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  1. Dodgeb4ya

    Crank and flywheel woahs

    I bet you can bolt a 4 bolt flywheel to both a six and eight bolt crank using the matching position of 4 crank bolts.
  2. That's a cool original looking tow truck . Looks as as it was just used yesterday in 1955!
  3. Dodgeb4ya

    Steering Gear Box Lube

    Or use NGLI # 00 grease... AKA penrite or Corn Head grease.... use it if you are lazy and don't want to fix the steering gear seal leak. This viscosity grease flows and will lube the worm and sector.
  4. Dodgeb4ya

    Stuck flywheel

    Did you tap the crank bolts in a small amount just up to the rear main?
  5. Dodgeb4ya

    Question for od gurus.

    Normally should engage at or above 25 MPH Governor points /fly weight problem? Make sure the rear OD case is full oil oil too.
  6. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    the guides need to be free of debris /corrosion before inserting the valve guide pilots using a valve guide brush. On a relatively new guide a .342" pilot should fit snug fully pushed down.... with corrosion in the guide I doubt that pilot would barely go down into the guide... a sign of dirt etc. .002" to .004" Exh. guide clearance.
  7. Dodgeb4ya

    P2 steering wheel

    Just use a bearing splitter and puller something like this... It will pull only on the metal ring below the delicate wheel material..... leave the nut loose on the steering shaft threads to prevent the puller from crushing the threads. Pictures of modern set up and the factory Miller puller like would be used on your P2
  8. Time to go through the "MyMopar" Mr tech films and figure out whats wrong and fix it right. View these films... Volume 2 No.11.... How The Hydraulically Transmission Operates Volume 2 No 12.... Hydraulic Transmission maintenance Volume 4 No. 1.....Trouble-Shooting In The Hydraulically Operated Transmission These most important M-6 training films will teach you everything you need to know mainly using a test light.... a DVOM ( digital volt meter) is easier though.
  9. That solenoid does not affect shifting at all. It is to prevent stalling when coming to abrupt stops.
  10. The carb bowl is unique to the BXVES-3 carb... butI notice on your carb you do have the solenoid mounting. Now all you need is to find a solenoid!
  11. That's not the correct Stromberg carb. It should have the little black round anti-stall solenoid sticking out the side of the fuel bowl..and a kick down plunger. Correct carb is # BXVES-3
  12. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    Nice looking engine. Yep... all the 1-1/2 ton up use the 4 bolt 2-1/2" exhaust manifolds for better breathing...the intake is basically a car intake..🙂
  13. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    What are 2-1/2 ton bus manifolds.....pictures ?
  14. Dodgeb4ya

    Door sill mat Plymouth 1949 - New vendor

    Now it's "AMS Obsolete - NOS, Used, Aftermarket & Reproduction MOPAR parts" Mike and Anthony are who I have dealt with... 100% good to deal with.
  15. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    Odd that the sticking open exhaust valve causes " blowing back through the intake!"
  16. Dodgeb4ya

    Clock not working: any usual suspects?

  17. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    My solution was to run my new engine way more often....never had any valves stick again.
  18. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    The exhaust guide counterbore is up to protect the valve stem from carbon build up and also to help prevent exhaust valves from sticking.
  19. Dodgeb4ya

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    New engine with tight stem clearance. sticky valve..worse in a unheated garage.
  20. Dodgeb4ya

    We and the Windsor 2018

    That car is so nice... more so with the correct optional wires...
  21. Dodgeb4ya

    Show your tools.

    One of my first tools I bought when I was a kid was that "Dog Bone " wrench for working on my mini bike😁 Broke it the first week. Die cast metal.
  22. Dodgeb4ya

    Just Discovered Dyke’s Auto Encyclopedia

    I have a 1922 and 1955 Dykes... tons of very interesting tech info/tips and very detailed drawings and pictures...
  23. Dodgeb4ya

    My rear end.

    8.38 is the high range gear of a Eaton 1350 2 speed rear axle...optional on 1-1/2 to 2 ton trucks😄
  24. Dodgeb4ya

    My rear end.

    I don't know a thing about 7-1/4, 8-1/4, 9 Ford's etc. Done seals in them...Don't have a clue about interchange. As for a 3.36, 3.54, 3.58, 3.73, 3.9, 4.1, 4.3, 4.89, 5.83-8.11 6.64-9.18 and 6.42-8.38...know plenty about those but not about ring gear size as to me it never been needed knowledge. Never owned a more modern Mopar with a 8-3/4 rear end. Everything I own in old Mopars is 1953 and older.😉
  25. Dodgeb4ya

    Clock not working: any usual suspects?

    Gotta love the click of the clock... points close....clock rewinds....the sounds of old cars.

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