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  1. Molly Time!

    Yes a pin is through those holes to hold the handles on. The light the whole bezel pops off to release the lens.
  2. DODGE logo art

    Does anyone have a file in dxf format for any of the Pilot House era logos? I have the "Job Rated" already. Looking for the nose badge, tailgate and or hood badge.
  3. DODGE logo art

  4. Photos of my B2B

    IMO, photobucket is no longer an option as they want to charge you now. I either direclty post pics in the post now or do with out on websites. Luckily here we can directly embed pictures.
  5. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    sadly the day WILL come and I will go down kicking and screaming....but I also hope to be old by that time and more worried about chasing the nurses than driving.
  6. How to keep the mice away?

    Puma, my shop cat has kept them out of my shop for the last 2 years and the 5 years before with the PO. Bait traps tend to actually ATTRACT rodents...its a food source....take away from that what you may, but I'd not put a bait out.
  7. Steering wheel removal tips please

    Lol doubt it. Try using Chrome... I haven't used IE in years.
  8. Steering wheel removal tips please

    Wheel puller is the only real way. I made my own out of wood and ready rod.
  9. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Then likely black. Your methods so far are the only real way to tell original color short of getting the build card, which can take 6 or more months if you can even get it The added control center for knobs would be for HEATER, AIR, DEFROST in no specified order as these were dealer or owner installed.
  10. DODGE logo art

    Any dxf would work fine. Send to dovebar68@comcast.net. thanks
  11. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Nope the visor had no hook. An owner add on.
  12. Cab mounting difference

    Imo not really. I still dont understand everyones "noisy" cabs...FEF is just fine imo.
  13. Cab mounting difference

    And pedals...
  14. What year/model did I buy?

    You will have to take and post pictures, the eBay add is basically gone.
  15. What year/model did I buy?

    Yah, my insurance company insists my 51 B3D is a D100 as well...welcome!
  16. What would you do??

  17. post an add in the "parts wanted" section
  18. 53 B3 wiring

    last I knew VPW had the horn wire
  19. Fresh air heater knobs wanted.

    From blowing up the pic looks like I can help ya.
  20. 53 B3 wiring

    RIWire has nice products, plug and play and are made to look stock but with modern materials. But not the cheapest.
  21. 50 B2b, Seat back access?

    There is no tip toward option, you can slide it forward and reach back. That's it.
  22. So today after 8 months of employment at the company I was working at, I get let go with two other people, one of them my direct reports. No real reason given except "going a different direction". I probably interviewed my replacement about a month ago. All I can say is the owners of that company need to really look at themselves for what they're doing to a bunch of people that gave their heart and soul to that place. There's a special place in hell for people like that. Especially when I asked as recently as Monday if I was doing okay and I was told I was doing a great job. So now what?
  23. Steel fuel lines for b2b what size

    Yes the cupronickle is the way to go...and will NEVER rust!
  24. Pilothouse spotted locally

    I think the bumpers would have been black stock, not chromed?