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  1. Kevinb71

    Why are parts crap???

    Knuckle I hear ya! It's just really sad that it takes that kind of interaction before somebody cares. The mail order thing is just going to keep making that worse. BUT it used to be that you could go to your local "radiator" shop and talk to the owner and because he knew you and would probably see you out at cruise night he cared whether it was right. He's gone now, working at Walmart or something like that.
  2. Kevinb71

    I bought another old dodge !

    I see a 6 based on the top.
  3. Kevinb71

    53 Chrysler More Door

    I think that's very true in this case. I knew the paint (clear) was peeling bad. Just dismissed with " i'll just sand the clear off and shoot more over it" without really investigating how well it would work. But all that being said i did get a running C53 265 and the car isn't a total rust bucket. It should be ok. Right now i'm thinking that disc brakes will be the first addition. I know that the drum can be rebuilt right, but i have just always had trouble with no brakes after sitting on the late 40-50 Mopars that have been in my possesion.
  4. Kevinb71

    53 Chrysler More Door

    Thanks for the replies! Knuckle all those things are on the list when I get it home. The paint will probably come off as it is fading through as well. I hadn't noticed that earlier. I just had eyes for the 265🤤
  5. Kevinb71

    Optima 6v battery

    I just picked up another Dura-Start battery from our local Campbell Supply store (LOCAL CHAIN). It was 47.99 with core. It is the same battery i had in there for 7 years (2010 date code). Last year it was getting tired, but still started the car. They also had larger tractor batteries for $65ish. Check online for a Dura Start rep near you.
  6. Kevinb71

    53 Chrysler More Door

    I have purchased another Chrysler 6! I ran across a collector who is beginning to downsize. He had this 53 Windsor for sale. It runs and drives, but needs brakes. Pump twice and they are there. It has and base coat/ clear coat paint job that the clear is peeling badly! I will see if there is any hope of sanding just the clear coat remaining off without removing the base. From what i have read not too much hope of that happening. Anyone have any great tricks to try? Probably not much to lose. On the good side it has a nice running 265!! Original thought was that i was going to pull the 265 and put in a 251 that i have, but not so sure now! Interior is not great, but i think some new seat covers will make it a driver. I can pick it up in a couple weeks and maybe have some time to see if it was a good deal. By the way the pictures are flattering to the paint at this point. Give me your thoughts!
  7. Kevinb71

    Show your tools.

    And at that point you were so happy that you were on the end of the 6' pipe to keep you away from the destruction. LOL
  8. Kevinb71

    Overdrive swap

    From the length of the hood it looks like a New Yorker to me..
  9. Kevinb71

    The Venerable Slant 6 vs Our Beloved Flathead 6s

    Growing up (late 70's) my Dad had a 63 Dodge 1/2 ton with a slant six three speed work truck. I did my best to kill that truck, but it just kept coming back for more. I had alot of respect for that engine and truck for that matter. A good friend's Dad bought a '76 Dodge 4 wheel drive new. They farmed and used it to pull the gravity box's of grain to town. It always seemed to have enough torque to do the job. They did seem to burn intake valves fairly often. I always wondered why that engine did that and not other /6's that I knew of. My guess was that being a '76 the factory had leaned it out too much for the job it was doing. I now there was quite a bit of changing going on in the induction department in the mid 70's. They put 200k miles on that truck and the older two boys loved the truck. I think they still own it. I know the 251 in my 49 Chrysler is as smooth and seems strong, but the Clunk a matic and the Fluid Drive negate any comparison performance wise. My intention is to put in a three speed OD that i picked up this summer. Maybe then I can compare.
  10. Kevinb71

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Hey this looks like a really interesting buildup! Please keep us up to date. Is the picture his actual car that you will be modifying? I see the UK or other plates.
  11. Kevinb71

    Fluid Drive three speed

    The Ford and Merc. unit would not fit your Dodge. Some parts from the OD would work for repairing a Mopar OD unit. It is to some extent the same as Gear Vendors OD's are today. You have to "adapt" the R10 to the specific trans. To my knowledge there would be no simple way to take an R10 OD and install it on a Dodge trans. Someone else chime in if i am wrong.
  12. Kevinb71

    Fluid Drive three speed

    Thanks to both to both dpollo and 55 fargo. Both answers give me more insight into how to proceed. Hopefully with it getting colder i can get some more inside garage time. When i do i will post some pics of progress.
  13. Kevinb71

    Fluid Drive three speed

    My Transmission currently in the car is definetly a semi auto. Positive. The OD trans was taken from a 55 plymouth, but i have not checked numbers. The other 3 speed trans has a much longer input shaft. Guy i bought it from said it was FD. I can check for numbers if someone can tell what it is. Ultimately i would like to eliminate the FD and just go clutch with OD. Just trying to figure out what is possible. i didn't know how difficult clutch and shifter linkage would be to make/find for a 3 speed Chrysler w/o FD. Probably not too common, but i have read that they did make them that way. Feel free to correct that statement if need be.
  14. Kevinb71

    Fluid Drive three speed

    I have a 49 Chrysler Windsor Club coupe that came factory with the Fluid drive semi auto. I have purchased a 55 Plymouth three speed with OD that i would like to install. I have two 55 Plymouth three speeds, one standard clutch input shaft and one for the fluid drive. I was wondering if anyone has done this conversion and what has to happen to the shift linkage. Haven't had any quality garage time to get under there and see if i can lay them "side by side" to see what different. I know there are alot of folks on here with more experience with these than myself. What do you think?
  15. Kevinb71

    Losing oil pressure and metal flake in oil

    How do the tappets and camshaft look? The particles on the magnets look very similiar in nature to an issue i had with some rocker arms causing issues for the cam on an OHV engine. To me looking at the photos of the bearings there is enough wear there to cause oil pressure loss. You have to find where those steel filings came from. They took out your bearings IMHO. What about the thrust face on the main thrust bearing?

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