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  1. I've been meaning to start a thread with pictures of the progrss on the B-3-D 1 ton. So better late than never..... picking up the truck Driving down the highway original tailgate Starter tags original and reman rear diff and axle front end
  2. So unless I get scammed I picked this up yesterday with an expected delivery of mid-May. It will come less the bed, but I would make a FEF hauler out of it anyway...I see an 8bt swap and brake upgrade... YIKES!
  3. ggdad1951

    51 Seat rebuild

    my upholsterer replaces springs in mine from some source she had (donor or new I don't know) when mine was redone. Check with a local upholster and see what they might know.
  4. hockey pucks...not just for making goalies look silly anymore!
  5. ggdad1951

    Me and the B-1-D

    look thru my build thread for the as pulled out of the barn look. I have flattened rear (BAD) and front fenders on the drivers side.
  6. bow likely is correct. My B3D has it. JUST be warned, might want to check toe/camber before reassembling. After 5 years I finally have enough wear on the tires to know I need to have might bent a bit to get it correct.
  7. ggdad1951

    Me and the B-1-D

    when you and ed meet up let me know. I had a plate resto'd for FEF that I got at the 50's. The T plates are definitely a bit more obscure in the world. As for the fender, loooks like someone already pounded it out a bit in a few places. Mine were flat from hitting fence posts and such on the farm, trying to squeeze by...guessing the same for yours.
  8. I was working on passenger visors for a while...the costs were pretty high. Eventually DCM took it on (outside of me) and did them. I also have been working on seeing if anyone would repop the B3/4 grill bars to no effect due to tooling costs. Considering the passenger side arms are even MORE rare...but I seriously wonder on the market. Maybe Steve or Gary will see this and take a look. I have parts that could be used as templates. Then you have the mirror....those aren't re-popped either and there is no modern version that would be "correct" per stock for look. But I DID find a place that would re-glass and repair old ones. All comes down to demand. Tooling isn't cheap and these arms are at least 4 tools...figure $6k...big investment.
  9. go for it! I just know the tooling is pretty unique and if you wanted to TRULY repop them it'd get spendy quick. Now if you just want to make something that looks close and with the liberal use of a wire and a grinder it's a different story.
  10. ggdad1951

    Changing Vents out for One Piece Glass

    Duplicate thread has gone the way of a chebby...if you need help with thread or post managment let us mods know.
  11. ggdad1951

    Changing Vents out for One Piece Glass

    Nope its find em in the rough
  12. ggdad1951

    Dodge 1950 B2 Pilothouse

    As far as I know you should be clear of asbestos. post some pics! We are here to help!
  13. ggdad1951

    B3B interior

    yah checked last night, FEF (51) had the same embossing as on ART (52) and PUMA (51) so...who the heck knows....the serial break and/or PN break might be the right answer to this. for some reason I was thinking ART was a 53 yesterday...DOH! 😳
  14. Mr. Paul Flaming and I have a solution to the passenger side visor reproduction! (we think) BUT I need one of those cotter pin held together ones to take apart and model components off of. Dodgeb4ya had a picture in the other thread and if I could get a hold of one like that I think we can get this back on track for everyone. If there are other "models", besides the ones like I have for my '51 I'd entertain getting those modeled up as well. Someone let me know if they want to be the HERO and send me one so I can measure it up! I'd need the base and the arm assembly to spec all the parts, it does NOT have to be a passenger side visor.
  15. ggdad1951

    Just saw total disregard for other's property

    My first MoPaRs in the park I came back to FEF with this kids standing on my running board rubbing/twisting his feet around on it while mom snapped pictures....I about backhanded the lady. Lady just looks at like me like I was crazy to be upset about her little boy standing on my truck. Second item was someone switched around my dizzy wires at a show...WTH would you do that?
  16. ggdad1951

    B3B interior

    The B3 should all be like mine...stock parts...I'll have to check what's left on my B4 tonight
  17. you aren't worried it will spin somehow over time and vibration and put stress on your lines?
  18. ggdad1951

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    One would think once the line is surrendered, the railroad loses all ownership since it was literally abandoned and salvage rights could be claimed? The farm I grew up on had a line running thru it and danged if we didn't find spikes, plates and other sundry stuff laying around that got repurposed into other things. We'd find stuff that had actually found it's way onto our land off the ROW, especially after the came through and repaired things. Ties would roll down the embankment onto our field roads.
  19. this is info that DCM might want to know since they repopped theses visor assemblies.
  20. ggdad1951

    1951 Fargo 400cid on Dakota chassis

    I want your toys...
  21. ggdad1951

    B3B Fuel Pump

    yes, push down and away from the actuator arm to unhook it. It's a hidden fastener type thing but once you figure it it's easy to do.
  22. ggdad1951

    NEED a picture or reference

    be mindful of our "classifieds" rulz....I don't need a bunch of threads reported for "clearly asking for parts/parts request".....the bane of the mods right now. Thanks.
  23. ggdad1951

    1951 Fargo 400cid on Dakota chassis

    well if you get bored you can come "down south" and help me with TODD's floor this spring! Looks great bud!
  24. Nice one ton...you might have slit lock ring not split rims.

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