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  1. Manifold studs... sealant or not?

    I've had it for a number of years and not sure where I purchased it, a little goes a long ways, it is a copper, high temperature, anti-seize compound . I see it is listed on Amazon along with other equivalent brands of copper anti-seize compounds...a small brush top container isn't too expensive ...
  2. Manifold studs... sealant or not?

    I have used "Kopr-Kote" anti seize for this application, ( manifold studs), successfully...
  3. The end of our hobby?

    "This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway, Oh no ......"
  4. I wouldn't consider doing that.... that particular combination of dissimilar metals would be asking for trouble.
  5. best oil pan gasket installation

    Don Coatney ..."I used sealant compound on only one side of my oil pan gasket and used grease only on the other side. I have removed my oil pan 2-3 times without having to replace the gasket.... I used grease only on the front and read end pieces. " - As per Don's suggestion, this is also my preferred method for replacing the cork oil pan gasket and, only tighten the pan to the block for a "gentle" squeeze of the oil pan gasket ...others no doubt will have their preferred methods , results will vary .
  6. Gasket v. Gasket Maker

    I don't want to appear arrogant or a know-it-all, but personally I dislike gasket maker materials in a tube when used to MAKE a gasket. The only place I would recommend using these or a similar product on a VINTAGE vehicle, particularly the engine, is perhaps sparingly on ONE side of an oil pan gasket when replacing for ease of removal if required. In a case where a gasket is not readily available for a job at hand, they're easy to make with suitable gasket material that should be available at most auto parts stores .The reason I mention this is that I've painstakingly removed some of this type of product that had been used previously ,(perhaps improperly) - was a sloppy job, did not do the job as intended, was clearly visible and I just couldn't let it pass - in all cases I've installed proper gaskets , made them when I didn't have one on hand ...Call it an eccentricity if you like. (Modern vehicles, powertrains, I'm sure there is a valid reason to use these products in some of the required maintenance). JMHO
  7. Electronics Primer

    ....No doubt his nickname would be "Sparky"
  8. Just What I Needed !

    Tim, In response to your comment about shared info, I'm by no means paranoid - but considering some of the phishing emails we get and also the telemarketer phone calls....It does kinda make a person wonder about shared info and are the vultures circling , wondering - are they senile yet?
  9. Just What I Needed !

    Tim, I have my appointment with the Doc booked for next week.We'll see how the eye test goes. I've found inexpensive safety glasses are available with a minor correction for close-up work and I use those. I don't wear glasses for driving yet, that may change and would require getting used to.... I wear a helmet and shield when driving my motorcycle, as required here in Alberta
  10. Just What I Needed !

    Other than being retired, my lifestyle and interests haven't changed much over the years and I seldom think of my age - nice to know the government is keeping track for me.
  11. Just What I Needed !

    A reminder as I will be celebrating my 75th birthday this year, a letter in the mail from the Alberta Government that I will need a medical to retain my driver's license here in Alberta...
  12. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    The hook above the steering wheel was probably used for a defroster fan...
  13. I posted this some time ago, it appears to be a bit difficult to find.. there were 4 pages posted including drawings with hardware required to install and a drawing showing the heater hose connections, of course variations on the installation could be implemented at the discretion of the installer. The pages should able to be enlarged -
  14. With a hot water heater fitted, the diagram (instructions) supplied with the Edmunds manifold show two tee fittings - one on the inlet side to the heater and one on the outlet side from the heater - the intake manifold tubing is in parallel with the heater core