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  1. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    The Wix 51080 and Napa 1080 are the same filter. Wix supplies filters to Napa and they drop the first digit.
  2. RAM changes

    From what I’ve seen recently, the new redesigned models are going away form the gun sight grill all together. They’ll all be like the previous sport models.
  3. Suburban fro sale

    I thought maybe you were opening a barber shop for inner city youth that moved to the suburbs... The Suburban Fro Shop... And kicking it off with a sale.
  4. RPW

  5. Low oil pressure problems

    First thing I would do is change the oil with some SAE30 or 10w40 and see what it does. Do the easy stuff first
  6. Rear Brake drum on B2B

    No. Normal thread on both axle shafts. It is often recommended to leave the nut on loose when pulling the drums. Sometimes they come off with enough force to fly across the garage.
  7. Self parking car

    My boss has a new Volvo that is semi-autonomous. Set max speed and following distance and it’ll pretty much drive itself. It monitors the lines on the road to keep it in the lane. It’ll get a little confused at on and off ramps sometimes, but it is kind of cool. The driver is required to maintain contact with the steering wheel every so often to it’ll start beeping to get your attention.
  8. Self parking car

    I've seen some videos that showed how those worked. Pretty cool...
  9. Wix 51080 in 218 Flathead 6

    It's pretty clear by the perforated dome under the cover that your filter is made for the sock type. The 1080/51080 is NOT the correct filter element for that canister. From what I can see it looks the same as my Deluxe filter. On the cover you may see stampings that state to use a JC filter element. This crosses to the 51011/1011, or the Baldwin JC405. And I will concurs with TGP that the Baldwin filters fit much better into the canisters. The Wix/Napa elements are a bit oversize and VERY difficult to get down into the canisters.
  10. Looking for an industrial manifold.

    A bit of a side note... I noticed the diamond shaped boss just ahead of the draft tube and didn't recall seeing that before. Then I looked as some pictures of my engine and there it was. I guess I just never noticed it. It appears to be the same shape as the fuel pump boss. Did some engines have the fuel pump mounted in this location?
  11. Rear Brake drum on B2B

    I wouldn't worry about it. You could also leave the wheel on the ground, with wheel chocks, and use a cheater pipe on your wrench.
  12. master cylinder question

    I don't see an OEM master cylinder in those pictures, Paul. I think you are mixing up your projects.
  13. Rear Brake drum on B2B

    Maybe someone rattled it on with an impact gun. It should come off, but may be kind of tight.
  14. Engine Cutting Out At High Speed

    It sound similar to when I goofed and didn’t get the spring attached properly on my points. I would experience points bounce at higher RPM’s, most noticeable in 4th gear. While that may not be your situation, I suspect something going on in your distributor. Possibly one of the small wires shorting out. Or maybe a condenser failing, coil failing, or maybe the spring broke on your points???
  15. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    I also converted my oil bath filter to accept a paper filter element. I then found a K&N filter element that fit even better, so now I'm set for life...