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  1. T120

    Underhood lamp where installed

    Something I should mention is that I would not recommend buying one of these under hood lights expecting it to work. The chances are very good the mercury switched lamp socket is no longer working. The lamp would have to be modified using a different socket and perhaps a manually switched, fused supply.
  2. T120

    Underhood lamp where installed

    This is the installation instruction sheet for the under hood lamp. It does mention position of the lamp on the firewall on the oil filler side and adjusting rod length as required.... You can tap, Crtl +, on your keyboard to enlarge the image.
  3. T120

    Underhood lamp where installed

    The under hood light Rich mentioned is probably the same as fitted to my 48 Dodge D25 (alligator style hood). The MoPar Part No. is 1232607. Although the box shows side opening hood, this light was supplied when the car was delivered to the original owner.The cost as listed on the original invoice was $1.75. The lamp is spring loaded and tilts up when the hood is raised as shown in the photo. As per the instructions, the position of the lamp is the same for both types of hood. I cut the wire to the lamp as the insulation was deteriorated. It wouldn't be difficult to replace the wire, but these days I require a bit more light than this lamp would supply when I'm working under the hood.😊
  4. T120

    Tail-light upgrade?

    A couple of years back I was at a farm auction in southern Alberta - there was a Plymouth P15 coupe in the sale, kinda rough, needed a total restoration. Someone in the past had fitted it with tail lights from a DeSoto S11 .They appeared to be a good fit and looked okay . A bit larger than the P15 - I'm not sure if there would be enough of an improvement to make the change worthwhile...
  5. T120

    Engine stumbling

    You are quite correct ,it should fall forward if working properly - good observation 🧐
  6. Hard to say what your neighbour is dealing with...maybe off his meds?
  7. Sorry Tim, To hear of the disagreement with your neighbour, ("Good fences make good neighbours"). Probably at one time this proverb would be taken as apolitical.πŸ˜‰
  8. T120

    Excessive engine noise

    This young lady appears to have the necessary skills... πŸ˜‰
  9. T120

    Starter button firewall cover”?”

    As fitted on my 36 DeSoto.
  10. T120

    1939 all electric Dodge truck

    Frank, Interesting subject. Thanks for posting.
  11. Re. rear bumpers - Note 6 I have a copy of WM4205 , "1940 Through 1948 Illustrated Passenger Car Parts List" (CHRYCO).The rear bumpers for the Dodge D25 And Plymouth P15 share the same part numbers... Parts referred to in Note A used on P15 - 9,659,838 to 9,660,704 and D25 - 9,751,206 to 9,751,864 inclusive, parts referred to in note B used on all others - Note "A" 954949 Face Bar 953809 Support Right 953810 Support Left 1064774 Buffer Plate 953834 Stone Deflector Note "B" 1118318 Face Bar 1115597 Support Right 1115598 Support Left 1123504 Buffer Plate 115483 Stone Deflector
  12. T120

    Tip on how to remove valve guides..230CID

    Maybe an alternate method?
  13. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Seriously - and I hope without appearing to be sarcastic...this is July 1, not April 1st. I think at this point you should consider hiring a knowledgeable mechanic to help you out. LOL
  14. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Check the ohms reading between the movable point(s) in the distributor and the plus terminal on the coil...
  15. T120

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Looks like you have solved your problem. Just a matter of further checking your ohms readings. I think it has already been mentioned ,the distributor points must both close and then open and if everything is in order,when they open is when the high voltage spark from the coil is generated and then via the distributor cap and the rotor is sent to the spark plugs...I'm a little slow - Merle said it first.😊

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