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  1. Merle Coggins

    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    What makes you believe you need to do “oil system mods” to run these engines at rated RPM? I just completed a 1900 mile trip running up around 3000 RPM for much of it.
  2. Merle Coggins

    What's wrong with this picture......

    A car door with a detachable window frame? I’ve never seen such a thing...
  3. Merle Coggins

    What's wrong with this picture......

    What am I looking at there? It looks like the top part of a car door, so where’s the rest of the door?
  4. Merle Coggins

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    Kanter has vac advance units for Chrysler engines. Pricy, but good.
  5. Merle Coggins

    Molly Time!

    If it is indeed a ‘49 with column shift, look for an “X” at the end of the serial number. This indicates a B1 that started getting the B2 changes.
  6. Merle Coggins

    New Project

    Is that a Met converted to a tree spade? 🤣
  7. Merle Coggins

    Compression test results

    Interesting that they included valve cover gaskets and manifold gaskets in a “Head Gasket Set” for a flat head engine, but it probably doesn’t hurt to have them.
  8. Merle Coggins

    Compression test results

    This is the engine that suddenly lost power and started running rough on your way to a show? A blown head gasket makes sense based on your previously reported symptoms and the compression test results. Head gaskets should be available almost anywhere. You just need to verify if you need one for internal or external coolant bypass. Or just get the newer one with internal bypass and it should work for either application. Also, when you get the head removed inspect it carefully for flatness. It may need to be milled to make it flat again. Wouldn’t hurt to check the block too. When reinstaling, be sure to use thread sealant on your head bolts to eliminate coolant leaks. Then retorque the head after the first few heat cycles. Merle
  9. Merle Coggins

    New Project

    A bought a book about Metros for my wife. I haven't read it yet, but I was paging through it and did see some prototype pics that showed a pancake engine of some sort.
  10. Merle Coggins

    Help with ID of Motor and Trans 37 Plymouth

    T306 is a ‘51-‘51 truck engine, from a 1/2 or 3/4 ton truck.
  11. Merle Coggins

    New Project

    Love that song. My Dad had a Rambler in the early ‘60’s when he and Mom got married. He used to sing parts of that song from time to time.
  12. Merle Coggins

    48 Plymouth flathead starting problems

    What are the condition of the battery cables? They need to be a large size with clean connections. If the cables are too small, or there are corroded connections, there could be enough voltage drop under cranking that the ignition can’t fire the spark plugs properly.
  13. Merle Coggins

    New Project

    What have I done...? My wife fell in love with the little Metropolitans when we were at Back to the 50’s a few years ago. She recently found one for sale, on Facebook Marketplace, in a neighboring town and it was within her budget. It’s going to need some work, and she knows it. But she is willing to so as much of the work on it as she can. I’m sure I’ll be helping quite a lot as well. It’ll need some structural repairs on the body, including the door hinge supports. The passenger side lower hinge mounting point is pretty much non-existent at this point. I’m a little nervous about the metal work needed, as that’s not my strong suit, but I know she knows how to weld too. Between the two of us we should be able to get it structurally sound again. It runs and drives okay. The brakes seem a bit weak, and they just spend around $2000 on brake repair, and other things. I’ll have to inspect the work and get them better. The engine starts and runs good though. I couldn’t get it into 3rd gear though. It probably needs a linkage adjustment due to all of the mounts sagging.
  14. Merle Coggins

    Rim width measurement.

    Measurements are done at the bead seat area. You have 16” X 4-1/2” wheels
  15. Merle Coggins

    Another 230 build thread

    Killing a little time this morning... I found a vintage Hastings #101 on eBay and the back of the box showed that it was a replacement for a Fram C4 or C4P2. Also listed a couple of Ford numbers. The Fram C4 crosses to Baldwin's P41, and Wix 51006 (Napa 1006). And if you have a Hastings dealer near you the newer version is LF101, which is basically the same as the Baldwin P41 as they are sort of sister companies. (Baldwin bought Hastings) The Baldwin P41 and Wix 51006 show slightly different size dimensions, most notably the inner diameter, but it looks like one of those will work for you. I prefer Baldwin filters when available.

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