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  1. ggdad1951

    Ignition Key & Door Key

    In my sig line you will find an option to remedy when the set screw needs to be removed.
  2. ggdad1951

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    sorry to hear that. As others have said, they are not pets, they are family members, fur babies and true companions. I haven't had a dog for decades, we are not cat people (yikes?) but they claw (or chew) their way into your heart and will always be truly missed. Hang in there bud.
  3. ggdad1951

    spark plugs

    does it rub off? Getting too hot?
  4. well I did all I could to get it off...my fear is/was damaging the engine whacking on it too hard since it's on the crank. They might actually have a trick or two, or at least parts when something breaks.
  5. ggdad1951

    The history and legal laws regarding rear license plate light

    problem is, how often does one go to the back of their vehicle, while it's running, with the lights on, at night? Average Joe driver never does.
  6. I hear ya..the flywheel on my 4 wheeler would NOT come off, I eventually gave up and figured I'd take it in to the local shop where if they break it I won't pay for it.
  7. ggdad1951

    The history and legal laws regarding rear license plate light

    keep it civil gang...bordering on hostility and a lock
  8. ggdad1951

    Kingpins Question

    don't forget the reaming of the bushings...
  9. ggdad1951

    Brake and clutch pedal binding

    others beat me to it!
  10. ggdad1951

    Brake and clutch pedal binding

    I can take a pic tonight if no one else has.
  11. did you make the adapter? I would not know as 1 ton's have a different rear axle set up.
  12. heat and or a coupla wacks from a deadblow?
  13. as promised...pictures...it rained pretty much the whole time I was out, I maybe had a half hour tops at one point that I wasn't getting drizzled on at least. Ed hooked me up with some extensions, and Tim is going to at some point as well, but I figured having more options is better than having none! I also dug thru the trucks from last visit and pulled some parts to have for others: Model 61 heater, speedo, accessory pod, some more knobs (yes, Brent I owe ya pics soon), some B1 horn button parts and a fuel pump. They had this sitting there looking for a new home, $1100. But he's got some BAD cancer.
  14. I went picking for the fender extensions and picked up a power wagon grill. Pictures to follow.
  15. I'll see if my friend I am travelling with is up to a visit. he might be interested in the zeppelin history of your city.
  16. Ich muss vielleicht sehen, ob ich einen Besuch arrangieren kann, wenn wir während des Oktoberfestes in Deutschland sind!
  17. oops and practice parts can always go on the shop wall....
  18. considering its been high 90's and 100° reported, safe to say our snow is gone...god I want the snow back!
  19. ggdad1951

    Oil Filter Gasket

    should be a washer (copper on mine) that crushes around the bolt to top area if I remember right
  20. ggdad1951

    Todd Build Thread

    OK, as I am starting to find and search things for TODD in a few years I figured a build thread needs to get started! For those who don't know, I've been planning FEF's brother for a bit over a year now. I'll stick in the bar coaster drawing of the original concept here as well as a picture that started my brain going down this road (tow truck). TODD stands for Turbo Diesel Pilot House (TDPH)...or TODD PH for short, or TODD even shorter. I've got a line on a 1994 4WD Ram 2500 with the turbo Cummins in it for a song, especially considering the tranny has a fresh rebuild on it. I also would get the performance enhancements the owner bought but never installed. The truch has ~250k miles on it so an engine rebuild is planed as well. I've been collecting random parts for the last year+ and need to decide if I should pull the trigger on the 2500. The picture below of the tow truck is on an 1990 Ram frame. I plan on a tilting hood like a modern semi to be able to acces the engine area (as the tow truck did) and extending the cab to have a smaller suicide door on each side for behind the seat storage. He will then finish out in a stake bed to use for hauling. I plan on roof lights, semi horns and a for "kicks" underslung train horn for those who REALLY piss me off onthe road (or at shows). I plan a '51+ main cab/front clip and use the older style doors to bring the brake line back further to accound for the flat suicide doors. About all the farther I've gotten on the overall direction. I called the owner of the tow truck today and he told me it was a pretty easy build, but he used a 1.5 ton cab/front end, and his is running on a 1990 Dodge frame. He had to cut out the firewall a bit (~4") for the longer engine and of course all the other stuff to acount for the pedals and such. I plan a trip out there (luckily "local") sometime this summer/fall to take pictures and measuements. Thoughs on the frame swap? Thoughts on my insanity? TODD: Tow truck:
  21. ggdad1951

    Todd Build Thread

    Torched the springs to get the chassis to sit right (bunch of parts missing that would weigh enough to compress the front suspension). And then the cab mounts got put in. Even with the shop at a "cool" 75°, outside hit near 100° yesterday, it wasn't all that comfortable with the humidity so high, then ad the torch and welding heat!
  22. Well some states, like mine, the stamping ends up non exsistant due to rust. I'd dare anyone to find a legible number on the 94 frame for TODD.
  23. ggdad1951

    Molly Time!

    Keep the faith brother. I've had nagging knee issues for a year now, an MRI later says torn meniscus, worn cartilage and (to me) the kicker: arthritis. Looks like some time dealing with the pain before the inevitible replacement. I look to you for inspiration to just keep moving along.
  24. ggdad1951

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    stock blocks would be the same between the two, only internals would be different.

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