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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    When it's dry and sunny I drive my cars and trucks.....
  2. Weight of 230 ci inline 6

    A 230 is not nearly as heavy as a 251/265. VPW knows the shipping weight. No way is a 23" ENGINE 575 lbs w/o the flywheel and accessories... no way. I've pulled and moved many many many of them.
  3. I'd try cranking with the frayed wiring just to try to crank it. I've done dozens this way just to quick see if it will crank. Why waste a 1/2 day to make sure it does not smoke... which it won't! Then try the key crank for spark.... if none do the points thing ( Volt meter/file them) then try for spark upon cranking....if none recheck and then hot wire the coil... it should spark as long as the coil is OK with a good battery and wire connections. Get er running the re-wire.
  4. Weight of 230 ci inline 6

    Vintage Power Wagon ships them....
  5. Weight of 230 ci inline 6

    400 lbs. max I guess.
  6. OK.....Wha'd Julie say Brent! You edited the video and cut out what she said She looked kinda scared!
  7. 1947 Town& Country Sedan

    If the skirts weren't on it I might buy it.
  8. 265 motor

    Both my 53 and 1954 Chrysler 265 engines have the "Spitfire" lettered heads. I had a 51 Windsor that also had the lettered head.
  9. 1947 Chrysler Windsor garage find finished

    Beautiful job on the C38 Chrysler. Have worked on and owned many of those 1946-48 six and eight cylinder cars.
  10. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Don't forget to add the Modified Vehicle Federal DOT Safety Inspection.... $1375.00
  11. Tappet Wrench

    I get frustrated at some of the threads that go on and on ...getting nothing accomplished. just online endless chit chat.. I go out and find the answer then get thrown to the curb. I'm the type of person who asks a couple questions... then knows where to search on my own... then quickly makde a good decision and get the task done.. efficiently. Task finished. Move on to the next. Done .Oh... and the money factor.... I will spend the money to buy any tools needed. Get something done. Not wanting to waste a month because I want to save $ 5.00. I'm not rich nor poor. I know when and when not to spend on tools. I like lotsa tools and buy good tools and have tons of them Now you should quickly buy some tappet wrenches and get those tappets adjusted!
  12. Tappet Wrench

    Like I said use regular wrenches. This thread goes on too long to get a little one time job done.
  13. Tappet Wrench

    Geez... Just buy these and get the job done....spring is here! https://www.ebay.com/itm/CRAFTSMAN-5-PC-TAPPET-WRENCH-SET-SAE-NEW-FULLY-POLISHED-THIN-DESIGN/323136923141?hash=item4b3c762605:g:Sw0AAOSwL2Nai7pw Plenty for sale on eBay.
  14. Business coupe car cover

    California Car Covers... I have several.. they are the best IMO and have several different types to check out.
  15. Sun D1 Tach

    I had a working E2 Sun Tach and transmitter in my 2-1/2 tonner for years and took it out as the trucks life and need is over. I am in the process of restoring this 6 volt, 6 cylinder Sun Tach.... It was in the truck when I bought it around 1974. The light always worked too.
  16. We and the Windsor 2018

    That's the nicest 53 Windsor I've ever seen! Your'e so lucky to own it!
  17. Me and the Meadowbrook

    It's great to see a kid who is interested in an old car and not playing games on the phone all day! Good going on teaching him something he can use in the future... the ability and want to work on something mechanical. That will help him and you in the future too!
  18. New Clutch Question

    I just talked to a guy who installed a rebuilt cover from a supplier on the east coast.... same installation problems... not easily adjustable with proper pedal feel, free play and return. Clutch didn't operate in a normal feel and way. He reused his old PP with a new disc. Worked fine. He said it was an off shore replacement. In the round file it goes. Clutch parts are becoming NG like the brake parts.
  19. New Clutch Question

    Another Chinese import part...sizes matter. Your old PP looks recent.
  20. connection on back of engine??

    That's a Hy-Drive torque Converter block ...195543 Plymouth. Those oil galleys are open for use with the Hy_drive torque converter and 3 speed transmission setup. Block off the oil galley's for your use W/O the torque converter.
  21. Tappet Wrench

    I just use regular short wrenches... always have... no big deal for me... just watch your bare hands... I don't like gloves. Kinda warm that's all.
  22. Too far gone?

    Scrap it IMO
  23. 265 Dampner

    There was a guy on here with a 265 twin carb motor 2-1/2 tonner with that same big diameter damper. I have a NOS one that I am going to have to see what if any part #'s are on it.
  24. 265 Dampner

    The small damper is the typical one I've always seen on the 265's in cars. That big damper I've seen on the big 3-4 ton Moly block sixes and truck 3-4 ton Hemi heavy duty engines.
  25. weird connector(?) what is it for...?

    Thanks for the offer but I've got plenty!