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  1. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Seriously - and I hope without appearing to be sarcastic...this is July 1, not April 1st. I think at this point you should consider hiring a knowledgeable mechanic to help you out. LOL
  2. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Check the ohms reading between the movable point(s) in the distributor and the plus terminal on the coil...
  3. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Looks like you have solved your problem. Just a matter of further checking your ohms readings. I think it has already been mentioned ,the distributor points must both close and then open and if everything is in order,when they open is when the high voltage spark from the coil is generated and then via the distributor cap and the rotor is sent to the spark plugs...I'm a little slow - Merle said it first.😊
  4. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    HT = high tension ,probably referring to your wire connection from center of coil to center of distributor
  5. T120

    My first classic

    Hickory, Nice work...
  6. T120

    Rare sedan

    There were some Hayes body Chrysler coupes in 1939.
  7. T120

    E brake light switch?

    I've seen vintage brake alarm lights listed on ebay if you want period correct look. Rather than a light indication, on my 1948 Dodge D25, the car was fitted with a brake whistle. When delivered to the original owner, the cost was $1.75. It operates off manifold vacuum same as the wipers, works well and is foolproof. The whistle sounds kinda like a whistle fitted to one of those toy steam engines or a whistling kettle. I found another on ebay some years ago for my 48 Nash ,virtually the same thing ,not expensive, at the time around $20.00.
  8. T120

    Cell phones and driving

    Lucky your granddaughter was not hurt. To add to the existing distracted driver problem, here in Canada we are now looking forward to the use of mind numbing substances being legalized...hopefully without an increase in traffic accidents . Possibly looking to the future, fully automated vehicles may be safer on the highways.🤔
  9. T120

    Brass question

    I would use this solution . I might use hard solder, (silver solder), to anchor the stud.
  10. T120

    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    The proud owner of this Chrysler woody is also from BC...well traveled and I'm sure would love the opportunity to discuss the history and features of his car ..
  11. T120

    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    Nice car...Looks like he was packed and ready to head off to Pebble Beach. LOL
  12. T120

    Define Irony.

    The interest we share on this forum as per the name is not based on our political persuasion. Thanks to all of those who are keeping this in check .....
  13. T120

    Engine stalls and misfires

    As a matter of interest , referring to barrel type metal in- line fuel filters. I removed one from a vehicle I was working on, when I shook it kinda rattled- like a PCV valve. I cut it open and found the internal filter had become dislodged from the outlet end - the glue had let loose, obviously the filter was useless and wouldn't serve it's purpose , (It was labelled Made in China). I replaced it with a NAPA 3032 fuel filter that looks pretty much the same but is labelled as Made in USA. We'll see how this one lasts. Ethanol in the fuel may have been a factor in the failure or this part.
  14. T120

    Vacuum gauge question

    Interesting the backgrounds and talents of forum members...a diverse group indeed, (in a good way) ...
  15. T120

    Need a photo of installed points.

    I took this photo of a set of points (Made in USA).Hope this helps...

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