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  1. Steering shaft seal

    I'm in the middle of refurbishing a steering box and need some help. Can't find the shaft seal that seals the column to the box. I have a '51 and a '52 box I'm working on. The '52 was dry as a bone when disassembled and that seal crumbled to bits when I removed it. The '51 was half full of oil and most of the parts are in good condition cept this seal. I has no part # on it and is very brittle. I'd sure like to find a replacement but so far no luck. Btw...Most of the seals listed at Rockauto for these boxes are for power steering boxes. I'll have a write up when it's back together including part #'s. Any help with this will be much appreciated!
  2. Front Suspension

    They are an Acme thread...but I don't know the size.
  3. Carburetor help

    I would also check the fuel pressure at the carb inlet whether you choose to run a stock carb or the one you already have.
  4. Crankshaft Rear Main Seal Surface

    My 218 crank had what looks like poc marks, small depressions, around the circumference of where the main seal would be. These looked like factory markings. This on a standard size crank. My guess is they are there to hold a small amount of lube for the seal, be it rope or neoprene.
  5. '50 fastback questions

  6. Which vendor

    Update: I haven't decided on where the windshield rubber will come from. But I got some new body mount rubber from Robert's. They are sized differently from stock and $9 for two but will work with some mods. There is a hole where the steel sleeve and bushing go thru that is larger then stock. So a new piece of tubing, cut to length, and new 7/16" cap screws, 3/8 are stock, and it will work. I still have to replace the ones at the very back just aft of the gas tank.
  7. Part out or sell whole?

    Unless it's a total rust bucket or it is totaled, bent frame etc. I would not part it.
  8. 1949 Dodge 230 straight six carburetor

    Sorry...I missed that.
  9. 1949 Dodge 230 straight six carburetor

    Might have some junk in the gas tank after all this time.
  10. Need advice on my 59 Dodge Coronet 325/326

    You didn't pay THAT mechanic with trust to "go thru" your engine. You probably paid with cash or something like it. If he delivered an engine with a knock in, you should be hot on his or her tail to make it right. Just my 2 sense.....
  11. Lowered pics?

    I like the way you went about lowering your ride. The right combo of parts. I seem to remember a friend of mine from long ago, liked to use 4" rear blocks and a torch on the front to get "the stance". Turned a mediocre handling car into a real pig. I was no better....long shackles and coil spring spacers for that "gasser" look. Looked good but a wild ride in a corner. How we survived? I still don't have a clue! I would bet that your wagon handles nice....watch out for the speed bumps
  12. Lowered pics?

    Check out "the hamb". There are threads that are devoted to 'the lowered car'..Not my thing, but, to each his own.....
  13. Discontinued the loaning of my Miller Tools

    Yup....The few ruining things for the many....lots of that going around these days. So sorry to hear of this..........
  14. Which vendor

    Thanks for the reply's. Andy, I can't imagine trying to deal with a vendor from as far away as you are. I'm more concerned with the fit and quality of the windshield gasket as that has to be right. Doing a search here, it seems not to many are happy, a few were, with the offerings from Ab, nothing from Roberts and some were happy with Steele. I know if I call each one I'll be told what a great product they have, so that isn't much help. The body mounts (rubber biscuits) are a little more generic as opposed to the w/s gasket which is model and year specific. Anyone get a w/s gasket that works like it should?
  15. Which vendor

    Finally got around to installing the engine and trans for my '52 Cranbrook. Noticed a few clearance problems involving the throwout fork and floor pan. Also the bell housing and trans to floor pan is really tight. With new motor mounts installed, it looks like the rubber body mounts are in need of replacing. Found some new ones at Roberts and AB.....about the same price. Just wondering if one vendor has it over the other as far as quality and and willingness to make it right if they ship the wrong ones. I've decided to go with Steele for the windshield gasket. Anyone buy from these guys?