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  1. You have to respect a man who rolls in wearing his cover-alls and drinks the champagne of beers (old school long neck) . Mr. Bosker is a scholar and a gentleman.... and the owner of a beautiful truck
  2. It was great to see DollyDodge at the bbq. It was inspiring to see the meticulous effort used in preserving such a beautiful old truck (and just a couple more payments befor it’s his). I hope he will make the effort to make the trip again. If not, maybe a trip to Bishop and a night at the hotel Winnedumah in Independence.
  3. My baby got new shoes for the picinic.
  4. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    700 pounds of flagstone.... piece of cake.
  5. I gots me mine! So if the truck takes a dump in route this year, I can tell the tow truck driver all about my trophy.
  6. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Do the rear windows on the club coup roll down? I’m wondering if it’s similar to the two door sedan
  7. Valve guide confusion

    I received my valves and guides from Terrill machine today. I want to understand counter-bore up vs counter-bore down. I received a box of intake and exhaust guides. What’s the diff. and how are they installed. They all look identical to me. Explain!
  8. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Adrian I noticed you live in Blaye, France. I look forward to seeing photos of that Chrysler among the rolling vineyards and maybe the citadel. That is an elegant car!
  9. Valve removal

    Sometimes it takes a little pressure to free the little keepers up. Shove a rag in the holes so they don’t fall into the pan. And a magnet comes in handy
  10. Another 230 build thread

    Good question. I think maybe I’ll use the small hole opposite the big hole
  11. Camping

    I saw that same car at the local woodies on the warf in Santa Cruz
  12. Camping

    Ha! I wish that was mine (googled it) How about this set-up
  13. Camping

    Sounds like an adventure
  14. Another 230 build thread

    The right one might be slightly smaller. But, I can’t tell with my eyes.