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  1. The hood emblem on that beautiful C series truck says it came with a flat 6 originally. John, do you mean it has a hemi engine or a semi-hemi ? Any photos of the engine?
  2. 38 RC pickup, carb issue

    Here's one of many on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CARTER-25-gph-Inline-6-Volt-Electric-Fuel-Pump-P-N-P4259/122632075523?epid=191627901&hash=item1c8d70f903:g:1VsAAOSwyP5aKeZx&vxp=mtr
  3. 38 RC pickup, carb issue

    I got tired of this same situation and recently installed electric fuel pumps in all my old cars. Works great ! No more hood opening and carb priming for me.
  4. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Here are a few shots of my trucks from the past at PLAY.
  5. 1949 - My First (vintage) Dodge Truck

    If it hasn't been changed it is 6 volt Pos. ground.
  6. 48 Dodge - What happened to my threads?

    I thought he meant he lost all his clothes.......lol !!!
  7. Watching ebay pays off

    Without eBay I don't think I would have ever found a speedo, Clock, and gauges for my 42 Dodge.
  8. 52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

  9. Cleaning Valves

    Get this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Britain-VL-151-Valve-Spring-Compressor-Lifter-Engine-Tool-Model-A-T-Flathead/123044938808?epid=1232743772&hash=item1ca60cc438:g:xrMAAOSwb9Baur~Z
  10. Molly Time!

    I don't think diesel oil will dissolve or cut that sludge. Best to drop the oil pan and scrape it out.
  11. 1942 Business Coupe Victory model

    Thanks C C Repair. My car,"J-Lo" was restored about 10 years ago by a previous owner. I installed another 230 in it from a '48 Dodge cause the original D-22 engine was very tired. She's got a newish set of Diamondback radials and a dual exhaust system. She's a good clean driver. c
  12. Heater box questions

    I have tested them by simply hooking them up to the heater hose while the heater is just laying to the side of the engine under the hood while the engine is running and up to operating temp.
  13. 1942 Business Coupe Victory model

    On my '42 there is a data tag or serial number on passenger side A pillar. Also the front bumper on mine is not correct for the year. Yours is.
  14. Bed Frame Cross and Side Structural Members

    do you know about this supplier ? http://horkeyswoodandparts.com/page36.php\ maybe he has an exploded view.
  15. 1942 Business Coupe Victory model

    Here's my 42 D 22. The engine number starts with D 22. Maybe the D 23 was used for the later blackout models.
  16. what engine rebuild kit to use

    Tom, Does Terrell or Terrell have a catalog on line ? I've tried google with no luck.
  17. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    I bought a car just like that about 25 years ago from a guy in Nevada City. Turned out that the guy that sold it to me didn't own it and I had to return it. Same color and style. I think the head was off of it. Maybe it's the same one.
  18. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    Where in Northern Cailf are you Mark?
  19. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    A 218 with factory dual exhaust ????
  20. C-3-B FORUMS

    I just checked Facebook and there is a group...."dodge c-series trucks"
  21. C-3-B FORUMS

    If there isn't a forum on Facebook why not start one yourself.
  22. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Really nice ! I like that color a bunch too.
  23. headliner door panel templates

    Huh....no email here yet. rego@hughes.net
  24. headliner door panel templates