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  1. Kayak rack idea

    Wouldn't an "over the cab" rack, be a better balanced method and keep the Kayaks within the total space of the truck?
  2. Artistic or to much time on their hands?

    Artists live in a time zone all their own! Answer: artistic!
  3. I just visited with the owner of the Dodge dump truck. He is asking $1500.00 for it. It is a driver. Pm me for details.
  4. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    HEY, HEY, cats are sacred, skin something else!
  5. ggdad, I agree, lots of great ideas. Some things I noticed: fresh air heater assembly on a truck, two springs on the carburetor accelerator lever, the one to the inner fender to assure return to idle, bottle opener on the side of the bed, vacuum hose and gauge from manifold to dash gauge. But driving long distance with a standard three speed impressed upon me that an overdrive has THREE benefits. First in third and over a quieter ride , SECOND better gas mileage, but to me 2nd and over is a perfect split on a long incline. My truck will definitely get an overdrive. The BBQ is more than an event, it's a HAPPENING. I will return! TKS TO TIM, STEPH, AND OTHERS who pitched in and make it happen!
  6. One has got to admire the engineering required to build this. Oh, I will be in touch with the owner of this Dodge dump truck. Anyone want specifics?
  7. Yes John, I drove the Panoche Creek road through the hills from Mendota to San Juan Baptista, which includes Holister. I drove that decades ago, it is a beautiful, interesting road. I love back roads, so much more to see. Thenpic shows driving through a gap and headed into a beautiful valley, fun. And yes, that is a tow truck in the bottom scene, I needed some assistance the last 40 miles of my 360 mile road trip. AAA provided the ride. Problem, electrical, will fix it off course. I drove the truck nearly every day for the past six weeks to shake down any problems, yet . . . .
  8. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    " Why? " 55 Spitfire? Why the problem. At Tim's Don (gray/black truck) noted that my alternator did not have a solid mount and that it's wobble would eventually wear out its bushings. We concluded that the ride home should be OK, well it wasn't. I haven't checked it yet, but I think the wobble slightly loosened the fan belt and. . . . My AAA Premium Tow gives me two 200 miles tow to home, so it took me home. I put a charger on the battery for an hour and it immediately started. Such is the case. Like I said, small fixable set back.
  9. Just picked up my 49 dually

    .???? , does the above question imply that your fully booked project list, has some room for adjustment? LOL I did not ask a price.
  10. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Austen, you like trucks? I found this last Saturday in the hills west of San Juan Baptista, ca. The owner will sell.
  11. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I ran this weekend approximately 360 miles, flat roads, interstate, curvy rough back roads mostly at 50/55 mph, 175 temp, 45 psi oil pressure. I did that following six weeks of no problem driving to assure me all was well and dependable. Well, the miles the viabrations, etc. added up and I rode home the last 45 miles in the cab of a tow truck. Lesson learned, watch the details, I can fix the problem, because it is small, the problem is electrical, my weakest skill. The He challenge of an old vehical for an old man still trying to learn a new trick!!
  12. I did a very quick count by twos just before the group broke up. I stoped a 56, so very possibly 70 + attendees. Names with faces? God! Since He can number the stars, He should be capable. Quick pictoral of my week end: barn back road drive, San Juan Baptista = 150 miles; Clements BBQ = add 150 miles; home, night scene, = add 145 miles. Great weak end!
  13. The frame. Now it's shower time then some sleep. BBQ TOMORROW, YEH!!,
  14. I drove some 300+ miles today enroute to the BBQ. First I drove back roads through the foothills to the west of home to San Juan Baptista to possibly pick up a VW Thing frame. I bought it but determined it was too large a load for my truck. That was about 140 miles. Then from there to Tims was another 160 miles. That was a much lager day than I had imagined. The lad pics are of the road through the hills, the church near Hollister, CA, the view from the hill where the frame is. I arrived at Tims around 8:30, 12 hours after leaving home.
  15. Empi Dune Buggies

    There is no engine nor transaxle, only the frame. I will secure it so that it is a part ofthetruck. I've hauledcttle, hay,grain, tractors, etc. so this is no challenge.