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  1. Also, cover all bases...😉
  2. …Remembering the Boy Scout's motto ,"Be Prepared" ! 😉
  3. T120

    1939 Nash Lafayette

    A couple of things worth considering .The 1939 Nash Lafayette 4 door while a nice car may be a poor choice to "restore". A restoration ,if done correctly can be very expensive and easily exceed the resale value of the car. The commitment to restore would have to be a "labour of love" - even with having the vehicle given to you. Body trim and other parts while readily available at a reasonable cost for Ford and Chevrolet for instance are more expensive for some of the less common vehicles. Rarity in itself does not always equate to the resale value of a vehicle. Great to save these vehicles from the crusher for sure but not always to consider restoring as an "investment". imho
  4. Don't want to hijack this thread … A couple of points that may be worth mentioning . Should you decide to buy this truck and require a trailer... With the experience I had in the past renting poorly serviced U Haul trailers, I wouldn't recommend them. I have my own trailer that I have confidence in, it is fully serviced and ready to go. Also as an aside, suggest you pick your travel route in advance.... Probably 12 years has passed since I drove through Salt Lake City, Utah pulling my car hauler on my way down to California to pick up a vehicle. The multiple lane traffic headed south on I15 through SLC was heavy and while I was travelling the posted speed, vehicles started passing me … not being one to hold up traffic I sped up reducing the normal comfortable buffer zone between me and the brake lights of the vehicle ahead . On the return trip with the loaded trailer, I chose a route with lighter traffic around Salt Lake City and headed north on I215...My thoughts🙂
  5. I agree with the above comments, I would thoroughly check everything out before putting any money down - could possibly turn out to be a dog's breakfast for the next owner...
  6. From the photos the wheelbase appears different - was there a complete swap including frame?
  7. T120

    1936 Desoto Airflow engine

    There are some differences because of the unique design of the 1936 DeSoto Airflow Body. Forum member, "Austinsailor", has a 1936 DeSoto Airflow . S1 is the 1936 DeSoto "Airstream", S2 is the 1936 DeSoto Airflow...
  8. T120

    Cool P15 Photo

    I like the International truck as well...
  9. T120

    has anyone heard from..

    Keep the faith, brother… You have projects waiting for your attention. Looking forward to reading your opinions and helpful maintenance advice for the old vehicles in the years to come...
  10. T120

    Greatest Barn Find Collection...

    True, And I suppose for something to be found, it first has to be lost. LOL
  11. If this has been posted before, I missed it. Worth watching if you have the time -some very rare cars including MoPars, complete with dust.. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=barn+find+hunter+episode+46&view=detail&mid=CD0AF40A95F9DED018CACD0AF40A95F9DED018CA&FORM=VIRE
  12. I also have a copy of the 20th Edition 1943 - great to read, wouldn't part with it.
  13. My 1948 Dodge D25 club coupe has a rubber mat on the front floor and carpet in the rear, also a rubber mat on the trunk floor..
  14. It has been done before. Requires polarizing the generator when the new regulator is installed. While I would hesitate recommending this option, it works..
  15. T120

    Plodge Bumpers.. What is compatible?

    I have a 1948 Dodge D25 .I've scanned a page from the Canadian Chrysler Passenger Car Parts List 1940-1948 . The part numbers you need for the rear bumper are at the bottom of this page, ( my 1948 Dodge falls within those listed in Note "A"). The Canadian Dodge D25 and Plymouth P15 share the same part numbers .The U.S. Plymouth P15 uses different part numbers for the bumpers.The part number for the front bumper face bar is 1118319 and is the same for both the Canadian Plymouth P15 and the Canadian Dodge D25.

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