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  1. Sometimes a driveshaft is balanced and spins smoothly one way,but if you take it off and rotate it when you put it back in,it will be out of balance.
  2. They must be ok because I see them in all sorts of cars,including big buck customs and rods. If you are doing a "points restoration" or the whole idea of looking at an aluminum radiator under your hood offends you,there are at least two companies that reproduce old car radiators in brass and copper. Be prepared to spend north of 800 bucks instead of less than 200,though. I was determined to put a brass and copper radiator in my 51 Ford so I ordered the "Desert Cooler" model from US radiator. Guaranteed to be a reproduction of the original,plus a added core for more cooling. Paid a little over 800 bucks for it including shipping and couldn't drive my car for over 3 weeks because they had to make it. They no longer keep them in stock,they make them as they get the orders in. Waiited 3 weeks,got it in,went to install it,and it was the wrong damn radiator. Top hose was wrong and the mounts were wrong. I THINK it was for a PU,but I'm not certain. So I called them to tell them they had sent me the wrong radiator,and the guy on the phone just didn't seem to care. He did tell me, "No problem,pack it up and send it back to me,and I'll send you another one when it gets here. So this time I had to wait longer than the first time to get the replacement radiator because the one I had to ship back had to get there first. It came in and looked good at first glance,so I bolted it in the car. That was when I discovered that the top hose was perfectly positioned,but the bottom outlet wanted the hose to run right through the fuel pump. I also discovered my 1951 Ford 4psi pressure cap was too big to fit the filler spout. So I called them again and told them about the bottom hose,and the guy just laughed. When I told him about the stock radiator cap not fitting,he said "Oh,yeah. We went to the modern filler necks a couple of years ago. No sweat,it's good up to 13 psi pressure." It probably is,but what it's not good for is using an original radiator cap. I have to use a modern one that looks different. If I would have been happy with it looking different,I would have bought a 200 dollar Champion aluminum radiator and been done with it. Now,don't misunderstand me. The guy on the phone at US Radiator MIGHT have offered another attempt to get it right if I would send it back,but what I wanted to do was drive my damn car,not make a career out of waiting for radiators to come in,AND I was disturbed and wanting to say bad things about his mama and possibly visiting him if I ever went out to CA again,so I just hung up before it got worse than it was. So I cut my reproduction 51 bottom radiator hose and used some exhaust pipe to detour around the fuel pump. It works,the radiator cools the car,and I drive it on a regular basis,but I would be lying if I said I was happy with it. What I am going to do is run it until I take the car apart for the body-off restoration,and then buy another new brass and copper radiator. This time from The Brassworks and sit the one I have aside for emergency use. The Brassworks radiators are even more expensive,but people say they are quality reproductions. I damn sure won't be buying any more radiators from US Radiator.
  3. Static or spin balancing? Did you check the u-joints in the drive shaft for play?
  4. Can you PM me his email address? I really need new rain gutters made for the rumble seat lid in my 33 Plymouth coupe.
  5. I'd like to have his name and address so I can kidnap and hold him prisoner for a few months.
  6. Try to avoid falling in love with a 1942 anyting unless it is one already restored. Finding missing body parts can be a real bitch.
  7. Same here.
  8. I have honestly never seen anything less than Grade 5 sold in any of the local hardware stores. I had never even heard of Grade 3 before your post.
  9. Grade 3 to 5 should be fine for a thermostat housing. It has no real pressure on it to speak of. Providing it's not a Chinese bolt,that is. Grade 3 in China means Grade -3 BTW,for those who don't know,you check the grade of a bolt by looking for straight lines on the head of the bolt. All bolts start at Grade 2,so the heads on these are unmarked. I am assuming a Grade 3 will only have one mark but I have never seen one. Grade 5,which I have always called "hardware quality bolts" will have 3 marks on the heads. Grade 8 will have 5. Grade 8 are machinery bolts like head bolts. The threads fit much tighter,and they are made from harder steel. It does you no good at all to use grade 8 bolts if the bolt goes all the way through to the other side and you use grade 5 or lesser nuts on it. Always try to match the nuts with the bolts.
  10. If it were me,I'd just cut it to the same length as the one that came out,and use it. Put a nut on it all the way up to the head before you cut the bolt,and then cut it and grind a slight bevel on the end so it's easy to start,and unscrew the nut. That will almost always clean up the thread where you cut and ground it so the bolt will start like it should.
  11. I'm really glad to hear he's not going to restore it. Not everything needs to be restored,and there is nothing wrong with a little bit of honest wear. I hope he just does the best he can to preserve it so it doesn't rust and the wood doesn't rot away,and that he takes it out occasionally and drives it. IMHO,for 10.5 he got a bargain.
  12. That's probably the safest thing to do. Especially since most shops won't allow customers into the shop area to make suggestions any more.
  13. Found a guy with a 33-34 Plymouth coupe body shell for sale in SW Florida. No chassis or any other parts,just the body shell. I am considering buying it,but it would be nice if I could get someone from the Mopar board to check it out for me before I start shelling out any money. What I know about the car is that it is a empty body shell with no floors,but it doesn't have the doors and the decklid. PLEASE PM me if you are willing to go look at it for me.
  14. What is owatrol?
  15. 10 K for a full body-off restoration,assembly,and paint was a freaking bargain!