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  1. Looking for an industrial manifold.

    I have this one from a 25" engine and will never use it. Let me know if anyone can use it. Free + Shipping. Well, I keep getting a warning that I can only add a photo up to 3MB's. The photo is just under 1. What's with that ?
  2. 47 ply wont start

    I had a 47 pickup that would not start on cold or damp mornings unless I removed the dist. cap from the dist. and blew it dry with a hair dryer. Don't know why but there was always some condensation on the inside of the dist. cap that interfered with it starting until I dried it out.
  3. 48-50 Grill Bars

    Yes, that is a beautiful grill for sure ! Just wondered.....Did you retain the bed side mount spare tire carrier or the tow ball that were on the truck when I owned it ?
  4. 48-50 Grill Bars

    Oh, and I think it's bitter cold here in the upper 50's !
  5. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    1942 was the first year for the 230.
  6. Taking a view que from fhubler

    I think the last photo eclipses the rest .
  7. Dim headlights

    Well I got the new bulbs and plugged one in. It's not as bright as the conventional bulb. I checked the voltage at the bulb connection and it was only 4.5 volts so I'll be replacing the headlight switch and high/low switch next. If that doesn't improve the brightness I have some relays waiting.
  8. Front License Plate Frame

    Here's a similar one on The Bay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-DODGE-4-DOOR-SEDAN-LICENSE-PLATE-HOLDER-ORIGINAL-PART/272918205870?epid=15006772494&hash=item3f8b3155ae:g:CAQAAOSwKE9Z2PBP&vxp=mtr
  9. B3B sheet metal alignment question

    I noticed that you have two different hood sides. The passenger side is correct and the drivers side has a sharp point at the lower front edge. Maybe the drivers side hood is too short also and is from a different year. I ran into this problem years ago on my '52 when I was replacing the passenger side hood and did not notice the difference until I installed it.
  10. Newly Acquired 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe!

    Wow ! Nice ! ........Great find !!
  11. In Need Of Wiring Diagram for a 46 Dodge

    Y n Z's will send you one. http://www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com/catalog/classic_wire_harnesses.html
  12. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Oh yeah ! full wheel covers. I like the look as you can tell from my truck.
  13. '48 B1B Glove Box spring connection points.

    Here's mine.
  14. why am I not seeing any hub cap photos ???
  15. Photos of my B2B 3rd try

    Well, at least on your second post one photo showed up. Nice original looking truck with a sun visor and brush guard.