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  1. knuckleharley

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I give the guy boo coo points for being creative,but that thing is beyond Fugly.
  2. knuckleharley

    3 speed tranny linkage

    You obviously have it up in the air,so see if you can engage first and reverse manually from under the car. If you can,you know it is a linkage adjustment problem/
  3. knuckleharley

    1949 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4dr Sedan Parts

    I would sure love to have the bumpers and bumper guards. Let me know if you are interested in selling them.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1942-Plymouth-Grill-LH-RH-Pair-Special-Deluxe-Chrome-Trim/282989875348?hash=item41e382d094:g:DK0AAOSwxuxbEH5P
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1940-56-DODGE-CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH-DESOTO-3-SPEED-TRANS-853880-29-853853-16/142832231644?hash=item214176e4dc:g:bnMAAOSw88RbIUjy I have no idea why I can't make this a hot link,or get rid of the underline.
  6. knuckleharley

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    Doc,you need to get in touch with bluefoxamazone above. Sounds to me like your burnt up old radio is exactly what he is looking for to convert to modern. Or as a wise man once said, "For every solution,there is a problem." Or something like that.
  7. knuckleharley

    Movie Plymouth

    ANYTHING ever driven by Steve McQueen was automatically made cool by association.
  8. knuckleharley

    Movie Plymouth

    Are there any of the originals left anywhere? I've never seen one except for in a old movie filmed in NYC.
  9. knuckleharley

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    I've seen new Tanks Inc repop gas tanks for sale for $230. How much is your time and labor worth to you?
  10. knuckleharley

    1952 Plymouth Suburban

    I can practically guarantee you there is someone out there with a rusty coupe parts car that has the doors,fender,and rear glass that could take that one and make a complete car. The trick is in getting these people together.
  11. knuckleharley

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    Yeah,that's the way to go. End your fuel headaches starting with a brand new clean tank. If it were me and I was doing a driver instead of a restoration,i'd go with the poly tank and eliminate any possibility of rust inside the tank forever.
  12. knuckleharley

    Not many of these left

    It is the 1942 cars that were limited in production. Most came out in Sept of 1941,and consumer production was shut down after the attack at Pearl Harbor. Plus,at least for Mopar,1942 was as new bodystyle and some new mechanics,but by 1946 when production resumed,very little sheet metal or trim was the same on the 42 and 46 models.
  13. knuckleharley

    Threaded Block and Head Plugs

    Yes. Any automotive-rated thread sealer.
  14. knuckleharley

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    Yeah,"Not inexpensive" is one way of saying it.
  15. knuckleharley

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    The DE-LUX way to fly is to get in touch with one of the people who do this commercially,and have them convert your stock radio to modern specs. You can even get USB outlets. The quick way to do the speakers is just use sheet metal screws to bolt them horizontally to the bottom of the dashboard. Short wire runs,and they remain out of sight.
  16. knuckleharley

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    Vinegar. It's something like 4 or 5 percent acid,and it eats rust like nobody's business. You had better be prepared to coat the inside of your tank immediately after flushing it out or you will have lots of rust problems with your fuel,though. What I always did was stand tanks on their end and fill it up half way and let it sit overnight. Then the next day I would turn it over and let the other end soak for 24 hours. Sometimes you will discover that rust was all that was holding a tank together,and there will be obvious holes in it after the vinegar bath. Personally,if a replacement tank is available for 200 bucks or so,that is the best solution of all,and besides the massive savings in time you could spend doing other things,it's cheaper than a rollback ride home.
  17. Anybody know how much a flat 6 (218,I am assuming) Dodge engine and 2 ton truck transmission weigh? I'm guessing around 800 lbs,but that's just a guess. Getting ready to ship them to a buyer,and he's going to need to know the weight when he contracts a carrier to pick them up.
  18. knuckleharley

    Engine and transmission weight

    Well,it's a rare thing is life to get what you want both cheaply and quick. Both times I used U-ship the items arrived in excellent condition,so the wait didn't bother me. Then again,both times the parts were for my 42 Dodge,and when you own a "one year only" car,you have to learn to be patient.
  19. knuckleharley

    Engine and transmission weight

    Thank you. I am in my 7th decade of excellence now,and one thing I have noticed in life is that people who retire and just sit and nap don't seem to last long,or even to enjoy what little time they do have because they focus more on what they can't do than what they can do. It is an established fact that if you sit still for too long,something is gonna getcha!
  20. knuckleharley

    Engine and transmission weight

    Thanks to you and wayfarer for that tip. I had never even heard of them before. I will sure pass it on to the guy that bought the engine and transmission. Taking a break right now from building the crate. I'm old,fat,have COPD,bad knees,and it's about 90 degrees outside today. If it wasn't for the breeze I would have never made it. Almost finished building the crate. Have two sides of plywood to cut and fit. The battery in my drill went dead so I had to come in the house to charge it and charge me,too.
  21. knuckleharley

    53 Fuel Tank Fittings

    Bernbaum,who he bought it from knows,and has any fitting he made need to make his tank work.
  22. knuckleharley

    Engine and transmission weight

    I know nothing about them,but have had good luck with u-ship,and recommended them to the buyer.
  23. knuckleharley

    Engine and transmission weight

    I believe it to be a 4 speed big truck trans,and there is a plate for a PTO on the passenger side,but no PTO on it. I'll post a photo or two tomorrow.
  24. knuckleharley

    53 Fuel Tank Fittings

    The person to ask is Bernbaum. Anybody else is just guessing.
  25. knuckleharley

    Large hole in floor

    Ahhhh,a 41 Chevy! Maybe my favorite Chevy. Has one of the most beautiful dashboards ever put in a car.

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