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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!
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    Woodieville, Wash
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    Restoring cars, trucks, heavy equipment, welding ,fabrication of many things, helping people on projects and more!
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    1946 NewYorker Straight "8" 3 Passenger Cpe. / 1952 Imperial 3 Passenger 331 Hemi Cpe

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    Been into the Flathead Mopars since 1968.Have 15 Mopars up to 1953.
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    To keep all of the above running!


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    Woodieville Wa. Part of the Great Northwest!
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    Old Mopar-Cars,Trucks and old AC and Massey equipment.

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  1. Dodgeb4ya

    A Good Day

    That's a picture of my 1948 T&C woodie radiator....yes they do have a shroud as all staright 8 cars do and have the large and heavy air cleaner to quiet the carb intake noise...does a good job too. My Chrysler 3 passenger coupe is a 1946 NewYorker with the same engine and radiator but not so pretty... yet!
  2. Dodgeb4ya

    A Good Day

    Some pics or a 1941-48 Chrysler 8 Cylinder radiator...yes they are big and heavy!
  3. Dodgeb4ya

    P15 steering options

    That red sparkly wheel reminds me when I was 16... (1968) I bought the exact same wheel and adapter kit and put it on my 51 Plymouth.... my friends gave me a lot of unwanted comments about it.... sold it and the complete adapter and horn button kit for $10.00 at the Portland swap meet. Ha ha
  4. Dodgeb4ya

    Is there a lock washer on the crank pulley?

    The large 1" star washer was used for sure up thru 1954... later engines used a 3/4" front crank bolt so not sure on the washer... I looked thru the parts/shop manual books thru 1960 no definite clear answer other that a smaller 3/4" bolt used.
  5. Dodgeb4ya


    Happy B-Day Patina Paul.... only 20 years till the real big one!๐ŸŽ‚ Keep up the good entertainment work we all enjoy..
  6. Dodgeb4ya

    1952 Coronet Transmission Question

    Remember that the 6 volt control wiring/solenoid and governor to the transmission only delays up-shifts and downshifts. With out any electrical supply to the transmission if it's mechanically correctly it will almost immediately want to up-shift as soon as you let off the gas. This assuming a correct idle speed of 450-500 RPM.
  7. Dodgeb4ya

    1952 Coronet Transmission Question

    Disconnect the two wires from the trans solenoid and drive it.....let it up-shift... if it now will up-shift you have an transmission harness electrical wiring / solenoid or governor issue. If it still won't auto up-shift... idle too high.... trans 10W fluid level low or an internal transmission issue.....oil pump... direct speed blocker ring and sleeve etc. Note..... with the wiring disconnected from the trans if the trans does up-shift it will not down shift. You need to completely come to a stop with the clutch pedal pushed in and wait up to 5 seconds at a complete stop...then transmission oil pressure will slowly drop to zero and you will feel it pull out of high gear. Then you came drive on again.. Make sure as just mentioned that its out of high gear before backing up in reverse .
  8. Dodgeb4ya

    Hound dog hauler

    Master cylinder looks like it's where it belongs.
  9. Dodgeb4ya

    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    Too bad you are so far away...I could help you right out!๐Ÿ˜ช
  10. Dodgeb4ya

    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    Run 8.25's with the 2 speed if you do go that route.
  11. Dodgeb4ya

    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    I ran the Eaton 1350 2 speed mentioned above for 10 years all around Seattle hauling loads here and there.. 55 was about tops but with vacuum shift it was a gas to drive and fun with the fast axle shifts! Single speed axle....................boring... slow down a couple impatient drivers... too bad.
  12. Dodgeb4ya

    Pulling The Radio In my '53

    Some one has already been into it..speaker replacement and plastic wire looks like.
  13. Dodgeb4ya

    Pinion seal number 1949 Chrysler New Yorker, 8 cyl

    That 8 cylinder U-joint is a very very hard part to find sorry to say. The proper MoPar U-joint # is 947551 A lot of Chrysler straight 8 parts are tough to find. The OD of your pinion seal is 3.170"-.172"............... I measured a NOS MoPar rear pinion seal # 619129 I don't have the yoke to measure. That should be enough for him to get you the correct seal.
  14. Dodgeb4ya

    Pinion seal number 1949 Chrysler New Yorker, 8 cyl

    George is a good guy! Glad it worked out.
  15. Dodgeb4ya

    Pinion seal number 1949 Chrysler New Yorker, 8 cyl

    C39, C46,C49 are all NewYorkers and Saratoga 8 cylinder cars. And yes the multi-year parts book is not too clear on some lines of cars๐Ÿ™‚

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