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  1. Just What I Needed !

    A reminder as I will be celebrating my 75th birthday this year, a letter in the mail from the Alberta Government that I will need a medical to retain my driver's license here in Alberta...
  2. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    The hook above the steering wheel was probably used for a defroster fan...
  3. I posted this some time ago, it appears to be a bit difficult to find.. there were 4 pages posted including drawings with hardware required to install and a drawing showing the heater hose connections, of course variations on the installation could be implemented at the discretion of the installer. The pages should able to be enlarged -
  4. With a hot water heater fitted, the diagram (instructions) supplied with the Edmunds manifold show two tee fittings - one on the inlet side to the heater and one on the outlet side from the heater - the intake manifold tubing is in parallel with the heater core
  5. Experimental Electric Boat

    Ain't life grand?
  6. Help please

    I would agree with Greg that the engine number appears to be a 1949 Canadian Plymouth block - a 25 inch block,originally 3-3/8" bore,4-1/16" stroke,218.06 cu. in. displacement. With the GVW 12320 lbs. - It appears that you have a 1.5 Ton truck....others may have additional info.
  7. Not just your common UNI-SYN

    Certainly a more realistic price, and about the same as what I paid for mine as I recall.
  8. This, "Vintage Original Automobiles Carb Part in box", appears to have been sold today on Ebay for the tidy sum of $305. USD.
  9. cL car

    Ad says ... interesting history? Perhaps it may have been preserved in an underground vault similar to the Plymouth Fury exhumed in Tulsa.
  10. Nice car. A book I would recommend for you to own is "Manual For Plymouth Owners" -1950 edition, published by Popular Mechanics Press ,author C.E Packer. This little hard cover book,(1950 edition ), easy reading, lots of photos and drawings probably has all the information you will need to properly maintain your 1949 Plymouth. Copies can be found at used book stores and on line..
  11. Solar Eclipse 2017

    Don, You're so vain.
  12. Experimental Electric Boat

    "Since I retired this year I have not done much except little fishing and work on my experimental boat.".... I gather you are no longer employed - as am I, (for pecuniary gain), enjoy yourself.
  13. Shawnigan Lake Heritage Days

    Great pictures, nice that the location afforded a little shade for comfort.
  14. Best work place pranks

    "Never Cross Brian" ...possibly a book title ?
  15. Let's see your other rides

    Certainly does draw attention...and two no less with the 440 - lucky man.