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    Been into the Flathead Mopars since 1968.Have 15 Mopars up to 1953.
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  1. Looks to be a Washington state car. Seattle area?
  2. Well.... The engine was made to come apart in a methodical way..... you will find it... please let us know what it is.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something here? Can't you remove the tappet rack with all the lifters in it? The two bolts are out of it and on my engines that have this same style rack... remove the two of them to remove the camshaft.
  4. I see those universal rubber insulators (the new ones) like shown above at swap meets often. A very common universal item. Usually $4.00 a pair. I guess will work for some body mount positions. Roberts gets a "D" in my book.
  5. Were the pins pushed down?
  6. The proper sized O-Ring.
  7. They certainly are not rare... I have two 1750's and a couple MT-19's too. I'm a hoarder for sure
  8. Never....
  9. Congratulations Brent! Sounds pretty good for sure.... That's gotta make you feel good!
  10. A trick I learned from an old man...................... If it seems you cannot get the castle nut on right...seems either loose or too tight...swap castle nuts side to side..... that usually makes the nut adjustment and cotter pin fit easier.
  11. This tool was made for the mechanics back in the days when you rebuilt the W/cylinders on the car. It's not too easy to pop all the pistons out so this tool idea came up. Back when these cars we like were new the owners and mechanics didn't spent days doing /painting the brakes. They had to get em done in less than a day and I suppose this tool speeded things up a bit to make more profit and make it easier for the mechanic to get his job done faster. I use a pair of snap ring pliers to remove unstuck pistons...air or grease to push out stuck pistons. I now always re-sleeve now days.---even new replacement cylinders foe the elimination of corrosion W/DOT 3 or 4 and Silicone 5 too.
  12. The engine needed to be gone thru at less than 30,000 miles? It must have had a tough life. That mechanic was not..... and now it is knocking
  13. Yes he might. has lots of NOS MoPar and has sold many VA's over the years.
  14. I just got it. I have never seen or heard of this tool or of anything like it.. It works pretty slick too.
  15. WINNER WINNER WINNER... the check is in the mail!