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  1. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Hi there, I'm not much of a forum guy but wanted to share this because I think it's going to be a really exciting project on many levels. I have been asked by a gentleman in Belgium to prepare his TJ Richards-bodied 1933 Dodge Roadster for the 2019 Peking to Paris Rally. While remaining very original in appearance, it will be powered by a meticulously prepared 230, a T5 transmission, and a more modern rear axle to dependably concur the arduous 8,000+ mile trip. Other than those three items the car will remain 100% period correct and unmodified in any way. Stay tuned, it going to be a bumpy ride, pun intended.
  2. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I stripped down the donor chassis yesterday and will head to the sandblaster this afternoon. It will then be squared, straightened, boxed and reinforced; particularly in the shock/shackle areas. Roll bar mounts will also be added. #MDBP2P
  3. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Thought some of you would like to see a few of the coolest Mopar sixes on the planet.
  4. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I intentionally don't do the math, but I think it's safe to say we have six figures between the four if us in ten years of racing. Not bad for a t-shirt, a hat and a trophy
  5. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Andy, CP/Carrillo does all of our forged pistons and rods through the sponsorship deal with the race car. We can get them in any size and they have all the bells and whistles - coated crowns and skirts, light weight pins, and modern ring packs. They will be flattop for good quench but we are going to run only 8.5:1 compression because the quality of fuel available along the route is so variable. The guidelines for the rally say to expect octane ratings in the mid-70s in some places. We did a lot of flow bench work with our four banger and found that the flattops performed best because of the direct flame travel.The head will be an EDGY aluminum, but we are milling the fins off so it looks stock. I'm using an old Edmunds highrise intake that I have, and I think we're going to use Zenith 228s because of the externally adjustable jets, which will be handy with the fuel quality and variable altitude. Shot peening the whole block relieves potential stress points and casting flashing. Exhaust will be vintage Fenton.
  6. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Today's update on the engine build. We'll be starting on the chassis this weekend. https://www.moparmontana.com/in-our-shop Also an article in the Belgian National Newspaper. You'll need to brush up on your Flemish first though. https://www.hln.be/regio/roeselare/duo-start-in-zwaarste-historische-rally~a2a63c4d?utm_medium=rss&utm_content=Hooglede
  7. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Yes, a tumbler. My brain chooses the wrong words sometimes. Too many fumes.
  8. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    https://www.hln.be/regio/roeselare Translation - Next month some parts of the car will be shipped to the famous technical team Montana Dodge Boys who will prepare the car for this rally. “we already had several conference calls and all of their plans look rosaceous”. "famous technical team"
  9. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Tony wears shorts every day of his life, including when he's hunting. In the 20 years I've known him, I've seen him in long pants once. What can I say other than engine builders with PHDs in Chemical Engineering are a bit different.
  10. Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Yesterday Tony stripped and shot peened the beautiful standard-bore 230 that we dug out of the motor pile. It only has about .003" wear/taper with absolutely no pitting or scoring. We'll be going +.010 with forged, coated pistons of modern design.
  11. F-headed Mopar sixes

    So much nicer when we all get along. Thanks! Back to the fun stuff. We started the exciting new build yesterday for a gentleman in Belgium who is going to run the 2019 Peking to Paris Rally... in a '33 Dodge! Look at this beautiful standard bore 230 we scrounged for him.
  12. F-headed Mopar sixes

    This one is my favorite. Love the methanol flames out the exhaust!
  13. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Got it, so the question was about bang (no pun intended) for the buck. That answer is really easy - NO, DON'T DO IT! PUTTING AN F-HEAD ON YOUR L-6 MOPAR MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCIAL SENSE WHAT-SO-EVER! ALSO, NEVER EVER BUILD A RACE CAR ...OR BUY A BOAT... OR GET INTO SCUBA DIVING... OR BUY A VINTAGE AIRSTREAM... OR BUY A USED PORSCHE... oh crap, I've done all of that too Arrgghh.... Today I'm wrapping up the engine build for my 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Pulling the smog motor 360 AMC ("144 HP") and putting in a LQ4 6.0 LS3 with a .600" lift roller cam, .030 milled heads, and 55 lb/hr injectors. That combo is supposed to make around 550HP. In a 30 year old Jeep... admittedly not smart... but man, it's going to be fun to pull the race car or the boat (1970 Sleekcraft). In all seriousness, let me know when you dig up your dyno sheets. I'm truly curious to compare as we build more interesting vintage motors to see how they compare. Cheers!
  14. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Thanks Andy! I know there are lots of folks like you and I that get off on oddball grassroots projects. It's why I'm a Production Manager at work and not one of the Engineers. I might not be as geeky or articulate, but we get s**t done!
  15. F-headed Mopar sixes

