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  1. plymouthcranbrook


    The same issue where current members of the human race are to be resposible for all past injustices that ever occured.
  2. plymouthcranbrook

    Just had a 7.2 quake

    Now that is serious if home made
  3. plymouthcranbrook

    Poor chicken...

    I find it disturbing to see an ad for a frying pan under the original post. What are they trying to say?
  4. plymouthcranbrook

    My broken starter...

    A reasonable price on Flea-Bay. Will wonders never cease?
  5. plymouthcranbrook

    I didn't need another project but it followed me home..

    Los Control is right, sometimes free is too much to pay. That said i would have bought it for that price as well
  6. plymouthcranbrook

    My starter broke!!!

    Had the same problem years ago on something. Don't remember on what but I do remember being annoyed as it was winter.
  7. plymouthcranbrook

    oil Recommmendations

    Farm and Fleet 10W-40
  8. plymouthcranbrook

    Fan blades. Mounting

    I can attest to that fun fact. I had one on a Corvair do that to me in1970 at about 30 MPH. Don't know why for sure. Scared the bejeus out of 19 year old me.
  9. plymouthcranbrook

    Color on wheels

    I painted mine Gloss black with POR 15 and have never had a problem. Looks good to me(the only critic I follow)
  10. plymouthcranbrook

    What happens when a hound dog eats cabbage

    One of our dogs likes celery and lettuce. Not quite as adamate about it though
  11. plymouthcranbrook

    Did you vote today????

    Probably saving up for a convention of County Clerks in Hawaii
  12. plymouthcranbrook

    Did you vote today????

    Yes, but probably doomed each one I voted for to defeat. Works on TV shows as well. If I like iti gone.
  13. plymouthcranbrook

    Bob Drown

    Sigh....So sorry he is gone.
  14. plymouthcranbrook

    Notice anything different?

    I am looking at the trunk lock assembly. I don't believe I have ever seen one quite like it. Is it an aftermarket with the large box on the lid with the handle attached to it? and for what purpose?

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