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  1. I had a 1979 Plymouth Arrow pickup with the 2.6 and a 5 speed Sport model. Was lured away by a 1982 Mustang when it was described as the last V-8 one to be made. Another dumb mistake by me
  2. Coil failure was a problem on some Fords back in then 80's and 90's My neighbor ran his own repair business in his garage and I know he changed out several of the them That did the same thing you describe. I had forgotten about it until the other posters mentioned it.
  3. i don't believe I have ever seen anything like number one anywhere near a road.
  4. That is not hot. You can check the heat riser by moving it by hand on a cool engine and see if it is free. It directs heat from the exhaust to the area under the carb for better fuel dispersion when cold and if too warm might cause lean running on a hot day. Never had an issue with this myself but something to check.
  5. If possible do at operating temp. Better more accurate readings. Be sure to remove all 6 plugs before starting test. And allow a couple three pulses on the gauge to get the best reading. After you do the original test if there is a large variation (20% or so) You can do a wet test by putting a little oil in each cylinder to see if the test improves. If it does most likely a ring problem
  6. Good idea keithb7. Should read at least be 100 psi or so and all cylinders should be relatively even.
  7. Fuel? Could be a small line leak? That would suck air instead of fuel from the tank and cause a stall. But that would seem to be something that would happen all the time.
  8. Sounds fuel related. Have you tried spraying a little gas into the carb when it stalls and see if it restarts? If it does perhaps the fuel pump is failing. Does it run hot? And does the Heat riser work correctly?
  9. Phreakboy, don't take this the wrong way but I remind you that many times someone will post a question or a request for help and often several folks go to the trouble of forming and posting answers only to have the OP never return to the thread. Obviously this is not you but I know from personal experience that it makes one somewhat hesitant to answer a post from a Newbie
  10. I am sure as the cars got older the interest in keeping them in the best of condition soon turned into just get the Da*n thing going. And as is often said, who the heck ever thought that anyone would want these cars anyway as they got older. I am guilty of MM rigging my 2001 Astro van as it has reached the point where although it is not on a DNR list I do only fix what I really need to have and the rest....
  11. Looks in good shape. As an aside, conversion to 12 volts is usually more trouble than it is worth. Good battery, correctly functioning generator, correct cables and clean contacts will usually solve any problems.
  12. You might want to look into seeing if a machine shop near you can convert the U-joints to a more modern type. Places here in the US do so although the cost is not cheap.
  13. No idea how the double post occurred. Webmaster may delete if he wishes too.
  14. My wife doesn't care too about Old Cars but doesn't begrudge me mine interest or investment so I will take that and be happy. Known several women who just pestered their husbands until they gave up whatever the thing was the wife did not like or thought was a waste of money.
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