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  1. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    As long as both are 23” block FYI, some 218’s are 25” but that was mostly Canadian
  2. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Only if his 230 is post 55, and 125 came in a 56 engine...so you would need to know all of that as well and be sure what your building. I’m not sure what changed, possibly head clearance and valve or cam changes, but the 54 and older 230 are all around 110 or less hp, very close to the 218. I would build whichever is the cleanest and most un molested block to start, if it’s already bored 30 + over you may want to use a different block
  3. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Everything but better fuel mileage...that is a bit worse, but the power gains far out weigh that difference
  4. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Yep, I did the electronic ignition as well...not really any noticeable difference with it, but no more messing with points is enough of a benefit
  5. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    Used this one, and an adapter plate from Trans Dapt, which I had to do just a bit of grinding on to fit, but it's working fantastic, and I never touched a thing on the carb, worked great out of the box. I did a thread on it "fingers crossed carb upgrade" I think it was called
  6. NiftyFifty

    218 performance bump

    230 a direct drop in, but honestly the difference in hp from a 218 is pretty negligible. Get yourself a set of dual exhaust headers, shaving the head can definitely help and may need to be done anyway, and my best upgrade was going to a 2 barrel carb instead of the stock single.
  7. NiftyFifty

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Ok so maybe I have a bit of an addiction compared to you guys...lol the one with the couches is the actual man cave on the mezzanine in the shop, and yes...fridge and 50” tv LOL. If I had put in a bathroom I could live out there when I’m in trouble in the house!
  8. NiftyFifty


    Did you use a linkage or a cable for kick down? I went cable after my swap in my Monaco, couldn’t make linkage work with my valve covers and dual quad intake.
  9. NiftyFifty

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I keep on adding to my tins and sign collection...but getting harder every year, or should I say more expensive
  10. NiftyFifty

    Cracked Manifold

    I’d sand it a bit and mig it just to cover it up and stitch it back together if I had a long trip planned...worst case you get a bit of a leak and repair it with some muffler cement or wrap as an emergency road fix
  11. NiftyFifty

    Rebuild of 230

    Does!! Stupid autocorrect on my iPhone! LOL timing chain has to come from Kanters or alike tho...or I got mine NOS on eBay for 1/2 the price
  12. NiftyFifty

    Rebuild of 230

    I hate to sound like a broken record on here, but RockAuto doesn't sell pretty much everything you will need, but always be sure to take your block into the machine shop first before ordering anything..make sure your getting what they recommend for overbore sizes, and even bearing sizes.
  13. NiftyFifty

    Newbie Questions

    Minivan or 1/4 ton truck seats are usually the first choice, I went with two lethar bucket seats out of a Ford explorer and a Dakota console myself
  14. NiftyFifty

    Odd plate?

    Ya, that’s not the right serial number...hopefully you never get checked, but up here we have to do the odd crafty thing to keep rolling too
  15. NiftyFifty

    Newbie Questions

    No your really missing the whole seat itself, they have a pretty elaborate skeleton and spring and wire system. You may find another used seat, or possibly consider swapping to a newer seat which lots of ppl have done

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