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  1. Disconnect your battery cable. If it doesn't spark when you reattach it, , you do not have a ground problem. I'm not much more knowledgeable about electrical than you, but it seems to me if you have a ground problem, a fuse should blow or wires should be melting. JMHO
  2. update:,DMV end of the week. Request, I need a pair of headlight buckets. Been working steady, but body not what it was a year ago. Will spend July and August near Bath, Maine. Anyone close,, let's do lunch! Will finish the Suburban this fall.
  3. Ironically, the initiator of "Pillow Talk". A very interesting song in its time!
  4. I replaced all lines in my truck with steel lines. I did it all. Today I only use the new soft forning lines. All fittings are machine formed, for me it's so much easier and SAFER. JMHO.
  5. So then if the switch went to off off the wipers would stop at that place, park position then completes the cycle and the wipers "park" ! Interesting. TKS
  6. Mine is a single speed motor. Correctly wired it is always ready to run. When the swirch is in off position, the motor is in park position. Learned that today. Why in park position, what does that mean.
  7. Ken Combs. TKS Fount a T 5, will swap that in this winter..
  8. This is timely for me. TKS
  9. I like the diamond plate now that it's painted.
  10. The John Deere tractors were known for, what was termed, LARGE horse power. The gained that by not using any beveled gears. The top view of the engineering shows how they were designed. I grew up on a Model D.
  11. I did much as Rich has noted but I'm not using the mechanical pump, so the elec pump is off the IGN. I put a rubber mount between the pump and the frame and a safety shut off switch on the oil line. In an accident, ifvthe engine stops running, so does the pump.
  12. When I put disc brakes on my truck, I asked the same questions. the answer I took was to have a master cylinder that matched the newest component, so used a MC from a 98 Cherokee. Brakes are number one (1) priority for me. I've installed disc brakes on my B3B and my '53 Plymouth Suburban. Love the discs.used Rusty Hope both times.
  13. TKS for the pictorial. This only the 2nd one I've missed. I really enjoyed so many first time vehicles. I hope that when Tim turns this into a "Good Guys" show and charges admissions that uss first timers will get " honored " passes! LOL,
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