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  1. I'm close to final fabrication of a floor shifter for my R 10 overdrive. If someone would like one to test and purchase subject to workability, I will make as many as four additional complete units at a very reasonable price. This shifter will attach to a non OD car transmission as well. These at first come first served basis via email response date. I will drive test the shifter before I send a unit to others to test. My rational is that oft times a builder can make something work for himself, but not universally so. Thus if I have several units in use in different driving conditions then the tests have greater validity. Attached picture shifter is similar. pflaming@mail.fresnostate.edu.
  2. Carburator choices

    I'm not interested in switching cams, nor double or triple carbs, those choices are too complicated for me. I have fabricated a floor shifter for my R 10 OD. It is a variation of the regular transmission floor shifter I fabricated as shown in this picture. Will install as soon as my knee replacement operation heals. I built this Suburban from three parts Suburbans, to sell at Pismo Beech, but when this leg heals, I will finish this for me, sell all extra car parts, stop wrenching and start fishing the High Sierra Mt lakes and streams that are in my back yard. At 79, it is time to scale back.
  3. Carburator choices

    I quite familiar with the single and the dual carb setup. It seems I've read that guys who raced these flatheads used dual barrel carburators. What's to know about that carburator?
  4. A small ball bearing, works great, shifts very easy, a bit out of the box, but oh well.
  5. Carburator choices

    I'm still researching. Found Weber Carbs. Will a dual barrel carb decrease gas mileage or is that caused by driver use? Mor air, more power from more air or more fuel or both?
  6. Carburator choices

    Research reveals a number of dual barrel choices. I'm wondering which is the most practical choice and will it require a special mount? Will probably need some linkage modification as well. A 218 engine, with Dual exhaust pipes, a dual barrel carb, and an improved distributor, probably electronic, in front of an overdrive transmission should make for a nice power package with improved gas mileage. I should add, I'm building this Suburban for me. Too old to build another car.
  7. Canadian travel question

    How interesting is the drive from Saulte. Ste.Marie to Thunder Bay? Is that drive largely a long drive through forest and timber land?
  8. Hesitation woes continue

    So you replaced the . With an electric fuel pump or another mechanical pump? Last April I rode with a forum member to the BBQ in his 47 Plymouth, with a 218. It would nearly die out then suddenly run like a champ. Seems the five fuel bowl bolts were just loose enough to allow gas sepage through the bowl gasket which evaporated before noticeable. He tightened those screws and drove home. STML can't recall his name, from Acton CA. He drove around 55mph , I was in the back seat, perfect seat at a perfect speed. TKS !
  9. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    Are those TBird alloy rims? Great looking truck?
  10. Engine compatibility

    Only in my truck!LOL. Others can better advise, but I think you only have to remount the front mounts and radiator about 2" forward.
  11. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    I like the box side racks, got pics?
  12. Any gas tanks close

    Tanks, I have had this '53 / '54 Suburban specific tank for sale for some time now. It is a scarce tank, but then so is the market. So if you want it it's yours for only $200 or I'm going to take it to my local tank repair shop and have them remove the upper shoulder and mount it under my truck as a spare tank. Will be good protection for mountain lake fishing trips where fuel is pricy and stations are scarce a picture is in parts for sale section.
  13. Brake lights are stuck on

    I admire the absolute simplicity of the OE brake light switch. They are so inexpensive I keep two new ones in my, in the cab, spare parts box, with proper socket to match.
  14. Old mechanics' trick. I had a seasoned older machanic check my truck 218 engine. After a bit if adjusting by listening, he crossed wires 4 & 5. Engine started fine, but when he full throttled it, we got same quality back fires. I asked why he crossed the wires. He claimed the mis firing cleaned any loose debri from the carb. What ever, it is a smooth running engine. JMHE, not scientifically researched. Engine as is. I gave it a good prime coat with Jasco Prep and Prime, then five coats of rattle can clear for anti rust protection and an old engine look. I get lots of complements on it. Air in Central Valley California does not require an air cleaner, LOL I removed it for these photos.
  15. Electronic distributor

    "Fortunately cars are more reliable these days and cell phones negate the need for hitch-hiking. My 2012 Econoline has over 150k on it with nothing but oil changes and tire rotations and still on it's second set of tires." [aside]. when i parked my '87 T Bild, 5.0 EFI and sports suspension, it had 300,000+ miles, the only thing not OE was a new water pump. It still passed California smog, and consistently gave me 22 - 25 mpg. It was a great road car. Back to topic, electronic distributors
  16. Electronic distributor

    Sunday, caravanning back from a car show in Bishop CA. A friends electronic distributor went dead. He had to leave his car at a friend and returned home with the caravan. I know these are popular, but NOT on my vehical. Had he had a convential distributor with him, could he have switched and driven home?
  17. Picture request

    My Plymouth shop manual is a reprint on poor quality. My glossy page manual burned in the fire. Page 289 shows fresh air Hester models 104 and 505. Does some one have a nice clear picture of that page? I have to fabricate that air distribution tube. It was made out of paper.
  18. Picture request

    A couple of years ago I bought an R10 OD. When I went to get it, the seller gave me three complete fresh air heaters which are the pieces in these pictures. What I don't have is the under the dash distribution assembly shown in above posts. TKS anyway for the effort.
  19. Carb threads stripped

    The threads for the fuel inlet valve are stripped on my carter carb. The engine runs very nicely on the stand but that valve will not hold up once taxed. What repairs are available?
  20. Carb threads stripped

    So you with JB you simply welded that valve into the carb! I have JB will use it. TKS, watching the cubs 7 a/g the Nats 4 in the 5th inning, go cubs ,
  21. Draft tube

    The intake manifold being cast iron should drill out ok, then thread the hole, I think, someone needs to confirm what I just posted.
  22. Draft tube

    I'm going to add this to my engine, sure would like to see some pictures of what some have done. TKS guys for the responses.
  23. Draft tube

    Don't some route the oil fumes into the manifold with a pcv valve?
  24. I have adjusted my clutch with a low pedal height, that saves my left leg a lot of lift and makes shifting quicker, looks a bit strange, but then it is my truck.
  25. No reverse or first gear

    "Paul why did you not do that with an OD transmission ? Did you sell them all? " I just revisited this thread. Since the earlier post I have purchased another R 10 overdrive. Because the OD has a solenoid behind the levers I had to refab the mounting which I have done. Since I've had a lot of down time lately, my research has revealed how to mount the OD behind my B3B clutch housing. So this OD will go under my truck with a floor shifter attached. I love this hobby!