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  1. insaneradio

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    There are great looking replacements on Ebay too.
  2. insaneradio

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Thanks for the replies. I too would like to powder coat however I will have to look at what colors are available.
  3. insaneradio

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Simply amazing work!! So far above my pay-grade it makes my head spin!! An absolutely beautiful car! I absolutely love the color! My hats off to you my friend!
  4. insaneradio

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    I am needing to repaint my wheel rims. I am lookiing for opinions on what type of paint to use. Obviously over the counter spray paint is the easiest and cheapest option. However, is there a better option? I would like something fairly tough being the removal of hubcaps and wheel rings in fairly aggressive. Thank you!
  5. insaneradio

    I need an english translation :-)

    Do you mean the "oil line" that connects back to engine?
  6. insaneradio

    I need an english translation :-)

    Is this what your looking for?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-1947-Mopar-oil-filter-canister-bracket-NOS-PLYMOUTH-DODGE-DESOTO-CHRYSLER/172819671897?hash=item283cdaeb59:g:HY8AAOSwhvFZC9lK Price is crazy high---he does take offers!!
  7. When my P-15 was new how many keys came with purchase? I am assuming the doors and ignition were cut the same. Were the glove box and trunk different cut keys? Thanks!
  8. insaneradio

    Vapor lock?? Problem found!

    Vintage6T was correct! I dropped the tank this evening and found dirt in tank. I will flush and reinstall tomorrow. Thought I would pass on the info!
  9. insaneradio

    Vapor lock?? Problem found!

    I believe you may have been correct ! I dropped the tank this evening and found dirt in tank. The inside of tank is shiny and appears rust free. When I drained the last of the gas the dirt appeared to come with it. I will flush tank tomorrow and reinstall. Thank you again! I will keep you posted!
  10. insaneradio

    Vapor lock?? Problem found!

    Interesting thought. I will look into that. Thx
  11. insaneradio

    Vapor lock?? Problem found!

    God evening, My P-15 quit while driving. Thankfully it was when I was pulling in my driveway!! Engine would crank just fine. It would fire if I poured fuel down the carb, yet would quit as soon as my "prime" had gone. I disconnected the fuel line into carburetor and had the wife crank----nothing came out of fuel line. I had thought ---bad fuel pump[. I checked and I had one in my "stash". I chose to let it cool down and replace after dinner. After dinner it started just fine. The car has sat for probably 1.5 hours. The outside temp has been 95 degrees the past few weeks. I have driven the car three times a week to work etc without any difficulty. This same thing happened two years ago. Only that time it quit going down the road. I do NOT have a heat shield on the pump. I had never needed on previously. My fuel line to carb is at least 3" from exhaust manifold. Could a fuel pump be ---flaky? Or in your opinion does it seem as though vapor lock is the culprit? I just remebered on last fill up I used 92 octane instead of my regular 86. Could that be a factor? Thank you gents!
  12. insaneradio

    Bright dash lights

    That is okay!😁😁
  13. insaneradio

    Bright dash lights

    Could you please post a picture of your switch??
  14. insaneradio

    She came home today

    I would be interested in more pictures after you get her off the trailer! What motor is in it?
  15. insaneradio

    Received approval for 1947 plate!!

    Thank you. I must commend you!!! Rarely do I find someone who know the calling of the Lions club!

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