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  1. Dodgeb4ya

    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    5.83 to 8.11 is what you will get in an old Dodge Eaton 1350 2 speed axle.
  2. Dodgeb4ya

    1941 Plymouth Starter MZ-4089 parts needed

    His Ebay feed back is not good.
  3. Dodgeb4ya

    1949 Chrysler New Yorker rear tire lockups

    No air or impact I use a 5 lb hammer on the dog bone.... big accurate swings on the dog bone... 4-5 hard hits the drum always pops off. To get these drums off I just use a high power 1/2" or 3/4" impact now days .... off comes the drum. Done thousands of these drum removals.... 1930's thru 1960's MoPars over the last 50 years. I don't have time to wait for hours or days. I get frustrated seeing what people here go through trying to get these 10-12" drums off. Accurate brute force is good when needed by someone who knows how to do it... playing pansy ass with these Lockheed brakes makes it a drag on and on process! I'm not trying to brag about it but that's what I've done all my working years working on old MoPars. JMHO... gotta finish each job every day.
  4. Dodgeb4ya


    Search 1946-1950 Mopar cars with FD coupling Fluid level check procedure.... NOT Fluid Torque Drive procedure. It's been posted many many times.
  5. Dodgeb4ya

    1949 Chrysler New Yorker rear tire lockups

    A 20 OZ ball peen hammer to wack on the dog bone of a brake drum puller.....foolish and a anemic effort for MoPar rear drum removal
  6. Dodgeb4ya

    rear axle swap

    The pressure plate height being correct and parallel to the flywheel is critical. The disc should be spun on the input shaft to be sure it has no wobble at all. Weak rear springs causing rear axle wrap up can cause chatter too. No hot spots in the machined flywheel. If it was me I'd search for a NOS Borg and Beck 9-1/4" or 10" pressure plate and clutch disc..... clean original new old stock parts (NOS) and... the disc NOS with asbestos factory lining.... not a relined disc with modern lining material... look on ebay
  7. Dodgeb4ya

    What is this button used for?

    Yes you could and I have done so on my Chrysler cars. Just hook the after market Shift- Rite wire to the carb KD switch existing wire Push on the shift knob button or floor the pedal to KD the trans. There was another after market KD kit that is really rare..it lets you pull back on the shift lever a 1/4" and the trans will kick down. Drive it like a 3 or 4 speed tans. I now use that system so I can keep the factory shift knobs on my cars. Basically the aftermarket shift knobs where kinda made to look like the factory knobs...the picture shows.1946-48 Chrysler 1949-50 Chrysler 1951-52 Chrysler 1953-54 Chrysler
  8. Dodgeb4ya

    1949 Chrysler New Yorker rear tire lockups

    Sounds like the service brakes and master cylinder have not been taken apart and inspected....and the brake booster.
  9. Dodgeb4ya

    1949 Chrysler New Yorker rear tire lockups

    Does the car still have the frame mount booster on it?
  10. Dodgeb4ya

    Lifter/Tappet-to-Bore Clearance

    The Buick lifter diameter is just under 1.00" The engine is OHV...
  11. Dodgeb4ya

    rear axle swap

    You own a really nice P23 1952 hardtop🙂 Looks to be stock colors.... Belmont Blue Poly lower and Sterling White upper. I like it of course... same as mine. This must be your car....
  12. Dodgeb4ya

    rear axle swap

    Whats wrong with your original axle... they are normally very reliable.. I have the same car and axle.... only a 4.3 with OD and never a problem.
  13. Dodgeb4ya

    Cotter Pin how to bend and trim.

    Nice cotter pin insertion can be a sign of attention to detail and quality of work.🔎
  14. Dodgeb4ya

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    That split rubber donut is not a factory mount... either on the engine or body... Someone installed that as a fix and crushed it so tight that it finally split. It probably was installed on the rear lower motor mount.... Right or left side under the cross member..hacky work.
  15. Dodgeb4ya

    heater switch ? for deluxe dual heater setup in P15

    Dual heater switches usually have two tubular ceramic resistor coils on them bcause of the two motors.
  16. Dodgeb4ya

    Front Axle

    Only the D series trucks had the six bolt 7-1/4" bolt pattern wheels. No "C" 3/4 ton models had six bolt wheels. In 1950 or 51 the king pins and spindles were a bit larger in size... for king pins early models up to say 1950 used a 1" kin pin top and bottom steel expansion plug and later models used a 1-1/16" plug. Wheel bearing size changed to a bigger size too after certain production dates after 1950... B2 to b3 and b4 models. You have to measure what you got to know this info.
  17. Dodgeb4ya

    What is this bracket?

    That bracket could be the E-Brake cable support bracket... I think it mounts to the frame then to cable somewhere just forward of the bell housing. Also as I recall the Transmission end of the E- brake cable hooks/mounts to the lower bell housing dust cover.
  18. Dodgeb4ya

    Remove Steering Wheel 1939 Plymouth

    If you can leave the steering shaft nut on just loose with the puller installed to help support the shaft threads as there can be enough force to crush the threads. Make sure what ever puller thread shaft you are using is exactly straight with the steering shaft....if it isn't the threads on the shaft could be damaged on one side. I've been there with that!
  19. Dodgeb4ya

    Door won't open. 1952 Dodge coronet

    Inside shoulder hitting the of the door while trying to open it has worked for me the few times I've had this happen. Also holding the outer door handle down firm/palming firmly against the rear door edge while pulling outward on the door also can work. Keep at it ... the door will open.... this issue can certainly be frustrating. Did your door always close smoothly and quietly or did you have to kinda give it a firm push? The driver door latches see all the wear and tear.
  20. Dodgeb4ya

    Remove Steering Wheel 1939 Plymouth

    if the wheel is on tight you do need special tools to remove it safely. If there is a slight protrusion of metal on the under side of the wheel hub you can use a bearing splitter and large puller as shown...if you can round up the tools.. Or use a dedicated old style wheel puller set as shown... or attempt to make up something and pray it will work..
  21. Dodgeb4ya

    Lifter/Tappet-to-Bore Clearance

    I just worked on a 41 Buick 70 series....lifter spec of .0025" max clearance.
  22. Dodgeb4ya

    1951 Coronet and Meadowbrook Parts Cross-Reference

    As long as your car is not a short wheel base D41 all D42 Coronet and Meadowbrook trunk lids are all the same...according to the 1951 Mopar master parts book... 4 door, 2 dr hardtop, Convertible and 2 door club cpe.
  23. Dodgeb4ya

    Rear brake drum removal

    I drove your fire truck years ago. You must have bought it from the Mopar Morgue... Rodney Fowler?
  24. Dodgeb4ya

    Lifter/Tappet-to-Bore Clearance

    Was your engine previously rebuilt ...undersize rods mains, bored out? An old high miles ect engine? Ugly oil and filter? I'm getting at why the lifter bore wear?

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