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  1. I assume you painted the rad support an the surround individually and put them together for the pic?
  2. I've always considered trucks as a "him".....but maybe to stay with today's ethos we need to ask the truck how she/he/it/him/her/sher/ze/hir........self identifies 😕
  3. I think the plan is a Saturday evening shin dig. More than welcome to stay at my place if a futon works for you.
  4. 2 post lift 7000lb capacity and 14' ceilings....
  5. my red tags (geni, starter) got repopped from a guy in POLAND!
  6. ?????? Insurance sure does cover loss of vehicles....what kind of coverage do you have?
  7. never seen grey, black or maroon. All the trucks round here I've poked in were the tan & brown. Maybe it's the Oregonian air that changes the colors!
  8. as far as I know the interior panels were the color they were regardless of year. Headliner/rear: tan Door panels/toe kicks: dark brown.
  9. pretty much any paint that last that long will "be in the way"
  10. done for now, primed and painted...what's next on the list?
  11. I doubt I could (or that I would) sell FEF, frame off resto, for more than 15k....any number above that is fantasy in my mind.,
  12. engine hoist w/ no cab in the way...no problem.
  13. TC and trans mated and sealed, tonight degrease and paint?
  14. progress from the weekend. Transfer case cleaned of grime and crud. Trans mounted to bellhousing. Not in current pictures: steel parts painted with POR15 (did that after the pics).
  15. what are you trying to ship? Sorry not finding the original ask....Friday mornings...
  16. you can try...or you can replace it with one that isn't. VPW sells them I'm pretty sure...such and important part of the belt system I'd be looking for the best I option I could.
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