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  1. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Simply ignore, "three score and ten"...
  2. The title of the thread, "To goop or not to goop", caught my attention. I have seen "goop" oozing from mating surfaces and I think it shows poor workmanship. I have seen it used by itself in place of tappet cover gaskets on a flathead. Also seen it used by itself as a substitute for an oil pan gasket on an older flathead and the list goes on. Used properly and sparingly I suppose "goop" serves a purpose. I just don't like cleaning the stuff off .
  3. If I require either a cork or a paper gasket ,I prefer to make my own gasket when needed, particularly for less common gaskets. I personally dislike some of the newer gasket making products that have been used by some - perhaps improperly to make gaskets, don't do the job, look bad and can be troublesome to remove.
  4. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    You have raised a good point, Donald. There is indeed an enclosed tray that the window rolls down into, with a drain hose on the passenger side. You may notice in the photo that the tray has a slight slope in that direction...
  5. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Plenty of room to pass beverages both ways.
  6. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    The rear window in my 1936 Desoto RS coupe also does not open completely out of sight.
  7. Well now, regardless of a person's age if they still have an interest and are enjoying the hobby, don't have a need to sell, why bother. To my mind, it is better than sitting around and looking at the balance in your bank account.
  8. Possibly the thread you are referring to in which a restrictor was mentioned, "engine year help" posted a few days back by forum member ,homer41
  9. The time will come for me when I have to give up riding a heavy bike and I've given it some thought. I spoke with someone the other day in the same circumstances. He is not ready yet to give up riding altogether but is considering buying a lighter bike for the same reason.
  10. I've rode motorcycles since 1958 when I got my driver's license and I still ride today and I have several motorcycles. It's not for everyone - my wife doesn't care for them. I realize my reaction time is not what it was back then, but I'm not about to quit as yet. One thing I did a few years ago, was to successfully complete a course endorsed by the MSF through the University of Northern Montana, (MSU - Northern ), to ensure my skill level was still up to par..
  11. A photo of my 1936 Desoto rumble seat coupe. The rear window does roll down. As well as ventilation, I suppose this could enable the occupant in the back to reach forward and tap someone in the front seat on the shoulder if need be...
  12. Further to Frank Elder's solution - To quote Mike Tyson, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"
  13. Car Guy With DeSoto

    I had the pleasure of meeting this fellow last summer at a local car show. We had an all too brief visit - he was kind enough to pop the hood of his 1948 Desoto and I took a couple of pictures. Since owning the car he has done some innovative mods,( to say the least), and is indeed enjoying the hobby...
  14. 1948 Desoto coupe with dual manifold installed plus other owner installed mods. I saw this at a local show last summer