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  1. Motor Mounts

    The tube washer assembly is pushed down and into the original factory type replacement upper rubber mounts. Replacement offshore mounts might be made different. Another pic of an assembled mount in my vise....The factory way these tube washer assemblies are sized/made prevents over compression of the rear mounts and also helps prevent engine noise and vibration issues. Too hard of rubber is a no no to on mounts.
  2. Motor Mounts

    The 3" washer is actually welded to the tube and is not supposed to be separate.
  3. 1951 T&C Wagon stuff

    Did you buy that from "Joe" ? He was on the AACA site as he bought it a couple years ago and recently sold it.
  4. Highlander was a very common 1941-48 Chrysler upholstery fabric.. both blue and green... the Chrysler Data book does not show it... the upholstery section is kinda weak to say the least... my other same Data book does not even have that accessory section. I am currently finishing up a NewYorker 3 passenger business coupe with the Highlander interior. One # 53 Rt heater too.
  5. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Same OC spring tool for all 1946 to 48 cars. Also used o eight cylinder Chryslers too. 1949-52 uses a different OC spring tool.
  6. Get a NewYorker owners manual... explains all the optional heater systems on Saratoga/NewYorker and Imperial cars.. Dual heaters were an option on all Chryslers. The passenger side MoPar Model 53 was a very common installed heater on 1946-48 Mopar cars including Chryslers. The # 54 was the drivers side Mopar heater. Other types of heaters were dealer installed too. Dual heaters #53 and 54 with the fresh air package and kick panel vents were another option on the C39 Chryslers . Depending on the heater package some marked knobs are not used and do not pull out! I could go on and on and on and on but will not. Too much to type.
  7. just for giggles

    I have a friend who has run air cooled vw's for 30 years......runs high 10's.... 121MPH. I have a friend who does race a 69 air cooled VW...... high 10's 121 MPH. 30 years of it.
  8. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    A "Speed Cushion"... ! Such a nice relaxing name for a traffic calming device.
  9. Power Steering Idea

    Hard truck steering? Improve the caster angle on the I-beam. The the kingpin is leaning too far to the back. It will make the steering on turns lighter. Don't over do it though!
  10. Moore's Auto Salvage

    $50.00 is a good deal for a NOS trunk handle for a 1950-52 Plymouth! They are hard to find ................. Especially if it's a Mopar handle and not a Regal replacement.
  11. 1946-1948 Chrysler Plastic Dash parts repros?

    Call Dennis Bickford in New Mexico... he sells T&C repro parts and more....
  12. 1947 Chrysler Windsor garage find finished

    Wonderful job on a nice car! To have all that pot metal grille that nice and shiny...oooh weeee!
  13. 48-50 Grill Bars

    Now that's a beautiful and handsome looking Dodge truck grille!
  14. Question on freeze plugs?

    And people think JB Weld is just that! not so...