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  1. Nice looking truck...They're only original once. 🙂
  2. More on the radio -This link should provide you with more info on the radio, http://www.nostalgiaair.org/Resources/209/M0006209.htm
  3. ...The old Plymouth is headed for sunnier climes.🙂 The radio is an aftermarket under dash car radio from the 40's. It appears to be a Firestone radio model 4-B-31..
  4. Murray graduated in 1960. Interesting that he kept the old Plymouth through the years...
  5. Small world, Possibly the same Murray Noel that lived in Saanich, B.C. on Vancouver Island and graduated from the same High School as I did around that time..
  6. Keith, Your 1938 Plymouth looks really good,glad to hear you bought it. It's in good hands...Bonus - getting spare parts including the original engine and the cars history as well.😊
  7. The term, "Pseudo-Intellectual", comes to mind... lol
  8. Sorry, for my indiscretion, having played a part in identifying some of the body parts used ...
  9. Appears to be a 1938 Chrysler Royal front end.
  10. I bought this in-line non adjustable (3 PSI) fuel pressure regulator several years ago,(hangs on a hook on the wall in my garage). Another one of those times when I've gone to a sale and bought stuff I don't need because it was cheap, $5.00 - probably too much. If I ever decide I should need one I'll buy something a little better quality... 🙂
  11. If by chance incompatible brake fluids might be in your brake lines,it could cause problems. It has been mentioned in the past to draw some fluid from the master cylinder and put it in a small clear glass jar - incompatible fluids will visibly separate...
  12. Jeff, From the description of your installation you did a proper job.When I installed the electric pump on my Lincoln it was to prime the Holley 4 barrel for ease of starting as the mechanical fuel pump was working fine. If I was to install an electric fuel pump today I would probably do as you have done. As I mentioned on another thread, I was on a trip with a few friends years ago and we stopped for lunch,one of them opened the hood of his car and gasoline was visibly "boiling" in the fuel bowl at the carbueretors,(he was driving a 1956 Cadillac with dual quads) It looked like trouble and that probably had some bearing on my decision to use the electric fuel pump solely for priming.With today's gasoline,who knows what the boiling point is,(I'm no expert)...This is a picture of a 1956 Cadillac engine with dual quads...
  13. I like knuckleharley's reminder to carry a fire extinguisher in our cars - if not for us, then perhaps for another motorist in trouble...
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