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  1. I've seen many have plenty of room to store great projects....lotsa room...buy em all Someday they say I'm gonna get to that one.... 10 years, 20 years later all those great buys still sit...now all crap 😟
  2. Positive (+)side of coil connects to the distributor... .IGN SW connects to the negative (-) side of the coil Your truck is a positive ground system.
  3. Dodgeb4ya


    The three numbers( .000 ) probably are Rod, main and Bore under over sizes.
  4. Doing a lotsa engines on a stand...big C-Clamp style. C-style is used on all common older engines pretty much...V-8"s , sixes etc. Doing valve work in the car...the smaller compact scissor type. Easier to use in that tight situation.
  5. what you will do with any Hemi....spend lotsa $$$$. Not a cheap engine to rebuild.
  6. Some radiator /block sealers seal up more than expected.
  7. I cannot read the heater # on the tag...506?
  8. I would guess it's for 1953 or later Mopars.
  9. Don't know if the dodge uses the thick lower rubber insulator...
  10. It should have the 4 speed "PrestoMatic" hydraulically operated transmission. Reverse is back and up like the standard 3 speed. Shifter pushed up is Low range- provides 1st and 2nd gears Shifter pulled down is High range...provides 3rd and 4th gears
  11. The mount should be seated flush to the cross member frame. To fix you need to remove the mount bolt........then jack the bell housing up a bit....insert the mount correctly into the frame cross member. This as long as the mount is not damaged and the lower part of the mount is there too.
  12. That upper crack area is fairly common on Mopar flatheads.... It can be caused by pulling up too hard on the block deck area... this.by over tightening a 7/16" X 20 fine thread stud.... 55lbs is the max torque on a head stud nut ... Never torque to 60-70 Ft lbs on a stud/fine thread nut fastener being used on a cylinder head... .60-70Ft Lbs torque only the 7/16 X 14 course head bolts😉
  13. Only thing that could keep moving rotating after engine shut down is the clutch driven plate in the Fluid Drive coupling.... possibly something in the lower bell housing.. big rat?
  14. Belzona is expensive and a very good product . I used it on an Airflow cracked block.... Vee'd the 2" crack 1" below the deck. Cleaned out well and used this product as a trial....leaked slowly a month later.😟
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