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  1. You might try going to a local automotive paint supplier and if there is an unfaded spot on the paint be able to computer match the color. There is a shop not too far from me that will do that and if you want even put it in a rattle can for small repairs. Not cheap though. But I understand paint prices have really climbed since I used to paint cars so...
  2. Apparently the 5 cylinder engine is not as rare as you suppose. My 54 Savoy in high school also had 0 oil pressure except when I would downshift at about 30 mph into 2nd gear. Then i had 50 psi for a short while. In this case number 5 had a bad rod bearing and I had 0 money to do anything about it except pull the pan on the 3 occasions when it locked up tight and slid to a stop on the street. Friends used to push it home with their cars and I would take it apart. Finally gave up when the clutch went out and off to the junkyard it went. Got $4.00 for it and half went to the friend who pulled it out there. I also ran a combination of straight STP and Rislone
  3. I suspect that if I remember correctly you should only have to disengage the fork and move things out of the way. When I changed the clutch on mine about 13 years ago that is what I remember doing The shift linkage and spedo cable as well as the parking brake need to be removed if the trans is coming too.
  4. Make sure that the mixture screw is not damaged. Some folks have a tendency to turn the screws in hard and then damage the tip. Hard to get a good setting if that happens
  5. It was in Hemmings Daily a few days ago and also on the AACA site as well. Never bought anything from them but...
  6. Got my Dyke's a few days ago and although I am just at the looking through it stage I am amazed at the information there. Most of course out of date unless you have a fairly old car(Book is 1952 issue) but much basic knowledge is really explained very well. I have already learned things that I thought i knew all about were not quite what I thought. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950-Dodge-Other-Pickups-Pilot-House/323758062385?hash=item4b617bfb31:g:PgQAAOSwbg5cnkg3&vxp=mtr Seems to be in fairly good condition and for once a reasonable price.
  8. The worst part(giving my age away) is that when I read the 3rd post I immediately remembered seeing the original TV show. Sigh, but what happened yesterday? Great to see again. Now to watch the first one
  9. Parts must be secial ordered from the manufacturer in Upper Elbonia and only in lots of 100 or more. Not worth waking the Machinists for less
  10. This claims to be the Original Posting just for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=109&v=Ac7G7xOG2Ag
  11. Ocasionally I see a custom car that I like and this is one. Another of their projects: http://www.hillsrodandcustom.com/?page_id=42 The Woodie fastback Design: http://www.hillsrodandcustom.com/?p=416 The last update on their web page is 2014 and mentions the Fastbacki
  12. And go back a few times and be sure the bolts are tight. I had to re-check mine about 5 times to make sure they stayed secure Napa has a very good sealer specfically for bolts going into water jackets.
  13. From the looks of it the Penrite is only available from one place in southern California or one dealer in Canada
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