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  1. Ad Messing Up Format

    Yes I see that now. I guess I have to make the window larger. One more thing to do and remember in my older age.
  2. Ad Messing Up Format

    I'm not too happy either.... WIN10 W/Chrome. The page is growing larger with ads and smaller P15-D24 real estate.
  3. Steering wheel adapter

    Charlie... Can you post some pictures of your 1953 YX and 1951-52 RX trucks?
  4. Carb threads stripped

    Just be sure it doesn't drip on the hot spot below a month after repairs!
  5. 1950 Spitfire problems

    Boy ...that's some lying mechanic! Glad the issue wasn't too $$$ or complicated. Compression tests are a must with a very rough running engine
  6. Steering wheel removal tips please

    The above set up works well as the bearing splitter pulls only against the lower steering wheel steel hub.... not the soft wheel material. You can just barely see the steel tube the splitter tool pulls against. This setup will remove wheels that are so tight my other Miller and other brand steering wheel pullers cannot remove. As for the factory authorised MoPar dealer Miller # 232 steering wheel puller tool.... it does come with a leather cushion ring to try to prevent damage to the softer bakelite? wheel material as it does pull hard against the soft wheel material. Some pic's of other pullers used...and the Miller 232 with the protector leather.
  7. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Electric locking gas caps and other brands certainly are not hard to find complete. $125.00 NOS A lot of them were made.
  8. Steering wheel removal tips please

    That would be this one.. the factory # 232 miller tool. Good luck finding one. There is also a leather ring used with it to protect the wheel.I have not shown that.
  9. Steering wheel removal tips please

    Use a bearing splitter and a 2 jaw puller.
  10. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    You will need electric wipers for sure when towing that 5th wheel trailer. I have some arrow T/signal lights on my big truck. They are cool!
  11. B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    Two + styles of Wheel cylinder pistons and cups use in old Mopars....Hollow and solid 1-1/8" wheel cylinder cups.... You need to specify the type of cups needed when ordering rebuild cups. Your local NAPA can supply all of these wheel cylinder type cup parts..... if you have a good counterman or know the kit or individual part #'s.
  12. Oil Filter change-over Question

    The piece on the right looks like a briggs and Stratton foam air filter part 60's thru 70's 2-8 HP engines.
  13. Wrong Differential?

    Sounds like a 1946 on up axle.
  14. New gas tank

    No one.
  15. Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    I honestly do pick up pennies in the parking lot! Still have all of them too
  16. Interesting photos I have run across.

    Don't let your dream project sit too long.....
  17. quick clutch help!

    10" is the optional H-Duty clutch... gotta like that!
  18. Front Coil Springs

    Looks like the engine is out
  19. quick clutch help!

    That rebuilt pressure plate surface looks horrible if it even was rebuilt. The fingers on the B-series trucks are 4 finger as I remember. That rebuilt pressure plate looks like the fingers are too far apart. Your original plate is 9-1/4" ? I'd have your original rebuilt and never look back.
  20. 1950 Spitfire problems

    The valves might have stuck open. Zero (0-10 LBS) compression= very likely stuck valves. Especially if the car sat or has been driven little. Pull the tappet covers to see..... or the head.
  21. 1950 Spitfire problems

    If it was running fine smooth... no knocking, good 45lbs oil pressure............./Maybe stuck valves... compression check required.....
  22. Starter Voltage on my B2B

    The starter switch and what's inside... two copper contacts that mis-align or get burned.
  23. What would you do??

    I'm jealous! I've always wanted a COE I'm very happy for you Joe! Now you need bigger tools
  24. Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    Now I can raise my prices on parts!
  25. Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    I think even at $20,000 it would be a steal. That patina is amazing.