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  1. What gets me is it is MY land leave me the heck alone! Just because someone finds something "offensive" now you have to bow to their wishes (unless the shoe is on the other foot). I'm hoping I'm far enough out I'll not have to worry about it in my lifetime. So far drones there are no laws about shooting down drones...I like me some AR practice!
  2. mine is on FEF's bell housing.
  3. These reasons are why I hate city living. Having been in the country for 2 years now and on acreage....they can TRY to change things in the future on me, but with my tree coverage they'd have to do it by trespassing or aerial views!
  4. push the envelope! I know you can do it! Just put a pretty man cave (you never use) up as a distraction...
  5. just drop a 2 ton in the front yard and start into the project...
  6. I have the original 4.13 in him, and the engine is just a 218. Engine was replaced way back when. At 55 indicated I'm turning 2500 rpm, I can edge up to 60 indicated but weird sound and steering starts, so I stay around 58 indicated which is likely 55 true.
  7. I've been meaning to start a thread with pictures of the progrss on the B-3-D 1 ton. So better late than never..... picking up the truck Driving down the highway original tailgate Starter tags orignal and reman rear diff and axel front end
  8. Sadly I could not attend Friday Back to the 50's, but spent a good deal of time there yesterday. My knee is having issues so not much walking around, but I ran into lots of friends and met a few casual posters here. I saw Mike's truck with his dually conversion and it looks sweet! Met a casual poster that has a nice old B1 or B2 with some interesting mods. In order the pics are of waiting in line, at the show, a humpy!, a panel, a B4 on a frame swap and FEF's first real rain shower (No leaks!).
  9. there are the ones on the bottom of the engine area (which I think many people just removed for servicing). The triangle ones I think more of splash shields than dust.
  10. some of this is obvious, like delivery location and date...but what about all the punches?
  11. there should be no glue....all compression
  12. bah it was nothing!
  13. a 1950 Dodge did not come with a standard wiper fluid option. It was an aftermarket option call "Jiffy Jet" and had only one point to spray from the the center division bar. Finding JUST that part will be hard as the Jiffy Jet was only an option and I don't know of anyone repopping those or parting out a kit.
  14. complete with pictures showing they will not fit. Every truck I have has that exact same cut out BTW.
  15. the very expensive 610T that was perfectly restored that did not fit either of the factory cutout I have on my trucks? There was great discussionon this about 2 years ago.
  16. Just so you know, not at that relevant, but the 610T has been proven to be wrong for our trucks
  17. I'll leave this here for a little bit, but this will be moved to the External Site/Referral section in the next few days.
  18. the ash tray and lighter are worth some money to someone as is the DODGE script logo on the dash...just know they are FRAGILE and the metal clips on back must be removed with the utmost care.
  19. NICE!
  20. this really belongs in the "parts wanted" section...
  21. Ed has added to his pit crew! Congrats buddy!
  22. Or put them on the backside?
  23. a copy to review can be found here for FREE
  24. now I gotta go find the picture I took of my frame number and compare it to my A pillar tag...thanks...sigh...