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  1. The link didn't work for me either - I checked out ebay aus and found the listing. Will be interesting to see the final price. There appears to be some interest in it, 6275.00 with 5 days to go, reserve not met
  2. Jeff, Were you able to keep the thumper...that might wake up the neighbours.
  3. This is a Desoto S1 Custom coupe (6 cylinder Airstream). I do have some history of the car. Originally from Saskatchewan, it was purchased by a collector in BC in the early 70's who began the restoration but was unable to complete it due to ill health. The car was completed by the previous owner and he did a very good job of assembly and finishing. While the car is not perfect, it is in very good and mostly original condition. I've done some work to improve the DeSoto since I've had it, (are they ever really finished to our satisfaction?) It is somewhat rare and I was very pleased to be in a position to buy it when it came up for sale - even my wife liked the car.
  4. I was fortunate to find my 36 Desoto for sale a couple of years ago....
  5. 1939 Chrysler - asking $10,500. located in Mississauga,Ontario- ad is on Kijiji
  6. The part number for the steering arm complete is, 683120....The part number for the arm is, 683112....The part number for the ball is, 651957
  7. Andy,You are quite right...Part number is correct Scan0001.pdf
  8. Was the gasket shown supplied with this carburetor?
  9. Judging by the window stickers on the rear driver side, it looks as if your dad put a few miles on the car. Good luck getting it back on the road. I see it has Alberta plates - hope to see it on the highway...
  10. Dave, The part number for the opening frame (swing type) is 786419,the part number for the regulator handle (swing type) is 778615....There is a full page of part numbers for the windshield assembly covering the various components. There is no drawing of the windshield assembly in the parts manual. These two part numbers are the same for Plymouth P5,P6. Dodge D8,D9,D10. Desoto S5 .Chrysler C18,C19. Some part numbers were changed during the production run and changes to the part numbers are listed along with the body numbers
  11. I have a 1938 parts list manual for Chrysler Canada - they list a Windshield frame (swing type) for the C18 model 4D Sedan up body no.1062,also for other models, as well as for Dodge, Plymouth and Desoto models up to certain body numbers,for example the Desoto S5 ,"Note - Swing type windshields (Export) were changed at the following effective points - at body number 1391 on the 4 door sedan".... It appears as though changes were possibly made during the production year.
  12. 1936 Desoto S1 - cast Iron head Domestic 6 to 1 standard = Export high compression....Cast iron standard for Export 5.4 to 1..On the 1936 Desoto S2 Aluminum head standard Domestic was 6.5 to 1 - Export 6 to1.... . High compression aluminum domestic 7 to1. There were a number of factory heads available both cast iron and aluminum depending on model. You are correct in that standard compression ratio in the US was classed as high compression for export . For 1937 the compression ratios were increased for domestic as well as for export - Export from 5.4 to 5.8 for the cast iron heads.
  13. This thread is titled, " Creative Dash Boards " .
  14. 10-4
  15. I have the US 1936 Desoto Parts List, also the US 1937 Chrysler Parts List. The higher compression aluminum head is listed in both these manuals. I don't know what other years that it was available as an option.