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  1. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I parted with one of the favorites of my extensive intake collection for this project. A pristine, polished Edmunds highrise.
  2. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    The devil is in the details. You don't want to lose your oil drain plug in the Gobi Desert! Safety wire everything!
  3. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Clutch and T-5 assembly with Tony's home machined adapter.
  4. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I just realized I haven't posted any drivetrain photos. The 230 engine got buttoned up last week. This was a meticulous build and used the first of the Gen II EDGY heads I am casting. After acquiring the patterns from EDGY, I had them re-designed based on feedback I had received from previous customers, as well as our 11 years of running a Mopar flathead at Bonneville. I am also using a different foundry. so far, I'm very impressed with the density and consistency of the casting www.moparmontana.com
  5. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I fabricated the last of the chassis boxing plates today. I'll spend the weekend cleaning up welds and splatter, have it sandblasted again for "tooth", have it painted next week, and get on with final assembly.
  6. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    A few photos from yesterday. The motor meets the chassis for the first time. After extensive trimming we were able to modify the stock transmission crossmember to work nicely with the T5 transmission. Given the longer tailshaft, next up will be modifying the X-bracing with a removable plate so the transmission can be easily dropped from below.
  7. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I will start doing some more here as soon as we get the engine in the chassis. My new Gen II castings of Earl's EDGY heads turned out nice! I revised the patterns and started using a different foundry. Very pleased with the quality and density of the casting.
  8. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    This is the best place to follow the engine and tranny build - https://www.facebook.com/thefreewheelingtonysmith/ ... here for the chassis, suspension, and speed parts - https://www.facebook.com/moparmontana/
  9. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    My apologies - Like I said when I started this thread, I'm not much of a forum guy. Things are starting to happen quickly. The best place to follow in a timely fashion is - our facebook page, which is Montana Vintage Speed
  10. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Sorry for the delay. I've been in California for three weeks working with the foundry on heads and intakes, and CP/Carrillo for rods and pistons. The most recent updates can be found on our facebook page www.facebook.com/moparmontana until I have time to do a more thorough update here. Thanks for your interest!!
  11. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I stripped down the donor chassis yesterday and will head to the sandblaster this afternoon. It will then be squared, straightened, boxed and reinforced; particularly in the shock/shackle areas. Roll bar mounts will also be added. #MDBP2P
  12. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I intentionally don't do the math, but I think it's safe to say we have six figures between the four if us in ten years of racing. Not bad for a t-shirt, a hat and a trophy
  13. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Andy, CP/Carrillo does all of our forged pistons and rods through the sponsorship deal with the race car. We can get them in any size and they have all the bells and whistles - coated crowns and skirts, light weight pins, and modern ring packs. They will be flattop for good quench but we are going to run only 8.5:1 compression because the quality of fuel available along the route is so variable. The guidelines for the rally say to expect octane ratings in the mid-70s in some places. We did a lot of flow bench work with our four banger and found that the flattops performed best because of the direct flame travel.The head will be an EDGY aluminum, but we are milling the fins off so it looks stock. I'm using an old Edmunds highrise intake that I have, and I think we're going to use Zenith 228s because of the externally adjustable jets, which will be handy with the fuel quality and variable altitude. Shot peening the whole block relieves potential stress points and casting flashing. Exhaust will be vintage Fenton.
  14. MoparMontana

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Today's update on the engine build. We'll be starting on the chassis this weekend. https://www.moparmontana.com/in-our-shop Also an article in the Belgian National Newspaper. You'll need to brush up on your Flemish first though. https://www.hln.be/regio/roeselare/duo-start-in-zwaarste-historische-rally~a2a63c4d?utm_medium=rss&utm_content=Hooglede
  15. MoparMontana

    F-headed Mopar sixes

    Yes, a tumbler. My brain chooses the wrong words sometimes. Too many fumes.

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