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  1. mrwrstory

    Swapping drivetrain in my 1948 p15 coupe

    Don't overlook the trick of mounting the radiator on the front side of the core support to gain some length in the engine room. Also, offsetting the engine to the passenger side is a Mopar trick and no one notices.
  2. mrwrstory

    341 Hemi

    The real Baby Hemi is the Dodge. The Desoto Hemi is sorta an adolescent.
  3. mrwrstory

    Three Point Seatbelt

    Richard, back to your initial query, The 3 point is a nice improvement. I have installed on two diff. cars with very satisfying results. I assume your Bussiness Coupe does not have a back seat,...and that good news re the 3 point system. Kits like Julians have a take-up reel that mounts at the base of the real door jam. It intrudes into the foot space to the point that it makes entry a bit difficult to get your foot over. Kids have no problem. Adults with big feet are challenged. On the second install, I was able to turn the reel around and mount it in the space between the interior trim and the exterior sheet metal. The result, 'tho a bit more labor intensive, was more like a factory system in appearance and function.
  4. mrwrstory

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    Was looking through some old pics and found this. FYI
  5. mrwrstory

    Rust free 40 plymouth sedan

    I see on the post previous to that above was May 2017. Jeez,......been that long?????
  6. mrwrstory

    from the driver's seat and other images

    I think I've been on that road. Nuthin like the back roads and the view from an old car.
  7. mrwrstory

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    I'd suggest "gusseting" the shock mount where you show it tacked to the side of the frame. The frame material is .080-.090" at best and the shock bracket material is probably .375". You can rip a chunk right outta the frame with a good impact. Gussets or some sorta plate under the .375" material will spread the load.
  8. mrwrstory

    1939 3 window plymouth coupe

    Tx guys. Great looking car. Tony, try reducing the size of the pic or cropping it to a smaller size or,...emailing to yourself and then coping that image..
  9. mrwrstory

    1939 3 window plymouth coupe

    Without a pic,....they didn't exist.
  10. mrwrstory

    1939 3 window plymouth coupe

    Welcome Tony. How about a picture or two. A 39 Plymouth 3 window is a new one to me. I can imagine what one would look like but never have seen one.
  11. mrwrstory

    Flathead to Hemi swap?

    Ooooh! A Hemi in your Windsor would be so cool! Significant job but I think no more difficult than most swaps of a V8 where a 6 wuz. What I think of is the transmission. Probably a 2 speed automatic right? Just boring hardly worth the effort in my opinion. I'd suggest a manual or a later model automatic. Probably are some Mopars that bolt right up. The steering column will be an issue as well whether Hemi or other V8. Mopar just slide the engine off center to the drivers side which seems like an ugly fix but once done no one even notices. And hopefully you'll hear from "Wayfarer" who is near Bend. He's a hands on guy, has lotsa Hemi experience and is generous with his information.
  12. mrwrstory

    Amtrak questions

    I think you got your answer! If so inclined, shoot me a PM and perhaps we could have a breakfast or beer in So Cal. with a few other car nuts.
  13. mrwrstory

    from the driver's seat and other images

    These are views in Steve's rear view mirror(s) and Given driving my Plymouth.
  14. mrwrstory

    from the driver's seat and other images

    I have a coupla car buds and we have breakfast together quit often. Steve asked me to drive his 41 pickup because he was particularly pleased with the transmission that was recently rebuilt. Before the cruising was over, the three of us had all swapped to the others cars. What a hoot and what a great idea it was. If you feel good enough about your car and have friends you trust, it's a new dimension to enjoy. Maybe the best part is seeing your car on the road, as others see it. However too, it's a great opportunity to enjoy the seat of the pants experience of anothers' ride. I am going to propose this to others in the future.
  15. mrwrstory

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    If you just look at the A--arm it's pretty obvious. One of those "damn, that's too easy".

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