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    restored great grand dad's 1951 1 ton (FEF) now onto TODD!
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  1. Block heater removal

    oddly, the block heater that came in my truck was a special head bolt....with a heating element...I should find it and post pics
  2. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    don't listen to him mate...leave the paint to those who like the look of a mask! Now the hammer and dolly...that I advise you learn.
  3. ...and I forgot...will look tonight
  4. lots of good times and fun was had. The green truck was fully deserving of best in show...so many cool addons...giving me crazy ideas! Trip home was interesting...the 4 hours later than I planned and lots of waiting wasn't fun, neither was the 14" of fresh new snow at home...or the wife having influenza...just hoping I can stay healthy! I'll try and get some pics up as well tonight.
  5. on the MC fill plug? Pretty sure I just used as NPT fitting. I'll look tonight (if I remember) tonight to see what I did. I know I have a tube that goes thru the fitting so I don't have to siphon off fluid after filling. Pictures tonight (I hope).
  6. Menus for messages not loading

    Using chrome....I'd assume a patch will roll out soon. I have the same issue on another forum.
  7. Running board length 49 B1B?

    I'll look when and if I get home, stuck in SLC after the BBQ with storms hammering MN. I have a set in my attic but don't know the length off the top of my head.
  8. Menus for messages not loading

    Default theme same result
  9. Menus for messages not loading

    Default theme same result
  10. Menus for messages not loading

    Also seems on replies I cannot add pictures as an option on a post.
  11. Got my fancy new galaxy s9+ but the menu for PM and mod controls will not load.
  12. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Sadly all I got to see was an empty trailer! Good to meet ya in person Gene, and the fun side kick as well. Door is always open!