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  1. NiftyFifty

    Disc brake conversion issue

    I installed mine on a 1950 1 ton, but possibly a difference between US and Canadian version?
  2. NiftyFifty

    Disc brake conversion issue

    I honestly can’t see how the stock master would handle front disc, but I never tried. You have to put the adapter on first, then slide the master down, but I put mine in as a unit with the proportioning valve, which you must have to ensure proper pressure front and back, with the front doing the brunt of course. if you have the right Cherokee mc it’s not much bigger at all then stock..tight but fits for sure.
  3. NiftyFifty

    Front Axle

    Is the spindle not larger then the 1/2 ton making the kit Rusty Hope sells impossible to install? 5 x 4.25 pattern is also much easier to get rims for.
  4. NiftyFifty

    Front Axle

    Some 3/4 ton had the big 6 bolt design, which is hard to find rims for, as well as you cannot use the front disc brake conversion kits if that’s also in the future of the truck.
  5. NiftyFifty

    King pin removal

    They weren't likely expecting the truck to be still in service 70-80 years down the line, but many an axle has been heated and seem to come out just fine. I would be more concerned about the amount of force needed to remove the pin without heat.
  6. NiftyFifty

    Paint - Base/Clear or Single Stage?

    Which results in this image...LOL
  7. NiftyFifty

    Paint - Base/Clear or Single Stage?

    If you have never painted OR if you don't have a really good shop to paint in, it's a much better option to farm out the painting, as many things can go wrong on your own...and it can go beyond wrong with a "backyard" painter, so for the huge investment and in reality the end result of your truck, get a good shop to do the work that has a track record and will repair their own mistakes. If you go through a shop, they will tell you what brand they use and have the best experience with, and that's likely the best route. If you paint on your own, then BC/CC is a good option because if you lay on the clear heavy, you can sand and polish out 90% of your flaws
  8. NiftyFifty

    I’m an idiot

    Great time to upgrade to 2 barrel!!
  9. NiftyFifty

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    I had a bad experience with Omni paint...lots of dry spray from it, and not enough pigment, so it required a lot of coats, but just a touch too heavy and it runs like water. If I could go back, I would always choose the slowest drying hardner, it's more forgiving and only means a few extra minutes between coats and maybe a day before you really want to play with the parts. Ive played with nice guns an drew cheap guns...they all actually work pretty well, as long as your pressure and pattern is right...but some paint is not fun no matter what gun it's in...Restoration Shop form TCP Global is a prefect example...says no thinning..well just tray and make that not dry spray on a 80/90 degree day...as for EPA laws....well it's the Wild West as far as my home shop goes
  10. NiftyFifty

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    Make sure your using a regulator and with the gun empty and hooked up, open the air on it full and pull the trigger, then set the regulator on the compressor to be providing you about 30-35 psi constantly while in full flow. That won’t be what’s at the gun tip, but few guys have a way to measure that pressure. biggest rule, light coat that covers about 50% first, then two medium heavier coats, by third coat you should see no signs of the underlying primer or metal.
  11. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    As long as both are 23” block FYI, some 218’s are 25” but that was mostly Canadian
  12. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Only if his 230 is post 55, and 125 came in a 56 engine...so you would need to know all of that as well and be sure what your building. I’m not sure what changed, possibly head clearance and valve or cam changes, but the 54 and older 230 are all around 110 or less hp, very close to the 218. I would build whichever is the cleanest and most un molested block to start, if it’s already bored 30 + over you may want to use a different block
  13. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Everything but better fuel mileage...that is a bit worse, but the power gains far out weigh that difference
  14. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Yep, I did the electronic ignition as well...not really any noticeable difference with it, but no more messing with points is enough of a benefit
  15. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Used this one, and an adapter plate from Trans Dapt, which I had to do just a bit of grinding on to fit, but it's working fantastic, and I never touched a thing on the carb, worked great out of the box. I did a thread on it "fingers crossed carb upgrade" I think it was called

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