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    restored great grand dad's 1951 1 ton (FEF) now onto TODD!
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  1. car club meeting last night so I tossed the big boy fender extensions on...
  2. I woulda paid that in a heartbeat...considering what I've paid for some items...not at all out of the realm, even with inflation accounted for.
  3. I think the larger contributor to any mythical crud getting in there isn't from the hole for the wire to pass thru, but from between the whisker and the body panel. That being said, I think your image above's bigger contributor would be the missing door, glass, and reflector allowing crud to settle there. Even ART by my firepit has whiskers that are solid and he's likely never had a wash in his life, much less someone worrying about crud. PUMA also has solid whiskers....
  4. if I'm remembering right the way that mounts there is gap back there AND there should be a weep hole in the "door" to let moisture drain. I haven't seen much debris in ones I've removed in the wild. Don't over think it too much.
  5. you mean the ugly "square" version where they slapped it on over the sheet metal bed sides they did not change...
  6. under the center section they get in the way for the cowl vent lever and parking brake pull handle on B3/B4 trucks...pretty sure that is is why they wanted it on the left.... 😵 now walking away from this.
  7. COOL! You just need a lawnmower like mine now! Trust me, you'll find a way to fill it all!
  8. and prolly Generac or Kohler...not the good Cummins...
  9. We can agree to disagree on location. All the literature and instances I've seen in the wild were to the left.
  10. DCM might have, you never know with Steve...I know they repopped the prop rods.
  11. another week won't matter much considering the time it's been sitting already.
  12. cool. I'm SO jealous of you. I had located a person who knew where a set of original molders were a few years back. But never got through to the point of seeing if they could be run.
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