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  1. gotta start somewhere! If you can weld sheetmetal you can weld anything. Get some scrap pieces and learn, or look for a local place that might have some free or inexpensive classes. Really MIG welding isn't that hard.
  2. They're still out there

    and not bone stock either...
  3. riding season

    so how much timpower equals a horsepower?
  4. Get together?

    sounds like fun..but not at 55MPH...a little over 625 miles...
  5. Here at Cummins its 10 years to get 4 weeks, ot being at a certain grade level (yah 1 lousy grade level above where I'm at now). 3 jobs ago I have 5 weeks, but that was after 15 years. Us American's like to work it seems.
  6. Todd Build Thread

    that will change. the last picture is more indicative of how it should sit.
  7. Todd Build Thread

    OK, as I am starting to find and search things for TODD in a few years I figured a build thread needs to get started! For those who don't know, I've been planning FEF's brother for a bit over a year now. I'll stick in the bar coaster drawing of the original concept here as well as a picture that started my brain going down this road (tow truck). TODD stands for Turbo Diesel Pilot House (TDPH)...or TODD PH for short, or TODD even shorter. I've got a line on a 1994 4WD Ram 2500 with the turbo Cummins in it for a song, especially considering the tranny has a fresh rebuild on it. I also would get the performance enhancements the owner bought but never installed. The truch has ~250k miles on it so an engine rebuild is planed as well. I've been collecting random parts for the last year+ and need to decide if I should pull the trigger on the 2500. The picture below of the tow truck is on an 1990 Ram frame. I plan on a tilting hood like a modern semi to be able to acces the engine area (as the tow truck did) and extending the cab to have a smaller suicide door on each side for behind the seat storage. He will then finish out in a stake bed to use for hauling. I plan on roof lights, semi horns and a for "kicks" underslung train horn for those who REALLY piss me off onthe road (or at shows). I plan a '51+ main cab/front clip and use the older style doors to bring the brake line back further to accound for the flat suicide doors. About all the farther I've gotten on the overall direction. I called the owner of the tow truck today and he told me it was a pretty easy build, but he used a 1.5 ton cab/front end, and his is running on a 1990 Dodge frame. He had to cut out the firewall a bit (~4") for the longer engine and of course all the other stuff to acount for the pedals and such. I plan a trip out there (luckily "local") sometime this summer/fall to take pictures and measuements. Thoughs on the frame swap? Thoughts on my insanity? TODD: Tow truck:
  8. Todd Build Thread

    A little St Patty's day work. Cab is about where it needs to be, but will go down about 3".
  9. 218 engine upgrade questions

    I had an electronic version of my VR built by a guy (now not in business anymore) to get rid of the points in there and all the issues with that...never did get it to work right...
  10. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Wind loading can be a PITA....any holes you drill will weaken the tube wall. What gauge tubing are you using?
  11. Tappet Wrench

    I'd say your local auto shop should carry them, or Amazon. Regular wrenches are to thick...you really need the right wrench...if you wanna be cheap you can always grind down a regular wrench and weld an extension to it.
  12. Tappet Wrench

    set of tappet wrenches and welding gloves...and aloe...
  13. Mystery project

    So I've used what little spare time I've had in the last month or so to work on this project. Can you guess what I'm doing? Ed, you don't get to answer, you know!
  14. Mystery project

    fabbed up the "cowl" last night. Tonight I'll weld in the bracing and be ready for blast and paint.
  15. Define Irony.

  16. Door Question

    all the B series trucks had vent windows as an option depending on cab style
  17. hey Tim, did you leave your mitts off my tasty tasty?
  18. Newbie 1955 c3b

    nice truck and welcome!
  19. Sun D1 Tach

    picture? Lucky you finding a vintage tach.
  20. Holy crap! Glass prices

    what "dry lube" do you use?
  21. Holy crap! Glass prices

    already did that and adjusted the front guide accordingly
  22. Holy crap! Glass prices

    I may do that this spring yet, FEF's windows roll up and down HARD for a portion of travel... to the point I help with my other hand so things don't get damaged (yes all was cleaned up and lubed prior to install). I think the metal parts of the lower support and divider bar are substantially thicker than the small variation in the glass thickness between the two.
  23. Define Irony.

    what if you turn your radio on? <boom> mind blown
  24. all the sound deadening I have is on the INSIDE of the cab...drier and less chance of water finding it's way in between and starting a corrosion issue. Thing to remember about sound: it's not how much you apply to break up noise it's WHERE you apply it. Where are the acoustical resonators, how do they act, etc. Just covering everything won't necessarily make it better. Also the MATERIALS the sound deadener are made out of are critical. I applaud your vigor, but I don't think it's the end all beat all solution.
  25. you might want to check on the caulk as a concept. I've heard water can be attracted to where you have it and can create some serious corrosion issues. I can take pictures of my buddies windshield falling out due the the rust around his caulking job if you want. Not to mention when you need to take it off again.. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wonder what noise levels are so concerning...as I've stated before, FEF at 55 (or so) MPH I have no issues with a conversion in the cab while hurtling thru time and space.