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  1. "Since I retired this year I have not done much except little fishing and work on my experimental boat.".... I gather you are no longer employed - as am I, (for pecuniary gain), enjoy yourself.
  2. Great pictures, nice that the location afforded a little shade for comfort.
  3. "Never Cross Brian" ...possibly a book title ?
  4. Certainly does draw attention...and two no less with the 440 - lucky man.
  5. As the saying goes -The big print giveth, the small print taketh away...
  6. Curious as to whether or not any fine print details in auto insurance policies may be a cause for an insurance company to void coverage in such cases.
  7. I was passing through Claresholm,Alberta yesterday as a show and shine was just winding down and cars were leaving. I took this photo of a hardtop similar to yours.
  8. I am also sad to hear of a loss of old cars, whatever the cause - insurance even if covered can't bring back the memories and personal attachment to some of these old vehicles.
  9. Rich, Sorry to hear of your bad experience and I can understand your response. I learned early on to buy the best tools I could afford, with the idea that I would keep them for a long time and hopefully not have to replace them. The tools I bought were part of my livelihood for years...Personally, I don't borrow tools. I have on occasion loaned tools, but only to those I know well and I trust will use them properly..
  10. Would like to agree with the last phrase of your comment, maybe with a question mark...but it might be interpreted as political.
  11. Don, I look forward to reading your comments. Occasionally I may have missed something - it causes me to go back and read what has been posted in a thread that perhaps I missed and although I don't always totally agree with your response - ( you haven't lost your edge ). You, as one of the forum members who has been there done that...and have the pictures to prove it - I generally pay attention.
  12. Some may not appreciate the humour in this story, but here goes. Back in the early sixties I was working at a military base repairing and overhauling military electronics equipment and completing trials. During that period there was a very gradual transition in the military from WWII electronic equipment that used vacuum tubes to the newer transistors. A new piece of test equipment appeared on the base manufactured by Tektronix called "Transistor Characteristic Curve Analyzer", kinda like a sophisticated old time tube tester. We got one. Sometimes it gives a person satisfaction to play a prank on someone who is somewhat extremely arrogant. One young technician sorta took ownership of this new piece of equipment and was the resident expert of the new technology. After several months of watching him impress others with his expertise on analyzing transistors, I removed the metal cap from a 3AG fuse and filled the cap with solder and with three tinned copper wires protruding, spaced appropriately, I gave it to him and asked if he could analyze this unknown transistor. He looked at it carefully, didn't recognize the IA 3Ag designation on the metal cap and connected it to the analyzer and proceeded to check it, fiddling with the knobs on the instrument until he finally admitted defeat...Maybe it was a mean prank- a humbling experience for him,but harmless.... Needless to say, we have all had humbling experiences.
  13. There is what appears to be a little bit of duct tape on one corner - maybe a shout-out to Red Green.
  14. Thanks for posting, Dave . I laughed and laughed...As his former teacher, it must have caused you to chuckle as well, although perhaps inconspicuously at the time...
  15. Looking at my 1937 Plymouth repair manual, the spec is - points open 4 degrees ATDC, maybe a printing error?....I checked my Motor's auto repair manual and it also says - location of timing marks, vibration damper - spark timing 4th line ATDC