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  1. I wouldn't attempt to explain - however the term "cathodic" protection has come up on this forum in the past, and there is a far better explanation available on the web than I could offer ...☺️
  2. The nine most terrifying words in the English language....πŸ˜‰
  3. ... Or the connection for the vacuum wiper motor . πŸ™‚
  4. Possiblly the connection for the manifold drain valve . Used back in the day to correct the problem of fuel pooling in the intake causing flooding.I would probably install a plug.....This is the manifold drain valve on my 1936 DeSoto.
  5. Good video - great location for a car show...shaded parking available.πŸ™‚
  6. Tod,I believe you are correct.There is what I thought a good analysis of brake light switch failure on the MGAguru website. Basically because of the manner in which the brake light switch is activated, it is not a "snap" action and during the switch opening and closing arcing can occur. Damage to the contacts is cumulative causing the resistance of the contacts to increase over time...some contacts used in manufacture will last longer than others...
  7. Thanks to you Dave and other POC advisors sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm, it has without a doubt helped to keep numerous old Plymouths on the road...Also nice to remember those who have shared our enthusiasm for the hobby.
  8. Dave,I see you have have held that position for years - I have a copy of The Plymouth Bulletin no. 183 from July-August 1990 featuring photos of the P.O.C. meet in Calgary, including a nice photo of you with your 1951 Cranbrook Conv. accepting an award. Nice of you to share your expertise...
  9. Nice car. Brought to mind a black and white TV series from around 1960 called the "Untouchables". There were abundant similar vehicles featured in the series. One of the highlights of watching episodes. 😊
  10. I had a problem with the headlight switch on my 1936 DeSoto.There was some resistance to pulling out the switch to operate the lights and it was not making proper contact.I removed the switch and found the phenolic portion of the switch was slightly warped and discoloured and it looked as though it had overheated sometime in the past.I was able to carefully disassemble the switch, cleaned and lubricate the contacts and reassembled it and the switch now works okay . I was able to find a N.O.S. light switch as a spare . My 1936 DeSoto is also 6 Volts,and the headlights had been changed to sealed beam lamps. I plan to wire in a 6 volt dual headlamp relay. I found this one on ebay cost was around $30.US. It is a K-W stock no C -1080 ( N.O.S.,made in U.S.A.)....See figure 1 on the diagram
  11. In some cases because of the age of the wiring - with brittle insulation as well as corrosion of the conductor, point to point replacement is the only solution.
  12. On my 1937 Chrysler, I'm kinda embarrassed of the photo I posted of the wiring I did around the starter motor... When I bought the car several years ago ,a previous owner had the car into a shop and paid to have it converted to a 12 volt negative ground battery system...while some of the work they did was okay,I wasn't happy with the cluster of wires at the starter motor.. After I bought the car, .I did a rather quick assessment of the wiring and this was basically what I did one evening to give me some peace of mind ...It was rather a quick and nasty fix..
  13. I won't brag about the workmanship. As I wasn't aiming for a full restoration,I just addressed some weak points in the wiring at the time and it gave me confidence to connect the battery and turn the key on.. 😊
  14. This is what I did to clean up some of the wiring at the starter on my 1937 Chrysler...
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