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  1. Merle Coggins

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    When I first built my truck I used some Peterson trailer tail lights that I picked up at my local Farm & Fleet store for around $6 each. The both had the license plate illumination lens in them. I blacked out the one on the right side. They looked very similar to your Grote lights. They looked good and served the purpose for several years. I finally took the plunge and purchased the reproduction tail lights from DCM Classics. I wasn't all that pleased with the design of the lamp socket. It seemed a bit cheap and didn't seal out the elements well. After a little modification I mounted them and have been using them since. Now I have a more 'vintage' look with the "DODGE" script on the lenses.
  2. I've done 70-75 "all day long" in my truck, and 80 to pass, with 3.73 gears. Most recently during our trip down to Chattanooga, TN for the WPC Club meet.
  3. Merle Coggins

    Oil Pan Installation

    I would use a little Ultra Black silicone sealant in the corners, where all the gasket pieces meet. Otherwise I don’t like silicone gasket sealant, especially with cork gaskets. I like to use a tacky type of gasket stuff, like Permetex’s #9 Tack and Seal on one side to hold it from moving around. Then s light coat of grease on the side against the block. Don’t over torque the bolts. Just snug them up, and go back after a while and recheck them.
  4. Merle Coggins

    Oil Pans Types

    Pilot-House engine/oil pan with dipstick tube attached...
  5. Merle Coggins

    Shift Pattern

    That would make it a 5 speed. Definitely not a standard Dodge light truck trans. Can you get pics of the trans itself for identification? If you truck has the original 3 speed it would have this shift pattern; R. 2. ——N—— 1. 3. If it has an original 4 speed, it wouldn’t have synchros, and would have the following shift pattern; 1. 3. ——— N ——— 2. 4. R.
  6. Merle Coggins

    Steering column identification

    I'm not familiar with that name. Maybe back up and get a general overall picture of the apparatus. It's difficult to tell what it is by that closeup.
  7. Merle Coggins

    Shift Pattern

    That sounds like the 4 speed trans. 1st is a Granny Low, stump puller gear. Normal driving only uses 2nd - 4th.
  8. Merle Coggins

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    Find an older Signal Stat 900. Maybe search eBay...
  9. Merle Coggins

    speedometer calibration

    The price listed on that web site is $345.00
  10. Merle Coggins

    What is this?

    Can you get a close up of the logo, stamping, on the end? I've never seen anything like that. Are the tubes open all the way into the base unit? Is there anything else connected to it, outside or inside the firewall?
  11. Merle Coggins

    ANSWERED Long block engine number

    Yes, likely just carbon build up in the hole. Poke through with an awl, or similar. Also, the “bolt” you refer to is an 1/8” pipe plug.
  12. Merle Coggins

    Hound dog hauler

    If you’ve been moving the distributor around have you taken the time to static time it with a test light? You may be close, but off enough that it won’t start. Get the timing dialed in and try it again. Also... I remember the first time I fired up my engine, I had everything right, even double checked everything, but it wouldn’t fire. I finally cracked the throttle open a little and it jumped to life. Turns out that my idle circuit wasn’t providing enough fuel to start. Once I got that sorted out all was good.
  13. Merle Coggins

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    The first service truck that I had, when I became a field service technician, was an ‘86 GMC 3500 with a 454, 4 speed, and 70 gallon LP tank in the back. It ran on gasoline or LP. On LP it would run really smooth, but didn’t have as much power. However, you could lug it down quite low without the chugging that you’d get on gasoline. In the winter months you needed to remember to switch back to gasoline before parking it for the night. If it was too cold in the morning the LP regulator couldn’t provide enough LP gas for the engine to start. Once started on gasoline, and warmed up, it could be switched back to LP. Engine coolant ran through the LP regulator to keep it from freezing. And in regards to your carbon comment, you are right. It burns much cleaner, but spark plug life was much shorter. They seemed to deteriorate quicker.
  14. Merle Coggins

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    And yet it was only a few winters ago there was a “shortage” that caused the price to sky rocket, and people were being rationed. I called “BS” at the time, but it really didn’t effect me directly.
  15. Merle Coggins

    question about carbs.

    Yes, the air filter should clamp down tight against the carburetor. Are you missing the gasket? There should be a rubber gasket at the carb flange to aid in the sealing. Without it you probably won’t be able to tighten down the clamp enough to be tight against the flange.

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