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  1. 41/53dodges

    Flat head supercharged

    Not a very extensive one, made some modifications since then. Eventually gave up on the fuel injection and went back to the carb. Turbo was particularly small, like off a 1.6l Subaru. Boost hit about 1200rpm and carried all the way to the top, but the issue was exhaust backpressure started countering the boost above 2500, kinda like a banana in the tailpipe. That said, for super and turbocharging alike the exhaust is a big problem. Scavenging is deeply improved going to duals (read up on flat vs cross plane cranks for V8s for reference) Cleaning up the ports & combustion Chambers with a mild cam help as well. Basically, build a reliably strong N/A motor inside and out and build from there. Probably should stipulate, If you're expecting V8 power then this is not the solution. It's not going to raise the motors redline, and the boost curve doesn't change the motors natural torque curve, only aids (and sometimes pulls it down) Feel free to pick my brain if you please! I'm by no means a wizard, although I do like pointy hats...
  2. 41/53dodges

    Flat head supercharged

    I ran a small turbo on a tired 218 for a few years, blew through a factory BB carb at like 5-7lbs. I'm not going to call it a good idea, but it worked better than you'd think, the internal bowl vent and a boost referenced pressure regulator is key. Thing ran like crazy all things considered.
  3. 41/53dodges

    Transmission specification question

    About 7 1/4" or so
  4. 41/53dodges

    218 L6 oiling system

    Correct me if I am wrong, but won't the pressure relief valve prevent the filter from filling under these conditions? It is set to open at around 60PSI i think, so no oil should be flowing there. Other than that, was there water in the oil when you first got the truck?
  5. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    So an update on this diesel project, the Cummins is pretty well off the table. So I turned up a 3-71 General Motors Diesel (Detroit diesel) a couple hours from here. Big noisy turds but I just can't help but love the sound . The perk is that the local yard has a dead 6-71 I can strip for parts, like a flywheel... Only issue is getting up the nerve to go and fetch the thing with my 1/2 ton Chevy! PS- if it pleases the mods I am going to keep using this so as to not clutter up the forum
  6. 41/53dodges

    53 pilothouse 5.3 GT45 turbo build

    that's something different, thing ought to move when he gets that 5.3 in there even without the turbo! The LS turbo setup is getting pretty common these days, and dang do they make power. They usually have 6 bolt mains in em, I have heard of these motors doing 900 horse out of the stock bottom end
  7. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    There is a series of words for that fact that cannot be said on this forum... Oh well, back to the old drawing board!
  8. 41/53dodges

    Hello I'm new :-D

    That big hose you saw is likely the drain from the cowl vent, about 1/2-5/2" outer diameter? the hose for a vacuum wiper should be around 1/4-3/8" diameter. Another easy way to tell is to just grab the wiper and gently try to move it. If it moves easily and you hear a compressed air type noise, it's vacuum. If they don't move those are electric! Be careful with that fuel pump, some of em' crack and let fuel run into the oil pan...
  9. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    I think i already have that one knocked, the 855 laying there with the trans appears to take the same wheel, so that SHOULD be perfect. It would likely need a better radiator, probably another aluminum griffin. Driveshaft is to be determined, as would be a possibly heavier front axle
  10. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    Haven't actually tried running it yet, but I had it turning over albeit rather slowly. Jumper cables and a truck battery just don't cut it in -5 degrees! It acts like a couple cylinders don't have any compression, probably hung up valves, stuck rings, etc. but it ran when it came in. I had never mentioned the overdrive trans being new! Its actually bolted to a blown up 855 cummins right this moment, but it's there! Its still there primarily because the owners were going to use it to power their sawmill before it closed up some time back, and sat there ever since. They're asking $1000 for it last I asked, but going through my friends here has its benefits such as free reign of their parts, help, and beer. 6BT's are going around 2-3k here for some odd reason, which makes this motor a bit more attractive along with it's old school cool. I would be glad to answer any questions, probably some in here I haven't even thought of myself!
  11. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    This motor had a torque converter behind it, so the thrust bearing shouldn't have ever done much anything. Ive got a 5 spd overdrive that should bolt right up. I would have a much easier time if someone could tell me why this motor supposedly is no good! My friend also has a Detroit 4-53 non turbo, but those things are so noisy...
  12. I love the strange looks I always get driving the 53' Between just being an old Dodge truck and the turbo whine it just makes me grin ear to ear!
  13. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    That looks pretty well done, almost seems like adding 2 more cylinders wouldn't be the end of the world either!
  14. The trucks are pretty easy to work on, and if you have all the odd parts you have it made! Doesn't take much to make a decent daily driver out of one either. Rear end swaps, transmission swaps, the sky is the limit! However, Paul is correct in the idea that they aren't as wife friendly (however my grandma sure does look cute driving it!)
  15. 41/53dodges

    who knows cummins?

    Ah, that clears things up a bit. This was a complete operating unit when it came in, and having had a torque converter leads me to believe it led a life of leisure (torque converter models only put out 75% of rated power after the converter, thus preventing any shock loading and such) Of course I want to make it run before I put anything down for it, would rather suck to wind up with a trash motor! Thank you for your help guys, I think I know just about enough to move forward.

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