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    Grew up in Suburban Detroit playing the American Grafitte game on Woodward Ave.
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  1. Hi Nick, Ya know there's a Round Lake in the lower peninsula too. I spent time there in the 59's
  2. last one! 😐,....I give up
  3. And a few more from the event that took us from SoCal to Victoria
  4. A technique that a friend has successfully used is to heat the subject bolt or nut and melt candle wax on to it. When cooling the wax is drawn in. It's one of those amazing things when done.
  5. I would say, "only heat your nuts, if you're not planning to have any more kids"!
  6. I finally had to do my own exhaust system after two attempts to have someone else do what I wanted. I'll be driving through Vancouver late Monday afternoon July 15. Staying at Lewis River Inn in Woodland the night, with a bunch of Hot Rods. Catch up if you're so inclined.
  7. I solved my hood spring removal challenge in a similar manner as above. I made a "stirrup" with a length of rod stock long enough to reach from the bottom spring hook to just below the rocker panel. A hook was formed at the top end, a triangular shaped stirrup, sized to your foot, at the other. Standing on/in the stirrup extends the spring while at the same time you can lean over the fender and direct the spring to "unhook" as you release. Probably be tough to do however, with the hood in place.
  8. You know the axiom about "forgiveness vs permission", right.
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