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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Oh yes, and Flip Wilson "Here com da Judge", I saw Red Skelton on a $2.00 cover change stage in Las Vegas in 1958. The humor then was was always directed at themselves!
  2. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Groucho, "Say the secret word and win a hundred dollars!" we watch him religiously! No one like that generation of entertainers! Groucho was like Trump, he could ask an unorthodox question and screw up a persons mind in a few seconds. I watched Johnny Carson live, every M - F, a 90 minute show. Been there!
  3. https://bakersfield.craigslist.org/pts/d/plymouth-230-and-r10-overdrive/6516507896.html they are out there.
  4. Brent, I have you covered! Got to stick together! We are called "DODGE BROTHERS!
  5. Three speed OD floor shifter

    Frank, I fabricated it for my use so it is not super refined. To sell was not the motivation. I want a floor shifter to go with the bucket seats in the Suburban. The handle movement is forward and back, the lift mechanism switches to R and first which are internally spring loaded to always return to 2nd and high. The lever movement is only 4 inches. It will serve my purposes with or without overdrive. Fun but tedious project. The tedious part part was to get it to shift easily and smoothly. Those precise locations, by trial and error were difficult to locate because each change impacted other areas. Since I'm not an engineer, I had only trial and error to use. The entire assembly mounts on two existing clutch housing bolts and has nothing to adjust.
  6. 1952 Dodge B3B

    Back to page one, that patina, especially the doors are priceless!
  7. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Is this set up acceptable? The girl is not included!
  8. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I drive my '52 B3B nearly every day. Today I'm picking up a 218 engine. Pic taken at Kettleman City. I met a feoow MOPAR friend there for lunch, 90 miles one way, fun day.
  9. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    One has to understand the total concept of the tear drop. It is a mattress on wheels, with an outside kitchen for outside camping. Put up a 10' X 10' popup shade behind it and life is good. Papa nd Nana have a nice bed, the grandkids can sleep in tents. I'm going to start looking for one. Tim, clean out a space in the shop where Zachary and I can lay out out our sleeping bags.
  10. Three speed OD floor shifter

    Hey, you are only a couple easy miles to the BBQ. Come on over, check out my shifter and let's visit. I had to fabricate a new design for the overdrive. It had to be mounted on the front of the transmission. This is a late version of what I have. Parts are currently with a very good machine shop being refined. i also have a prototype for a truck. That is a lot more involved. Maybe those parts will be back by Q time as well.
  11. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Tim, I'm thinking the same thing. There are many small trailers for sale at low prices, towing one would be easier and give me mobility at the camp site.
  12. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Relax everyone, Been checking around and have abandoned the build! Please advise. Will my '52 B3B safely haul a camper like this one. This is about 100 miles from me. It was his fathers hunting/fishing camper mostly in the Sierra Mountains, our back yard. Is mine for less than $400. My surgery is healing really nice, just protect it for another 10 days and it will be good to go.
  13. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Jeff, please explain, "You are dreaming"? Refer below. Before I continue, I'm going to listen to Jeff, Merle, and Don and check this all out. My wrist needs more healing time anyway.
  14. 1952 Dodge B3B

    Great information. TKS . I removed the freeze plugs and steam cleaned, but this is good to know. Is there a way to remove the sludge with a running engine?
  15. Carpel Tunnel damage

    The bandages are off. Another week to heal and I can get more work done. Very hard to do much with only one hand. A drill press really helps.