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  1. Dozerman51

    Familiar territory

    Is your cab a prewar or postwar cab? The full water fall lines on the dash make it out to be a prewar cab unless the glass is causing a reflection. Nice work on installing a PH box on the WC frame.
  2. Dozerman51

    Water pump. Maybe

    If you have not done so already, I would : 1) Remove the thermostat housing and check and/or replace thermostat if needed. 2) Remove all the components from the block, remove water distribution tube and as many core plugs as you can and thoroughly flush the block. 3) Replace the WDT. If the truck had sat for 35 years with water/coolant in the block before you purchased it, rest assured that there is all kinds of rust in it. Find a good temp gauge and install it. With proper maint. of the cooling system, these old flatheads will run cool in all types of climatic conditions.
  3. Dozerman51

    Carter BB on 230 engine

    I second what Dodgeb4ya has said. Parts are a lot easier to find and really no difference in the performance of the B&B vs the Stromberg.
  4. Dozerman51

    I found a Spitfire ... in France!

    Felicitations. Vous avez trouver un bon moteur la.
  5. Dozerman51

    My '47', not Pokey

    The dash panel appears to have the full waterfall or is that just a reflection off of some thing in the cab. If it is indeed the waterfall, the cab or the dash cannot be a 1947. The full waterfall design was stopped some time in late 1941 or early 1942 never to return on the postwar trucks.
  6. Dozerman51

    My '47', not Pokey

    Or I should say Plastic????
  7. Dozerman51

    My '47', not Pokey

    Guess you must have all the oil leaks plugged up otherwise, the glass wouldn’t look so clean. Nice work.
  8. Dozerman51

    I bought another old dodge !

    The T-306 motor is indeed a 218 truck motor originally found in the 1951-53 B3-B and B4-B trucks.
  9. Dozerman51

    Gas tank & synchromesh

    The 1st Mopar 4 speed truck Trans. with 2nd 3rd and 4th gears synchro’d was the NP435. The NP420 was only synchro’d in 3rd and 4th.
  10. Dozerman51

    ball and ball

    Have you used a vacuum gauge to adjust the mixture setting? You want the highest vacuum with a steady to very very little little fluctuating needle at idle. Is the float set to the proper height?
  11. Dozerman51

    Steering Sector Shaft Seal

    I used a metric seal on the sector set of my WC-12. The original OEM cheap metal retainer and cork gasket didn’t hold back s... . My buddy at the auto parts store measured up the old retainer and seal and ordered me a National metric seal. I took my gear apart, cleaned it, made a new housing bracket gasket, used Permatex when joining the 2 parts of the steering gear and installed the metric seal. Not one drop has leaked out of either the body or the sector shaft. After 30 + years of wiping the frame and springs, they are finally dry of 90WT oil. It has been 2 years now that I did this.
  12. Dozerman51

    Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    Very nice looking 23” Flathead. Very strange that he doesn’t have an oil filtration system on the motor, or am I missing it?
  13. Dozerman51

    Cam Question

    The Industrial engine manual lists 110 - 140 Lbs. and a compression ratio of 6.6:1. To be fair the book lists the starter cranking speed as 125 RPM’s. Don’t know the cracking speed of my starter but I cranked the engine 4 revolutions for each cylinder reading.
  14. Dozerman51

    Cam Question

    Here are the specs on the cam.
  15. Dozerman51

    Cam Question

    Ok guys, don’t flame me, but I’ve got a question about the cam in my truck. It is a longer duration cam ground for a 251 not a 236. Does that change things as far as timing etc. I can take the bad news. LOL. Did a compression test on the 236. #1 90, #2 100, #3 100, #4 100, #5 80, #6 100. Hoping #5 just needs the valves adjusted although I will check them all. Vacuum gauge reads at 17 (the gauge reading area that says “late ignition timing)with the needle flickering very fast but less than 1/2 “ of mercury. Engine idles real smooth with no miss nor does it miss on acceleration or at high speed. I don’t know if I will install the Aluminum Head when I get it back from the machine shop. I want to have the Spitfire head shaved to give me a compression ratio of around 8 or 9:1. What say guys?

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