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  1. If you think your going to put a crease in the hood you are using to big a punch and hammer. The little one in the pic is smaller in dia than a pencil with a very fine point. A very light tap with a small hammer only leaves a very small centre pop. Drill the first hole with a 1/16" drill bit then work up to the size you need. The one in the centre is 1/2" in dia but I do have a 5/8" one somewhere that would put a nasty dint in thin sheet but is great for thick plate and large holes. The other is pre spring punches. Set it up on the mark then drop the little weight. Tony
  2. Hello to all, I am sure I asked these questions many years ago back in the days of the original forum but as it has been that long since I have had anything to do with Dodge (trucks mainly) I have forgotten and a lot of my notes have long gone or been misplaced. 1. In what year did Chrysler introduce the full flow oil system? 2. When was the 3 ring piston introduced ? 3. When did the rear crankshaft change from the one that bolted on externally to the rear main to the rubber lipped one that was incorporated in the rear main? I don`t think they all happened at the same time but the way my memory is who knows. Any help appreciated Tony PS I forgot to mention this is for the 251 engine.
  3. Yes Merle it has been along time. A couple of weeks ago I was going through and sorting some stuff out in the spare room and found some CD discs sent to me from when the original p15-d24 site shut down in about 2004 . Also found a disc from the DPETC from 2006. All a bit of a trip down memory lane and prompted me to come and have a look again. Its only taken a couple of weeks for me to remember my log in details. Its good to see the truck (and car) site are still going strong.
  4. Thanks for that Merle. I will try that as I have just had trouble just trying to send small files. My computer skills are sadly lacking. Tony
  5. Evan, Manual is nearly ready could you PM your Email address and I will send it when finished. The file is approx. 130mb. I don`t know how much I can send in one email so I will split it over a couple of emails. Tony
  6. I have not found a link and maybe its long gone (going back some 15 years now) but I am sure there was an English Dodge site that had some info. Tony
  7. I found this scan in my files. As it turns out I have the rest of the parts manual to go with it. Strangely I did not scan the whole book when I did my other manuals. It will take me some time but I will scan into some form and let you know if you want a copy. Tony
  8. Hi all, Here is some production data. These Kew trucks made in Kew England and then imported to Australia. I am not sure if they were complete or knock down form. I never had a lot of info on this series of trucks but I will have a look through some of my old hard drives and see what I can find. Unless it was too lost in the crash of 2011. Tony
  9. OOooo no I had better go and see what I have just thrown in the scrap bin. Maybe I could do a swap. One OZ door lock for one US door lock.
  10. Unfortunately time has been taken up with non Dodge things. I am sure Chrysler Australia used that bumper style on others apart from the PMG vans. The style did change in 57 to a flat step in between two bumper ends. At least that what was on my father`s 58 Royal mail van that he bought from the PMG. Cannot say I have ever seen a Dodge, Ambulance or otherwise painted red underneath. Strange. I have a copy of one page of the plans showing the mods done to the PMG vans. Wish I had page 2 as well as it shows the grill guard that was available.
  11. Desotodav, that looks like the bumpers that was made by Chrysler Australia for the PMG vans.
  12. All Australian Pilothouse trucks used the same fuel tank from 48 to 62. As Desotodav said the fuel senders are slightly different. Ryan that link you posted before is for English model trucks. They are a different truck to the pilothouse.
  13. Very nice Ryan. Runs and looks great. That`s the standard exhaust for an Australian truck. Made that way so the exhaust can clear the brake,clutch pedals and steering box.
  14. Sorry I thought they were cast pot metal. If they are pressed stainless then you can re-shape it.
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