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  1. 629 lbs turned into the butcher. Will feed us for a year. if that moose dressed out at 50%, then that was a 1250 lb animal. That is not s calf! Great rack. Why some full wing others stick style?
  2. If memory serves me right, the frame is the return route for the current to circle. If for example the bed on a truck is NOT grounded to the frame, the tail lights will not work. That means the cable to the battery from the engine carries a lot of energy. Now that means the engine must be grounded to the chassis so all those electrical items are also grounded back to the battery.
  3. On my 53 Suburban I used a harness from EZ Wiring.. it is a good product. But should I ever rewire an old vehicle again, I would get a time. Would take no more than two days. Kits have many more wires than what is required. JMHE.
  4. Bob, there is an old story of a little boy who was throwing the small sea creatures back into the ocean while millions did not make it back and were eaten by the sea gulls. An observer asked the boy if what he was doing made a difference, to which the boy replied,”it does to that one,”. I guess we best just just try to save one, but the other ones we see are very temping.
  5. I wondered the same. I reversed my decision to buy it, yet at $350, even without an engine is worth that for parts. Hope someone picks it up.
  6. I know I crazy, but for $350 just had to buy this. It’s on a duelly frame and includes a flat bed. Don’t know what I’ll do with it, maybe add it to 48dodgers collection. It does not have an engine, but lots of those around.
  7. You must be in Montana by now. We took a 9,000 mile trip three years ago. One tip, stop whenever you see something interesting. Thiose quick stops do not add to the length of the trip and you don’t get road weary. Sure wish we were 200 yards behind you.
  8. Update, don’t know what happened to the above photos. Had some issues with the brakes but now have a new master cylinder installed. Bleeding should now be possible. Health issues have really slowed me down. With the front rims removed, I now lower the front to work on the engine and I raise one side when I need to work under or in the car. CHP Appointment for vin verification on the 25th. With brakes I can drive this car.
  9. I thoroughly enjoy the very casual, unassuming photos of your fun with that car. I am days away from driving my suburban, then I will drive it everywhere like you do, until I find a buyer. My body just seems to have given up, so everything is slow motion. Cool weather is a great help, back down to high 80’s at 4::00 pm. Love to see your son so involved also.
  10. I live 1800 miles due west, 48 Dodger country!
  11. Just read this thread, insomnia. I have rebuilt two 218’s. The first included inserts, new pistons, rings, valves etc. it was the first engine I ever built. I knew nothing, just asked questions as I went. These are not complicated engines to rebuild. The photo is my second build. There is very little as satisfying as hearing an engine you rebuilt startup and run!!
  12. Dodge guy, I’m in a serious down sizing program also. I have all the parts I need for my inventory of vehicles, so have setup an eBay packing station. All usable parts will go on EBay and my shop will get a thorough clean out. My goal is to get a nice truck, which I have, a nice 53 coupe which I have and a car for my wife, all else will be sold. My wrenching days are over, just too strenuous at my age, so time to relax and enjoy what I have. The last decade has been a very enjoyable, educational decade. Today through this hobby I know people Coast to Coast and border to border. Some even across the ponds. So giving up may just mean moving on. best to you. Paul
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