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  1. They're still out there

    Imo it’s still a pretty high start considering it very likely still needs a pile of work. Body wise it has a lot going with no rust, but still lots of dents and work to be done. Nothing to say the engine isn’t worn out and needing a complete rebuild, as would be the front end and other suspension components. If you wanted an all original truck to drive in a parade or a Sunday local cruise..maybe it’s worth it, but knowing what it costs to do a build and that doesn’t include a pro paint job...it’s a big investment
  2. Carb upgrade, fingers crossed

    Won’t be for quite awhile, I live on gravel that’s sheer ice right now. I’m in no rush, won’t be much of a test in the ditch or wrapped around a pole. Lol I’ll update when the weather is right
  3. Tappet Wrench

    Probably a slim chance...not much tappet work going on anymore in the day to day automotive workshop, but be good to know what you find
  4. Tappet Wrench

    I thought Sears went out of business in the US as well? I know the couple in North Dakota I used to go to are gone now.
  5. Tappet Wrench

    I think 7/16 and 1/2 is right, as for a king pin reamer...do yourself a huge favour, get a machine shop to do your bushings, they can make a much nicer and tighter clearance and the costs aren't that bad, and if you do it once, very likely never do it again. A table saw in Manitoba shouldn't be any issues...Canadian tire usually puts them on for $100-150 a couple times a year, but a skill saw is much easier for cutting floor boards.
  6. Tappet Wrench

    No metric wrenches needed until late 60’s I believe...your safe with your standard set
  7. 218 engine upgrade questions

    http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/#!/Stovebolt-Mopar-Mini-HEI/p/1222043/category=18665978 I'm more of a fan of the complete distb swap, it is more money, but I have a better chance getting a replacement part from a jobber if I break down on the road, as it's all S10 2.8L parts. You can also google Moose headers if you want true dual exhaust, he builds them when ordered..decent price..just ride him that your looking for a nice clean set of headers..mine had a lot of welding slag on the, and one hole I had to end up widening to make fit...but not as many options for the 25" blocks compared to the 23's
  8. Tappet Wrench

    I just used my plain mastercraft set from Ctire...no matter what you have it's a bear of a job. IMO...if I was to do it again, I would heat up the engine and then shut it off and adjust...this adjusting while running stuff is for the birds...not to mention tough on your feeler gauge set.
  9. 218 engine upgrade questions

    There are dual carb set ups available, and dual exhaust headers, electronic ignition and shaving the head just a bit can help, but remember that at the end of the day, it’s still a low hp flathead and will most likely never compare to a later V8 or even V6.
  10. Carb upgrade, fingers crossed

    Well I got everything hooked up today and figured it was time for a test run....fired right up, sat on high idle perfectly, then after a few minutes I kicked it down and idles at about 7-800rpm. When you stomp on it no real hesitation, revs right up. I only wish I could actually take it for a drive, but I would say other then fine tuning once it hits the road, this seems like it’s going to work. So $88 US for the Carb, about $50 for the adapter and a bit of time...I lost more then that at the hockey game last weekend.
  11. Front axle castle nut

    If the dot inspection is like our safety, there is no need to check that....you don't even pull the Cali person unless you can measure the pads. End of the day, unless your going to drill a new hole in the actual spindle, drilling out a new nut is no safer, and wouldn't allow for any kind of fine tuning for bearing set. If you don't run this kit, it doesn't matter to you...seems to be a lot of us that do, and I would imagine a mass majority are running the nut backwards...I haven't had issues or heard of any, might not be exactly right, but in reality the nut still can't turn, so it's not really any less safe
  12. Kingpins Question

    Take them both out and measure ...never know what could have happened in 60+ years.
  13. Kingpins Question

    Size...mine were a bit larger in diameter then the ones offered by RockAuto...likely more limited use, or could be a more used in Canadian production then US.
  14. Kingpins Question

    Rockauto does carry some, but mine were the odd ball size, so they don't carry them. MidCanada is a rare parts dealer, so he can get them, but they were cheaper on eBay, so I went that way. Use a good digital caliber to measure your pins...the two options are pretty close
  15. Kingpins Question

    I ordered them off eBay from a rareparts.com dealer...they have pretty good quality stuff, same guys I had to get my 67 Monaco lower ball joints from...only suppliers