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  1. ggdad1951

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    watch your wires...looks to be a potential for wearing/rubbing and shorting out.
  2. for my truck I got a BUDGE brand....works and fits well for inside storage.
  3. ggdad1951

    Door Removal

    the stop arm should be attached to the pillar with a semi-tubular rivet. Grind that off and you are set. If you need new rivets I have a bag of them.
  4. ggdad1951

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    yah one piece glued up WILL crack/split. That is one of the reasons for the shovel strips. I used white oak (never will rot), rough cut (stock look) and painted black. You can see my tutorial thread in my signature line below.
  5. ggdad1951

    Droopy door handle

    take the two screws out on the outside bezel and the handle will pull straight out. It looks like your spring has broken. You'll need to find a donor or have one made.
  6. ggdad1951

    Droopy door handle

    you are thinking of the lock
  7. ggdad1951

    Happy Birthday Marines.

    post hidden..up to the owner to determine any punishments.
  8. ggdad1951

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Bed wood is actually pretty easy...really all you need is a table saw or skill saw and a router.
  9. good for you. I wanted to spend more time on TODD this winter but am doing woodworking instead. I'm only technically on year 5 on that project.
  10. ggdad1951

    Anyone seen a 51 B3JMA?

    like whiny packer fans? Volcanoes?
  11. you have too much time on your hands!
  12. ggdad1951

    Anyone seen a 51 B3JMA?

    not that common, I've NEVER seen one in Minnesota, save mine. Total in my life I've seen 4 or 5 Dodge COE's.
  13. ggdad1951

    Did you vote today????

    yep voted, walked right up the the desk and then right to a booth. Not that it matters in Kallifornia II (Minnesota) where the results are we have now gone full left and have no oversight to keep people honest...gonna be a few interesting tax hike years in the future.
  14. ggdad1951

    Anyone seen a 51 B3JMA?

    hard to tell vehicle condition from one picture, but I paid $4k for my COE and it DOESN'T run and is missing a bunch of stuff. Don't want to make you feel bad, but that would have been a good buy IMO up to $5k.
  15. ggdad1951

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Tank Renu did mine for $285...all depends on how much work they have to do.
  16. ggdad1951

    "Ol Blue" Build

    tank renu
  17. ggdad1951

    New member new project

    I think you found FEF's little brother!
  18. ggdad1951

    New member new project

    I do love seeing a new project start. If the truck is in good condition I'm always one for hoping it gets a resto job or a refresh. But it's always up to the owner. What I love about this truck is the wheels...the wheels look to have original paint....paint that might be able to be used to once and for all put to bed the recipe for the "Dodge Cream" wheel paint.
  19. who are you again?!?!??! Weren't you a guy that was going to go get me some parts? Pfffft!
  20. ggdad1951

    Relining the Emergency Brake at Home

    Had mine redone at B&E here in Minneapolis.
  21. ggdad1951

    Fargo tow truck in Oz

    W series...paging Ed..
  22. ggdad1951

    Hound dog hauler

    lol, I have about 4 sitting in a tote...
  23. I just love your sketches.
  24. ggdad1951

    Engine Noise/Tick at Higher RPM

    I say scarp the whole thing and send me the grill bars for safekeeping...or unstick the likely culprit (valve)
  25. ggdad1951

    Classified section?

    you are lucky I was sick yesterday!

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