmmm
  2. Body removal 48 Plymouth coupe

    Busted, it's consoling to have someone of like mind. I have learned to place a car stand near to where I am working to assist me to get back on my feet! I Was using the smoke wrench to remove the king pin set pins when suddenly the flame reversed into the tube. I had to turn off the fuel at the tanks to stop the flames. Even so I'm too stubborn to stop now. Edit: I will get a pair of those quick release couplers ASAP. TKS. See below!
  3. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Snow? Here in Central California, snow is something we GO TO and enjoy! LOL
  4. Body removal 48 Plymouth coupe

    Yesterday I cut the body loose from the chassis on my '53 Plymouth Suburban. The heads on the bolts were barely distinguishable so I cut the three from the front back with a cutting disc and used two new blades on my sawzall to reach into the frame from the rear to cut those two bolts. Eight bolts total. This body off is WORK and I'm no spring chicken! So looks like we both have a ways to go. I sure hope it will be worth it at the end!
  5. Keep right?

    I thought that painted area was where one could park when sleepy!
  6. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Update: the body is now free from the chassis, but I'm watching the buildings structure and I now doubt that I should try to hang it from the building, so tomorrow I will raise it up from the floor to roll the chassis out, then back a low trailer under the body and haul it to storage. This is my first time to remove a body from the chassis. Very educational. Edit: on second thought, I'm going to replace the body on the chassis pull the vehicle to where I can remove the body with a fork lift and store it there. Storage and forklift are free. I'll then return the chassis to my shop. A much better plan. Edit update: sat am. The body is back on the chassis, now arranging for a car trailer to haul it, remove the body, clean the chassis with a high powered steam pressure cleaner, then return the chassis to my shop.
  7. I just passed through the "dark side" into the "twilight zone" because I just bought this suburban. The bumpers are worth more than I paid for the entire 'roller'(no engine or tranny) vehicle, so it's really a parts car for my vert, and includes extra 54 fenders and hood, and most of the trim. Yet I Iike this body style and will store it for future consideration. This is not a picture of mine, but it is the same car. My suburban looks new compared to my convertible, no sig rust, etc. Could go original patina, put a surf board on top, and head for the coast. Then get a good tan and fake the surfing stories, like I said, "the twilight zone"!. (to be continued)
  8. Studs for rear drums?

    I want lug nuts front ad back now that I have discs up front. Can I put studs in the rear drums if so how?
  9. some progress...

    You have a great wife or she's hiding something, like a new pair of shoes! LOL
  10. Suburban fro sale

    Hey, advertising that is read is invaluable, tks!
  11. Suburban fro sale

    I found this on the net. I hope he gets close to what he is asking. I doubt that he will, what is your response?
  12. 50 Coronet project

    I did not shorten any wires until I had everything working. I laid the dash down to wire it then lifted it into position.Wires are easily tucked away out oh sight, or wrap them around a screwdriver shaft to make coils. I wish you success, oh and small lock washers on all studies. edit: viabration will eventually loosen none locked stud nuts and you will not know why sometimes things do not work. The small pressed out metal lock washers are perfect for this. Don C taught me this.
  13. 48 Desoto Project

    You going to use that "Me Too!" paint brand? LOL
  14. 48 Desoto Project

    Once you get it all sanded, give it three or four coats of clear satin and you will have a cool patina finish!
  15. 1947 Chrysler Windsor garage find finished

    I'm not the least bit jealous, yet . . . . . Maybe just a little bit.
  16. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Back from the Bay Area, I removed the rear bumper this afternoon. The splash pan removes with the bumper. Now I can get to the back body mounts, will cut them with my Sawzall. One of the most useful tools in my shop. Once all body bolts are cut, I will hoist the body up into the top of the shop. I can hoist it high enough so I can walk under it. Pictures tomorrow.
  17. Self parking car

    Not much really is new but what it was tried earlier, note. . .the tire is a continental kit which drops down to pull the car in.
  18. Self parking car

    "Women seem to have a very similar program built into their operating system....." Hey PA, no religion or politics allowed on this forum!
  19. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    WOW! After viewing what you have done, I may stop posting about my '54 utilitarian Suburban build. I know fairly close what mine is costing me, I cannot even imagine the $$$ you have in yours. Again, I'm wowed, enjoy it which I know you will.
  20. master cylinder question

    4Mula, I tried to recall where I found this application, so now I may know. TKS! Am I now no longer a thief? I need to get a photo from the bottom, here are a couple from the top, partially showing the proportioning valve. It fits nice beside the MC but is difficult to install. Seems the space will not allow the two, the MC and the valve, to install together.
  21. Brakes

    "When you redo the brake lines have a look at changing the spot where the front brake hoses attach to the chassis as the stock setup is in front of the suspension which means that using it you will then have the brake hose passing around the moving suspension and steering parts........as the brake caliper is at the rear of the disc then the having the brake hoseattaching to the chassis "behind" the axle centreline is a better arrangement....it may mean using a longer hose than the one you have at present but will be a safer installation" i struggled with this situation today. To connect the disc caliper hoseTo the line it must route . . . . as you said. Somehow I'm going to extend the fixed lines for a closer connection. TKS for the tip.
  22. Self parking car

    Don, are you crazy, is the winter already getting to you? You need to go fishing and clear your mind!
  23. Self parking car

    Merle, your response was QUICK! Note what I think is a Cadillac front fender at pictures edge.
  24. master cylinder question

    You are correct, the MC shown is the Cherokee MC. Edit: rough sketch of how I mounted the Cherokee master .cylinder I did not use the OEM MC on the truck .
  25. master cylinder question

    I also used a 98 Cherokee MC, I fabricated a mount so it is behind the OEM MC, and extended the push rod, it works great. I mounted the proportion ing valve next to the new MC which was a delicate install to get those short lines in stalled. That valve does not how in these pictures, it's below the steering post. I did that on my back, from under the truck.