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  1. Looking for a good oil

    Well if you really really really need to know about oil... Sit down for awhile and learn everything you always wanted to know about oil>>>>>>>>>>>>>>https://540ratblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/motor-oil-wear-test-ranking/
  2. steering wheel 1194926

    The shaft size is bigger than the 1/2 through 1 tons so it would not have fit your truck anyway. You missed out on nothing
  3. Cracked block now what.

    You can have your your block repaired ... but might be a little costly. I recently just finished this max Wedge up...cracked both sides front to rear.. had to save all the factory casting details and numbers. I stitched pinned it (Lock-N- Stitched it).
  4. Tip Toe Transmission

    Did you look in your factory shop manual on how to check the transmission oil level? Fill plug on rt side of trans .....uses 10 Weight oil. The shop manual is where to get the fixin facts! Make sure the idle is at 450-500 RPM. Clean the silver governor points of oil contamination carefully with a electrical contact cleaner.. not a file or sand paper. If it is full of oil and grinds , bangs or pops out of high gear more likely a worn input shaft and blocker ring/ sleeve issue. The internal oil pump can be worn/weak causing this issue too. Not enough oil pressure will cause this banging/ grinding issue too.
  5. Ad Messing Up Format

    Yes I see that now. I guess I have to make the window larger. One more thing to do and remember in my older age.
  6. Ad Messing Up Format

    I'm not too happy either.... WIN10 W/Chrome. The page is growing larger with ads and smaller P15-D24 real estate.
  7. Steering wheel adapter

    Charlie... Can you post some pictures of your 1953 YX and 1951-52 RX trucks?
  8. Carb threads stripped

    Just be sure it doesn't drip on the hot spot below a month after repairs!
  9. 1950 Spitfire problems

    Boy ...that's some lying mechanic! Glad the issue wasn't too $$$ or complicated. Compression tests are a must with a very rough running engine
  10. Steering wheel removal tips please

    The above set up works well as the bearing splitter pulls only against the lower steering wheel steel hub.... not the soft wheel material. You can just barely see the steel tube the splitter tool pulls against. This setup will remove wheels that are so tight my other Miller and other brand steering wheel pullers cannot remove. As for the factory authorised MoPar dealer Miller # 232 steering wheel puller tool.... it does come with a leather cushion ring to try to prevent damage to the softer bakelite? wheel material as it does pull hard against the soft wheel material. Some pic's of other pullers used...and the Miller 232 with the protector leather.
  11. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Electric locking gas caps and other brands certainly are not hard to find complete. $125.00 NOS A lot of them were made.
  12. Steering wheel removal tips please

    That would be this one.. the factory # 232 miller tool. Good luck finding one. There is also a leather ring used with it to protect the wheel.I have not shown that.
  13. Steering wheel removal tips please

    Use a bearing splitter and a 2 jaw puller.
  14. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    You will need electric wipers for sure when towing that 5th wheel trailer. I have some arrow T/signal lights on my big truck. They are cool!
  15. I went to Hershey this past week and i found some pictures and documentation on how the Miller tool C3291 is used on the powerflite trans.  i posted this currently on the forum.  I know you had some information on the tool but you had stated that you could not also find any pictures of how the tool was used.  Thought this might help.


    Rich Hartung