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  1. Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    Old #2 and present #3
  2. Reg Evans

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Man...You'd better get some wax on that paint before it gets sun damaged !
  3. Reg Evans

    title issues

    Looks like a 52 to me.
  4. Reg Evans

    title issues

    What do the rear fenders, dash emblem, and the Dodge script on the front of the truck look like? 52 and 53 are very different.
  5. Reg Evans

    Fuel pump block off plate

    Okay I give ☹️……..where can I buy a fuel pump block off plate for our flathead 6 engines. I've tried eBay, Summit, Jegs, and more and I've STRUCK OUT. I was running an electric fuel pump through the mechanical pump on my 39 Chrysler until the oil pump started taking on gas !!!!! NOT GOOD I have 3 more Flat 6's with elec. pumps and I want to abandon the mechanical pumps. HELP ! Do I have to make my own ?
  6. Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    Yes ! It slept 3.... My wife and I.....plus a spare.
  7. Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    I spent many an night with two different wives in this rig I built many moons ago. It was originally a 52 3/4 ton.
  8. Reg Evans

    Fuel Filters

    Does someone sell a fuel pump block off plate. I can find them for Chevy and Ford but not for Mopar. I would say 2 filters are better than 1.
  9. Reg Evans

    Fresh air heater

    Some of this maybe ? https://www.jmesales.com/tiger-green-epdm-suction-hose/
  10. Reg Evans

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    If you want a little boost in power now would be the time to install a set of cast iron dual exhaust headers from Langdon's Stovebolt.
  11. Reg Evans

    Dodge Ram?

    Hey, who you callin an old goat ? Why I oughta...…...
  12. Reg Evans

    Dodge Ram?

  13. Reg Evans

    Exhaust baffle spring

    Have you checked your vacuum advance ? If it's torn the truck will be very sluggish.
  14. Reg Evans

    Starter upgrade?

    My 39 Chrysler Royal had a push button starter button on the dash.
  15. Reg Evans

    First drive 1939 D11 Luxury Liner sedan

    You can get exact reproduction 6 volt wiring harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring or Y n Z's yesterdays parts.
  16. Reg Evans

    Engine identification by casting numbers

    I was told years ago when I was considering restoring a 38 1/2 ton that they all had 25" engines. The engine number should be stamped on the drivers side up front just below the head. If it is a 38 Truck motor the number should start with a T42 or T43.
  17. Reg Evans

    Freshening up a 230

    I was told that the mounts for the later bell and trans are different than the '33 but I don't know this from my own experience. I'm just relaying what I've heard.
  18. Reg Evans

    Freshening up a 230

    If your car right now still has the 189 ci 70hp engine I hear you will have to modify the starter in order for it to bolt up to the original bell housing/transmission. The 189 does not have full water jackets around the pistons and the original bell housing has the starter mount closer to the engine because of this. I have heard that you will have to grind a flat spot on the starter where it touches the later engine with full water jackets and maybe even grind a flat spot on the engine too. Let me know how that turns out because I would like to install a larger flat 6 in my 33 Plym also.
  19. Reg Evans

    What is this?

    Where does the wire go to from that contraption? It's definitely an after market doohickey.
  20. Reg Evans

    Notice anything different?

    Aluminum radiator and beltline trim is up side down.
  21. Reg Evans

    Fargo tow truck in Oz

    Looks like about a 39 or 40 to me,.
  22. Reg Evans

    Interior panels

    Don't forget this option I mentioned on 7/2017. eBay # 123429840038 You can buy some abs material at Lowes and make your own.
  23. Reg Evans

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    Check the float bowl shut off valve. It might have a little dirt that is preventing it from shutting off the flow of gas resulting in the float bowl overflowing.
  24. Reg Evans

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    I think so…..Look at the fear on Don's face in the third photo.
  25. Reg Evans

    Fuel pump block off plate

    Thanks guys. I'm really surprised no one is making them. I'm busy making Dash Glass. I know....I'll make them out of glass 😉 kidding. Check me (grandpadodge) out on eBay if interested.....

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