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  1. Yes on the torch and start with page 278 with its misuse of the pronoun "this". "This should be done with the engine hot". Should read, "With the engine hot THIS should be done." As written it sounds like a politician's "talking point"!
  2. I agree, yet as stated, the pronoun "this" in the last paragraph refers forward which is confusing. Interesting syntax!
  3. Page 258. I have read this several times. Page picture attached. Paul
  4. Engine is the 218 flathead. My truck manual states to torque the head hot. So then, how tight on the first torque? In the past I first snugged the bolts then torquesvto 50 psi then the final torque on a cold engine. Is there a correct way or just a preferred way?
  5. I'm like Mortimer, rather do it myself. For me the learning process supersedes the results, if I can fix it so it is a safe vehicle to drive, I've won. The manual, internet, and this forum have been my resources along with a lot of mistakes. Sometimes it's very artistic like today, pics of a head gasket and head.
  6. I'm not, that's my point, flatheads reign!
  7. WOW. Taking the flathead out and replacing it with a V8, to me, is akin to taking the lead singer out of a barbershop quartet! Show us the wagon.
  8. Greg: Yes. It is spring loaded so that 2 & 3 are positive. R and 1 are spring reached via spring over ride. At the neutral position, it automatically returns to 2 & 3. The back and forth action distance depends on the length of the shifter handle. Will know more when installed. Edit: That it works is not in question because I can easily and quickly go through the gears. The question is the positioning of the shifter handle in relation to the seat, driver's reach, console placement or ?????. I will design this handle for a console placement on my suburban which has bucket seats but not on my B3B which has a bench seat.
  9. I fabricated this myself. I couldn't find one I liked so. . . I haven't road tested it yet, but will try to get the engine and transmission installed by weeks end and then do a short, short test, two blocks to edge of town, then country road. I copied a picture so not my design.
  10. " Well said John. PP should do the same with his truck ".  If memory serves me correct, the use of "PP" has been tagged as bullying with penalties attached.


  11. Where jilted men in WI, MN, and Mi go.
  12. I have cheated and have placed small pieces of tape at the speeds important to me, I.e., 30, 45, & 65. I have a 3.75 differential.
  13. Rifle packin mana!
  14. So, PA, if I find a dirty Picasso at an estate sale, I'm advised to take it down to the canvas and paint it? Not me, I still prefer history to contemporary remake, sorry but that's just me.
  15. "There is nothing wrong with the aged, weathered look of old paint. I like it". This starement is an apt definition of patina!! When I get to my 39 ,Chrysler, I will not repaint it, I will restore as best I can, the original paint. I wish I could start on it tomorrow, but I must finish my Suburban first.