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  1. Eneto-55

    Value of extra parts

    Sorry for my part in that. But I think it is true of both small parts, and large parts (like entire parts cars) as well. Something like a head, or intake-exhaust manifold, or even a starter, generator, or water pump - what percentage of the value of the item is the shipping going to come to? I recently bought some (new) bushings (to repair my door hinges), and the actual parts weighed less than a pound. But they put them in a much larger box than necessary (a padded envelope would have served just fine), and then shipped it, instead of using the postal service, which is a lot cheaper than UPS or FedEx on really small packages. The shipping was more than the cost of the parts, and I even bought twice what I actually needed. (It was one of those companies that don't give you any idea of the shipping cost until after they ship your order.) So like if someone is traveling by car, and is near by to someone who needs a part that is close to their destination (or the reverse), how many people are willing to take a bit of extra time to help out? From reading here in the site I know that some guys have friends they 'met' through this site that also live close by. There's no one I know of who is close to me here, and for some others (like the gentleman from Alaska) it's much worse yet.
  2. Eneto-55

    Value of extra parts

    Some car sites have a sort of resident car hauler who combines different loads to get the price down, and arrange loaded miles both directions. But while I didn't have to go 1800 miles one way, I had to go half that distance (one way) to bring my 46 from Oklahoma to Ohio, But I do also still have a parts car out there, and because we had to clear the old home place, I had to move it another 150 miles farther away, to my brother's place. We did have loads going both ways, because my son-in-law borrowed the pick up truck & trailer we used, and I needed to stay longer, so we put my Dodge Caravan on the trailer for the trip out there. (Don't get me started on the hidden 'dangers' of borrowing a trailer, especially one that is rarely taken any appreciable distance. Fortunately we didn't have any problems with the PU.) The problem with having someone else do the hauling, however, is that a car in progress is going to be scattered hither & yon. At lest mine was, but it had sat there in my Dad's shop for over 35 years. (Some parts are missing now, too, unfortunately.) So I anguished over this same decision, but my P15 is really solid, an Oklahoma car that while it has over 90K miles on it, it had almost no rust to start with, and I had done a great deal of work on it already back when I bought it. I decided that if I had to start over now, I would just let it all go. Some say to just buy one that someone else has already done the work on, but that's a bit like the Apostle Paul talking about building on another's foundation (in relation to the Gospel) - you just don't know what problems are lurking under the shiny paint, or under the carpet, or even undercoating. Do it yourself, and you know what you did & what you didn't (and if the stuff you didn't do causes problems later, you can blame yourself for that). But it is a real shame when usable parts go to the scrap yard because of the cost of shipping.
  3. Eneto-55

    E brake cable

    I don't know how it would hold up in that environment over the long haul, but there is a rubber product that comes on a roll, like tape, but it can be stretched tight as you put it on, and seems to bond together after application. (I think this is what I have: Intertape Polymer Group 5517 Contractor Grade Rubber Tape.) When I have needed to remove it, I had to cut it with a razor knife - it was pretty difficult to just peel it back off. If I can't find a good way to protect the head light wire harnesses, this is what I will probably end up using there as well, but I've been looking for a thin wall rubber hose the right diameter to do the bulk of the length.
  4. Eneto-55

    online parts manual?

    That is helpful. Thanks. I'll wait & see if what I sent already is what he needs, and if there is interest in hosting the complete manual here.
  5. Eneto-55

    online parts manual?

    I think this is the first section as he had it. I don't see any copyright info there. (See attached file. I downloaded each separate file back in 2010, and then combined them all into a single file. There were over 400 separate files. The first parts are, as you said, in sections. After that, each page is a separate file.) I have sent pages 332, 441, & 442 to JC Miller in an email message. I also sent a message to the site admin, to see if there is a way to get my modified version to him, if there is interest in hosting it here. Edited: My copy also does not have the front cover. The attached file contains the part I have at the front of mine. (The file name is as he had it - I did not change any of the file names.) General_Info.pdf
  6. Eneto-55

    online parts manual?

