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  1. New to forum

    Welcome to the Forum As an owner of a 52 4 door I really appreciate yours.
  2. 1954 Chrysler Trim Clips? Help!

    Try this guy. He had clips for my 52 Plymouth. http://www.fatfenderedrelics.com/welcome.html
  3. Kick panel resource

    I made mine out of masonite.
  4. Cold cold, John Keats.

    I hate you. +2 here in NE Illinois. High today will be about +8
  5. New Year Resolutions

    It took me three years to fix my heater and and two to finish the brakes. So i don't think my resolutions are unrealistic
  6. Starting my truck in cold weather

    I can remember my Father struggling to start his old Plymouths in bitter cold like today in Illinois. Took the battery in each night, ran light bulb out to the engine to try to keep the carb warm and often had to walk the 2 miles to work at 6 AM anyway. This was in the early to mid 60's. And the cars from the late forty's to early fifty's. Although admittedly he wasn't one for much in the way of maintenance.
  7. Out of the ordinary Christmas gifts.

    Nice travel tool box
  8. Cold start problem Weber conversion?

    When I push the throttle on my stock 52 the mechanical accelerator pump squirts gas right away. I think that Plymouthy is on target here. Make sure everything is up to spec. It took me a long time to get my Sission choke to work correctly.
  9. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Can't argue with that. I only have ever registered old Mopars. Still I remember that the title on my Dad's cars in the 60's(Mostly 50's Mopars)(his daily's) used the engine number and my 52 Plymouth is titled that way today.
  10. New Year Resolutions

    Install seat covers on my 52. Get door and trunk locks operational. Drive car more!!!!
  11. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    In Illinois the engine number is considered the ID on old cars that I have titled here. Maybe Calif is the same? I sold three old cars from my wife's Uncles estate in 2014 and had no problems . Found the Calif MVD to be very helpful.
  12. Rubber floor mat

    Not regarding mats per se but I used a reproduction 57 Chevy heater valve for my 52 Plymouth from Danchuk. Maybe they have a mat to fit.. https://www.danchuk.com/61630835-1e88-4ba9-a32d-b32e2e60c6b1
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to everyone and their families
  14. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    My understanding is that NAPA Gold filters are WIX Don't know about the others.
  15. Questions questions questions

    Certainly ready to be used as Boat anchors. Already on the water.
  16. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Does anyone know if Moores is still in business. I found their old website but when i sent an e-mail to see about a part the 404 page came up. I will try to make a phone call next week but wondered if anyone has any information.
  17. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Found one on E bay as I mentioned earlier and decided to buy it. The extra one day $5.00 off didn't hurt either.
  18. Seat Covers USA

    Thanks for the input everyone
  19. Seat Covers USA

    Has anyone had any dealings with these folks? They offer custom cut to fit for models back to 1950 for about $250. Wondered if anyone has had any experience with them. https://seatcoverusa.com/
  20. Seat Covers USA

    Mostly just stained. And a little worn. Structurally sound as far as I can tell.
  21. Moore's Auto Salvage

    I left a message for them today. We will see what happens next. The recording mentioned using the website for orders so maybe the problem I found was temporary. I do know that several years ago I tried to do a website order and after a week cailed them. The guy who answered said" yeah I remember you sent an e-mail" That taught me to call.
  22. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Well thank you for that. I hadn't found time to call as yet. Did he say anything about the website being down or N/A? I will call later and see if they have the part I need. I am sure it is plenty cold in South Dakota which might explain the delay in fetching parts
  23. Tech manual

    And if you are looking for a basic knowledge type manual you can't beat the Motors Manuals for the year you own. Explains things much more simply that then factory manual does. Complements the Factory manual, not replaces it.
  24. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Don't know, have to ask. Thanks for the input.
  25. Moore's Auto Salvage

    I ordered a couple of things several years ago with no issues. I need a new trunk handle for my 1952 Plymouth and the only one so far found is on Flea Bay for $50.00