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    retired, now a novice mechanic on '50's mopars

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    Reedley, California
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    Bible study, grandkids, old cars, fishing, Maine
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    1952 B3B Pickup - daily driver
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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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    Former packaging machinery salesman


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    Reedley, California, Central Valley
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    Fishing, Mechanical Design, Od Trucks

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  1. pflaming

    Kubalwagon build

    Greg, TKS, saw that and others. I think I will soak it, air out the ports from the top but not disturb the bottom. I only need to get the engine running, it won't need to be fine tuned. Since I won't disturb any settings, it should work. greg, been looking at the video, like it.
  2. pflaming

    Kubalwagon build

    Mack, back home and focusing on the Empi (Kubalwagon) to make it a barebones driver and sell it Aug 17-18 at a huge dune buggy reunion at Pismo Dunes, just two hours from home. It's 105 outside and will remain there all week, so only some morning hour work. I brought the carburetor in the house and I'm studying how to rebuild that. It is many times more complex than a Carter B3B. I may just soak and clean and not disassemble it beyond the top off.
  3. pflaming

    Interest Growing in Mopar Trucks

    She doesn't want much does she? Good for her, great styling on those.
  4. pflaming

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    That black, gray, rust original paint is killer. This IS patina, nothing fake here, and the original chrome, a winner. TKS for the picture
  5. pflaming

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    1) got a picture? 2) get a shop manual 3) a 49 with the ribbed bumpers is a special car, 4) if it is a driver, for starters, just clean, shine, tune and drive it, then change per your tastes. One priority in my opinion are front disc brakes and all new brake lines. Welcome, enjoy the ride.
  6. pflaming

    Old gas station mockup

    Here is an active country store in Maine, photo taken July 6, 2018
  7. pflaming

    They're still out there

    Surfing, found this thread. Last night I took a look at Fresno, California craigs list for 50's MOPARs. There are four pilot house trucks listed, none appear to be junkets, all appear to be complete trucks.
  8. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Saw this in Maine.
  9. pflaming

    Post cards from Maine

    Dan, you are welcome on the photo journal. This tablet camera is so user friendly and Maine has so many hidden places of interest. Our next trip out, I will go north to the Moose Head Lake region and to the far NE potato region. That could well take a week. The amount of water in the state is astounding. It was a great vacation. Two items always caught my eye, mail boxes and barns. Those will be more carefully noted as well. I will request permission to explore the old barns. They are often very unique, with horse stalls, milk cow stalls, chicken coupes, hog and sheep pens and feed and hay storage for all. Totally self contained for confined, self sufficient living. Often the corner of the barn intersects with the house.
  10. pflaming

    Post cards from Maine

    We have flown home, found a great friend waiting and one or two we lost.
  11. I haven't installed new body mounts, but will. With new less aggressive thread rear tires the sound has lessened. New body mounts, door seals, an electric radiator fan, and an overdrive all are on the post Suburban project list.
  12. pflaming

    Post cards from Maine

    Final, final. We had lunch at lobster shack before departing. We are now in San Francisco.
  13. pflaming

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    For what it's worth, I like the '53. The flat black used to be my cup-o-tea, and I can still find some appeal to the paint job (or lack thereof, I suppose), but I am leery of buying others previous mods. Be it paint, bodywork, engine/tranny swaps or any other modifications that I wasn't there to witness the quality of. I have seen a wide array of quality to not-so-quality "upgrades". I've heard horror stories about frames splitting and engines falling out due to someone else's interpretation of safety. If I were to invest money into a car, I would want to find something as close to stock as possible. Anything I were to do to it afterwards would be on me. It's a sharp looking ride and I'm sure someone out there will pay the asking price without trouble. Lead heavy, exactly why I have not modified anything. The exceptiona are the disc brakes and I chose a kit that is road tested and a mfgrd kit harness for the electrical. Even the cabin paint. It shows some primer and that is factory primer. I will only put as good of a shine on it that it will provide, the next owner then will know what he is buying and could increase the car's value somewhat.
  14. pflaming

    Post cards from Maine

    A few parting shots from Maine. I hate to leave. That grille is killer.
  15. pflaming

    Easy things are getting difficult

    I'm 80 in September. 80 is a much different number than 70 was. I'm beginning to believe I'm now a midget digit! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak! The radiator now leaks and the tail pipe barks! My severe loss of hearing, cannot hear anything without my hearing aid, supercedes all other diminishing abilities. It causes a person to go solitary, gets privately embarrassing to be in a group and not be able to keep up with the discussion. My best to all who who are working with new normals.

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