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  1. knuckleharley

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    Thanks! I bought some stuff from him a few years back and was happy with everything.
  2. knuckleharley

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    I can't find his web page or his ebay store. Could you post a link?
  3. knuckleharley

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    And that is the only thing that really matters.
  4. knuckleharley

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    Ok,so who is it? Don't keep this a secret.
  5. knuckleharley

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    Even $140 bucks per hour for labor is cheap if you are not a gear head that enjoys working on your car,and you have to buy the tools to do it yourself. Lots of people love owning and driving old cars,but have no interest in doing mechanical repairs.
  6. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    This is so common these days that replacing the gas tanks is almost automatic. The last old car I bought was being started by using a can under the hood. I didn't even bother messing with the gas tank,and when I pulled it to replace it with the reproduction tank,the old tank had a rust hole in the stop I could stick my fist through. I just assume anymore that I am going to have to replace the gas tank,lines,filters,and fuel pump,and rebuild the carb before leaving the yard with any old car I buy that has been sitting. I use the new copper/nickel brake line as a gas line so I don't have to worry about rust inside the gas line. Same with the water pump in one that has been sitting for years. It might not leak now,but it IS going to start leaking in a hundred miles or so,and it's a LOT cheaper to replace it at home in your garage than it is to have it hauled home on a rollback and then fix it. Stuff like this is now in the category of operating expenses. If you want to drive the car,you are going to have to replace this stuff.
  7. knuckleharley

    Front wheel alignment diy

    I am constantly amazed that solid and complete cars this old and nice are still being found. Could you tell us about the circumstances that led you to find and buy this car,and where it was found? It obviously hasn't been sitting outside all this time.
  8. knuckleharley

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    If you don't want to replace your radiator with an aluminum one,you should consider pulling your radiator and taking it to a radiator shop to have it rodded out. Or having a new core installed if you hate the look of an aluminum radiator. Or maybe just drive the car to a radiator shop and having them reverse flush the radiator,install a new water distribution tube, freeze plugs,thermostat,and new hoses. Yeah,this is going to cost some money,but on the other hand your frustration level will decrease,and so will the expense of having it towed if it runs hot away from home. Not to mention decrease in the possibility of it running hot and cracking the block and/or cracking/warping the head. Lots of old cars and trucks are loaded with rust inside because it seems a lot of 2nd or 3rd owners were cheap and didn't like buying anti-freeze for a "back up car" they rarely drove,so they would just drain the radiator and block after every use,and add fresh water when they needed to drive the car. A hot engine that is drained and opened to cold air equals rust. If you haven't had to replace the water pump yet,I have bad news for you. Sometimes there just ain't any shortcuts. You just have to spend the money and be done with it. BTW,really nice driver car. Are your plans to preserve it or restore it? If it were mine,I think I would go for cosmetic preservation and then just drive and enjoy it.
  9. knuckleharley

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    They were just trying to class the joint up a little.
  10. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Good save on the fuel cap not being vented. I had that problem once with a Harley,and it almost drove me nuts before I figured it out.
  11. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    Thanks. That is new since I emailed them.
  12. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    If the gas tank sat empty for 20 years you are going to find it is full of rust,and chances are you are going to have to replace it.
  13. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    It's ok with me if you think what you want to think. Have fun with it.
  14. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    I think the first thing I would do would be to take the gas tank off and clean it,and visually inspect it for rust inside. Blow out the gas lines with compressed air after unhooking it at the fuel pump,and install a new ETHANOL rated fuel filger before the pump You MIGHT be running a mixute of stale gas from when it was parked,and new gas that you have added. If that doesn't solve the problem,look at the coil.
  15. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    This is the SECOND casting,not the first. They have already sold all 25 of the first casting 230 heads,and 20 of the first casting 25 inch heads. Their current web page about this heads is more than a little confusing,so I can see why you would think what you wrote. When they put the first casting up for sale they said the heads would be finished and shipped to the buyers by the July 4th weekend. The first casting of both the 23 inch and the 25 inch heads was supposed to be numbered from 1 to 25,and payment in advance was required. I was one of the people that bought one of each. I THINK there were 3 others who also bought one of each. There are NO remaining 23 inch heads from the first casting,and only 5 remaining 25 inch heads from the first casting.

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