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  1. I would add to the last post - before attempting to start, remove the spark plugs and then turn the engine over to get rid of any excess oil remaining in the cylinders,otherwise the engine may hydrolock.
  2. While I've driven my old Dodge at night on many occasions, I have yet to sit in the car while parked in the garage unless I was working on it... I kinda like that idea, having a quiet moment at the end of the day parked in the garage with the dash lights aglow ,together with Robert's idea of - sipping a beer.😎
  3. Mack,When I read your post, my wife and I had just come home from a get together with friends this past weekend. One couple that we much admire and enjoy their company had some tough luck this past year including a wildfire that came very close to completely destroying their farm and crop. Apart from the grass fire, they lost a long time friend who died this past summer. While my friend and his buddy shared some common interests and were both some what competitive; my good friend, ( fortunately, who was able to visit his pal until the end), said to me - "You know, over all the years we knew each other,( both now in their eighties), I don't remember that we ever exchanged a cross word". Your post kinda stuck a chord when I read it...Sometimes,I ramble on .🙂
  4. Thank you for posting the testimony of yours and others remembering your former employee and friend .. It appears he earned the respect of many including close relatives..Sorry for your loss....
  5. From my own experience - I bought an old 1930's Chrysler car several years ago.The car started fine and I checked it over as best I could at the time of inspection.. I didn't bring my trailer and the seller wanted the car moved right away, I arranged for local storage.I went back a month later to pick up the car and the engine wouldn't turn over, (foot starter).I removed the front seat and found the connections at the battery were clean.I found a local shop that sold 6 volt batteries of sufficient capacity to start the car. I purchased one and installed the new battery - still no joy on operating the starter.I was in a hurry to get the car home .While I don't recommend this procedure ,observing battery polarity, I used jumper cables from my truck (12 volt) directly to the starter motor and engine block and the car started right up.The first thing I did when I got the car home was to replace the battery cables with proper gauge cables.In this vehicle the ground is connected directly to the transmission and it was in very poor condition.In short there was nothing wrong with the starter motor, the problem was a very poor cable and ground connection at the transmission. So I would agree with, "Los_Control" and others that good ground connections are important...
  6. And remember to act as a gentleman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qv2vzMeMCE
  7. There's prolly some young chick out there that will heartily agree, but it'll cost ya..lol
  8. The 1941 DeSoto hood ornament was kinda cool as well.😎
  9. Many years ago now, I bought an old car that hadn't been run for a long time, (years). The car wouldn't start... reason was simple , the points were not opening , a small adjustment and the engine fired right up. 🙂
  10. Skip the sushi...
  11. T120

    Peep Mirrors

    I use those same attachments on both my side mirrors.The mirrors on my Dodge are possibly original to the car as it was fitted with side mirrors as an accessory when purchased new.Between both my age and the age of the car I am not into fast lane changes in heavy multi lane traffic and these work fine for me.The passenger side is usable as well...😊
  12. If you would like some bling in the engine compartment.This is a picture of a Plymouth 23 inch engine with faux finned cast iron head and was posted by 1941Rick,who is no longer active on the forum. It was his car at the time and looked pretty good. As I recall the fins were custom made, chrome plated angle iron and attached to the head with the head bolts...
  13. From the photo of the fuel pump you posted,it appears teflon tape was used on the threaded fittings.When installing a new fuel pump I would suggest not using teflon tape as It does not stand up well to gasoline.
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