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  1. Same here.
  2. survey said...............YES
  3. And if it is a head gasket you'll need to change your Earl too.
  4. As Don suggested do a compression test first to rule out a blown head gasket. Hopefully that is all it is and you've DODGED a bullet.
  5. Me TOO !!!
  6. Arthur, I agree with that old maxim and have been practicing it forever. That's why I said it in post #76
  7. Knucklehead.......WTF
  8. So far sooooooooo good ! She's back together now and running surprisingly strong. The throttle response is lightning fast and the engine pulls harder than the 251 in my old Yellow truck. I am happy happy happy !!! I'm going to drive it for a couple days and then check the compression on all cylinders.
  9. Thanks Don ! I should have specified on a 230, not a 251. I found my answer ....the 23" engines use a 1 3/16" plug.
  10. What size is the small freeze plug above the sending unit on the head ?
  11. Does yours look like this one ?
  12. Plus you can do your own colonoscopy and save some big bucks there too.
  13. Jumper the 2 wires on the brake light switch. If the brake lights come on it's a bad switch.
  14. Looks like a 36 Plymouth.
  15. Hiding under the tarp I'm going to guess is a 1961 Chevrolet.