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  1. ggdad1951

    Sand blaster advice

    Looking to purchase (quickly) a sand baster for projects. Not a cabinet blaster but one for frame parts and larger sheet metal. Now I know it's partially about how much you spend, so don't go crazy...my budget is about $150. Looking thru Amazon and Harbor Freight, there are several that look like they'd work but the reviews are all either really good, or really bad. Gravity feed or pressure feed? Thanks guys!
  2. ggdad1951

    Rear window size on Dodge pickups

    all were the same regardless of year.
  3. ggdad1951

    Molly Time!

  4. ggdad1951

    Todd Build Thread

    OK, as I am starting to find and search things for TODD in a few years I figured a build thread needs to get started! For those who don't know, I've been planning FEF's brother for a bit over a year now. I'll stick in the bar coaster drawing of the original concept here as well as a picture that started my brain going down this road (tow truck). TODD stands for Turbo Diesel Pilot House (TDPH)...or TODD PH for short, or TODD even shorter. I've got a line on a 1994 4WD Ram 2500 with the turbo Cummins in it for a song, especially considering the tranny has a fresh rebuild on it. I also would get the performance enhancements the owner bought but never installed. The truch has ~250k miles on it so an engine rebuild is planed as well. I've been collecting random parts for the last year+ and need to decide if I should pull the trigger on the 2500. The picture below of the tow truck is on an 1990 Ram frame. I plan on a tilting hood like a modern semi to be able to acces the engine area (as the tow truck did) and extending the cab to have a smaller suicide door on each side for behind the seat storage. He will then finish out in a stake bed to use for hauling. I plan on roof lights, semi horns and a for "kicks" underslung train horn for those who REALLY piss me off onthe road (or at shows). I plan a '51+ main cab/front clip and use the older style doors to bring the brake line back further to accound for the flat suicide doors. About all the farther I've gotten on the overall direction. I called the owner of the tow truck today and he told me it was a pretty easy build, but he used a 1.5 ton cab/front end, and his is running on a 1990 Dodge frame. He had to cut out the firewall a bit (~4") for the longer engine and of course all the other stuff to acount for the pedals and such. I plan a trip out there (luckily "local") sometime this summer/fall to take pictures and measuements. Thoughs on the frame swap? Thoughts on my insanity? TODD: Tow truck:
  5. ggdad1951

    Todd Build Thread

    yes...going manual.
  6. ggdad1951

    Todd Build Thread

    removed the cab (glad I figured out this EASY way vs. what I was originally thinking) and gave the frame a degreasing power wash...now at least I won't be full of it head to toe when I work in him.
  7. ggdad1951

    6 volt wiper motor run on 12 volts

    it will run...FAST! And likely burn out. There are 12V kits out there you could get a motor from and not worry about torching the motor (and potentially the truck).
  8. ggdad1951

    Sand blaster advice

    think I'm gonna pick this up on the way home today. I'll be doing this outside my shop in the nice open air, PPL will be the next question of how far I need/want to go besides a face shield, dust mask and long sleeve/gloves. Meanwhile the equivalent air compressor I have (American Eagle branded):
  9. ggdad1951

    Junkyard Bromance

    well poop
  10. ggdad1951

    What is this bracket?

    your exhaust pipe is wrapped?
  11. ggdad1951

    Hand Crank a 218

    LOL I don't think dad ever "fine tuned" too much!
  12. ggdad1951

    "Ol Blue" Build

    done properly the strips do not just sit on the surface, they should be rabbited down a tich.
  13. ggdad1951

    Hand Crank a 218

    back on the farm I started many a tractor (M and H model Farmalls) and never had a kickback....in fact I don't think we ever did between anyone in the family. I think the dreaded kickback is overplayed as to how often it happens. Considering the M had an engine of close to the same hp...I really do wonder.
  14. ggdad1951

    Junkyard Bromance

    now, PLEASE tell me they have stickers and GROWLERS for sale at that place (assuming they brew their own?)! This kid needs some swag!
  15. ggdad1951

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Yep, and if you want the ONLY vendor of stock style bed strips you have to talk to Midwest Military. All others are Chevy/Ford profiles.
  16. ggdad1951

    Hand Crank a 218

    calling Merle and Brent....MERLE? BRENT?
  17. ggdad1951

    Front Axle

    um...a 55 is not a B1. B1 was in 1948...😵 "B" series trucks were 1948-1953 and were called Pilot House trucks. 1954 and after were "C" series trucks...please post a picture so we can help identify what you have.
  18. ggdad1951

    owner/license info on sides of trucks

    my truck had a GW painted on the front of the bed sides....nothing was official on that (at least in MN). I think it was more of an idea for a grain elevator to know the weight of the truck before they tipped it and/or a way to try and get the local DMV to believe the truck was "smaller" than it was loaded. But I'm 99% sure nothing was ever official.
  19. ggdad1951

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    just gotta sand blast some parts and you'll have some more practice parts!
  20. ggdad1951

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    I know where you could likely get some in really good shape, but you'd have to go the Q at Tim's!
  21. ggdad1951

    King pin removal

    a brass rod with dead blow worked pretty good.
  22. ggdad1951

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    as long as its not plastic bushings like the fist set i bought you should be good
  23. no prob..it's what I'm here for!
  24. ggdad1951

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    I've got a few of the old paint chip cards...they DON'T hold color IMO...they shift a bit with time.

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