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  1. here ya go
  2. holes were on both sides for when someone ordered the optional passenger visor. I'll snap a pic of my orignal panels and post pleats, but embossed (B3/4 were different from B1/2). Merle, how did they emboss yours? When they did mine the didn't emboss them, but used a knife to create a line to mimic the emboss. I'd love to see a closer up pic of the emboss,
  3. Well it IS metric glass...
  4. yep pretty much what happened to me...the thicker stuff would just bunch up, the thinner woudl just fall out.
  5. True...FEF is a single rear one ton
  6. Tim and gramps: I actually had a professional do the install. Thicker tape was tried, and considering the condition of my truck there was little to no rust on the parts for them to be thinned metal or distorted. We did all your tricks and the glass would still work it's way out. So bonding agent was used.
  7. I tried glass setting tape 4 times before I had to go to a bonding agent. Nothing would hold the glass in over time and the the glass kept poppoing out.
  8. yah, my truck was bone stock and I've had many cabs and doors go thru so I knwow where things go! I got my stripping from Steele
  9. I'd think the fugly would scare the rust away!
  10. pricey but man is it nice product!
  11. neither of them have the rear fender extension to be true dually trucks. You can always stick an extra tire on as long as you don't overload the bed and have it efender rub on the tire.
  12. it would but at the moment I am between jobs and have a wedding to pay for,
  13. did you get your present Ed?
  14. you getting him Steve?