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  1. Dodgeb4ya

    Why are parts crap???

    I only buy factory NOS or really nice used parts. Takes awhile but worth it. I don't trust any after market parts as they always are not 100% correct fit or work like factory OE parts. I do have the last Seattle radiator guy who will fix old radiators properly to exact like stock condition but the last one cost me $1700.00 for my truck💯! To me I'll pay the money for good parts and good work.... never for cheap Chinese crap!
  2. Dodgeb4ya

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    I wouldn't be too concerned Mark🙂....I used to do them like that and never had a problem with premature end play on any engines I did. But I decided to have an easier more sure way of installing the pulleys and or damper type hubs. So I made the tool.
  3. Dodgeb4ya

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    I push them on with a special crank bolt I made. Pounding them on can damage the rear crank thrust bearing... I say can.. not will🔨 These hubs can fit pretty tight onto the crank.
  4. Dodgeb4ya

    Fuel Sending Unit Erratic

    Chinese replacement parts are no good.... period. Un-used MoPar factory NOS if you can find it. That's most likely the best bet on senders that will last and be accurate..
  5. Dodgeb4ya

    a gas tank story

    Are any Chinese replacement senders any good? I doubt it.
  6. Dodgeb4ya

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    The master cylinder has the stops for the pedals on the cars. Pedal height is adjustable too. Trucks... the floor pan is the pedal stop. No pedal height adjustment.
  7. Dodgeb4ya

    Adjusting brakes so hub fits

    There is lots of info on this same exact issue. You can search it.
  8. Dodgeb4ya

    Oil or Hydraulic Fluid

    You need to look at your owners manual and get the factory light blue colored 1949-50 Chrysler shop manual. These will get you straightened out.
  9. Dodgeb4ya

    Distributor shaft to engine block gasket?

    I have seen engines with that cup washer. No gasket is used with it.
  10. Dodgeb4ya

    Oil or Hydraulic Fluid

    Nothing to break loose. The Prestomatic refers to the Chrysler m-6 trans only... nothing to break loose in that or the separate fluid drive coupling.
  11. Dodgeb4ya

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    You should have put some carefully cut card board on the swivel chair. Now it's probably ruined with oil stains🙁🙁
  12. Dodgeb4ya

    Generator vs. Voltage regulator problems

    The regulator is usually the problem of no charging. Today's Chinese replacement regulators will most likely not work or not for long. A NOS never installed factory equipment Autolite regulator is what I use as a replacement.... i buy them off Ebay.
  13. Dodgeb4ya

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    Lowest feed back I've seen in a long time... tells it all.
  14. Dodgeb4ya

    My first classic

    Maybe you might want to paint the instrument needles as they were when new.. a reddish orange?
  15. Dodgeb4ya

    Another brake adjustment option

    What about the rear axle gauge?
  16. Dodgeb4ya

    Another brake adjustment option

    Nice job! Nice welds too.🙂
  17. Dodgeb4ya

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Probably should get them done.
  18. Dodgeb4ya

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    A picture of this fuel line into the tank fitting 1949-50 all Mopar cars...
  19. Dodgeb4ya

    1952 pilot house 2&1/2 ton engine

    A 250.6 ci. Flathead. Engine # T318... That is the original factory engine. 114 HP/ 206 lbs of torque
  20. Dodgeb4ya

    48 1 ton leaking master cylinder

    Wow! there's some quality repair work! Gotta go to steel and get it back to the factory connections.
  21. Dodgeb4ya

    Looking to rent brake adjusting tool

    40 and 50 grit is what is used on the Ammco shoe arcing machines... and what I use on mine.
  22. Dodgeb4ya

    Looking to rent brake adjusting tool

    If the shoe lining arc does not match the drum the tool won't do any good.
  23. Dodgeb4ya

    Carter BB on 230 engine

    IMO I'd run the B&B... parts are easy to find...Stromberg not so. Carter's are a good carb.
  24. Dodgeb4ya

    Warped Carburator Horn fixed

    The idle and main air bleed are affected also a poor seal between the top cover and main carb body. Can cause poor idling and or high speed mis- fire.

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