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  1. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Found one on E bay as I mentioned earlier and decided to buy it. The extra one day $5.00 off didn't hurt either.
  2. Seat Covers USA

    Thanks for the input everyone
  3. Seat Covers USA

    Mostly just stained. And a little worn. Structurally sound as far as I can tell.
  4. Moore's Auto Salvage

    I left a message for them today. We will see what happens next. The recording mentioned using the website for orders so maybe the problem I found was temporary. I do know that several years ago I tried to do a website order and after a week cailed them. The guy who answered said" yeah I remember you sent an e-mail" That taught me to call.
  5. Seat Covers USA

    Has anyone had any dealings with these folks? They offer custom cut to fit for models back to 1950 for about $250. Wondered if anyone has had any experience with them. https://seatcoverusa.com/
  6. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Well thank you for that. I hadn't found time to call as yet. Did he say anything about the website being down or N/A? I will call later and see if they have the part I need. I am sure it is plenty cold in South Dakota which might explain the delay in fetching parts
  7. Tech manual

    And if you are looking for a basic knowledge type manual you can't beat the Motors Manuals for the year you own. Explains things much more simply that then factory manual does. Complements the Factory manual, not replaces it.
  8. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Don't know, have to ask. Thanks for the input.
  9. Moore's Auto Salvage

    I ordered a couple of things several years ago with no issues. I need a new trunk handle for my 1952 Plymouth and the only one so far found is on Flea Bay for $50.00
  10. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Does anyone know if Moores is still in business. I found their old website but when i sent an e-mail to see about a part the 404 page came up. I will try to make a phone call next week but wondered if anyone has any information.
  11. Black Friday Alert

    Sadly the only one near us closed a couple of years ago. Rent went to about $10,000 per month from what I am told. They couldn't make it I guess. Still a few yards near us but only one I know of has any older stuff. And then only back to the 80's or so.
  12. where is this heading

    The folks who see everything that might happen as an opportunity for wealth. And the lawyers who enable them
  13. Hey All

    Hello Neighbor. Nice car. i like DeSotos
  14. Auto choke issues P20 '50 Special Deluxe

    It took me about 10 tries to set my Sission choke on my 52 correctly. Mostly the part about holding the throttle about 1/3 way open. It seems my idea of what 1/3 was different from those who wrote the manual. Now though it works great.
  15. Hoodies and tees

    1952 Plymouth Cranbrook?