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  1. Dat Bodge

    I am a traditionalist when it comes to style,but I gotta admit that thing is SLICK!
  2. Brakes... Pedal feel

    You have a single outlet master cylinder. Chances are your other 3 wheel cylinders and your master cylinder are as old as the wheel cylinder that has already gone bad. Do yourself a favor and buy 3 new wheel cylinders (cheaper to buy new than rebuild),and a new master cylinder. If it were me,I would also replace the brake lines and hoses. Look around and see what a replacement grille alone costs for your car,and then compare that to the price of a total brake rebuild. And that is assuming the grille would be all you would trash.
  3. New Route For '41?

    Anything that doesn't need to be done. I would definitely consider a dual-outlet master cylinder that mounts below the floor,and all new brake parts and lines for safety reasons,but unless you are planning on racing the car or pulling a trailer over mountains at highway speed,if your car is in good mechanical condition it will handle any normal driving with ease. When your uncle and your gramps were talking about modifying the car it was probably 20 + years ago,the car was worth 20 bucks,and the woods were full of them. Original cars that run and drive are worth considerably more money than that and are as desirable to most people as the modern street rods these days. Doctors have a slogan that states "Do no harm". MY slogan is "If it ain't broke,don't fix it."
  4. Brakes... Pedal feel

    Adjust your brake shoes and flush,refill,and bleed your master cylinder.
  5. Fantasy to Reality

    Yeah,but the difference is you don't care about the Monte Carlo.
  6. Fantasy to Reality

    WOW! I am in awe of the stock factory chrome and trim still being shiny on that red truck. From an appearance POV,in MY opinion that thing is perfect just as it sits. If it were mine,I would do what I needed to do to make it safe and reliable,and then drive it the way it is.
  7. Fuel and oil gauges

    Any reason you can't just use copper tubing from the gauge to the sending unit?
  8. '50 Plymouth arrived

    As far as I can tell,spring hasn't sprung anywhere in the country. Here it is the end of the first week in April,and it's like the first week of March usually is.
  9. Local News Story..Dodge

    It sure is a beauty,and about as rare as rooster lips,too.
  10. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    " If a warrant is issued then the police might serve the warrant." Correct me if I'm wrong bubba,but doesn't that mean the police get involved? Who comes to your house if there is a disturbance complaint made? Who arrests you if they determine the complaint was valid? Who goes to your house to arrest you if you miss a court appearance?
  11. '50 Plymouth arrived

    I always made it mandatory that I carry a dist cap,points,rotor,and condenser in my trunk of any points car I drove. As it happened I never once needed them,but it was a great comfort to know they were there. Especially back in the pre-cell phone dark ages of the 1960's. I usually carried a spare coil,too. I still do it today,though. Cheap insurance. Especially compared to what roll-back rides cost these days.
  12. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Where did I ever claim that *I* would do that? My personal modes are a little more unorthodox. AND....,if it is an imagined error,it is IMAGINED. You say "I THINK.......|" And since when has there had to be an actual crime before the police get involved. Isn't it a part of their job to invistigate POSSIBLE "crimes",including stuff like parking violations and littering?
  13. Define Irony.

    This is my last post on this subject,but anybody that thinks politics doesn't have anything to do with old cars has his head stuck in a hole in the ground. Politics controls every aspect of our lives.
  14. Define Irony.

    I was wishing for a hoist the last time I pulled one,and that was 40 years ago. Damn things are half of the heads.
  15. Define Irony.

    Ahhh,but the charm was IIRC the Cobra Jets used aluminum intakes. If there was ever an engine that needed an aluminum intake,it was a FE Ford.