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  1. How Many Drive Their Old Mopars In Rain

    This count???? Nearly drown several times. Doors leak but that also lets the water out! One doesn't sign up for this but it has never intimated me from enjoying the moment. Ya get hero points too!
  2. 50 Coronet project

    Gregarious, I am struck by so few "attaboys!" Even 'tho I'm way past wiring issues on my car, I enjoy seeing you workmanship and your work ethic. We need more "hands on" young guys and you are a great example. Keep up the good work, keep us posted and,....keep us honest! Good job and,.. atta boy!
  3. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    I believe the key word is "HOW" I can't figger it out,...either. But I guess that's irrelevant now because in scanning this thread I see I have already posted and I assume included in the poll. Like I said,....CRS Now I'm over 80,...I think.
  4. My Friend Mike

    Copied this image from Aug. 2016 40plyrod post above, because someone on another thread mentioned patina. The Sub. still looks like this and the car is pretty much a daily driver. Mike is a very involved Dad so much of his free time lately is working with Josh on school work, rockets and quad runners.
  5. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Just discovered this threat. Great project! I love the "McGiver" factor. In scanning the thread I have a question and a comment. Comment - In my opinion, you don't need to rationalize (for others) why you're doing what your doing. It's the journey, right? If you want the best of an old Mopar, restore it. If you want better performance or economy or reliability, buy a new car. Question - I may have missed it but what's the source for the air cleaners? I love the Siamese effect and imagine it X3 for my Hemi.
  6. Show us your suburbans

    Always loved Suburbans so this thread got my attention. I'll probably never have one and this is probably as close as I'll ever get. Just had to revisit the thread, "My Friend Mike" which is over a year old and chronicled his build prior to a run to Canada in July, 2016. Perhaps some of the new guys would enjoy the documentry,....
  7. 50 Coronet project

    I did that, I think on Ed's advise, some years ago and heartily endorse the suggestion. Bad enough hanging upside-down like a bat, but at least you can see.
  8. 50 Coronet project

    Did not use tape to wrap. I changed things too many times so just left zip ties a frequent intervals.
  9. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    I used Redline as well and am very satisfied with the service and the result.
  10. Body removal 48 Plymouth coupe

    On my P15, I found a body bolt at the rear passenger side at the top of the frame's arch, adjacent to the spare tire well. "Twas non symmetrical with the rest of the car. As I recall, there was an odd number of bolts. All others seemed to be in a logical, symmetrical pattern. If you find one on one side, look for an opposing one. Good luck. Pics please.
  11. 50 Coronet project

    Nice job! Fond memories of rewiring my P-15. Musta gone through coupla hundred zip ties re thinking, rerouting and reconnecting. Pretty pleased with the results. A piece of advice that a very capable techie/friend lectured me on was,..."lotsa grounds",...."solid grounds".
  12. New member with a new project

    Gregarious, I like the way you think. Cool project! Please get that build thread online.
  13. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Nice job! Great looking engine! Tx for the thread.
  14. dashboard help please

    Classic Instruments in Boyne City MI, rebuilds, .. pretty pricey 'tho. Had mine done for the P15 at Redline in SoCal. They did a nice job but still an expensive exercise.
  15. 318/360 in a 55 or 56

    The Slant-6 is way long and in my opinion is a bigger project than a V8