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  1. Fetchup Pickup Parts $350.00 a pair very nice in my opinion.
  2. catfishcuz

    FloorBoard Replacement

    Sorry I was just trying to help I will now go back to my normal non posting sideline.
  3. catfishcuz

    FloorBoard Replacement

  4. catfishcuz

    Grill guard

    I have a 48 b1b with one of these guards on it and its been on it since the truck was new ,I know this because I'm the second owner of this truck. The one on ebay reserve is a little high
  5. catfishcuz

    Door glass pattern

    Thanks I'll try that.
  6. catfishcuz

    Door glass pattern

    Need a pattern of a door glass for a 49 b1b without the wing vent. Thanks Butch
  7. catfishcuz

    craigs list question

    Just do a search for nationwide craigslist on which ever search engine you use and go from there. Butch http://www.craigs-list-search.com/
  8. catfishcuz

    craigs list question

    Just use Nationwide Craigslist it will search the whole country. Butch
  9. catfishcuz

    51 dodge pickup rat rod

    http://ratrodsrule.com/forum/index.php Check this forum out do a search for pilothouse dodge
  10. catfishcuz

    Atca Show In Allentown Pa

    Welcome to the forum Jeff where in Maryland are you from I'm in Boonsboro. Butch
  11. catfishcuz

    My New 51!

    All of the stainless steel grill bars would be just great on your truck IMO.
  12. catfishcuz

    My New 51!

    I think you did real good it can cost more than half of that just to have the top chopped.
  13. catfishcuz

    My New 51!

    Sweet truck I really like it can I ask how much you had to give for it. Looking forward to more pictures the one picture looks like the Blue Ridge Parkway. Butch
  14. Yea that's what I meant like a pig with lipstick.
  15. Kinda like trying to make a silk purse out of a sals ear

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