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  1. I used to do a lot of hiking. I've seen many rattlesnakes. Timber Rattlers and diamonds. Beautiful creatures. My favorite encounter was a fairly rare pink rattlesnake in the Grand Canyon. Having said that, I would shoot the MFrs if they were in my yard.
  2. Unbolt the drive shaft. It's a 10 minute job and will save you the worry about damage. IMHO
  3. Last weekend I talked my wife into visiting the USS Hornet. Retired aircraft carrier in Alameda CA. It picked up the returning Apollo 11 capsule. Am amazing view of what life is like aboard a carrier as well as the Apollo artifacts.
  4. I've pulled a half dozen so far and (knock on wood) so far have pulled all without them falling to pieces. I fish a piece of bailing wire through the top hole( which is a quarter inch or so inside the top of the tube) I attached the wire to a slide hammer, which creates a jolt to loosen it up. I've heard the horror stories of others fishing out in pieces. Hopefully this is not you're case. Attached is what I wish for you. The engine was rebuilt in ' 78. I pulled it out a couple of years ago. I wiped it off and it shined like a new penny!
  5. A brush guard. Maybe you can bring it as "carry on" on your next flight out here. 😉
  6. You can see the long screwdriver rod that I put into the drill chuck. Worked well.
  7. I would start with Terrill machine out of Texas ( once you find your piston size from wherever you're getting your machining done). Whatever he doesn't have, I would get from Egge out of SoCal. They can also grind your cam. I say Terrill Machine first is because he is cheeper and will mail the next day. Egge sometime sources there parts and takes longer. I bought my valves and guides from Terrill.
  8. This may or may not help
  9. This may or may not help
  10. The cost of shipping would be ridiculous. Thanks for the offer 😊
  11. I'm liking Kris's viser and brush guard. That would look nice on my old tin can. (Your truck looks nice, as always Merl 😘)
  12. Today is the 50 the anniversary. I've been reading and listening to the amazing stories of the Apollo missions and all the engineering that led up to them. I'm curious to your memories of this signature event. ( I was not born yet 😉)
  13. With a shop manual, the information on this forum and a few special tools....you got this. Do it! The hell with that engine shop.
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