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  1. Merle Coggins

    1950 Plymouth special deluxe from Canada

    Clutch and flywheel must be removed before removing the bell housing. The upper part of the bell housing goes between the flywheel and block. 1. Remove transmission 2. Remove clutch 3. Remove flywheel 4. Remove bell housing 5. Replace core plug 6. Reverse order for reassembly
  2. Merle Coggins

    ggdad1951 truck project montage: FEF!

    We’ve been talking about possibly going to BBT50’s again this year.
  3. Merle Coggins

    Cabbage Hauler - WD-21 Build Thread

    The bow in your axle may be normal. I don’t have knowledge of the larger chassis’, but on the light trucks the front axle even has a bend in it. Some see this and believe their axle is bad, but it’s normal... I had taken some photos of a spare 3/4 ton axle for someone not long ago but I must have deleted them for some reason. Can’t seem to find them now.
  4. Merle Coggins

    Dodge b series coding

    Because Pat Sajak wasn’t available to buy a vowel? But didn’t the Route Vans use the “E” designation?
  5. Merle Coggins

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I believe the picture you responded to has been removed.
  6. Merle Coggins

    Me and the B-1-D

    Well...there you go... I wasn't aware anyone offered them. Thanks Brent.
  7. Merle Coggins

    Me and the B-1-D

    Ha... nice use of a storm window latch. There should be a “U” shaped spring at the bottom of the door, inside, to hold it closed. Nobody repops them as far as I know. Go with what works...
  8. Merle Coggins

    mufler explosion

    I have to wonder if you got the distributor in 180 degrees off after your tuneup. This would have the ignition sparking at the end of the exhaust stroke instead of on the compression stroke. If the exhaust system is loaded up with fuel from extended cranking, trying to start it, that delayed spark can ignite that fuel vapor exiting the cylinder and causing the explosion that took out your muffler. Did you have the distributor out to replace the points?
  9. Merle Coggins

    Me and the B-1-D

    Is there a "park" mode with the vacuum wipers, or do they just stop where ever you turn the switch off? I never used the vacuum wiper setup on my truck. During my build I acquired a parts truck that had electric wipers. I swapped the electric setup into my truck.
  10. Merle Coggins

    Dodge b3 1/2 ton

    Here are my original rims, being painted, and one that I kept from my parts truck that is now my spare. These are for a 3/4 ton with 5X5" pattern.
  11. Merle Coggins

    B3B Fuel Pump

    Right turn Clyde...
  12. Merle Coggins

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    That's for those days when you're not sure whether you're coming or going... 😁
  13. Merle Coggins

    B3B Fuel Pump

    I haven't found a way to pack longer arms under the seat... 🤣
  14. Merle Coggins

    B3B interior

    The original door panels on my B2C had embossing. And when I sent them to Quiet Rides for patterns, so that they could make the proper B1-B2 door panels, the new ones they sent back to me had similar embossing.
  15. Merle Coggins

    B3B Fuel Pump

    I have my "spare" fuel pump stored with a couple of studs, made from threaded rod. If I ever need to install this unit in the field I can insert the studs, slip the pump over them, and tighten down the nuts. Once it's snug against the block I can always remove one nut and stud at a time and reinsert the proper bolts. That's my theoretical plan anyway. I haven't needed to put it to a test yet. This idea came to me as I was replacing the pump in a parking lot several years ago. I struggled to get the bolts started, especially the second bolt, as I had limited reach with both arms together. I eventually got it, but I kept thinking that if I had long enough bolts, or studs, it would have been much easier.

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