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  1. I went tubeless with my Diamondback radials over 7 years ago. Not even a slow leak.
  2. My speedometer is about 25% off after installing a 3.0 rearend in my 52 1/2 ton with a four speed. I had one of those boxes made for my truck but found that the E brake parts were in the way of me installing it. I wonder if they make a box that would fit on the back of the speedo instead.
  3. But wait !.....aren't you the guy with two wives ?
  4. Oh Wow ! That's one clean machine. Nice color scheme too !
  5. I'd like one of these in all black.
  6. Well, I sold my silk screening business which this was a part of and moved up to the country to build homes. I do wish I had kept this part of the business for a little extra dough for my golden years.
  7. I use to make these and more back in the late 70's
  8. Front or rear ? I believe front was standard equipment and a rear bumper was on option. Here's my 56 1 ton. My 57 1 ton had the same front bumper.
  9. Really ? Where can I see that proof ?
  10. What are you building ?
  11. Yes, It will fit just right !
  12. Looks like either a 49 or 50 1/2 ton panel. In 48 I believe the grill pieces were stainless.
  13. I need to install windlace and a head liner but here ya go.
  14. Here's mine.
  15. Sure thing Jack.