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  1. Someday I’ll get back down there, I just hated trailering all that way, and a few bad memories from the past trip have kinda kept me and wife from really getting the urge to go back, but one of these years I’ll make the journey....hopefully tho in a 440 powered swept line
  2. http://p15-d24.com/topic/37458-converting-to-rack-and-pinion-power-steering/#comments
  3. Here is about the best I can do, just remember everything you add is a parasitic draw on the engine, so if your running a stock 218 your going to eat up a couple ponies to drive accessories
  4. Too late now, would destroy the paint on the door. I’m happier with my locking drivers door anyway, pretty hard to crawl over my console now anyway 😆
  5. My original psgr door lock was so seized I just left it in place and painted right over it, the cost for NOS was pretty much what my handles were, and I tried multiple times to get it out with the little screw, but it was stuck and stripped.
  6. Away from home for a few days, but should be the bottom set. Did one locking, one not
  7. Mine are locking handles, and they definitely have better looking ones then the one pictured above, and the mounting holes are the same, only had to cut off a bit of the square shaft to match the original, but then that is preference, I think it can fit regardless
  8. Whatever you do, make sure you have a way into your truck when the system fails...talk to guys that build hotrods where people asked for shaved handles etc...biggest complaint after is getting locked out from a dead battery, or a failed linkage that blocks the door from being opened manually. I solved the passenger door lock issue with a locking door handle for the drivers side from Spenaur, looks original, fit well and now I have a key and lock that's more friendly.
  9. What year does that fit? Never seen that on any truck before...or car for that matter, but I can definitely say I haven't seen them all
  10. My car hauler was powder coated from factory, 6 years later it is coming off in huge chunks, once a rust bubble started it just spread all underneath the coating. Just scraped or brushed off what I could and Por15 the main spots and black undercoated the rest. Powder coating is great, but still not much better in salty conditions
  11. Very likely nothing modern is a “drop in”, so now is the time to look at a complete swap to a modern power train like a 360 or such, likely not that difficult on the big trucks with all the room under the hood. I just don’t recall if the rear engine mount/bell housing is apart of the frame on those and affects your pedals and master cyl
  12. Por 15 should not be sprayed without a proper booth and respirator system, it can be extremely dangerous if air borne
  13. Not sure why people are finding Por15 easy to crack? I have literally hammered on this stuff and hardly even scratched it, little own crack. I used it on the leaf springs on my Monaco and my old vintage sleds, no cracking and been there for a few years now.
  14. Por15 is the best way to go, seal that metal and give it a hard coat that won’t just wear off like paint.
  15. Hey everyone, Hope its ok to post this here, but I'm one of the volunteers and planners for this summers upcoming SuperRun car show, which only happens every three years in Brandon Manitoba and I just wanted to post a link to the website in hopes we can get some more of our northern US friends and even fellow Canadians out to support the show. This is a great event and we are a non-profit organization, so any funds over our expenses will be used for the next show in 2022, or donated to charity if things should change in that time. thanks again for the space and hope to see you there! www.superrunbrandon.com
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