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  1. New Clutch Question

    Hey Don, I read your story to my “Better half” and she just about fell off the bed laughing. Just goes to show that sometimes, you “Can’t judge a book by its cover”. LOL.
  2. Photo’s of my Truck

    Hi Duffy, Listen, this truck was a “Beater”when I bought it 31 years ago. A good frame, pick-up box, motor upgrade and too much other stuff to list and here is the finished product. The truck is not an original truck by any means, but it is straight, clean and gets a lot of looks. Yes, I have more $ into it than I could ever image to get out of it. I did not pour money into it to make a profit. I poured $ into it so I could enjoy it and leave it to my Grandson when I go to the big “Dodge truck” Rally in the sky. I also informed my Son that if he ever sells it I will find a way to come back and k... his a.. . LOL. You take your time and do a good job on your WF-32 and it will make you proud.
  3. Chevy Parts in a Mopar Flathead

    4mula—dlx Appreciate your point off view. Thanks.
  4. So what are the advantages of installing Chevy Pistons and Valves in a Mopar Flathead. Is the installation of these really worth it ? Count me in as a “Mopar or Nocar”.
  5. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I drive my WC-12 almost every day except when it is raining. Those Military Non-Directional tires are not the best in the rain when trying to stop. Don't ask me how I know. LOL.
  6. Just take your time and I’m sure when you are done, you will have a real nice looking Truck.
  7. Thanks for the great advice 59bisquik. Will do exactly that. Again! It all hinges on the exam of it by the machine shop. I am cautiously optimistic that the head will check out ok. Or you going to the BBQ?
  8. The weight of a spare Spitfire Head that I have is 38.8 Lbs. The weight of this Aluminum Head is 14.3 Lbs. Weight savings of 24.5 Lbs. The Ind-7 Block will appreciate it. LOL.
  9. 265 motor

    That is a very nice looking flathead, that's for sure. Congratulations.
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys. I believe this head has a 7:1 compression ratio. Will see if it’s possible to have it shaved so I can get an 8:1 compression ratio out of it.
  11. The Head arrived today. All the threaded holes look good. There is a tag on it that says "37-41 Chrysler Alum. Good Used". Hope the tag is telling the truth. LOL. Will have it checked out at the machine shop, and if good, will install on the IND-7. Will not look as good as the '41 Spitfire head, but should be a good conversation piece at the vehicle shows. Here are some photos of it.
  12. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    Your distributor was manufactured in May of 1951.
  13. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    The best factory Distributor to put in a 23” motor would be the 1957-59 Plymouth and Dodge Autolite IBR-4001. This would have the best advance curves of them all I believe. Installed one in the 230 when I had that motor in my WC-12. You felt the extra “Pop” when you were giving the Flathead the old “Gasollo”.LOL.
  14. Found out from another Forum that part number 695748 is found in the 39-41 Chrysler parts manuals. Learning something new is always fun.
  15. Sun D1 Tach

    Hi Dodgeb4ya, You sure can’t beat the look of the “D” model Tachs that’s for sure. I used Rust-Oleum gloss black on the gauge and light housing. I wanted to mount the tach on the steering column so here is what I did. I bought a slightly smaller diameter PVC slip cap to fit over the back of the gauge. Had a friend of mine open it up just a bit on his lathe to provide a resistance fit over the back of the gauge. Drilled holes for the wires in the cap, painted it gloss black and bought a Sun mounting kit for the steering column. Looks a little massive, but there are no exposed wires and terminals showing behind the gauge.