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  1. when you have too many hoods laying around:
  2. It was a great weekend. The weather decided to behave and we had a great Friday and Saturday, Sunday was pretty much a washout as it was POURING rain when I was ready to leave so we just drove by daily and hit up the swap meet. Good times seeing old friends, making new ones and having a fun. Below is a pic of the line up and of my drive in on Saturday...I downsized them so they'd load, if anyone would like a higher res version let me know.
  3. Back to the 50's Mexican stand off...Deer wants the straw, Oregonian wants the stainless, Puma wants the deer...
  4. Some random oregonian showed uo at my place tonight...might have to hide the stainless grill parts
  5. Car show? What car show....I wanna hang this on and get to work!
  6. you SHOULD be able to get the one piece (vs. Merle's non stock 3 piece) for the rear windows now as I sent them my original to make a pattern. I've never seen a panel below the windows in any truck I've torn down. I think it's an nice to have for us modern folk.
  7. look for THE NoDak state tree....I think it's the only one in the state.
  8. your light is a stock optional accessory. You just need a replacement lens.
  9. I'll be home Wed around 3 or 330, when you pulling in?
  10. Had no problems at the DMV when I too my period plate in for FEF, they just ran the number to make sure it wasn't registered to a different vehicle, I paid my bucks and walked out happy. I got my plate at the 50's swap meet. Just had to dig thru all the vendors that had them. Ended up with 4 plates I think and used the best.
  11. I've pounded off the old screw thru the window slot as well.
  12. oh it'll change 5 times yet no worries!
  13. see the thread I did on replacing that little bastid....
  14. the first pics you have of handles are for B3 or B4 trucks, which have a different escutcheon. Than handles you ordered will work with the escutcheons you also ordered (B1 or B2 style)
  15. he parks in the crowded area...every year its a "find the mike challenge"
  16. locksmith if you want the keys to all match
  17. ok so it's on when the panel lights are on...sounds like a decent compromise
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