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  1. Found out from another Forum that part number 695748 is found in the 39-41 Chrysler parts manuals. Learning something new is always fun.
  2. Picked up a used Chrysler OEM 25” Aluminium Cylinder Head. CC#695798 on E-Bay. Seller claimed all threaded holes were decent. We shall see. Hey, I can always paint it and display it along with my other 23” and 25” heads in my “Man Cave”. LOL. Will post pic’s of it when it arrives.
  3. Sun D1 Tach

    Hi Dodgeb4ya, You sure can’t beat the look of the “D” model Tachs that’s for sure. I used Rust-Oleum gloss black on the gauge and light housing. I wanted to mount the tach on the steering column so here is what I did. I bought a slightly smaller diameter PVC slip cap to fit over the back of the gauge. Had a friend of mine open it up just a bit on his lathe to provide a resistance fit over the back of the gauge. Drilled holes for the wires in the cap, painted it gloss black and bought a Sun mounting kit for the steering column. Looks a little massive, but there are no exposed wires and terminals showing behind the gauge.
  4. Sun D1 Tach

    Hello All, Here is a photo of a Sun D1 tach I picked up. I was looking for just the light housing to finish the D1 tach I have on my WC-12, but ended up buying the whole gauge. Gauge is not working, but I don’t care. The main thing is the light works. The gauge also has the pointer and the pointer hold down bracket. These gauges are hard to find and expensive. There are 2 on e-bay. One is $650.00 NOS and a rebuilt one for $450.00. $53.00 including shipping is a bargain in my book for just the light housing itself. Once in a while I do get lucky buying pArts at a bargain. LOL.
  5. Sun D1 Tach

    Hello All, Finally mounted the Instrument light on the tach. Took longer than I anticpated, but I am happy that it works. Will be good to see the tach lit up at night.
  6. Hi Greg g, After doing a little research on the net, you are absolutely correct. The 1934 Desoto Airflow with the 241 Flathead 6 came with an Aluminium Head. Very interesting reading. I would imagine that this head could be ordered on Conventional Design Chrysler cars with the 6 cylinder engine also. Will do more research. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. This one is located in Pennsylvania. Taking a chance, but what the h... . Like I said, it will be a good “Conversation Piece” since I don’t own a boat. LOL.
  8. 265 Engine Color opinions

    I painted my IND-7 grey and highlighted the "Spitfire" in red along with other colors on the head. I won't tell you what color the grey is used on as you would ban me from the forum. LOL.
  9. Sun D1 Tach

    Hi JBNeal, Yes, this tach needs a Transmitter to work. Thing is, I’m not sure if this gauge would run on 12 volts. It could be a 6 volt 6 cylinder gauge set up only. The Data plate on the Transmitter box lists the model of the box, the voltage required and the number of cylinders needed to run the box. I also have 2 or 3 spare model E transmitter boxes along with a good running spare D-1 3500 RPM tach and an NOS D-3 5000 RPM tach. I really love the old school aviation type gauge look.
  10. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Oh, by the way, now I know why I like the truck so much. 1955 is my “Birthday suit” year. LOL. Once again, congratulations on the restoration of your Dodge.
  11. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Now that is one beautiful Dodge pick-up. Love that color. Congratulations, “you done good”.
  12. Sun D1 Tach

    Sorry about the no photo thread. let's try this again
  13. Recommended maximum overbore in 218

    Do not let them bore it. .060 is the max I would go on a Mopar flathead. At .080, you stand a better than even chance of cooling problems. I would try and find some sleeves and bring the specs. back to standard. Just my opinion and as they say “Opinions are like a......., we all have have one”. LOL.
  14. Camshaft and Crank Oiling modification

    The ISBN # is 0-87938-491-3.
  15. Camshaft and Crank Oiling modification

    I am away from home at the moment. The Bunn book is titled Dodge Pick-up and Restoration guide 19.. to 1971. I can give you the ISBN number when I get back back home.
  16. Camshaft and Crank Oiling modification

    Don Bunns book on Dodge pick-up history has a section that talks about performance modifications for the flatheads. He gives a detailed explanation on how to modify the oiling system. You have to enlarge the main bearing shell caps or something like that. Get the book, it is well worth it.
  17. Someone go buy this

    That is an M-37 3/4 ton Military Pick up, not a Power Wagon. The military style civilian Power Wagon was a 1 ton truck with a longer wheelbase and totally different looking cab. It’s funny how people see my 1941 1/2 ton 4x4 WC Military 1/2 ton and call it a Power Wagon also.
  18. 4 spd swap

    Yes. The mounting ears should be the same and should bolt right up to the bell housing on your truck. I am going to do the same swap on my military WC-12.
  19. 47 1/2 ton, 4BT cummins

    Wonder how much cutting and welding he had to do to install the 4BT in the truck. I would guess that the weight of the 4BT exceeds any 23”or 25” flathead, so he must have had to beef up the frame no doubt.
  20. Double crankshaft pulley?

    Vintage Power Wagons sells a 4 groove pulley for the M-37 Military 4x4 which was epuipped with a 230 motor from the factory. Perhaps you can make it work for your application. Ph# is (641)472-4665.
  21. Newly cleaned and painted engine

    The motor looks real nice. Is it a 23” motor or a 25” motor?
  22. Will this fit my 218

    One quick way to tell a spur geared NS tranny from helical cut geared S tranny is to look at the location of the drain plug. A spur gear tranny will have the drain plug facing downward at an angle. The helical cut S tranny will have the drain plug parallel to the bottom of the case.
  23. Will Desoto parts work in Dodge?????

    If your looking for a 3.73 or better ratio the ‘48 Desoto is not what you are looking for. The ratio of the third member should be 3.9. If he has the original engine it should be a a 236.6(237). Desoto did not install the 250.6(251) in their cars until 1951. Yes most post-war and some pre -war Desoto and Chrysler car third members will fit in the 1/2 and 3/4 ton truck third member housings. Some time in the early 1950’s though, the spline count changed in the pinion gears of the third members, so if you swap out a third member from those years, you need to also use the axle shafts from those third members in the swap or change the pinion gears from your third member into the later third members. If I am mistaken in what I’m saying, someone will be along to correct my Info.
  24. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Congratultions. NIce Find. The wing vent door widows were an option on these model trucks. The truck will have either 4.89, 4.30 or the very rare 3.91 third member ratio. The ratio is stamped on a flat rectangular pad below the fill plug and reinforcement rib of the the third member - right side(passengers side). You will probably have to wire brush or sand the pad to see the stamped number. I would guess that you have the 4.30 ratio as that was the standard ratio with the other two being an option. Let us know what the ratio is when you get a chance to look at the third member. " Mopar Or Nocar" is what I always say. LOL?
  25. Are all Spitfire heads 25"?

    If your going to buy any 23" head for either the US 218 or 230 motor , I would look for a 57-59 Plymouth or Dodge Head. This head has an 8:1 compression ratio as stock. The casting number( and most likely the part number) is 1676337. You will have to have the temp sender hole drilled out and re-tapped for the earlier temp gauges. Also, if using an earlier block without the extra by-pass the later head gasket needs to be used. I felt the extra "Pop" in the motor immediately after installing the head on the 230 I had up till recently in my WC-12. Here is a photo of the head