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  1. T120

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Not everyone - having owned a couple of vintage convertibles myself in the past , I prefer a hardtop or two door coupe/sedan... While a convertible may grab some attention while driving with the top down, and certainly resale value reflected in the price obtained at auctions, IMHO they're overrated, perhaps my age is showing … lol
  2. T120

    What is this?

    Forum member, JIPJOBXX, called his blackout Dodge."Cowdodge"….
  3. T120

    lifter adjustment question 35,462,165,195,165

    You are correct, 228.1 cu in is the engine displacement for the 1937 C16 model. I don't have any pictures but this is from my 1937 shop manual... (note 4)
  4. T120

    Dodge car chase

    Always having had an interest in vintage cars; in 1962 I bought a 1937 Chrysler C16 coupe - absolutely solid stock body with no rust. When I bought the car ,it still had the stock radio for the year and also the original owner's manual in the glove box.The paint colour however had been changed to "plum red" .The engine while "stock" had been slightly modified ,fitted with an Edmunds dual carb intake,dual carburetors as well as an exhaust cutout.Not a hotrod by any means, but kinda cool at the time - owning the car helped me keep my bubble on the level for a couple of years tinkering and driving it.πŸ˜‰ The cost at the time to buy the car was $100.00
  5. T120

    How to change your oil

    I'm sure there's a lot of forum members who have used one of the fast oil change franchises has a story to tell because of a bad experience. It's too bad that there is some disreputable business owners that ruin the name for their other associates...I avoid using them and change my own oil. My one experience was many years ago with one of the aforementioned franchises. My wife's car was due for an oil change, it was a Saturday and we were planning on leaving for a vacation trip. I had been away working all week, was in a hurry and had a number of things to do prior to us leaving, one was getting a haircut. I went to a barber in the city and noticed one of the fast lube places was across the street. I dropped in and arranged for an oil change and I was back within the hour, the car was outside ready to be picked up. I paid for the service and left. The following day I popped the hood on the car and checked the oil level, while it was full, the oil was black. The oil filter had been changed but it appeared while they had installed a different oil filter ,they had neglected to change the oil.Needless to say,I was rather steamed, I changed the oil myself before we left and kept a sample of the drained oil. When we returned from our trip I took my receipt along with the oil sample to the fast lube place, talked to the business owner and politely asked for a refund - he refused and asked me to leave the premises. Not about to let it slide, I got in touch with the district office of the franchise, they were apologetic and gave me a full refund.
  6. T120


    I am not active on FB...Don't look for me there.This is the only site that check with regularly - If you find a reference to me elsewhere , please regard that as an imposter... or plagiarism .😊
  7. T120

    304ss exhaust to manifold corrosion / help needed

    … This reference pretty well covers the topic https://www.fastenal.com/content/feds/pdf/Article%20-%20Corrosion.pdf Article - Corrosion.pdf
  8. T120

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I expressed myself rather poorly and should have reserved comment. I don't have a problem with steel and aluminum in contact but personally I would avoid using brass fittings in direct contact with aluminum. The aluminum will suffer corrosion - how quickly it reacts will depend to some extent on the environment .
  9. T120

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I am quite interested and enthused reading about your project and progress to date, and thank you for your updates. I certainly don't want to appear as a critic, - looking at the crankcase ventilation ,it looks great and realizing this may not be the final configuration - I noticed there is a number of dissimilar metals in the plumbing. I might be concerned about galvanic corrosion.
  10. T120

    Gone but not forgotten

    I'm also glad to see a forum member was in a position to buy Don's car, certainly one of the best documented powertrain builds on the forum.
  11. T120

    Synthetic oil

    I don't know what viscosity of synthetic oil was used. My son does use Shell Rotella 0W-40 synthetic in his equipment during winter for easier starting and switches to Shell Rotella 15W- 40 conventional engine oil during the summer... I've also found this subject interesting - I don't use synthetic engine oil myself so I've never given it much thought. Years ago I bought a case of Esso Zero Artic for cold weather starts in the winter, it was a para synthetic blend and it worked very well. I only bought the one case and it's long gone.
  12. T120

    Synthetic oil

    Several years ago my son brought home a high mileage PT cruiser ( bought it cheap) and parked it in my driveway. Underneath the engine wasn't spotless, but there were no annoying oil drips on the concrete. He gave the car an oil change and for some reason used synthetic oil, right away the car started marking the area where he parked it. After awhile I moved it, cleaned up the driveway and changed the oil using a multigrade 10W30 conventional oil and this solved the annoying drip...So from that experience I would guess that maybe there's a larger proportion of big molecules than the smaller molecules in conventional motor oil. πŸ˜‰
  13. T120

    Paint Marine blue

    Yes, it is old...still makes a sloshing sound in the can, not sure what reducers were added. This paint does contain lead .Last I used was probably 10 years ago, no problem with the colour match nor drying. ☺️
  14. T120

    Paint Marine blue

    I have a 1948 Dodge D25C, same paint code 4012.This is an old can of touch-up paint I use, Dulux 796. May be hard as mentioned to get an exact match.
  15. T120

    Underhood lamp where installed

    As I mentioned regarding N.O.S. under hood lights of this type...Chances are the mercury switched lamp socket is no longer serviceable and the light won't work as designed

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