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  1. The timing light is suppose to be set on #1
  2. Reg Evans

    First project to tackle

    Another difference between 54 and 55 is that the upper exposed door hinges on a 54 are hidden in 55. The 54 was the first year of the Functional Design era 1954-1956. 54 was the first year that a small V-8 241 could be found under the hood. As an option a recirculating cab heater was an extra $40 and a fresh air heater was $60.
  3. Reg Evans

    Wiring Harness

    They are well marked and easy to install. Just not cheap.
  4. Reg Evans

    First project to tackle

    The windshield says it's really a 1954 model. Must have been sold new in '55. Your truck also appears to have the back corner windows that I'm pretty sure were discontinued for 1955.
  5. Reg Evans

    Best manual

  6. Reg Evans

    Best manual

  7. Reg Evans

    Warm start issue

    Wow, only 26 locations in all of California. The one in my town is at the small airport and only has 100 octane.
  8. Reg Evans

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    So far I've only been able to picture them in my minds eye.
  9. Reg Evans

    Warm start issue

    I've heard that a weak coil can cause that when it gets hot.
  10. Reg Evans

    Warm start issue

    I've heard that a weak coil can cause that when it gets hot.
  11. Reg Evans

    Which truck is this part for?

    A 1920's hub cap.
  12. Reg Evans

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Do not try this with a car that has served as a rodent hotel. 😉
  13. Reg Evans

    40 plymouth brake light

    The port that feeds the switch must be plugged.
  14. What.....That's how I do it too.
  15. Never use any Pot while working on your brakes !
  16. Reg Evans

    What was my original engine?

    Your Chrysler came with a 25" block.
  17. Reg Evans

    1952 Cranbrook

    The 46-48 Special Deluxe is rated at 95hp with a c.r of 6.6. The 52 Cranbrook is rated at 97hp with a c.r. of 7.0
  18. Reg Evans

    shining up the plymouth for back to the 50s

    Here's a before and after of my 33 Plymouth .
  19. Reg Evans

    Automatic Choke

    Actually you want to make sure that the choke is fully open after warm up.
  20. Reg Evans

    Stromberg BXVD

    I was getting ready to sell a BVXD-3 on eBay but will offer it here first. $45.00. Throttle shaft is tight and that spring is present. PM me if interested for photos. I tried to add the photos here but am getting a notice that I "cannot exceed 3MB" ……. even though the 2 photos only total 1.5MB's combined.
  21. Reg Evans

    Steering shaft failure help needed

    Sounds like your guardian angel was on duty !!!
  22. Reg Evans

    1952 Plymouth Suburban

    Here's a photo of what you need. Find a parts car.
  23. What happens if you flip the center doughnut over ?
  24. Reg Evans

    Speedometer goes no higher than 15mph

    Unscrew that tube with the knurled end and you will find a piece of felt that should be soaked with oil periodically.
  25. Reg Evans

    New to me 1947 WD-21

    With that 134" wheel base I'd say that's a 1.5ton or more. Plug the vin number into this site and it'll tell you just what it is. http://www.t137.com/registry/help/decode.php

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