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  1. You should be able to just cut the tube that the tie rods screw into, shouldn't have to touch the tie rods themselves. I cut the right hand threaded side one, and I might have run a few more threads in it...just be careful when you disassemble to mark which side is which and the passenger side is left hand thread
  2. Gas cap pressure

    Mine was a sealed plastic vent, no way to tamper with it, not sure if yours is the same Soup
  3. Gas cap pressure

    Throw it out...I bought one of those "vented" caps for mine...had bucking and vapour locking issues whenever it got hot out...finally drilled a hole right through the top and solved those issues, but Id prefer to find the right cap if I could.
  4. Hesitation woes continue

    Silly question...is your gas cap vented/not plugged?? Or lines pulling air somewhere??
  5. What year/model did I buy?

    Looks like a nice truck and yes it must be 3/4 or 1 ton with the 6 bolt patten. I see all the interior has been removed, but you can get all the parts for that from Roberts Motor Parts online.
  6. Seat Belts installed?

    Lots of places to get lap belts, I built threaded plates that go under the floor and bolt through from the top...it's a little bit of security, especially for any passengers, as they have to wheel to hold
  7. Ty rod ends

    Tie rod ends are not something to cheap out on...try Rockauto, but I pretty much only recommend the Moog branded ones.
  8. 1 ton to 1/2 ton front end swap

    Its the exact same front end basically, but the spindles are bigger and different bolt pattern for the rims...if you can find a 1/2 ton axle it will bolt right up, and I would recommend losing a leaf or two out of the front for comfort....I did this exact swap when I built my truck...just remember, only every other spring...so from bottom up, leave 1 take away 2, leave 3 take away 4 etc..
  9. I guess some people on here don't know the strength of jb weld...if you farm it's a life saver, and have seen cracked blocks fixed with it...he said pin hole, it's not a 1/2" gash I'm guessing, on top of that....since when does a minor oil leak burn down trucks?? If that was the case, 95% of flathead trucks would be ashes
  10. Solder won't stick, uless your going to silver solder it and that's as hard as brazing for the most part...clean it up really well, JB weld the spot and then put a little black rtv over that once the jb is fully cured...shouldn't cause you any more issues, but sand the spot with some rough 80-40 grit sand paper so the jb can grab
  11. How can I call this two parts threaded?

    The brake line fitting is likely national pipe thread and the brass 90 deg looks to be fine thread on the male end...where is this destined for?
  12. windshield sealer?

    The windshield size isn't the issue, it's the replacement rubber that is not of the right size compared to original on out outside seam. Larger windshield would likely just make everything wonky including the inner seam.
  13. windshield sealer?

    Permatex makes a clear silicone that's specifically for windshields that flows very well, so after install you can use it and no ugly black to try and clean up anywhere. I used it on mine, seemed to seal it about 95%...I think my only issues now is a screw leaking
  14. Oils cheap, and lots of cardboard in the world for the garage floor! Lol i changed the bottom half of my seal and got away with that...you could get lucky too if that where the leak is from. I cleaned my engine really well with brake clean around the rear, then took the inspection cover off and got the truck hot and up on some engine stands..I couldnt see oil coming out that high so I cleaned it again and replaced the bottom 1/2. Fixed that leak....now my front seal is leaking
  15. Doing the two piece seal in the vehicle is close to impossible, but apparently is do-able, but I know when I went to fix mine this spring, it's 10x more work then I was willing to do with the timeline and area I had to do it in. The manual is useless in this case, at least for the trucks.