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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Trying to get lost on back roads is a LOT more fun in this day of cell phone GPS and driving directions than it used to be. I get what you are saying,though. My favorite cruising is around 35 mph on back roads as I just ride along and enjoy the view.
  2. 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook P24

    They made outtside sun visors with slots cut in them so the driver could view traffic lights?
  3. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Hills and curves don't seem to be a major concern of yours. I do believe you could use a overdrive,though.
  4. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Then you are familiar with the Buddy Hackett and Johnathan Winters appearances. Absolutely hysterical. You could look at Buddy Hackett's eyes and see a mischievous 8 year old with a VERY "dirty" imagination peeking out and dying to be set free. One of my favorite Carson shows had him doing a long monologue,and apologizing for it at the end and justifying it by explaining "My guests tonight are Johnathan Winters and Robin Williams,so I know I won't have a chance to speak another word tonight once they come on." And he was right. For all practical purposes he was just an audience member sitting on the stage,and laughing as hard as everyone else.
  5. 49-51 Shoebox Ford rims fit on 48 Dodge?

    HorseHillary! Everybody knew what I was writing about and why.
  6. 49-51 Shoebox Ford rims fit on 48 Dodge?

    I suspect at some point your rear end has been changed. Every 40's Mopar I have ever seen left the factory with lug bolts,not nuts. You need to get someone that is familiar with the various rear ends to take a look and tell you what you have. While you are looking,look for a tag bolted to housing that has a parts number and gear ratio on it. Maybe measure the diameter of the axle housing where the drum slips over it,too.
  7. 49-51 Shoebox Ford rims fit on 48 Dodge?

    Yes,I know. I did write "large center opening",so how is there any confusion about this?
  8. 49-51 Shoebox Ford rims fit on 48 Dodge?

    So what? Lighten up,Lucille.
  9. R10 overdrive

    This is especailly true if they have been up for sale for a couple of weeks and the guy still has them. And let's face it,even though the people here love this stuff,most people wouldn't have it as a gift. It's really not easy to sell.
  10. 49-51 Shoebox Ford rims fit on 48 Dodge?

    The aftermarket steel wheels that have both the Ford and the GM bolt patter have large center openings to avoid this problem. The lug nuts will center the wheel on the hub,so it's no big deal.
  11. R10 overdrive

    I'm not sure sure about that. 2 grand isn't a bad price for a rebuilt 230 and rebuild OD trans for it if you live within "drive over and pick it up" range. Especially since it comes with the rear. If you were to go over to look at it and the donor car is there with a V-8 conversion in it and looking restored otherwise,it might be worth considering. If it is not there,or if it is there and is a beater,you might want to back off. The problem is not with the price being 2 grand if both are really rebuilt. The problem is that 2 grand ain't what it used to be
  12. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Agree. You have to look hard to even see they are there.
  13. 49-51 Shoebox Ford rims fit on 48 Dodge?

    Just measure from the back of the mounting surface to the outside of the rim edge and you will know. It's usually not super critical,though. If you have a 3-3/4 backspace you can usually go with a rim that has 4 inches as long as you don't go nuts with the wide oval series tires. BTW,if you buy the "uni-lug" wheels that fit Ford and GM bolt patterns,and extra hole will probably work for the locating pin. Or just buy the standard Ford/Mopar bolt pattern and drill a hole in each rim between the lug holes.
  14. 1941 Plymouth P12 Sedan Brake rebuild kits

    Contact White Post Restorations in Virginia. IIRC,they rebuild old wheel cylinders using stainless steel inserts and new pistons. I am sure there are others,also. You could also buy a copy of Hemmings Motor News or visit their web pages and look in the "services offered" section. Here is a Mopar brake parts interchange chart if you need to search out other brake parts. http://www.ply33.com/Parts/group5 From the above list: 678323 Wheel Cylinder Assembly Interchange/Vendor: EIS 6128 678324 Wheel Cylinder Assembly Interchange/Vendor: EIS 6127
  15. 1941 Plymouth P12 Sedan Brake rebuild kits

    If it were me and I was putting a driver car on the road,I'd spring for the extra bucks to put a dual-outlet master cylinder on it that mounts under the floor. If you can't find one that lines up with the hole in your floor,you can mount a remote fill canister on the firewall,or just make a new hole and cover plate for your floor. For the wheel cylinders and hoses,I would look for brand names like Lockheed,and buy new ones. That way the seller doesn't matter. Pull your old wheel cylinders and then take the numbers off of them and run a number search on Amazon.com and see what you come up with. I did this on my 39 IHC pu after all the IHC parts dealers were quoting me prices of $90 each for the wheel cylinders. Come to find out the 53-54 Chevrolet passenger cars used the same wheel cylinders,and I was able to buy them for $4.95 or $5.95 each from amazon. Just last month I bought new Dorman wheel cylinders from Rock Auto for my 51 Ford for $4.27 each. Most kits cost more than that. Rebuilding wheel cylinders is a waste of time and money anymore. AC Delco wheel cylinder hoses were $15.50 ea and the rear RAYBESTOS Brake Hose was $17.75 Don't forget to repack your front wheel bearings and to replace your grease seals while you are at it. I paid $19.67 for new front brakes shoes at my local O'Reilly's Auto Store,and $13.78 for the new rear brake shoes from Rock Auto. I didn't remember to note what I paid to have the drums turned. Do NOT forget to replace your hard brake line with the new copper/nickel alloy brake line that you can bend by hand without kinking. You can buy it everywhere that sells auto parts. The best two things about it is that it is cheap,and that you will never again have to worry about a brake line rusting out from either the outside or the inside. This copper/nickel brake line and a dual-outlet master cylinder are the best money you will ever spend on a car you drive.