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  1. Power Steering Idea

    You'd be amazed how little room you have to work with in both locations, especially under the dash, as you have only one spot to mount the actual steering column too...not saying it can't be done, but I have it a lot of thought and measure before I went my route...what we really need to find as a group is a power steering box that would work with rear steer...if I ever do, I'll go back to a box, rather then my rack.
  2. engine swap upgrade

    That was the issue, there was no supposed to be no thinning of this paint, mix procedure was just paint and hardening agent, the hardner was available in different temperature ranges, which I followed, but it literally was drying the second it left the tip and I adjusted and test patterned my butt off, without and different results. My friend who was a painter for a dealership and now a custom hotrod builder did my re-paint with the same results...he just ended up painting it so thick it was running, to keep the dry spray down. my previous tremclade job was almost better
  3. Power Steering Idea

    Not sure there are any options for that in the limited room with these trucks, it’s somewhat like the electric assist
  4. master cylinder question

    LOL....I have taken so much stufffrom other guys on here, I would be in the same category...so I don't fault anyone for ideas here Pflam This was my original post on it I think, but I messed up the year I took the part off...I had one from a 90 and it was too big to fit, but I think I fixed that later in the discussion. Hopefully the pics help out and what I had to do
  5. engine swap upgrade

    My shop was maybe 70 deg the day I painted with this stuff....it was the fact they sell it with no thinning agent and don't recommend thinning it that made it garbage too me....I thinned the next coats on the other panels with some more success, but once it dried, it was just about as bad as the first attempt on the cab. I used their hardner based on my temps...I think it's just a poor quality paint.
  6. engine swap upgrade

    I think we need to discuss my paint job and choice...it was not better then the factory paint, unless at the factory it was dry spraying like I had my shop at 120 degrees, and they sanded everything 3 times....hence my warning to avoid TCP global paint on the solid, non thinning colours
  7. master cylinder question

    This guy is stealing my patent...LOL...I'm gonna claim to be #1 with the Cherokee MC...I've gotta have some kinda rep here..LOL I think it's the best fit myself, I looked at a lot at the wrecking yard before I decided on it...removed it and it measured up pretty well.
  8. master cylinder question

    This is what I used, from a 1996 JeepCherokee but you must bend your own lines to make the proportioning valve work
  9. engine swap upgrade

    I don’t agree at all, most people looking to get into the game now want upgrades, better braking and steering and more reliable power train, the customer base of people want all period correct in these Trucks fades a little more every year. If it’s nostalgia then you likely had or was in one when you were young...that part is changing as those generations are now to the age of selling, not buying. Buy the engine, do the swap if it’s what YOU want...if you build the truck for the next guy, then why build it at all, find a project you want, and make it your own, or you’re likely to never really enjoy it.
  10. Power Steering Idea

    No, mine was a 1 ton, and I basically converted it to a 1/2 ton before the swap. I don't think you will find any rack strong enough for that truck. If it's was me, I would look into a bigger truck power steering box, but the worst part is, finding one that is rear steer.
  11. Power Steering Idea

    I considered that option before I went with the rack route, the issue is, no real room under the dash or between firewall and steering box to fit one of those units, and my friends that work in dealerships have said those do tend to give a lot of issues...maybe not the Saturn model as much tho..
  12. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    I've never seen any proof to that on anything I can find online, and unless your going for the 100% stock appearance or you live in a dust bowl, switching to paper is far more convenient and safer then the oil bath....even the ag industry dropped them close to the same time as the auto industry...paper element technology and permanent replacements like K&N and other performance filters will give far better engine performance and far less mess.
  13. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    Toss that dirty oil bath filter set up, and get a nice smaller chrome or whatever you prefer paper filter set up. I do always keep an extinguisher in my truck, just a 3lb I believe...enough I hope to put out a small fire, and bigger and it’s likely more damage then I’m willing to fix lol
  14. Thanks!

    Looks like a good start! Good luck
  15. tie rod

    Up here it isn’t “legal” or will pass our vehicle safety inspection program if you weld any steering components, with exception of mounts, so gotta stick to stock or manufactured components to run. If you never plan to sell or safety then it’s fine, but we all get old someday, or want a new build. I know this doesn’t affect the OP, but I also don’t know what individual US states mandate, so if repair is possible, then I would do it.