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  1. bah...did it all the time and even on FEF with the split rivet setting!
  2. Midwest does a good job, if something is missing give them a call and they should fill you in and make sure you get what you ordered. The strips SHOULD line up with the cross members, did you try spinning them 180°? But I don't see holes in the cross members at all so maybe the smaller (than my 1 ton) are different. See my tread to see how it worked and looked on my 9' bed.
  3. I know that...I think that the hammer version is faster and easier and seems less prone to offsetting the rivets since you aren't twisting it around like the C-clamp. Previous job we extensively used semi-tubular rivets so I know a thing or two about them as well. Don't know where you are quoting me from about a "99 dollar C clamp" either.....head scratch?
  4. I plan on buying the air setting tool (so much easier and what I'm used to from a previous life) in a month or so when funds provide.
  5. pretty cool, but several things that bugged me: 1. setting the semi-tubular rivets with a C clamp when a hammer and rivet setter would have been just as easy and less PITA 2. the way they folded over the tabs with a screwdriver seems a bit inelegant
  6. Great time had by all. Blast as usual even with having to create the "John T Canal"! Is it next year yet? 20190405_171135.mp4
  7. I'll get ya the tire info when I get home from vaca. Wheel paint info as well if i have it. Seems if i remember right, i never got the receipe for it.
  8. Answer is kinda both. There should be a notch on the firewall near where the top toe board goes and it kind of nestles in the notch between the toe board and the firewall. this thread might help ya: http://p15-d24.com/topic/27894-speedo-cable/?tab=comments#comment-278705
  9. Maybe daddy Brent will let us BOTH drive...once we get him runnin
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