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  1. Can you elaborate on how you installed the module and from whom you purchased it from? I'm wondering too if it will work on a Motorola 802? Thank you.
  2. As desirable as those cars are, you could clean it up, get it running and make a tidy profit. I would prefer that you buy it and restore it so I can follow along on your build thread. 😉
  3. My wife would say that is a perfect spot for them 🙄🙂
  4. If you can't find a manifold. I would be happy to donate one to your build. I have several. Just PM me if you're interested.
  5. It's been two years since you first applied the penetrol. Are you still happy with the way it looks? How often have you had to reapply?
  6. Currently touring Portugal in this rental. 2019 Citroen. They haven't gotten too much bigger over the years.
  7. tom'sB2B


    If you are using your phone camera. I have found a free app which will reduce your photo size. Search for photo/picture resizer. I now have no problems uploading photos.
  8. A little pricey for this one, but an example
  9. Along with the motors manual.I would recommend the B1 B2 shop manual and the parts book ( for the blow up schematics). I think you can find both on eBay.
  10. tom'sB2B

    air cleaner

    If the 4inchers are too small. What is proper size and how does one determine that?Would these Edmund's be too small?
  11. tom'sB2B

    air cleaner

    I used these cheapo ones, but would like to find a better look
  12. I hope to see you at Tim's Clements BBQ next spring. 😊😉
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