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  1. T142 engine

    Since you have a truck engine try Vintage Power Wagons http://www.vintagepowerwagons.com/ for distributor parts
  2. I really dislike winter weather

    When I retired 10 years ago, I moved to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington to escape the wide temperature swings of the midwest. Well, after living in an area where the temparature only varied between 20F to 80F, I found that I really missed the 4 seasons so I moved back to the midwest. I like winter as much as the other seasons, I like the challenge and I like the quiet. When it gets cold I just follow my Dog's lead
  3. Wheel color opinions requested

    Harold, They are Wheel Vintique Hot Rod Rallye wheels--tires are diamond back 205/75-R15
  4. Wheel color opinions requested

    I agree so, I went with Mellow Yellow
  5. "0 to 60 MPH" and/or 1/4 Mile ET

    When I first got my '52, it had single exhaust and an Offy dual intake with twin Carters. I took it to Muncie Dragway and ran 20.06 at 68mph
  6. Switching air cleaner attachment method?

    Agreed---I had the same single set screw set up and quickly learned that your concerns are valid. I went to three set screws which improved the situation greatly but did not solve the problem 100%. I finally went to 3 set screws and some loctite thread adhesive which has now worked for a couple thousand miles
  7. Anjother visitor and the maiden voyage

    Good to have you back on the Road
  8. Left me stranded

    Me too--their rebuild kit has a pin with clips on it to keep it from working out
  9. Stroke / bore standard 230

    Mine 230 is .030 over, I'm sure it was bored just to clean it up--runs fine, uses very little oil but HP probably not noticable
  10. It is officially on the trailer

    Great lookin' car---and you don't have to get new license plates
  11. Forum Member BARABBAS

    It was fun hanging out and scrapping knuckles with you Don. I love the sound of your 265
  12. Necessity is the Mother of....adaptation

    So is that the cork out of a White Wine bottle? Red Wine just wouldn't be appropriate.. BTW I agree, Necessity is a Mother
  13. Flathead woes

    they are not spirol springs but stainless steel looking leaf springs--they are the same basic shape as the copper connector that goes from the pivot point to the coil connection
  14. ECI brakes

    they are 15x5--I also looked at their Smoothies (keep the brake dust off of the whitewalls) but they only came in a 15x5.5" and I'm not sure if they would clear the calipers without hitting the fender in tight turns
  15. ECI brakes

    I have the ECI conversion. The Wheels Vintique Hot Rod Rallye wheels work perfectly.