    Thanks, Merle. Is this book still under any kind of copyright, or is it now in the public domain? (I suppose I should have verified that before I downloaded it to start with, but this time it would be me putting it out there, not the original guy.) That site has the following statement:
  7. Eneto-55

    online parts manual?

    If this is the correct one, the original source had each page as a separate PDF download. I still have the originals, but I combined them all into a single file, and created bookmarks in the PDF file. It is a bit over 65 MB in size - will try to send it to you as an attachment in an email message. I attempted to sent the whole file as an attachment, but a message pops up saying that the file is too large. Will need to find another way to get it to you. Is there a way a member here can upload stuff to this site?
  8. Eneto-55

    online parts manual?

    Was it a manual someone created more recently, or an original MoPar parts list? I have a PDF copy of an original one called 1939 thru 1948 and Early 1949 Plymouth Condensed Master Parts List. Also have one called Illustrated Parts Catalog - Mitchel Motor Parts, 1933 - 1954 All Chrysler. (Both are PDF files.)
  9. Eneto-55

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    Thanks. I can indeed get carried away, but now I figure this should go another 70 years.... The remaining problem is how to shrink the holes in the hinge frame itself. The only thing that I've thought of so far is to try to shrink it by pinging around the shoulder, where the metal was pushed out of the hole when it was originally punched.
  10. Eneto-55

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    Then here is the 'tool' - dismantled. (I did also file the head of the bolt down a bit - also by chucking it up in a drill, and working it over w/ a file.)
  11. Eneto-55

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    My first idea for the tool to press the bushing into the hinge tongue was made out of a water faucet valve stem, but then I decided that it would be better to have a section that would assure that the bushing was going in straight. (I did use a press, but it went in easily enough that I think it could be driven in with a mallet w/o damaging it.) The top is the nylon gear (out of an old printer I scrapped - I see potential in pretty much everything, and it was good, because the hardware had no nylon bushings with an ID of 5/16".) I 'turned down' by chucking it up on the bolt, in my drill, and working it over with a file. I did the faucet valve stem the same way. Then below is the first attempt, the one made from the faucet part. (Showing the finished one, and an un-modified faucet stem.)
  12. Eneto-55

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    Following some conversations with both 3046MoparCoupe & Plymouthy Adams, Here is a summary of some conclusions, and where I'm at so far: The original pin diameter for the hinges in the front doors, and the top hinges on the rear doors, was apparently 5/16”, and the lower rear door hinge pins were a hair smaller, at 9/32”. The 6 hinges on my car that should have had 5/16” OD pins had 11/32” OD pins, and from the looks of the bore in the hinge tongues, they had been drilled out oversize. Plans: I’ve purchased oilite bushings (sintered bronze) to bush the hinge tongues back to original specs. (5/16” ID, 7/16” OD x 1 3/8”). Drill out to 27/64”, then ream to 7/16” nominal w/ a hand reamer (actual ID is supposed to end up at 0.001” under 7/16”. The bushing OD is 0.001 OVER the nominal size as listed, leaving 0.0002 for the press fit.) Made a tool to press in the bushings that has a nylon bushing that will go in first, to get the bushing started in straight. Now today I got a chance to put some time in this, which I've been anxious to do since the reamer came a couple of days ago. Here is a before & after picture, contrasting the one I had drilled & reamed with one of the others. (I'll show the 'tool' I made in the next post.)
  13. Eneto-55

    bananas , who would of guessed?

    Having eaten both (monkey meat & bananas), I can say that I prefer the monkey meat, but I sleep better after having eaten a banana than I did after having eaten monkey meat. (I actually don't care too much for bananas, except for a variety we had in Brazil, called banana maca - literally 'apple banana'.)
  14. Eneto-55

    39 dodge headliner replacement

    Now I'm curious - wondering how many cats it takes for one headliner.
  15. Eneto-55

    Reasons for Copying/Stealing Posts

    Some forums require a certain number of posts be made before that member is allowed to advertise something for sale. So a new member will post lots of stuff just to rack up his post count. That's the most logical reason I can think of, or else he just likes to see his name out there.

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