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  1. I've R&R'ed those trunk handle retaining "bells" .They are more difficult to remove because they are not as accessible as the door handles but still rotate/twist and pull off. I try not to damage the shape and two depressions so as when I press them back on with a proper sized tube they kinda snap back into place tight against the wave washer. I use Devcon or JB Weld also to make sure it's tight to the handle.
  2. The actual pot metal handle themselves are the same from 1946-52 all chrysler models. You have to remove the handle from the square shaft. 1st removing the retaining cup- rotate 90 degree's and pull it off. A few years back I posted on doing that.
  3. The front hood chrome is bolted on with four studs and nuts...DON'T Pry it off. The nuts are tucked in tight at the front of the hood. That chrome mustache is a very hard to find piece that is straight not damaged and plateable..
  4. Corner edge of tire hitting the frame or sway bar end clip? Drum to backing plate rubbing?
  5. Wonderful stock job done right... good going!
  6. https://utica.craigslist.org/cto/d/clinton-1950-chrysler-windsor-only/6911126558.html
  7. That tool I showed above is listed in the parts book and I've found two in Dodge trucks.
  8. I don't know....anyone else know? It might be in the owners manual.
  9. That Ford has the "Marmon-Herrington" conversion done to it. They did all early Ford and Military 4WD conversions.
  10. I already looked at the parts book before I posted pictures happy to say...the pictures are correct as to order of assembly and they show placement of the fiber washers to the bracket... the parts book does not... but to help more here is the parts book picture...
  11. Pliers work well enough unless the paint or chrome is real nice... them a socket.
  12. Lots of Fluid Drive ..Tip-Toe Shift etc reading for those who don't know...🙂https://www.allpar.com/mopar/fluidrive.html
  13. There are no large open air spaces around the original B3B radiators . Sheet metal completely seals/surrounds the original radiator. Your radiator looks like a more modern replacement. It is important to get the most directed airflow through the radiator for the best engine cooling.
  14. Maybe you might find this tool that came with the trucks when new..... maybe behind/under the seat?
  15. I have used an old Chrysler axle housing to mount my mailbox...
  16. This is it's big brother...a 1950 NewYorker Newport 8 cylinder hardtop...same body as the good looking DeSoto! Convertible "X" member frame.... not sure if the DeSoto uses the convert "X" frame though...
  17. I love the first MoPar hardtops..I like your ride!
  18. It's a rare old nameplate off a special order Chevy 4X4 truck from a Montana truck dealer. I thought it was a good name for the T&C woodie.
  19. Tubes/Flap liners and radials OHTSU "JAPAN" Tires....
  20. Here are the correct factory Knobs on 1946-48 Chrysler...
  21. Those solid chrome control knobs have been replaced with non original knobs...they should have the labeled knobs knobs...
  22. The 1946-50 Chrysler's use that same parking brake light/E-brake switch and courtesy light system as factory installed equipment with the dual filament bulb. I think certain models of DeSoto's did too.
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