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  1. knuckleharley

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    They were just trying to class the joint up a little.
  2. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Good save on the fuel cap not being vented. I had that problem once with a Harley,and it almost drove me nuts before I figured it out.
  3. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    Thanks. That is new since I emailed them.
  4. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    If the gas tank sat empty for 20 years you are going to find it is full of rust,and chances are you are going to have to replace it.
  5. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    It's ok with me if you think what you want to think. Have fun with it.
  6. knuckleharley

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    I think the first thing I would do would be to take the gas tank off and clean it,and visually inspect it for rust inside. Blow out the gas lines with compressed air after unhooking it at the fuel pump,and install a new ETHANOL rated fuel filger before the pump You MIGHT be running a mixute of stale gas from when it was parked,and new gas that you have added. If that doesn't solve the problem,look at the coil.
  7. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    This is the SECOND casting,not the first. They have already sold all 25 of the first casting 230 heads,and 20 of the first casting 25 inch heads. Their current web page about this heads is more than a little confusing,so I can see why you would think what you wrote. When they put the first casting up for sale they said the heads would be finished and shipped to the buyers by the July 4th weekend. The first casting of both the 23 inch and the 25 inch heads was supposed to be numbered from 1 to 25,and payment in advance was required. I was one of the people that bought one of each. I THINK there were 3 others who also bought one of each. There are NO remaining 23 inch heads from the first casting,and only 5 remaining 25 inch heads from the first casting.
  8. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    No,this is the SECOND run being cast right now. The first run were numbered 1 though 25 and you had to pay in advance. This run won't be numbered and I have no idea what the payment arrangements are on this one. I just clicked on your link and now understand why you think the current casting in process is the first one. I think this is just a case of mixed syntax. The first run were supposed to be shipped by the 4th of July. If that link is still on their website,I can't find it. I ordered and paid for mine 5 months ago. I sent them an email to their website a week or so ago to ask them why I haven't received the two heads I bought yet,and haven't heard back from them yet.
  9. knuckleharley

    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    You won't notice any power difference between the modified 218 you bought over the pretty much identical 230 you were going to build.
  10. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    Both were cast at the same time. All the 230 heads in the initial cast have already been sold,but according to their web page a couple of days ago,they still have 3 or 4 25 inch heads available. They are now in the process of casting another lot of heads and hope to have the available by December.
  11. knuckleharley

    Edgy Heads

    Anybody that pre-paid for the new Edgy heads received their heads from the Montana Dodge Boys yet? Their web page used to say they would be shipping them out by the first week in July,and neither of the ones I bought have show up yet,and the email I sent them the first week in July still hasn't been answered.
  12. knuckleharley

    50 Plymouth Transmission wanted

    I would try sending emails to people like Summit Racing,Jegs,and the manufacturer of every floor shift conversion kit in existence,and ask them. Baring that,find out EXACTLY what transmission you have right down to the casting numbers,and and then see if that transmission also fit into other manufacturer's cars. Chances are there are floor shift conversion kits out there that will fit and work perfectly,but they are not listed as fitting a 50 Plymouth because nobody ever orders one. I have put a floorshift conversion in a Chevrolet truck that were made for Fords because that happened to be what I had,and then a few years I ended up putting a Chevrolet floor shift conversion kit into a Ford. The only real problem with either was the 1st and reverse gear shift positions were reversed. In both cases if I wanted to back up I had to shift into what would have normally been low gear,and had to shift into what would normally be reverse to go forward. Second and high gear were in their normal locations. I guess I could have turned the first and reverse shift arm 180 degrees and made a new shift rod that was longer and bent and it might have worked,but I didn't care enough to even think about it. I was doing this because the column shifts were worn out and they were just work trucks.
  13. knuckleharley

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    Have any idea of the flatbed is for sale and how much he wants for it if it is? I have a friend that might be interested in it.
  14. knuckleharley

    How to bench test a fuel gauge.

    I doan no nutting bout no lectricity,but MY "go to first" point is always the ground. Is your tank grounded? Is your gauge grounded?
  15. knuckleharley

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    Am I the only one that can't see the photos using that link?

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