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    retired, now a novice mechanic on '50's mopars

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    Reedley, California
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    shop work on an old car
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    1952 B3B Pickup - daily driver
    1953 Plymouth Suburban, under construction

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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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    Former packaging machinery salesman


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    Reedley, California, Central Valley
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    Fishing, Mechanical Design, Od Trucks

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  1. pflaming

    Blizzard fun!!!!!

  2. But for the horse, I might consider painting Phoenix!
  3. My '54 Suburban build threads started in 2013 a no this morning has 55,280 Niels and 5,000+ replies. I don't concern myself with the replies, som great, some good, some troubling. I'm just posting what I'm doing, I'm about to put it on the road, maybe next week. Wish me luck! When i finish, I will in some way down load the entirety, then edit to tell the story an save that edit some where. Certainly will give a copy to the next owner. I pick up my new shifter " EZ-SHFTR" this morning.
  4. pflaming

    Flathead cam shaft

    I asked that incorrectly, . What if the cam itself was different than the original cam.
  5. pflaming

    Flathead cam shaft

    When a camshaft is changed, 1) what essential benefit is derived, 2) what are the minimal changes required, be very basic with your replies. Tks paul
  6. Mark is an important part of the BBQ experience....he's my friend and a wealth of knowledge. AND he plays beer darts in his sandals!!! BUT best to hide the silver! LO.L
  7. pflaming

    remind you of anyone?

    Hey, that's my cable. I was getting ready to solder it together then wrap it. LOL,
  8. pflaming

    Windhield Washer Option

    If someone can use mine pm me. I have the two spray nozzles as well. Will likely need a reservoir and tubing.
  9. pflaming

    Windhield Washer Option

    I have one for my'53 that has a small fit pump!
  10. pflaming

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Lens, particularly that backup light clear lens are difficult to find, so plan B. Will use the '53 lens. The mounting bolts are very difficult to access. To avoid fighting rusty connections, I replaced the bolts and nuts.
  11. pflaming

    severe storms in AL/GA

    Immigrants! Natives never complained.
  12. pflaming

    Project 48 build thread

    Very impressive. I have a pair of 2010 Lincoln Towncar buckets in my suburban. It doesn't tip forward either. So will fabricate a front axle pivot frame with self locking rear legs, then will put a safety switch on the rear that kills the engine if the seat is not locked down.
  13. pflaming

    Sleepless nights

    Listening to the quiet is why I like the EARLY hours of the day. No trains, planes, traffic, dogs, family, etc..
  14. pflaming

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Today started finalizing from the rear bumper forward. I discovered I had to remove and repair thevtail light fixtures. So I decided to use a pair of '54 lights. A two hour task took all afternoon and now I must order a set of lens for the pair. These will look great and now it will also have backup lights!
  15. pflaming

    An Immodest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

    Plymouthy, is driving a Chevy on public roads immoral?

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