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    Reflecting Jesus to others, anything mechanical, all cars, the older and quirkier the better, movies, history, laughing.
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  1. meadowbrook

    Partial rebuild

    Hi ! see attached my pics of the engine in my 50 Meadowbrook. Ive mentioned before that it started to make a clicking noise and lost compression on number 4 cylinder. I pulled the head and saw that this piston lost some of the material above the top ring and that explained the compression loss. I also noticed some debris was stuck to the piston, but maybe it was smashed in and not melted in. I never heard detonation. Anyway, the cylinder walls are all glass smooth so I think is will disconnect the rods, pull them with the pistons, hone the cylinders and get new pistons, maybe try to lap the valves but not pull the engine. The oil pressure has always been to spec so I assume the bearings are ok. Any thoughts?
  2. meadowbrook

    Meadowbrook Partial Rebuild

    Hi. I’m looking for tips and recommendations. Ive mentioned my 50 Meadowbrook has lost compression on number 4 (I suspect a broken ring and/or piston) and I will likely pull the head and perform a partial rebuild with just new pistons, rings, a hone if the walls are ok and maybe lap the valves. any recommended sources? I can go Napa, RockAuto, Vintage Power Wagons, Bernbaums or ?? If I find I need a full rebuild, would it be worth it to spec out a cam and intake and carb from a 1958 230? It was rated at 135hp and mine is 103.
  3. meadowbrook

    She's broke!

    Thanks for your concern. I am actually looking forward to opening her up. Never opened up a flathead beyond the oil pan. And she has gone some 20000 miles since it got her for free. Including a trip from Michigan to Pa.
  4. meadowbrook

    She's broke!

  5. meadowbrook

    She's broke!

    It's a car, and it's a 230.
  6. meadowbrook

    She's broke!

    That’s the first thing I did and the valves appear to be ok. i will pull the pull the piston and check. As far as parts, would Rock Auto be a good source of new rings and pistons if needed? They have them.
  7. meadowbrook

    She's broke!

    As long as I have owned it it has never overheated
  8. meadowbrook

    She's broke!

    Hi all, I'm back after a long hiatus. I covet your opinions on my latest issue on my 50 Meadowbrook. the original 230 on it has developed a sudden clattering noise that shows up when I rev it and goes away at idle. I have performed a compression test and although all pistons hovered around 100 to 85 psi, # 4 since the noise started can't go over 35 psi. I performed leakdown test and the hissing I hear comes from the crank case as I remove the oil fill cap. Engine still starts and runs fine and oil pressure is perfect but the compression loss tells me I either broke a ring or the piston cracked. So, here is the question. Is it doable and worth it to pull the pistons with the engine in place and assuming I need just a hone or a bore, to do so there by covering up the crank to avoid contamination?
  9. meadowbrook

    50 Dodge Dying?

    I will do that. I'd like to add that I pulled each spark plug wire to see if any cylinder was the culprit but the noise did not change. I'll post a video but basically at idle it sounds normal As I slowly rev it you hear random clicking , then when I let go and it slows down you hear very rapid ticking until it again reaches idle and the ticks go away. Engine smoothness is unaffected and oil pressure is the same as before, about 20 at idle and 45 at anything above 2000 rpm. Temperature is normal too
  10. meadowbrook

    50 Dodge Dying?

    Just happened on the highway but I made it home, oil pressure was not affected not did the car lose power but now under load at low revs I don't hear it until I go past 2000 rpm or so. Then when I coast or the engine spins back down I hear it at a much higher rate. The sound is like a valve ticking but On overrun it's like a playing card on bicycle spokes. It's coming from the front half of the engine and I also saw sometimes puffs of white smoke from the draft tube, again on overrun. Rod bearing? Valve keepers/spring? Broken piston or rings?
  11. meadowbrook

    Earliest Warner overdrive 1935?? T86-1P

    My 50 has a 1940 r7 overdrive and a stock 230. It's true, it will exceed 80 mph if given time.
  12. meadowbrook

    Meadowbrook Power Steering

    Thanks for all the responses. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth. I will rebuild my steering box so maybe that helps. My car was owned by a woman prior to me so I can't imagine her trying to do a 3 point turn with this, steering I need two hands if stationary on rough concrete
  13. meadowbrook

    Meadowbrook Power Steering

    Hi. Is it reasonable to try to add power steering to a 50 Dodge Meadowbrook by using an original pump for a 50s Chrysler ? Is there a steering box that is recommended that would work?
  14. meadowbrook

    rear motor mounts

    Excellent! This might be the reason my Dodge vibrates when starting out
  15. meadowbrook

    Valve Job

    Hi folks. Is it possible to perform a valve job on a 230 with the engine in place by just removing the head? Since the engine has never been rebuilt and runs well with good , oil pressure, an indicated 50 psi while at speed, and does not smoke but does have a somewhat rough idle, I figured the valves must be leaking and I like to boast the engine is original I did check compression and it is about 100 on #6 and 5 , dropping to about 75 on the middle ones and back to 90 on #1. So next I'll do a leak down to be sure it's the valves.

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