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    retired, now a novice mechanic on '50's mopars

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    Bible study, grandkids, old cars, fishing, Maine
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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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    Former packaging machinery salesman


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  1. pflaming

    Body mounts

    At $90 a set of 10, why waste your time making something untested. These connect the body to the frame, they keep it stable through curves and swerves and balanced in a HARD stop. It's not a good place to skimp in my opinion. JMHO
  2. pflaming

    Auto Lite points with separate spring

    I am aware that this question may be naive, but will ask anyway. What does the extra spring accomplish?
  3. pflaming

    Body mounts

    This is what I needed for my Suburban. You will possibly need fewer. Purchased from Andy Bernbaum. I believe they were 9.00 a pair, no hardware. 9 X 10 = $90.00, I thought that was reasonable because there are 20 pieces.
  4. pflaming

    Molly Time!

    "Keep the faith brother. I've had nagging knee issues for a year now, an MRI later says torn meniscus, worn cartilage and (to me) the kicker: arthritis. Looks like some time dealing with the pain before the inevitible replacement. I look to you for inspiration to just keep moving along." i went knee surgery about a year ago. I have a new, pain free knee, but the healing time was not fun. Have a long, detailed talk about Ned's before you leave the hospital. AND HAVE YOUR WIFE THERE! While the knee is fine, the legs are not. I'm walking every morning and at times can tell some things are changing.
  5. pflaming

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    We are coming down. When my son comes home tonight I'll have him watch what is happening when I bring the front down I've just been inching down. It took me a while to fine a way to lift the back. This worked great. The 2X6 took the pressure and all is well. After dinner we lowered it ON THE FRAME!!! What a relief.
  6. pflaming

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    "Purple acid"? Is that the same as prune juice?
  7. pflaming

    New Project

    Greg, would that body fit on a VW pan? That would be sweet!
  8. pflaming


    Today I just completed 80 years of life. I grew up without electricity, telephone, and TV, seen a world war, a president assasinated, a terrorist strike on New York/ USA, a USA Olympic soccer team beat a Russian team, men on the moon and back, and a non politician become President of the USA. Anyone else my age?
  9. pflaming

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Today I rolled the chassis back under the body. The pace may pick up now. Next to lower it onto the chassis, then start connecting things together.
  10. pflaming

    Photos of the float trip.

    Thank you. I've never been in that type of wilderness.
  11. pflaming

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    I numbered as sets F1L, F2R, to be certain each remained as or and position on the truck. The teflon was because I had some. Oh I also cleaned them with a rust inhibitor before reassembling. I would be cautious about removing too many leafs. After all they are the foundation for driving stability.
  12. pflaming

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    I cut off all of mine. Once apart, I numbered them to keep them to together. Your springs show much more rust than mine did. Sure brings back memories. The teflon strips are only on the end of the leafs, if I remember right. A huge task. My best to you.
  13. pflaming

    "Ol Blue" Build

    The metal strips are shevol strips. The strips' ridge should be above the surface of the wood so that when shevoling grain or sand or . . . the shevol will no dig into the wood. Times and needs have changed so now the strips are largely decorative.
  14. pflaming

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    I removed the 2nd from the bottom. Silicone for leaf movement. In my opinion, a stiff high rear would not ride very good and might be very hard on your back. Remember this is a truck and that bed does not weigh very much. If I were going for a rake, I think I would consider smaller rims and tires up front. This pic has smaller front tires.
  15. pflaming

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    I removed one leaf on each rack. I DA sanded each remaining the coated them with silicone before reassembling. It lowered the truck 2" front and rear. The center of gravity changed so it does not drive top heavy. With radial, 15" rims, i think it looks much better. Nothing was impacted. I have smaller tires up front for a nearly unperceptable rake. Be be prepared for a lot of work.

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