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  1. I just bought a running engine in California for $150. They are not hard to find,
  2. We are in Maine now! I’m preparing a home site so we can spend long summers here. Will hate to return to Central California and triple digit temperatures.
  3. Not that hard. I did my first overhaul never having done such before. It’s not hard to do and not that expensive. Don’t let someone mess with your mind, do it!
  4. In my opinion, I would neither sell no part out that car. If I wee close to you, I would want that car! My suggestions: change the oil,, if it is black , that is good pit a tbs of auto matic transmission in each cylinder, 24 hrs later hand rotate the engine, have a friend do an engine compression check, motor the engine and check the oil pressure, if the above is good, tune the engine, fix the brakes, Polish the exterior, fix the floors and drive it. That will take very little money.
  5. Update : July 15. Three weeks ago I slipped on a stair and hyperextended a ligament in my right knee. Saturday was the first day I could walk up and down stairs without using the hand rail, and then only one step at a time. So have pretty much been house bound. Hopefully that now will change. This is beautiful country, temps been in the high 70’s and mid 80’s. Unlike Fresno, the air is pure, great for my lungs. This weekend we may do a two day trip to the Moosehead region. Will up date accordingly. Photo: Kennebec River bank where we are preparing an RV summer vacation site. Due to my bad knee, now far behind schedule.
  6. A second view. He was towing a nice fishing boat!
  7. Is this closer? What make is the cab? Saw this at a filling station.
  8. Hey, it’s not a cock fight! We didn’t stay for the finale!
  9. Hey, it’s contagious!!
  10. It doesn’t look very good. But then beauty is in the eye of thr beholder!
  11. Yes. I took the photo today. It is a complete car. I stopped and took a semi close up look. It has a standard transmission. Give me a parts and I will take a closer look.
  12. Saw these while driving through the countryside. The car is cheese! .
  13. Two weeks ago I severely strained the minacious in my knee so been laid up, it’s getting to where I can now walk short distances, so can do some light work. With the use of grandkids, a tractor, and a winch, we will clear this lane to the river. Then rent a good tractor with a skip loader and rear blade and scrape, dig,, shape, drag, etc a solid all weather surface on that lane. Finally, clean and landscape the site for a nice summer RV.
  14. Lobster is good, oysters are great. I’m preparing a lot on the shore of the Kennebec River for a permanent summer home, then we will have a guest room for those who arrive in a P15 or D24 or like vehicles.
  15. We are enjoying our time out here. Simply beautiful.
  16. Enter “pre 1940’s Plymouth’s for sale” into google search. Then open the images page and take your pick. Good luck.
  17. I will take Robertkb’s suggestion and keep the coupe original. After some further thought, I will remove the exterior surface rust and keep the original paint also. Original doghouse, original patina, got to stay true to my roots! Anyone have an extra pair of dice, fuzzy or otherwise, maybe some mud-flaps, dual rear radio antennas, and hood ornament bug deflector?
  18. I like the two door coupe. Since it’s a complete car, will fix to safe level and keep it for myself. I will put the doghouse on the Suburban.
  19. Also known as a Pa two na!
  20. What is the name of that green color? I have one objection to a business coupe, it’s a two seater, thus not a grandkids, Papa and Nana car.
  21. A friend put me on to a ‘53 coupe for sale. The car is the same color as my suburban, so the fenders, grille, and hood will swap on and now I will not have a two toned car, additionally, I can use the fully upholstered front seats, the engine spins with the starter, AND it has a factory R10 overdrive. I secured the buy and will get it home when I return from Maine. I am stoked.
  22. My internal shop wall with repurposed artifacts, as items appear they are added, as items become usable they are removed.
  23. Recommendations on a simple inexpensive unit(s)?
  24. I have a T5 transmission which will go into my B3B. With that and the size of the radiator,, I can maintain RPMS. I see no problem with my needs.
  25. Question: will the transmission backup light switch operate a camera and dash mounted monitor on a ‘53 ply with twelve volt wiring?
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