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  1. knuckleharley

    Swapping drivetrain in my 1948 p15 coupe

    MY only comment is you seem awfully defensive about this. If you have the right to think anything about it you want to think,so do others. Including people who disagree with you. Lighten up,Lucille!
  2. knuckleharley

    Thoughts on Flat-towing?

    Depends. If your tires are more than a couple of years old and you have to pull and repack the wheel bearings to be on the safe side in addition to replacing the tires,it would be cheaper and safer to just rent a U-Haul trailer for a 1 way trip. Yeah,we all used to flat two old cars coast to coast in the 70's and earlier with no problems,but the tires back then weren't bombs waiting to explode.
  3. knuckleharley

    1950 Wayfarer sedan

    The only downside to industrial engines is they tend to have lower compression and VERY low rpm camshafts in them. By the time you mill the head/swap pistons to get more compression/power,and swap or have the cam reground,buy a gasket kit,etc,etc,etc,you would generally be better off buying a flat 6 from a late 50's Mopar if you can find one. The good news is that if you do find one,there is practically zero demand for them,so the price should be very reasonable.
  4. knuckleharley

    1950 Wayfarer sedan

    AFAIK,any flat 6 Plymouth or Dodge engine up to 1959,which I think was the last year of the flat 6.
  5. knuckleharley

    New member

    Welcome! A family heirloom! I look forward to seeing and hearing about it.
  6. knuckleharley

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I am guessing there might be one working the runway at the Minnesota airport these days.
  7. knuckleharley

    D24 and P15 spindles

    I have a 78 Camaro frame clip on my P-15,along with the engine,trans,and rear from the same car,and it rides,drives,and stops like a dream. It was already installed,if not finished,when I bought the car,so I had to finish the boxing and welding,and make trans mounts. I don't think I would do this to one with the original suspension,though. Maybe a brake upgrade,but IMNSHO there is nothing wrong with the way the stockers ride and drive. I bought the car with the frame clip because I got it cheap.
  8. knuckleharley

    D24 and P15 spindles

    None of my business,but wouldn't it be cheaper and better to just put disc brakes on your P-15. By the time you buy backing plates with the springs,wheel cylinders,and drums with bearings,you would have a BUNCH of money in less braking power.
  9. knuckleharley

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

  10. knuckleharley

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    I live in NC,and it has been in the 60's the last few days,and supposed to get up to the mid-70's tomorrow and the day after. It's Feb,so we are still going to get hit with some cold days before it's over. No big deal for me either way because I can't work outside anyway.
  11. knuckleharley

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    The fun starts after the 12th,when the chemo starts. Had the port installed in my shoulder to inject the chemo,a bone marrow tap,and my right lung drained again last Monday. This is the 3rd time they have drained 2 liters of fluid out of my right lung. It is flooding my body with fluid as it spreads,and my stomach is also flooded with fluid and putting pressure on my diaphragm that makes it hard to breathe and impossible to bend over. The good news is that even though it is Stage 4,the surgeon tells me they can now kill it almost all the time with chemo,and if that doesn't work they have some pills they can give me as a last result that will kill the cancer. Since chemo is the gentle first step,those pills have to be some serious stuff. I have nothing to complain about. I am an Agent Orange veteran and one of the first to be awarded compensation for it because i was medi-evaced from VN with open running sores all over my torso combined with infected lymph glands. Lymphatic cancer is the one most commonly linked with Agent Orange,so every year I have had since 1970 has been a bonus year.
  12. knuckleharley

    pressure plate question

    You will have to take your pressure plate to an automotive or big truck garage/machine shop that has a surface grinder to get all the rust ground off while leaving a perfectly flat surface. This is no big deal,but it's not something you can do at home. If you have a community college nearby that teaches auto repair,you may be able to get them to resurface it for free because they need flywheels so they can teach how to resurface them to the students.
  13. knuckleharley

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

  14. knuckleharley

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    If it doesn't work out that way,you ain't doing it right. The good news is the unfinished projects are cars that have been saved instead of crushed or parted out,and there is somebody out there looking for each and every one of them as their dream car.
  15. knuckleharley

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    I got my 51 Victoria on the road this year. Even got the seats reupholstered and was ready to get the headliner and door panels done. Then I came down with lymphatic cancer,and right now all my money is going to paying doctors and hospitals. Ironically enough,the 51 Vicky is one of the projects I bought to fix and make a few bucks selling in order to have the money to spend on the project cars I want to fix and keep for a while. Kind of a "one hand feeds the other" philosophy. Yeah,it's a nice car to drive and all that,but I had rather be driving one of my "keepers".
  16. knuckleharley

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    The good thing about paint colors is that it is easy to change them.
  17. knuckleharley

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    600 lbs isn't heavy for a V-8. Especially not for a hemi V-8. I have a 291 S-22 from a 55 DeSoto and a 330 from a 56 DeSoto. I am going to put one of them into my 33 Plymouth coupe. Not sure which one yet. The 291 is standard bore and low mileage with no ridges,but I haven't pulled the 330 yet to see what it looks like inside. I will go with the 330 if I can because the 291 is the special order S-22 engine with the 4 barrel carb and higher compression,and there has to be a 55 DeSoto restorer somewhere that wants it. Which ever one I put in the 33 is getting a 6x2 intake and lumpy cam,so the 330 is as good as the 291 for my purposes.
  18. knuckleharley

    Camshaft. Flathead

    You can buy a freshly reground cam from Delta Cams for less than that,and know you have something you can use.
  19. knuckleharley

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    "Crumble in the middle" Probably the best description of crap repairs I have ever seen in my life. NOTHING describes the results better than "crumble in the middle".
  20. knuckleharley

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Me,too. For the same reasons.
  21. knuckleharley

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I've never even heard of one before. I have to believe that Walter P would not have approved.
  22. knuckleharley

    Interesting photos I have run across.

  23. knuckleharley

    Engine dies

    Does the engine quit running if you put the trans in neutral immediately after stopping?
  24. knuckleharley

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Any driver would definitely have to remember that the first step down when getting out of the cab is a LOOOONG one. The good news is lack of driver visibility for road dangers ahead would not be a problem.
  25. knuckleharley

    Oil Leak from Filter when hot

    Could be the cork or rubber gasket is missing at the top.

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