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  1. Coffee cup holders

    Hey, I liked your humor and Don's. No problem here, yet I do have a problem with cats!
  2. Show us your cup holders! I need one so ideas are welcomed.
  3. Scare of my life.

    As a precautionary exercise, because of this thread, I'm going to do hard stop tests with my truck so I know how it reacts and fine tune any descrepencies. I now drive it very often and need to know. Edit, and yes I too need better seat belts and a coffee cup holder.
  4. Off topic hobbies

    So what else interests you. I sometimes like birdhouses.
  5. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Camper shell: it started out that way, but current needs and lack of time won out. I've got all the tubing to make a frame for a canvas fishing trip sleeper. Would do a double canvas exterior with insulation sandwiched between.
  6. Todd Build Thread

    AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING. This forum and the stories in it are so interesting.
  7. Interesting photos I have run across.

    HOWEVER, keep the old patina and all hell breaks loose, except for the man on the street who grew up with an old truck and sees an authentic rebuild: flathead six, standard transmission, cracked window, taped upholstery, and he will say, "WOW, I learned how to drive in a truck like THIS, COOL.
  8. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Thanks 48. If you look closely you will see two ropes (red) across the cover. I liked that because if an inside object extends too high I just raise the lid and tie down the lid with the ropes. It's interesting that some people comment on such a simple solution. Another advantage of keeping on old truck an old truck. It also allows me to use the side hooks
  9. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    "I've got my bag, I've got my reservation, got each ________ I could afford, . . . . . " Cant recall the rest of the lyrics!! STML
  10. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    When I haul loose material, I have this plywood cover, quick on, quick off and everything under is secure.
  11. Mystery project

    It appears you are going to weld that hood solid, add hinges on the back and open it from the front. Not a bad idea, but I do like the butterfly wings. Or maybe you are making it into a toboggan!
  12. 52 ply pics

    Fill those tires with air, that will separate them from the formed dirt and free them to roll. If you have to, deflate first then refill, put it in neutral, get a good tractor and pull it home. If the brakes are stuck, not to worry, won't hurt a thing.
  13. I grew up with overdrives In the '50's and with muddy, rutty, hilly roads, ice, snow, rain and drag racing I never heard of an overdrive failure. I'm getting ready to install mine. I will change the oil, wire it properly and drive it until it quits. Nice thing about that is that if it quits, you can then switch it in to manual to drive home, then put your three speed back in while you repair the OD. JMHO
  14. Your chance to be famous...

    Hey, are trucks included?
  15. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    I have two on each side, to me they are indispensable hardware. The ability to secure what is in the bed is a must!