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  1. " Well said John. PP should do the same with his truck ".  If memory serves me correct, the use of "PP" has been tagged as bullying with penalties attached.


  2. Where jilted men in WI, MN, and Mi go.
  3. I have cheated and have placed small pieces of tape at the speeds important to me, I.e., 30, 45, & 65. I have a 3.75 differential.
  4. Rifle packin mana!
  5. So, PA, if I find a dirty Picasso at an estate sale, I'm advised to take it down to the canvas and paint it? Not me, I still prefer history to contemporary remake, sorry but that's just me.
  6. "There is nothing wrong with the aged, weathered look of old paint. I like it". This starement is an apt definition of patina!! When I get to my 39 ,Chrysler, I will not repaint it, I will restore as best I can, the original paint. I wish I could start on it tomorrow, but I must finish my Suburban first.
  7. "I hate patina. . . . They do not have to be shiny new paint and rechromed to look good, but should be clean and preserved." You contradicted yourself. I agree with the last phrase. My post fire truck is as well preserved with a quality coat of sans color pigment paint as with paint with pigment. I cleaned the surface same for paint, treated it with a rust inhibitor, primered it, then put three coats of satin clear on it. This winter I will again remove the doghouse, disassemble it and repeat the above so that all hidden edges will be cleaned and treated. When I reassemble it I will place all proper materials between the two surfaces. It will then last as long as any vehicle shown in "Classic Trucks" but I will have PRESERVED its HISTORY. I will receive this bonus, I will meet many more people and talk vehicle restoration with more people than anyone with a perfectly painted vehicle, AND kids can touch it all they want to. That is my explanation of a patina finish.
  8. I yield to your advice. When I cleaned the first time I had no clue as to what I was doing. After the fire, I didn't care, anything that reduced the effects of the fire was ok with me. I have two cars to finish, I will be much more careful because I like old paint! TKS for the tip.
  9. To my eye, that may be one of the nicest firewalls I've seen. WOW!
  10. What can be done is very personal. For me, I would wipe it down with acetone to remove the oxidization, (50's) used car trick, then I would give it a good cleaning 320 wet/dry sand paper, then a final rub down with 600 grit. Follow thatcwith several coats of semi gloss clear. That is what I did pre fire. I know it is controversial but every one walks by the shiny paint jobs and come see me.
  11. Are you going to do a shock mount relocation while you have it torn down? It has been said many times that it improves the handling by a large margin. what is required to relocate those shocks?
  12. I am in Reedley and have a three speed trans mission, but it is for a 218/230 six. They may be the same, I don't know.  Returning home from Maine on Wednesday.


  13. I registered my 52 dodge truck as such, no mention of collector, antique. Classic,etc. will do the same with my 53 Plymouth Suburban and later with my '39 Chrysler. I am putting a lot of work into these vehicles and intend to use them.
  14. Not mine. This is my son's father in laws truck. He bought it new and is meticlous with his maintanence. All original and everything works.