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  1. Mine was so bent and rebent over the years that I used a threaded rod the same length...does the trick
  2. tom'sB2B

    Where did they come from?

    Map of Tesla charging stations. I guess North Dakota is SOL.
  3. tom'sB2B

    Pullin' the 218

    I would recommend pulling the transmission. Even with the front clip off, you still need to angle the engine up quite a bit to get it up and over.
  4. tom'sB2B

    Hound dog hauler

    This was my block after removing plugs. It took almost a week in the hot tank at the machinists to get it cleaned out. Good luck on your progress.
  5. tom'sB2B

    Worse drivers?

    I heard the knuckleheads up near Beavercreek Oregon are the worst. 😉
  6. tom'sB2B

    Hound dog hauler

    Just a heads-up. You may need to use a longer bolt with your new water pump
  7. tom'sB2B

    Newbie Here - 1948 Dump Truck

    You will find the temp gauge bulb on the back edge of the head. Be very careful trying to remove. You do not want to damage the tubing. You can buy a cheap temp gauge at any auto parts store for around $20 to check the accuracy of the original gauge.
  8. tom'sB2B

    Let's see your other rides

    I have a 1970 Tiger 650. Someday I hope to have it looking as nice as that ‘68 Norton
  9. tom'sB2B

    Motor front crankshaft pulley

    I have two but I think they are for the wider belts. The grooves measure 3/4 inch. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you
  10. tom'sB2B

    Motor front crankshaft pulley

    Do you have a measurement for the pulley you need. I have one, but not sure of the differences in the diameters of the two pulleys. BTW. What was your Triumph project? I have a 1970 Tiger 650 that I’m planning on rebuilding... as soon as I get m car back together 😬
  11. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    Two pumps. I’ll seal in the new one when I’m ready to fire it up
  12. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

  13. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    Decided to go with Royall Purple break in oil. Submerged the new oil pump in oil then spun it up using my drill. Filled engine with oil and got oil pressure up to about 47-48psi using my modified oil pump and drill
  14. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    I bought both Baldwin and wix filters. The only difference is the beefier rubber gasket for the center hole. Though the Baldwin comes with a paper style gasket for the canister lid and the wix comes with two different sized rubber gaskets. I will use the Baldwin for my first oil change and in the future I will go with the wix for convienance ( I can get the wix at my local parts store)
  15. tom'sB2B

    New Project

    Looking forward to seeing it at the Clements bbq in April!

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