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  1. Jeff.P_46

    Different dual res. master cylinders

    I used a MPM universal under floor style with booster, got it from piratejack.net. They are actually part of of MBM but have better prices. Jeff
  2. Jeff.P_46

    Has anybody tried heat shrinking?

    I would start in the center and just see how it goes. You can also make a slapping spoon out of a mill or basterd file, push up on the area with a dolly, piece of wood etc... and slap the area. The ridges of the file create small valleys in the metal which take up the excess metal. A poor mans shrinking disc can be made out of a worn out 7" grounding disc, you just need something that will cause friction. Jeff
  3. Jeff.P_46

    '46 D-24 parts

    Got it running and now I need to take it in to get it aligned and have the windshield put in and then I'll be able to hit the road Jeff
  4. Jeff.P_46

    Has anybody tried heat shrinking?

    Hi Joe, I bought a shrinking disc and also made one. It's definitly a learned technique. It works better over a rough surface were there's highs and lows, the high spots heat up and when you cool it they shrink. I think you would be better off using the torch just do dime size areas to cherry red and quench them. Jeff
  5. Jeff.P_46

    also on craigslist

    A homemade Ute http://bend.craigslist.org/cto/1091386947.html
  6. Jeff.P_46

    '46 D-24 parts

    Thought I would add prices on the D-24 parts (off '46 3-window coupe) Let me know if there is any interest Thanks Jeff • Front marker lights, glass/trim good, one bucket has a few rust holes $20 • Front headlight bucket assemblies with bulbs and rings $20 • Front coils, cut $10 • Master cylinder/pedal assembly, rebuilt master $20 • Tail light assemblies, wall hangers, 1 good lens $10 • Brake light assembly, wall hanger, good lens and badge $15 • Door handles $10 • Front end rebuild parts, new trunions, 2 new bolts, 2 used bolts $10 • Nose trim with badge $15 • Nose Dodge piece $10 • Used uprights $10 • Front hubs, complete, new wheel cyl, hose, shoes, seals, drums good $100 • Rear gravel guard, good condition $75 • Gas pedal & bracket $10 • Gas filler $10 • SS body trim, complete set $200 • Rear fender bolts free
  7. Jeff.P_46

    '46 D-24 parts

    I don't know why but I always have left-over parts evertime I work on something
  8. Jeff.P_46

    '46 D-24 parts

    I posted this over in the parts-for-sale section but thought I would mention it here also. I decided to start selling my left overs, if you sell anything that's interesting to you let me know. Thanks Jeff
  9. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    Yep, they are artillery wheels Jeff
  10. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    I also have these non Chevy projects but it will be a few years before I can get to them (and no, I won't be putting a Chevy in them Jeff
  11. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    I do have 2 flat heads, one out of my '61 W300 (I did put a 318 in it) and one out of a '46 dodge truck that we scrapped on the ranch I grew up on (I've hung on to it for 30 years), but they both need to be gone thru. The Chevy was the easiest to get it back on the road in the least amount of time. Jeff
  12. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    I would have put a 318 in it but I already had so many Chevy parts that I couldn't justifiy spending the extra money. Jeff
  13. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    Last pic
  14. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    More pics
  15. Jeff.P_46

    Progress pics of Betty

    Here are some progress pics of Betty. Had to make shims for the rear end to get the pinion up because I didn’t take the time to check the position of were the spring mounts road on the springs before I welded them. I thought the rear end pads set at the lowest part of the spring. You can also see the under floor master cylinder I installed. The engine is all plumbed and wired now. I’m trying to finish the rest of the wiring so I can start it, I am about 75% done. I installed an EZ-Wiring fuse block and made a large enough mount to add some relays for the electric fan and door solenoids. Since my stock gauges need some work to be functional again I am adding some under dash ones for now. You can also see one of the ABS kick panels I made, need to add some hold sown clips but it sure bets the old rotten masonite ones. I'll need to this in several threads to load the pics. Jeff

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