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  1. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    If you buy another kit now, all you can use is the bearings, no guarantee the pins are exact, so your buying somewhat expensive bearings, and I can't imagine finding individual ones the correct size sold separate
  2. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    I just want to be clear on something...you cannot buy the new parts, until you have already taken apart the truck and measured your pins, as their are different sizes, and you can't interchange them. I thought someone had put up a detailed thread on changing? Anywho....yes..cup, steel washer, brass thrust washer and then steel washer and cup, with good quality grease in between IMO, and the thin shim under all of that, only if needed of course. They should be almost hard to turn to start with, and few turns under pressure and that will all go away, but if it's loose and still wiggles after install, then more shims are needed.
  3. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    How do you know it won't come the same way? The kit you have is easy to put together..is it as good..maybe not..but unless your planning this to be a daily driver at high speeds or a lot of in town running around and turns...you'd likely never know the difference
  4. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    Sorry, mine is roller bearing...
  5. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    Can you send me a picture of your actual set...those pictures don’t show me what I want to see, but looks just like the Rare Parts set I got
  6. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    He’s here in Canada...we get fleeced shipping across the line, that’s why I pick all of my parts up across the border, but they don’t like you crossing back with anything. The washer bearing set up is likely just fine if it’s a Moog product, it’s just flat/bearing washer/flat for install, if it’s the kind I’m thinking of.
  7. 4mula-dlx


    Early to mid 90’s Jeep Cherokee and Jeep YJ are typically the best options
  8. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    Can go either way honestly, but pounding down is sure a lot easier and safer
  9. 4mula-dlx

    Oil Filter Gasket

    I gave you the right one, gasket measures 4.5” outside to outside...I just can’t post the pic as it’s too big. I have one sitting on my table, all I have ever used in mine
  10. 4mula-dlx

    Oil Filter Gasket

    51011 should be too big, I used those for my Massey tractors and wouldn’t fit properly in the canister
  11. 4mula-dlx

    Oil Filter Gasket

    I run a Wix 51071, you may want to try it or compare it
  12. 4mula-dlx

    Oil Filter Gasket

    It sounds like your getting the wrong filter if the gasket is wrong?? I’ve never changed the gasket in the top bolt..I never knew it had one, mine has a heavy spring.
  13. 4mula-dlx

    Kingpins Question

    The pictures are mostly generic, google the part number and see if you get something from the actual moog site
  14. 4mula-dlx

    1953 Job Power Bench Seat

    It was more work, but I cut out the whole support and installed power leather bucket seats and a centre console, about the only bench seat you will likely find to fit will be mini van or suv, I think a new 1/2 ton bench would be too wide
  15. 4mula-dlx

    Hood / top of the Radiator

    Direct fit except it hits the hood...LOL

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