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  1. Merle he posted this on the FB group as well. I'll be in the Hancock/Houghton area in July and could check it out then, but you are def closer.
  2. watch the parts trading and offers in the forum kids....that belongs on PM or in the Classifieds section. -your friendly truck mod
  3. ggdad1951

    Greatest Barn Find Collection...

    must have some good cats to keep the mice out of all those
  4. you mean we won't have truck to work on during the Q this year?
  5. some of this is obvious, like delivery location and date...but what about all the punches?
  6. Build threads are interesting, I see (as I have 2 or 3 of them) why people want to control the content, BUT if you want a mod to go thru and clean everything out you didn't post, that isn't gonna happen period. So PLEASE don't go reporting every post that doesn't "fit". You can kindly ask people to self regulate, or remind people you want to keep it clean. Some of the tangents can be fun, some not so much and some informative of things you hadn't thought of. My $0.02
  7. ggdad1951

    sand blasting questions

    I plan on making a lever linkage to my bottom ball valve that I can easily reach on top or a foot control for mine...because yes, the bending over gets old quick!
  8. There should be rubber grommets around the nipples on the holes thru the firewall.
  9. Roman wouldn't like it when she kicked his arse...
  10. ggdad1951

    3 Piece Hood

    Yes make a little stand for it. or a coupla chunks of 8x8 might suffice
  11. I should send beer again...I know a certain person who would appreciate...
  12. ggdad1951

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    I'd be curious as to why a 70 year old fan properly maintained and/or restored would be an issue? I'd bet most here with a 218 are running 60+ year old fans with no issue.
  13. ggdad1951

    Heater Control Valve

    I generally open my valve a few times over the summer for a bit, just to circulate the coolant around in there and to (hopefully) keep the valve from locking up.
  14. let's try to keep JB's thread on topic from now on.
  15. ggdad1951

    Dodge Route Van

    LOL I see it 1 to 2 times every year! Kinda "normal" for me to see one.
  16. ggdad1951

    Dodge Route Van

    this is Joe's van...he posts here RARELY
  17. ggdad1951

    Heater Control Valve

    if you go to the parts book and look it up you'll see a (bad IMO) picture of a small "Y" valve. I'll see if I can find the post I did on trying to repair one so you can see what it looked like better. These are RARE in working order and I paid a hefty sum for the one(s) I have obtained.
  18. you can buy NEW nails so you don't have to worry about keeping the old ones, and once installed they seal up nice and tight. The weatherstrip itself acts like a seal as well.
  19. ggdad1951

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    had the same issue on a rear while building FEF, took 3 tries (3 different parts) to get one that worked.
  20. ggdad1951

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    These work awesome....BUT you will likely have to siphon some fluid out of the MC as designed/build as it will fill to the top. When I made mine, I left 1/4" or so of tube drop down into the MC space so when I break the seal it keeps the level below the tippy top of the MC.
  21. Twist nails are what belongs there...abour 1/4" long nails with a square profile that twists.
  22. ggdad1951

    truck cover


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