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  1. tom'sB2B

    Jaguar front clip

    Are those aftermarket turn signal indicators on the top of the fenders? I find them to be very attractive additions. I look forward to following your progress
  2. tom'sB2B

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    The axles on cherokees should have a tag which has the gear ratio stamped on it. This one is 3:55
  3. Time Left: 15 days and 17 hours

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    I’m in need of a clutch fork for a 1947 dodge sedan with fluid drive


  4. tom'sB2B

    Jeep master cylinder?

    I used a master cylinder from ‘96 Cherokee from a pick-n-pull along with the rusty hope disc brake set-up. Best upgrade I’ve made.
  5. tom'sB2B

    True to its nickname.....Doggie Dish.

    Lucky hound dog. If he doesn’t find his way home, he’s found the best spot to stay. 😉
  6. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    Damage done. I got a bearing and sleeve from Bernbaum. The search is on for a clutch fork.
  7. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    I made a few major mistakes today while trying to run my engine which caused some damage... not sure how much. Tried to run my engine today to do a break in. When I started it, the engine went from zero to wide open and I heard a terrible banging. I frantically tried to push the throttle back and then yanked the coil wire But in less than a minute the damage was done. Mistake #1. The throw out bearing was dangling by its fork in the bell housing. I have not yet put the transmission in and I do not have a bracket or spring ( I still need to fabricate the bracket). The bearing and fork got caught and chewed up by the spinning clutch assembly.. the banging sound. Mistake #2. I have yet to find the right sized linkage arm to complete the throttle linkage, causing the engine to run wide open. So, not sure how much internal damage I did in addition to the throw-out bearing. Started engine again and ran it for about 10 min. Still has about 50lbs oil pressure and a low but steady vacuum pressure (16lbs) Ugh!
  8. tom'sB2B

    valve guide sizing

    I bought my valves and guides from Terrill Machine in De Leon TX 254-893-2610 Its worth a call. They are very knowledgeable
  9. tom'sB2B

    manufacturer tag location

    Right there maybe. This is a 1947 dodge
  10. How about this for a poster: Come to the bbq or Tim will crush you like a grape!
  11. tom'sB2B

    Notice anything different?

    Blinds https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pts/d/classic-car-bomb-vw-rear/6736435037.html
  12. tom'sB2B

    Dodge car chase

    As terrible as it is. You can totally see the resemblance to “Smokey and the bandit” which would come out in ‘77. I wonder if the writers of Smokey stole the premise? Note: fat annoying sheriff inept deputies recking squad cars hero driving fast car in a red shirt Come on! p.s why are the cops wearing CA motorcycle helmets while driving?
  13. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    Thanks for the tip. How long do think I should keep it running at 1500-2000RPM?
  14. tom'sB2B

    Another 230 build thread

    Quick update. After several knuckle headed mistakes with the timing and getting it hotwired. I finally got it running. I only ran it for a couple minutes. I got good oil pressure (40psi). It’s loud as hell with just open headers. My plan is to run it at high idle for around 20 min to break in the cam a little bit. In the meantime I’ve been working to get the front clip ready to put back on. It quickly turns into a larger project: rewiring headlights, horn painting inner fender wells etc idles better after adjusting throttle linkage will post another video once I get it running a little better.

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