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  1. B3B suspension frightful experience

    I cruise around 55-60 in my ‘41 WC 1/2 ton Military 4x4. With the IND-7, ‘41 Spitfire head, high duration cam, 900-16 NDT’s vs the original 750-16’s and 4.30’s vs the original 4.89’s, I’m taching around 2440 RPM’s. The brakes are adjusted and function well, but still, I tend to keep a very safe distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me. I will be changing out the third members to 4.10 ratio’s and returning to the 750-16 NDT’s. Should give me a bit more acceleration at the cost of about 100 more RPM’s at 60 MPH. This should be fine for the IND-7(236.6) as one book I read said you shouldn’t run them at more than 70-75% of max RPM for sustained periods. Don’t know if this is correct or not, but that’s what I’m running the motor at.
  2. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    I installed an IND-7(236.6) in my WC -12 to replace the 230 that was in it. I installed a 241 ”Spitfire” head on the IND-7. Since the bore of the 236.6 is 3&7/16” vs the 3&3/8” bore of the 241 I supposedly increased the compression ratio. To what I don’t know. I also had the head shaved just a smidgen to clean up some minor rust spots on it. The motor was rebuilt and balanced. It is a real smooth runner and I like it’s performance a lot. The 230 I had in the truck before had a later higher compression 1957 Plymouth 8:1 head on it. When I switched out the old head for this head, I could immediately tell the difference in power.
  3. Petronix part number ?

    What is your Distributor Model Number. IGS-, IGC- etc.
  4. 218 engine oil capacity

    I guess we all make mistakes sometimes Mr. Oil Soup man. Thing is, most adults would use adult langauge and not resort to name calling such as you have done. By the way how much experience do you have working on old Mopar products. Have a nice day.
  5. 218 engine oil capacity

    5 quarts including a filter change, 4 quarts without a filter change.
  6. ggdad1951 truck project montage: FEF!

    Nice looking 1 ton you have there ggdad1951. I see your pic of the dash and it looks like the flathead is turning at about 2500 RPM's or so. What third member ratio do you have? Do you still have the 230 in it or have you re-engined it with a 25" motor. Again nice looking rig.
  7. Carter B&B E7T2 downdraft for my IND251 engine.

    Fernando, Just order the gasket with the slots from Mike Carburetor or any other well regarded Carb. Shop on the web. Make sure the gasket has the 2&11/16" diameter hole and not the 2&9/16" diameter hole which is for the 23" motor manifold.
  8. Carter B&B E7T2 downdraft for my IND251 engine.

    Hello Fernando. Just be aware that that carburetor to intake manifold gasket they sent you is for a carburetor that has a governor. If you don't have a governor, you need the gasket that has the slots, not the holes.
  9. The 4.1 ratio on 1 ton PH trucks not available until 1952 or 53 I believe.
  10. 4,3 is the axle ratio. My WC 1/2 ton Military has the same type build card and in the axle ratio box 4.8 is written there. The ratio on my truck was originally 4.89. Guess CC just used abbreviations in some instances.
  11. 1950 B-2-D

    Your doing well on getting the truck back on the road. I see you have the Semi-Synchro. 4 speed tranny. That's the same tranny I am going to install in my '41 Military 1/2 ton closed cab pick up. After 30 years of DC'ing the tranny on the truck, it will be nice to have 3rd and 4th gear synchronized with the added feature of them having Helical cut gears so they will be quiet and not have that whine to them like the straight cut gears. Keep up the good work.
  12. distributor without a vaacum advance?

    1 ton Dodge trucks whether they be the WD model, the Pilothouse 1 ton model, the Functional Design model or the Power Giant model were factory installed with 23" motors not 25" motors.
  13. 951 a 1952 shop manual

    The "Pilothouse Knowledge" site has a 1953 B-4 series Dodge shop manual you can download. Don't see why that manual would be all that different than what you are looking for.
  14. That sure looks like the eastern sierra mountains of Califonia north of say Ridgecrest/China Lake. Perhaps closer to Bridgeport and Mammoth mountain.
  15. Look online, e-pay, craigslist etc for, a suitable interchange. some that should interchange would be an MZ-4115, MAW-4029, MAW-4030 etc. By the way, the 1942 Dodge WC 1/2 ton 4x2's bought by the US Gov. for the Army were spec. out with MZ-4115 starters as OEM units. The main differences between the MZ starters and the MAW starters are a slightly larger starter and hench, more powerful. As far as installing a correctly numbered part for your truck, yes if you are into a complete restoration. If not, IMO, the MZ-4115 and MAW-4029 are for sure CC tagged starters along with the MAW-4030 which is a later production unit made by Presotile which at that time was owned by CC. Vintage Power Wagons sells rebuilt and NOS starters I believe that would work on your truck also. Hope this info helps.