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  1. ptwothree

    Thermostat Housing

    Unless this is a concours project, most housings from 60's thru 70's V8 mopars will work just fine. Under $10...chrome will be more. Works with internal bypass so it may or may not work depending on what you have.
  2. ptwothree

    I have a problem with carburation and/or fuel delivery

    Check the rubber hose that connects the fuel supply line to the pump for cracks. Could be sucking in air instead of gas. I had a similar problem years ago and a new hose solved it.
  3. ptwothree

    Front spring removal

    I just put a floor jack under the lca and took out the 4 bolts holding the uca to the frame. Then just lower the jack and the spring comes out nice and easy. Chaining it to the frame is a good move too.
  4. ptwothree

    The history and legal laws regarding rear license plate light

    Back in '67 or '68, motoring along minding my own business, a local city cop stopped me 'cuz my licence light was too BRIGHT! He also informed me that me and my car at the time, a '57 jacked up Ford hot rod with a primer grey bubble scoop, remember those, answered the description of a burglary suspect. So ....one shake down, 4 police cars and 45 minutes later, they decided I wasn't their guy. No ticket. Was sop for the cops back then. The good 'ol days........
  5. ptwothree

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    No, looks like bare metal. That may or not be a problem. I figure it will be the next guy worry as I'm sure it will out live me. I keep the tank full when possible.
  6. ptwothree

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    That's him. I bought one of those tanks....nice piece and fits well.
  7. ptwothree

    Cell phones and driving

    Mount the drivers seat over the front bumper.....watch the accident rates and cell phone usage go down.
  8. ptwothree

    slow vacuum wiper motors

    I used a couple of dabs of chassis grease. It originally had grease packed in it that was hardened and dried. No wipers at all. I cleaned all the old crap out of it and greased up the vac chamber on both sides of the wiper/paddle gizmo and it worked like new. I think the grease helps seal the vac chamber and lubes the seals as well.
  9. ptwothree

    Time to clean the workbench.

    Too much work to clean 'em up.....looks like mine!
  10. ptwothree

    53 Fuel Tank Fittings

    Also, since the tank fitting is not threaded all the way to the seat, you will need to reuse or find a nut with a shoulder on it like in post #4. Without this feature, there is nothing bearing against the flared line so the line can not be tightened.
  11. ptwothree

    rear window wiper??

    '48 Hudsons had 'em. Vacuum with a separate control knob.
  12. ptwothree

    Thermostat housing

    Mopar housings for V8 engines from the 70's use one that will work on the '51 and '52 models if that helps. I think they changed the housing later on in the 50's sometime to accommodate a lower hood profile....
  13. ptwothree

    Another brake adjustment option

    What is a "flangette"? Where would one obtain one? Pics?
  14. ptwothree

    Brass fitting

    Pretty sure they are both 1/8" npt. I'm doing this same thing myself using a Wix 24755 adapter and a wix 51320 or napa 1320 spin on filter with 90 degree fittings on the adapter.

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