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  1. NiftyFifty

    Chrysler industrial engines

    I just got 6 new pistons from Northern Auto Parts, they fit the rods and no other issues. I did all my valves/seats, but I guess I never paid attention to the w/wo, I just got all new parts and dropped the block off for machining and the new cam bearings, and they never said any issues. My block came from a Massey Harris combine.
  2. NiftyFifty

    Chrysler industrial engines

    Also can have different rings and pistons, as I found out the hard way building my 251IND, but everything else was the same
  3. NiftyFifty

    King Pin replacement issues

    Sorry, my mistake, but still not the same as 1 ton so you can’t utilize the original rims
  4. NiftyFifty

    King Pin replacement issues

    The Rusty Hope kit forces you into 4 1/4 bolt pattern in the front, no option to keep the original 1 ton bolt pattern as far as I know, and the 4 1/4 is stock dodge 1/2 ton spec for those years.
  5. NiftyFifty

    King Pin replacement issues

    Just get a 1/2 ton axle or spindles, that’s what I did on my 1 ton, was cheaper then the machining costs, and a direct bolt in.
  6. NiftyFifty

    Head Gasket Recommendation

    FelPro just needs an out if the gasket fails and you used anything on it. These engines have imperfections and nobody is about to yank and disassemble the engine for a plaining when a little copper spray will do the trick. These flatheads ads were always tough on head gaskets, and if you do power improvements it can be a little worse. Spray it up, put a new gasket in and enjoy the road. Also get new head bolts from Summit if you haven’t already...they do stretch
  7. I was wondering where you bought your 12 volt basic wiring kit and also your 2nd one as well. I assume you did a 12 volt conversion. I am debating on converting my 40 business coupe to 12 volts as some of the original wiring is becoming frayed and brittle and I find myself having more and more electrical shorts than I care for. I've used a speedway 22 circuit kit before when I wired my 49 chevy fleetline and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and in the end everything worked out great.

    Thanks for your time

    Jesse R

    Salinas Ca.

    1. NiftyFifty


      Hey, I actually built both of mine from scratch, I knew there wasn’t going to be an easy kit for my truck with all the additions I did last time.  The first time I just copied the basic wire diagram on the site and switch everything that needed to be 12volt. Sorry I can’t be more help with aftermarket 

    2. Joeys41


      No worries thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

  8. NiftyFifty

    Head Gasket Recommendation

    Use the copper spray on every surface, that seems to have extended the periods between head gasket changes for me, and yes, re-torque after a couple of heating and cooling sessions
  9. NiftyFifty

    Master Cyl Swap from 90 Cherokee

    It’s been 8 years now, so hard to remember what it all looks like, but the original just uses the thickness of the mount, so no reason the new one couldn’t, but as I recall it would be near impossible to drill it out in the truck properly.
  10. NiftyFifty

    Jeep master cylinder?

    Plastic is just fine in that location, and smaller and easy to find
  11. NiftyFifty

    Jeep master cylinder?

    I didn't gut anything on my master cylinder when I did my swap, Just be sure to read all the way through
  12. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    This is the adapter plate you have to use on the autolite/holly style carb
  13. NiftyFifty

    Oil Pan Installation

    Are you guys still installing an oil pan gasket or moved on to dressmaking...I’m confused LOL I would never mess with pins or anything foreign except for the rtv silicon in the instillation, it wasn’t necessary originally, so no reason for it now, and I would hate to see a pin work it’s way out and into anything. There’s a 100 ways to skin a cat, but at the end it’s still supposed to be a simple job
  14. NiftyFifty

    Oil Pan Installation

    I always trim mine a bit and use Ultra Black on the crack between the gaskets, but never on the contact surfaces, as stated above...aviation gasket maker or high tack is best for holding in place, but I only use on the pan...very hard to get off the block if you need to remove again
  15. NiftyFifty

    Deleted thread regarding aftermarket parts quality...

    I 100% agree that thread did go overboard on some posts and we do have to give the vendor a chance to fix a problem with product before a rant, but if it’s ok I would like to say it’s also good business for the forum itself to educate members on what products to avoid when doing a build. After my own parts issues I try to spend a lot more time seeking out information on either the vendor or if possible exact parts I’m after from said vendor and nothing is better then others first hand experience, and this site is a wealth of information. I guess what I’m hoping is we just don’t lose the freedom to protect others from parts we should just avoid, it’s a big part of what the community should be about.

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