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  1. Try Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant pn 56521 on fasteners that penetrate the water jacket. I had good success using this on a timing cover bolt that penetrated into the water jacket on a 3800 v6. I had previously tried some of the silicone products without success, but the permatex thread sealant did the trick.
  2. Jocko, Try Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant pn 56521 on fasteners that penetrate the water jacket. Scott.
  3. Great job Pete. That's my favorite type of fix, using repurposed off the shelf parts to solve a problem. Most people would look at that and never know it wasn't a repop or nos part.
  4. The A-series vans are unit-body contruction. There is no seperate chassis to use.
  5. I think pistons and crank/rod bearings from a 270 will work. Needs a 0.0625 overbore. Measure measure measure to make sure before laying down your cash. There are some vendors of early hemi parts that may be able to supply some parts that interchange like bearings, maybe oil and water pumps. Might be worthwhile to check with them. Expect parts to be expensive.
  6. The oil pressure switch needs to have at least one "Normally Open" contact. Good luck explaining that to the kid at the parts store. Scott.
  7. Why not use an electric fuel pump inertial switch like this: http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=941751&cc=1122028&jsn=501 This one is for a 1992 F150 4.9L. Use the inertial switch to cut power to the fuel pump relay coil during a collision. Should be a little safer than the oil pressure switch. Wire from ignition switch to inertial switch, then from inertial switch to relay coil, then from relay coil to ground. Run a power wire from a source of fused battery voltage to the normally open contact of the relay, then from the other side of the normally open relay contact to your fuel pump. When you turn on the ignition the fuel pump relay will energize sending power to the fuel pump. In case of an accident the inertial switch opens, de-energizing the fuel pump relay and shutting off the pump. Scott
  8. I believe the dial also has information on what shift cast the part.
  9. It looks like those Raybestos pads fit a variety of vehicles. One common fitment was a 1976 Chrysler Cordoba. A good parts store should be able to help with the pin. RockAuto list a Raybestos H5017W as the correct pin for a Cordoba caliper.
  10. The red paint on the longer spring looks very suspicious. I have seen these color coded springs in high volume oil pump kits for V8s. I would say you don't have the proper spring and valve.
  11. Just curious, when these oversized filters are crushed down and forced to fit, does any oil pass through them at all?
  12. That seems very reasonable for a set of patterns. Scott.
  13. Good to know it was something simple. The shroud should help as well. Scott.
  14. A question for Gramps 1951. How are you measuring the temperature? Did you adapt the original factory gauge or is this an aftermarket gauge? Gauges can be off. One of those handheld infrared thermometers may give you a good baseline of the temperature.
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