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  1. plymouthcranbrook

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    i was going to say that I am would be surprised if anyone even knew what it was at a Chevy dealer but the last post cleared that up. Nice car.
  2. plymouthcranbrook

    A good time to live and grow up in.

    Great vid. The lake beach scene looks like the north end of Lake Geneva, Wi
  3. plymouthcranbrook

    1946 Dodge coupe E brake band replacement help

    I got the information to do mine in the shop manual. Very detailed.
  4. plymouthcranbrook

    With great inheritance........

  5. plymouthcranbrook

    Old gas station mockup

    The old philosophy of "Some's good, More's better" at work.
  6. plymouthcranbrook

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    http://historythings.com/the-original-go-anywhere-vehicle-the-rolligon/ http://arctic-anomalies.blogspot.com/2008/03/pentagonsuhrollagons.html
  7. plymouthcranbrook

    What’s a good upholstery cleaner restorer

    Be careful if the cloth is really weak as it can tear while wet. Ask me how.
  8. plymouthcranbrook


    Accelerator pump probably bad
  9. plymouthcranbrook

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    Not just you brother.
  10. plymouthcranbrook

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Airflows are one of the few Pre-WWII cars I really like. That is a nice one for sure.
  11. plymouthcranbrook

    Car show 1922 Dodge

    Nice survivor. Thanks for posting.
  12. plymouthcranbrook

    New chapter in my life.

    That sound great.
  13. plymouthcranbrook

    '53 Plymouth Brake Drums

    i bought several items form them a few years ago and was completely satisfied.
  14. plymouthcranbrook

    Work bench height

    Guess I got lucky not knowing the rule as mine is just about waist height
  15. plymouthcranbrook

    My son's 'new' car (OT)

    I agree with Robin. I owned a couple of Triumph sport cars in the 70's and it will teach him how to repair cars. But he will have a great time driving what is probably the only one for quite a distance around him. Attract a lot a of attention as well

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