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    retired, now a novice mechanic on '50's mopars

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    Reedley, California
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    shop work on an old car
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    1952 B3B Pickup - daily driver
    1953 Plymouth Suburban, under construction

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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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    Former packaging machinery salesman


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    Reedley, California, Central Valley
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    Fishing, Mechanical Design, Od Trucks

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  1. pflaming

    Mr. Shanks

    Frank, thankyou but I'll take the "Cuda"! Soud O singer by any chance? LOL
  2. pflaming

    Value of extra parts

    From the previous posts I conclude that small parts of little value have only trade or "good guy" value. Accordingly I'm going to inventory and such store items. Somewhere along the way, it might be a nice throw in item. Maybe those who frequent THE BBQ should bring such items place them on a table. Purchaser makes a contribution to the event.
  3. pflaming

    Value of extra parts

    Seems this thread has strayed. The intent was the value of parts and what members do with the small stuff.
  4. pflaming

    Value of extra parts

    Yesterday, as I was reclaiming needed parts to finish my Suburban, I started collecting "parts of perceived value, and placed them in a separate place. Last night I looked up the value of those reclaimed small parts and discovered that they had little saleable value.
  5. pflaming

    E brake cable

    One end does have a bolt for adjustment, so it would be possible to slip something over the coil.
  6. pflaming

    E brake cable

    Brent, I like your suggestion so will do that then Plasti Dip the end that is under the cab. Give my greetings to your spouse. Paul
  7. pflaming

    Scammed today

    Years ago, a caller from Florida said I had jus won a 44' RV Bus. To get it he needed . . . , I responded, where is it and where iare the keys? Well, he said I need. . . I replied, woul know where my RV is and I want to pick it up, "Well, he came back. . ." So I cut in. "You called ME, and said I had won an RV and I WANT to know where it is, so if you won't tell me, then you are a thief ". What he called me just before he hung up I won't print.
  8. pflaming

    E brake cable

    Tim, yes on the inside cable, what on the outside coil. It had a coating when new.
  9. pflaming

    Scammed today

    Person wanted to have a USA friend send ne a certified check to close the sale, for him to send the check, of course, he needed some "information ". I replied that his payment method was too complicated and that I will only accept USA cash when the item is picked up. No follow up from him.
  10. pflaming

    E brake cable

    My e brake cable works easily and smoothly but. . . When new the was coated with some product that has dried out, broken, and crumbled off. I would like to recover it. What, if any, means are recommended? TKS
  11. pflaming

    Greetings from KY

    JE, until I joined this forum I was not excited about the P series cars, I now am a convert. They are special and especially the coupes. P.S. Great patina, that will clean up very nicely!
  12. pflaming

    Part Time Jobs!

    Part time now, full time to return. Hang tight, we are pulling for you!
  13. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Do you have this one?
  14. Would take about 60 days! TKS for the heads up! LOL
  15. pflaming

    Long journey

    I concur with extra parts in these vehicles, but not because if unavailability or undependability. In the '50's and 60's we never had extra parts and I never broke down on the road. In 1958 in September I drove a '50 Plymouth from western Nebraska to Fresno California, drove it all winter in CA, then back to NE in May.. For me, extra parts and a AAA Premium tow insurance is for safety and peace of mind. If I have a problem, I get two 250 mile tows a year. That is quick and safe. The extra parts are for backup protection, should I be in a safe place and have time, I'm prepared with plan B. JMHO.

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