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  1. Just a little FWI.....WD40 isn't a penetrating oil. PB blaster or Liquid Wrench work better.
  2. I bought a new pair from a local trailer supply place. Another time I cut the original perches off the old rearend and used them on the replacement rearend.
  3. Yeah, back in the day....In my case last year. #1 cylinder started loosing compression so I removed the head and discovered the problem. The cylinder and the piston were scored for some damn reason. I'm guessing I got a piece of wire in that cylinder when I was wire brushing the tops of the pistons and valves the previous year when I installed the engine. Anyway...I found a box of 6 pistons with wrist pins and rings 60 over like my engine is on eBay for cheap. I removed #1 Piston and honed out that cylinder and installed the new piston. So far so good.
  4. That felt strip on the clutch cover is standard. Don't trim the cork gasket for the oil pan off. Let it stick up about 1/4 or 3/8" above the side gaskets.
  5. I think he's also throwing in a certificate for a FREE LUNCH.
  6. Couldn't that be welded ?
  7. Have a great trip and visit Paul !
  8. Thanks Francois, I look forward to seeing the photos.
  9. Hey, I may have found it. It's most likely a 1939 Dodge. Anyone here have a '39 Dodge that can confirm this. THANKS GUYS !!!
  10. Well here's a photo of my US 42 Dodge Speedometer glass and all the lettering is actually on a thin plastic embossed piece just behind the clear glass.
  11. I am hoping someone here can identify this speedo lens I have. It's marked 1942 Dodge Canadian. I can't find any dash photos of a '42 Canadian Dodge so I'm hoping someone here can confirm or deny it's label. Thanks, Reg
  12. Yup, sounds like your accelerator pump needs to be replaced. It's a very simple job and you might not even need to buy a new one if you soak the old one in some oil over night. That might fatten the leather plunger back up so it'll squirt when it's depressed.
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