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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!
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    Grass Valley, CA.
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    Old cars and other items from the past.
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    33 Plymouth Sed.,42 Dodge Coupe, 52 Dodge 1/2 ton PU, 56 Chrysler New Yorker

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    I like old cars and old stuff.
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    Building contractor/home designer..retired


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    Nor Cal. 35 DU sedan,38 D8 coupe,42 D22 coupe,49 Suburban,52 1/2 ton, 58 D100 Sweptside
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    Old cars and trucks,Old elec. wall clocks,Boating,Camping,Elec.bass guitar

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  1. Reg Evans

    Rubber in the front and carpet in the back?

    My 33 Plym and 35 Dodge have that combination too
  2. Is this it ? e Bay # 142999121554
  3. Reg Evans

    6volt generator to 12volt generator

    That sure looks like the one in my truck. The engine is a Chrysler 251.
  4. Reg Evans

    6volt generator to 12volt generator

    That's exactly what I did to my 52 1/2 ton about 20 years and 30,000 miles ago. The only trouble I've had was with the regulator that burned out about 15 years ago.
  5. Reg Evans

    42 Dodge heater control valve

    Looks a little cheesy to me !😉
  6. Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    Old #2 and present #3
  7. Reg Evans

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Man...You'd better get some wax on that paint before it gets sun damaged !
  8. Reg Evans

    title issues

    Looks like a 52 to me.
  9. Reg Evans

    title issues

    What do the rear fenders, dash emblem, and the Dodge script on the front of the truck look like? 52 and 53 are very different.
  10. Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    Yes ! It slept 3.... My wife and I.....plus a spare.
  11. Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    I spent many an night with two different wives in this rig I built many moons ago. It was originally a 52 3/4 ton.
  12. Reg Evans

    Fuel Filters

    Does someone sell a fuel pump block off plate. I can find them for Chevy and Ford but not for Mopar. I would say 2 filters are better than 1.
  13. Reg Evans

    Fresh air heater

    Some of this maybe ? https://www.jmesales.com/tiger-green-epdm-suction-hose/
  14. Reg Evans

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    If you want a little boost in power now would be the time to install a set of cast iron dual exhaust headers from Langdon's Stovebolt.
  15. Reg Evans

    Dodge Ram?

    Hey, who you callin an old goat ? Why I oughta...…...

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