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  1. Kevinb71

    To install new window sweeps - 1950 Ply 4dr

    You just need a certificate! usually starts at the top with "Divorce".
  2. Kevinb71

    2018 HAMB Drags

    I will look forward to pictures of the event. Looks like you have a trusty companion!
  3. Kevinb71

    50 Chrysler stock rear end measurement?

    My 53 Windsor rearend measures 60 13/16" front face of brake drum to front face of brake drum(surface wheel sits against). spring perch's are 44 1/8 center to center. Do you have any pics posted anywhere of your chop build on the 50?
  4. Kevinb71

    not for the purists

    Thanks for the update! Sometimes it's a pain that life gets in the way. Gotta take care of Mom though!
  5. Kevinb71

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Personally given the "style" of vehicle with the high clearance package I'd leave it in the as found paint job. Put the chrome back on where you want and enjoy. Modernize the brakes and other systems. People will ask about the story of the wheels and conversations will be enjoyable. Besides the dog says the extra clearance makes for "fine shade".
  6. Kevinb71

    My son's 'new' car (OT)

    It's great to see interest by any youth these days in something other than video games. Keep up the encouragement!
  7. Kevinb71

    Anyone got transmission crossmember photos?

    Ahh that makes sense! I really thought I was loosing it not being able to find what i knew a I had read years ago! Thanks for the link. I appreciate it. So from what I see you did not add a crossmember at the rear of the trans or am I not seeing it? What are your thoughts on an adapter plate to a GM OD automatic and eliminating the rear engine/bellhousing crossmember? The back of the engine block should be able to handle the load with the mount farther back at the back of the transmission? I am also toying with making a mount that would attach where the engine to trans braces are now. It just would be somewhat low, but not too bad.
  8. I have searched for pics of trans crossmembers from those who have changed to a non oem transmission, but can't seem to find any. I know Don went to a T5, but don't even find his build thread. Anyone point me to something? My big concern is if it is necessary to support the back of the engine if you use a rear transmission crossmember.
  9. Kevinb71

    52 cranbrook ?

    As kind of an opposite of the previous listing, i paid $2700 for this 53 Windsor with running 265. Paint is clear coat peeling badly. It's a four door though.
  10. Kevinb71

    Why are parts crap???

    Knuckle I hear ya! It's just really sad that it takes that kind of interaction before somebody cares. The mail order thing is just going to keep making that worse. BUT it used to be that you could go to your local "radiator" shop and talk to the owner and because he knew you and would probably see you out at cruise night he cared whether it was right. He's gone now, working at Walmart or something like that.
  11. Kevinb71

    I bought another old dodge !

    I see a 6 based on the top.
  12. Kevinb71

    53 Chrysler More Door

    I think that's very true in this case. I knew the paint (clear) was peeling bad. Just dismissed with " i'll just sand the clear off and shoot more over it" without really investigating how well it would work. But all that being said i did get a running C53 265 and the car isn't a total rust bucket. It should be ok. Right now i'm thinking that disc brakes will be the first addition. I know that the drum can be rebuilt right, but i have just always had trouble with no brakes after sitting on the late 40-50 Mopars that have been in my possesion.
  13. Kevinb71

    53 Chrysler More Door

    Thanks for the replies! Knuckle all those things are on the list when I get it home. The paint will probably come off as it is fading through as well. I hadn't noticed that earlier. I just had eyes for the 265🤤
  14. Kevinb71

    Optima 6v battery

    I just picked up another Dura-Start battery from our local Campbell Supply store (LOCAL CHAIN). It was 47.99 with core. It is the same battery i had in there for 7 years (2010 date code). Last year it was getting tired, but still started the car. They also had larger tractor batteries for $65ish. Check online for a Dura Start rep near you.
  15. Kevinb71

    53 Chrysler More Door

    I have purchased another Chrysler 6! I ran across a collector who is beginning to downsize. He had this 53 Windsor for sale. It runs and drives, but needs brakes. Pump twice and they are there. It has and base coat/ clear coat paint job that the clear is peeling badly! I will see if there is any hope of sanding just the clear coat remaining off without removing the base. From what i have read not too much hope of that happening. Anyone have any great tricks to try? Probably not much to lose. On the good side it has a nice running 265!! Original thought was that i was going to pull the 265 and put in a 251 that i have, but not so sure now! Interior is not great, but i think some new seat covers will make it a driver. I can pick it up in a couple weeks and maybe have some time to see if it was a good deal. By the way the pictures are flattering to the paint at this point. Give me your thoughts!

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