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  1. Dim headlights

    Where in the circuit does the relay get installed ? 1 relay per bulb ? Can you, Sharps40, or someone else provide a simple wiring schematic ? Thanks, Reg
  2. Dim headlights

    I would also be interested in the info for the halogen bulbs. Thanks
  3. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I added some photos of the factory heater to my previous post.
  4. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    It's an after market heater. The first image is of a fresh air heater and the second is of a standard heater.
  5. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    It was an option and some buyers didn't see the need.
  6. Everybody in California OK??

    Thanks Greg. We are just a couple of miles from two fires that started because of downed power lines. It was crazy windy here last night. My daughter and son in law are here now because they were evacuated from where they live. Things are normalizing now.
  7. What year/model did I buy?

    It's a 1 ton. Look here. http://www.t137.com/registry/help/decode.php
  8. 1950 Spitfire problems

    In his original post he said. "I was driving the car and it was running great. It started coughing and acting up a little, then within 5 minutes, the car could barely run. " Would valves suddenly stick after they were moving freely ? I've never seen that.....I'm sticking with a blown head gasket but I will say that a blown gasket usually involves 2 pistons....not 3.
  9. 1950 Spitfire problems

    Sounds like a blown head gasket to me. Any water in the oil pan?
  10. Starter Voltage on my B2B

    If yours still has the foot starter pedal the contact mounted on the starter may have gotten corroded and is not making good contact.
  11. Factory option or aftermarket?

    Do you mean like this ?
  12. Over Heating

    Oops....I did that once.....only once though.
  13. If I had an outdoor lift I would have steam cleaned mine but I don't,so I didn't.
  14. Here's what the inside of my 33 Plymouth looked like when I dropped the pan to remove the layer of sludge in it. Too many nooks and crannies to clean by hand so I just cleaned out the pan and pick up screen and buttoned it back up and will only use non-detergent oil now so this crap doesn't let loose.
  15. 265 Engine Color opinions

    You would be bored......they are all Silver. I did do this to one of my 23" 230's just to mess with lookers.