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  1. Steering column seal

    This is the one that keeps out junk that gets between the jacket and shaft. Keeps that crap from falling into the steering box. The factory seal was very brittle so I came up with this:
  2. Bracket

    I made two spacers this afternoon. Makes installing the brackets very easy.
  3. What is this?

    Not sure....just hope you are good at rust repair. Probably new floors at the least.
  4. Fuel pressure

    Simple...Take off the air cleaner, do not start the engine, run the fuel pump and look down into the carb. If gas is flowing, then there is too much pressure. This is assuming the float is adjusted properly. I like to go 1/8" lower then spec as that seems to work better with today's lousy gas. Adjustable regulators that mount in front of the carb are available.
  5. Backfire through oil breather....

    If the backfire is during acceleration, it's a timing or fuel or intake valve problem and will go pow in the intake manifold/carb area. If popping is heard while the engine is decelerating, it is usually caused by an exhaust leak.
  6. P15-D24 stickers

    Will these fit a P-23?
  7. With the plugs out and the brakes released, put it in 3rd gear and rock the car back and forth...see if the engine turns.
  8. Rims

    I'm so old, I remember when rims were wheels.
  9. Steering box adjustment

    There are two adjustments. One for bearing preload and one for free play. The measurements are taken at the steering wheel rim with the pittman arm disconnected. The specs and procedure for doing this op are in the shop manual.
  10. 48 P15 steering Box seal kit

    I'm going thru my steering box right now....here's what I'm using. This is for a '51 or'52 cranbrook. Sector shaft seal. Two will fit.Nat. oil seal #240356 is the thin one and #474278 is the thicker one at.250". That is the one I'm using. Gaskets.. worm cover plate. I removed the three gaskets and measured the thickness. Bought some gasket material at the parts house and made new ones. These have to be the same thickness as the old gaskets to maintain steering shaft end play. If you are changing out the bearings, then you will have to reset end play via these gaskets. I'm going to use a little Permatex #2 there as well. There is also a seal that keeps stuff from inside the steering jacket from falling into the insides of the box. The stock one on mine was falling apart. So I'm using Nat seal # 470567. This fits the steering shaft and is retained by the spring that held the original on in place. All this should work on your p15. Hope this helps!
  11. Steering Column Interchange

    All you need to stop the leak is a sector shaft and bushings in good condition along with a proper oil seal. All of these steering boxes you have mentioned have sector shafts that interchange. One of them should be good. If the bushings are shot, new ones are available. Why do you want to replace the steering box? 1949/1952 Plymouth and Dodge boxes are the same.
  12. Steering Column Interchange

    What seal are you using. Sector shafts are interchangeable. You might be able to use the better of the two shafts along with the right seal to solve your problem and keep the '50 column. Roberts motor parts or bernbaum have bushings, bearings and such. I'm currently using the best parts from two boxes and cutting my own gaskets.
  13. steering box bushings

    Try this....Insert the steering shaft/ worm assembly with bearings into the box. Temporarily install the steering wheel. It only goes on one way. When it lines up the way you want it, drop in the sector shaft so it engages the worm gear. Mine is all apart now, need to make a new gasket and paint the whole mess then assemble. If you come up with a better way, let us know. Btw...I'm using 90 wt oil in mine as I noticed that the sector has roller bearings that might be hard to lube with grease as others have used here.
  14. Steering box/horn cable seal.

    It also keeps debris that gets into the steering tube from diluting the gear box lube.
  15. Steering box/horn cable seal.

    Here is what mine looked like...seal the steering shaft. I can only guess it is there to keep oil from getting into the steering wheel / horn button area and leaking 90 wt during shipping. Can't see oil working it's way up there when it's installed in the car.