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  1. You could take that to Georgia or Kentucky and run hootch at night.
  2. Wow lost a month. I had the block valves ground and valves checked assembled it and it started and ran nicely but didn't sound quite right so I check the cylinders and one had no compression. After a lot of unsuccessful work, I took pictures and showed them to my machinist, I had the valves in that cylinder switched. Engines get dirty when worked on so stripped it and repainted. So today, reassembly.
  3. Same here, no one bothers me at this hour. Good research and planning time. Got an engine to restart tomorrow. I had one dead cylinder after a valve job. Darn if I didn't switch two valves in that cylinder, so head back on in the morning torque and . . . .
  4. Hey, what you doing up at this hour?
  5. I just finished a catch-up read on your car. Yes, an old car with original paint turns heads. My '53 Suburban is very close to driver status, not show time status, but driver. The front bumper has this naval base sticker. Mares Island north of Oakland, CA. Once road worthy I plan on driving to their historical museum to see if we can locate the sailor who drove it to work. The poor pic is mine the good pic is to show a good one. Maybe some the owner became an Admiral and would like to buy it back!
  6. John, your kind of post is never too long, TKS for sharing. There are a number of us who are in the age of sudden change. Until recently I pushed to get my truck done then the suburban until my knee went out, surgery the 5th, today I do what the body allows me to. Today I discovered I put two valves in wrong thus no compression on that cylinder, which means my memory and working habits are waning, but hopefully there is tommorrow.
  7. This prank was on me. In my early days with this forum and auto mechanics I had to trust and rely on forum members for most everything. Several were most helpful and I came to have the highest respect and confidence in these few. When I started working with the wiring, gauge, solder, lock washers on terminals, etc, in one thread regarding soldering, I was informed that if the solder got TOO hot, it would release the smoke that was placed in the wire for safety reasons!!! So newbies, forewarned is forearmed!
  8. I used stock 55 dodge 1/2 ton truck 15" rims to clear the front calipers, then beauty rims and caps. I put a set of chrome wheelies but not to my taste.
  9. My wife and I flew from Maine to SAN Francisco the night of y2k. The airport was empty and spooky, no cars on the long Bay Bridge and that was a bit unnerving also, then through Fremont to Castro Valley all alone on those streets. It was a strange drive. I found that a normally busy, now empty city is weird. A friend was at Candlestick when the earthquake hit. He decided to drive as far into the city as he could get, then he walked to near center. It was totally vacated and the wind was moving through the streets quite fast and noisy. He too said, all alone in downtown SAN Fransico was very eerie.
  10. When I pulled this bolt, this came out. With What do I replace it?
  11. When I pulled this bolt, this came out. With What do I replace it?
  12. '54 tail lights and park lights. '53 taillights did not have the backup light and the '54 park light is a lone bucket below the headlight
  13. Hey, those bumpers look nice!
  14. What kind of caps are you going to use?
  15. Drove to dinner Friday night. In the truck with me, our daughter, the next owner, and our son in law. 32 mile round trip in 100 degree heat. Temp gauge showed 190 degrees and held.