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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!
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    Woodieville, Wash
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    Restoring cars, trucks, heavy equipment, welding ,fabrication of many things, helping people on projects and more!
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    1946 NewYorker Straight "8" 3 Passenger Cpe. / 1952 Imperial 3 Passenger 331 Hemi Cpe

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    Been into the Flathead Mopars since 1968.Have 15 Mopars up to 1953.
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    To keep all of the above running!


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    Woodieville Wa. Part of the Great Northwest!
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    Old Mopar-Cars,Trucks and old AC and Massey equipment.

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  1. Dodgeb4ya

    Oil pressure problem seems solved.

    The oil pressure relief valve spring generally only controls (limits) max oil pressure at higher RPM's once engine is completely hot. At a slow hot idle on the flatheads the oil pump is not generally capable of pumping enough oil thus bypassing oil to the sump via the pressure relief valve and spring. Oil type, weight and grade can affect the pressure regulation as most already know too.πŸ™‚
  2. Dodgeb4ya

    Fluid Drive Stumble Help

    You most certainly were blessed by Jim and Tammy Faye Baker!
  3. Dodgeb4ya

    Fluid Drive Stumble Help

    So you are saying that changing the 3 speed transmission fluid to GL1 90W fixed both your take off stumble and smoothed out your idle too?
  4. Dodgeb4ya

    NiCopp Brake Lines

    very Nice work!
  5. Dodgeb4ya

    Which truck is this part for?

    looks for sure like it will fit 1 ton thru 2-3/4 ton all models and more.... depending on year! The cap has stamped instructions on the end of it so as mentioned already possibly military stating service instructions.
  6. Dodgeb4ya

    ? about oil pan removal

    I usually do pull the long steering rod and end off just to have a wide open work area... only takes a few minutes... just my way of doing thingsπŸ™‚
  7. Dodgeb4ya

    ? about oil pan removal

    Absolutely...might want to remove the steering linkage rods if in the way..easy pan R&R job.
  8. Dodgeb4ya

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    All new stock 6V flashers are import junk sorry to say. That happened at least 10 years ago. None of them anywhere being sold are any good.
  9. Dodgeb4ya

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    There's a drip under your truck too Paul.
  10. Dodgeb4ya

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    That picture with the BLACK oil leaking out from under the car certainly makes it not the most desirable car. Wonder what else is weak?⁉️
  11. Dodgeb4ya

    New 1936 Chrysler

    A beautiful C2 1935 Imperial Airflow cpe I've done a bunch of work on. Airflows are a very special car for sure.
  12. Dodgeb4ya

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Now you better join the Airflow Club of America! Nice car ! πŸ™‚ 323 eight with Overdrive?
  13. Is the push rod all the way in the groove on the forward shoe?πŸ™‚ A very small dab of Sil Glyde is good on the pins and felts. Nice job!
  14. Dodgeb4ya

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Now is the time!
  15. Dodgeb4ya

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    The modern new bearings seem to always require a different shim stack for me... I've done three cars in the last year. Never use commie parts!

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