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  1. T120

    Aluminum water distribution tube

    I haven't had any experience with aluminum water distribution tubes. According to this chart it may be okay but as has been mentioned before, when replacing parts for our cars NOS is probably the better choice when available.
  2. T120

    No-good Benny

    "No-Good Benny" incident had me laughing . I've heard of some of the scams that are out there and personally between "phishing'" emails I've received as well as unsolicited telephone calls ,telemarketing ,etc., it sometimes makes me suspicious that perhaps with me being a senior, (the info is out there), they will keep checking back to see if I've lost my mind yet....
  3. T120

    1948 Special Deluxe Barn Find

    It appears the owner put a moisture barrier of sorts underneath the car which is a good idea.
  4. T120

    Kubalwagon build

    Well, Paul,, Whatever you decide to call your project, (things being what they are these days), I'm sure someone will take offense...and that's all I got to say about that.LOL
  5. T120

    As a curosity

    Are you referring to the rear shock absorber stone guards?. My Canadian parts book lists stone guards for all Canadian Chrysler cars 1940 - 47 part no.856350 - right ...part no.856351- left
  6. T120

    You just can't trust anybody on eBay these days

    Unfortunately that is true, it is better to transact business up close as mentioned to avoid any disappointment, nothing new, not every seller is trustworthy and long distance transactions are risky...
  7. T120

    You just can't trust anybody on eBay these days

    Follow 1 "You just can't trust anybody on eBay these days'' Unfortunately,that is true and as mentioned, it is better to transact business up close and feel better in the end.
  8. T120

    Rod Bolts

    No subtlety involved,the message being delivered loud and clear .... lol
  9. T120

    Rod Bolts

    I believe in today's workplace environment, a person must use a little diplomacy when correcting someone when they make a mistake...
  10. T120

    Replacing Boots on U-Joints

    Possibly there was a break in shooting the video. I noticed as we'll he didn't install the washers before sliding on the ball and needles...then a little further along in the video they magically appear in place.Apart from that I thought it was a very good video
  11. T120

    Sad day, fine Lady.

    Some have class...
  12. T120

    Fuelling multiple carbs

    Unrestricted flow from a mechanical fuel pump I believe should be approximately 1 quart/min at 500 RPM - I could be wrong.
  13. T120

    Show your tools.

    This morning I drove my wife to the city. She wanted to shop. As we seldom shop together, I headed off to find something of interest to me and remembered reading in yesterday's paper of a sale,(someone selling assorted tools out of a garage in the industrial area). The sale had been on for a couple hours when I arrived. Speaking with the fellow having the sale, I was a bit late arriving and there wasn't much left. Apparently he bought the contents of a garage belonging to an elderly gent who was entering an assisted living facility. I was sorry I hadn't arrived earlier , but I did buy this tripod bumper jack . He was asking $10.00 for it. It is a MoPar jack, still had the tag on it. In marker pencil on the jack, the number 1710284 with price $9.95.- I'm thinking maybe early 1950's? I like this type of jack and have used them often.
  14. T120

    239 V6 flathead. 1946 pontiac

    The basic parts, for example ,WA1 carbys and tune up parts aren't too expensive , I have a couple of the carburetors on the shelf ...the other stuff is sort of window dressing nowadays and can be pricy as Andy says.
  15. T120

    Friend's airboat

    I could add a comment at this time, But I will refrain...

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