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  1. mrwrstory

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    here's latest,...note P15, at far right. Others are friends cars. Coupla Mopars
  2. mrwrstory

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    Great project! New springs will be waaay tall. They will settle some. Understand that cutting a coil or so while lowering some will also stiffen the ride. And your 318/904 probably weighs a little less and the center of that weight will be further to the rear. I'd suggest start with the stock springs and cut from there. Also respect the location of the stock core support and look at mounting the radiator on the front side for more engine clearance. And, and,....don't be afraid to mount the engine off center if need be for steering/manifold clearance. Mopar did that for years and nobody notices. Keep the pics comin. We love pics!
  3. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    Not to take exception to the Drs comments, I agree to the frailties of the MII frontend kits. Re my project and my complete satisfaction and trust, the Kugel crossmember is a complete assembled package with the MII geometry established. A more robust unit. Not a bucha parts to piece together with the "long bolt" that can become the weak link.
  4. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    Greg, Tx for the tip. Nothing there. Probably a time when I did not choose that option over PhotoBucket which I no longer use.
  5. mrwrstory

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    and doing Paint Shop Images for flyers to events where I participate. always try to learn something on the computer
  6. mrwrstory

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    I like plannig tripsoff the normal grid and drawing the maps to get our group from A to B
  7. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    Second set
  8. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    I decided to get on top of this subject 'cause I had no idea where to find the old pics. Succeeded in the hunt. Check the attached. Gime a shout if you have questions.
  9. mrwrstory

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Oops!!!! Egg on my face, eh! Missed that even after viewing your extensive video record. I still like your car and the impressive project you have taken on. And I still like Safaris best!😅
  10. mrwrstory

    started on the 55 pontiac

    How cool!!!!!!!!!! Great looking car. Even better than a Gomad. They're all winners. That said, if you have that big piece of stainless side trim, it's a rare piece and it would be nice to show it off.
  11. mrwrstory

    License plate restoration

    My understanding is that in Calif. plates cannot be repainted/restored. However it's kinda like a "don't ask, don't tell", deal. That said, it's done all the time and the reg. would not discourage me from doing the resto I have put off for years. I saw a really nice and believeable restoration of plates a while back where the owner used two panels of MDF or plywood connected by a door hinge. The plate, with background color previously applied, was attached (face up) to one side of the panel/hinge assembly. The opposing panel was liberally coated with the second color and while still wet the panel mounted plate was rotated "closed", pressing the letters into the wet paint. A little practice and a little tuning gets the surfaces parallel before committing to paint. The result I saw was very convincing as original even to the degree that the color on the letters very slightly wrapped the edges and was very slightly wavey.
  12. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    Another, you can see the weld seam along the center of the stock P15 frame rail
  13. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    Here's an image I picked from my earlier thread where most of the pics are gone. I now have about 35K miles on the modification and couldn't be happier. Please feel free to shoot me questions
  14. mrwrstory

    Jaguar front clip

    Yes, great looking car! I did a similar IFS swap on my P15, documented on this forum with photos some years back. I think it's all evaporated by now. I'll do some digging and see if I can come up with some pics. Briefly, I used an aftermarket clip from Kugel Komponents that is designed for early Ford applications. They will make them to accomodate any frame/track width. There are other manufactures who produce a similar concept. The concept assumes a vertical surface i.e. a "channel" frame section at the point of installation. I split my frame from the firewall to the spring pockets in a straight line and at a width similar to an early Ford. I then welded in a 1/4" plate from firewall to spring pocket which yielded two parallel surfaces similar to the outside surfaces of an early Ford frame. The IFS cross member kit slipped over and were welded to the vertical surfaces. The frame haves that were previously removed, were welded back on yielding an almost stock look to the frame.
  15. mrwrstory

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    Also look for someone to "true" or "shave" the tires. It's an old timey process done back in the day. My guy says,....," don't do no good to balance 'em if they're not round!" Pretty succinct I say.

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