    I'm not quite sure what your point is... are we even talking about the same thing? F-heads, flatheads, blown, unblown? I'm simply sharing some fun projects that I thought would be of interest to L-6 Mopar enthusiasts. I'm not trying to sell you anything, never implied that it's a weekend bolt-on, or even that more than a few dozen people on the planet will find it of interest. The three 230 F-heads are simply running prototypes at this point, which is what's fun about it to me. It's entertaining to see the reactions at a car show and listen to folks guess what the powerplant is (lots of "diesel" guesses), or simply drive something that's truly one of a kind. As far as dyno numbers, Earl produced 271 RWHP on with his flathead 265, but that's injected on methanol so that's a different animal. We're currently making around 190 RWHP (net) with our 212" flathead '28 Dodge four banger, but that's with 5# of boost and on methanol as well, so we're not talking apples to apples there either... not to mention our town is at 4650' so that HP would need to be corrected as well. We've never dynoed it with the full (10#) of boost we run at the Salt but it is substantially more given the speed increases over the years as we've add boost. I do look forward to getting my Desoto on a dyno someday, hopefully this summer, if I ever get the blow-through Strombergs (fuel leakers) fully sorted. As far as comparing to other engines, I'm not aware of any production engines that had a F-head conversion AND a supercharger, so I'm not sure of the relevance there. Considering a '57 230 with 8:1 was rated at 132 HP gross at 3600 RPM, I don't think guesstimating that a one with the increased flow of a F-head and a few pounds of boost wouldn't be making 150+, but you're obviously a lot more anal about all of this than I am. Next time someone asks, I will just say I'm not sure. I'd love to see your modifications and dyno sheets. Where would I look? Cheers, Pete
  16. F-headed Mopar sixes

  17. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Ignore epoxy. Porting work.
  18. F-headed Mopar sixes

    digging through old photos...
  19. F-headed Mopar sixes

    IOE SBC intake valves SBC roller rockers I kept the CR on my 230 at 7.5:1 because it is supercharged with a McCulloch VS-57. Earl and Chris run about 9:1. None of the 265 street heads have been fitted yet. The 265 race head is 11.2:1. Oil... drill a passage horizontally through the block under the lifter galley to intersect the middle cam bearing. Die grind a groove in the block to join the 6 o'clock oil feed hole and the 3 o'clock passage you just drilled. Reinstall cam bearing. Drill vertically from the galley floor to intersect the horizontal passage. Install 1/8 NPT pipe plug in external horizontal hole. Install 1/8 NPT to compression fitting in galley hole. Install TIG welded stainless oil manifold in compression fitting. Insert open ends of old manifold tubes into lifter oil holes on block. Secure with epoxy. Oil passes through pushrods to rockers and returns to the galley through cast "pucks" pressed into what were formerly the intake valve seats. Earl and I run 3 Strombergs. Chris runs 3 Webers but I am switching to a stealth EFI set up on my Desoto at some point. Linkage isn't any different than any multi-carb setup.
  20. F-headed Mopar sixes

    in the mail
  21. F-headed Mopar sixes

    These? I found a few I few final holdouts on my desk drawer. Get me your address...
  22. F-headed Mopar sixes

    I would do a reground cam and also mill the head, but you can't determine how much to mill it until you know the new cam specs. 25" high-compression aluminum heads will be available mid-summer. Advertised duration on a stock cam was 236*. I'd go with a 260* (222* @.050) .410" lift.
  23. F-headed Mopar sixes

  24. F-headed Mopar sixes

  25. F-headed Mopar sixes

    I would guess a F-head alone easily bumps the HP by 50%. I'm only running 2# of boost, so maybe 10% more than that.. so maybe 165-180 HP? It's not a tire smoker, but it has no issue accelerating and keeping up with modern traffic. Bot Chris' '35 pickup and my DeSoto easily cruise Montana roads at 75 MPH, and get almost 20 MPG. Neither is really a performance build though. Mine is on a bone-stock short block. We are working on two 265 F-heads now, one for Chris' '33 DeSoto and the other for my '33 Chrysler convertible. These will be full-on hot rod builds with custom Carrillo rods, lightweight forged CP pistons, ARP studs, etc. I'm even considering a stealth EFI set up on mine. As far as the hemi head, one of the reasons Earl stepped back from selling heads was so he can focus on an true OHV head for his Bonneville race car.