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  1. plymouthcranbrook

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    There is no such thing as "Just a dog" any more than just a "kid" We fall in love with them and they with us. We share with two dogs, a cat and three rabbits and all are precious. Dread they day they begin to go. Sorry for all who have had to let the friends go. Another thought on this theme: https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/Poem.htm
  2. plymouthcranbrook

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Not to be different but I used POR 15. Hard as a rock and not in the sun enough to fade.
  3. plymouthcranbrook

    engine studs and gearbox gasket set

    When I had a couple of Fiats several years ago I had your problem in reverse. Most were obtainable here but you had to search.
  4. plymouthcranbrook

    Received approval for 1947 plate!!

    Illinois will let you put a year of manufacturer plate on a car with Historic Antique plates as long as you have the correct issue plate in the car. Unfortunately the plate most of us use(Expanded Antique) isn't allowed to be part of that program
  5. plymouthcranbrook

    Received approval for 1947 plate!!

    Congratulations on getting to use the plate on that great car.
  6. plymouthcranbrook

    who knew baseball was so expensive!

    This is one of the reasons I quit going to professional sports games a very long time ago. Thirty some years ago a box of 4 seats cost me about $125 at Cubs park.
  7. plymouthcranbrook

    Springtime In The Midwest!

    Hopefully Spring will arrive here this week. Haven't even started the cars yet.
  8. plymouthcranbrook

    Someone is going to be making new rear drums.

    Still worth looking into if the price is not out of the world.. My left rear has been marginal for years.
  9. plymouthcranbrook

    1/4" or 3/16" Brake Line?

    This stuff really works to prevent rust. i have had to repair lines on several cars over the years and have always found good metal under the armor
  10. plymouthcranbrook

    The Classic Car Code

    Enjoyed reading this: https://onemanandhismustang.com/2018/05/03/the-classic-car-code/
  11. plymouthcranbrook

    Air Wrenches

    As your collection expands I would definitely get at least one Air Drill. With good bits and a strong compressor they will really cut a hole. Air Chisel is another good buy but be sure to get well made bits as cheap ones will just dull rather quickly. Air ratchets not so much in my opinion as they seem to have little torque but are good for spinning on free nuts. I have two, a 3/8 and a 1/2 inch and hardly ever use them
  12. plymouthcranbrook

    The Simpsons pass Gunsmoke as longest running TV series

  13. plymouthcranbrook

    Set the timing with the oil pump?

    My 52 had the rotor at 5 o'clock when i got it years ago at No. 1 TDC. Car ran fine but for consistency I moved it to the correct placement.
  14. plymouthcranbrook

    My new car accessories, I love it!

    I have seen that ad before. I do know that the attitude of people for pets was different then.Although it does remind me of the Mitt Romney story about the roof carrier.
  15. plymouthcranbrook

    defroster blower (550 system)

    Here are the pics(hopefully, maybe):

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