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  1. Wayfarer Off to France

    ALWAYS a good idea when shipping a car. When the guy delivered the 58 Rambler stationwagon to me that was shipped from NY the hubcaps were all missing from it,and he tried to claim there were no hubcaps on it when he picked it up. When I showed him photos of the car being loaded on his carrier he went and pulled them out of the cab off his truck and gave them to me. When my 50 Lincoln was delivered,the hubcaps,carbuerator,generator,and several other items were missing. Worse of all,the windshield was broken out from the hood not being latched after removing the parts under the hood and not latching it. The hood was also bent,but repairable. When I tried to file a insurance claim against the driver,the insurance company told me the policy had been cancelled for non-payment months before. I haven't bought a car and had it delivered since those two happened in a row. I either go get it myself,the seller delivers it to me and gets paid on delivery,or I don't buy it unless I personally know the seller. Ever tried to find and buy a NOS windshield for a 50-51 Lincoln?
  2. Wayfarer Off to France

    I wish you had taken the hubcaps off and hidden them under the rear seat. They are just too pretty to survive passing through that many hands before reaching the new owners without getting "lost".
  3. 1951 Suburban

    No,but that doesn't mean someone didn't put a 4cyl in it. I have a cousin that put a 4cyl diesel in a 51 Plymouth once. He had the Plymouth and he had the diesel,so he put them together and went riding. Call or email the seller and ask him.
  4. What everyone else has said,and once you get it to where it will start and idle easily,the best way to get rid of the carbon is to let the engine warm up to normal operating temperature,then manually control the throttle while slowly DRIBBLING (NOT "pouring") a little bit of water down the carb throat a little bit at a time. Be prepared for loud,rude noises,as well as clouds of noxious black smoke as the carbon is blown out of the engine,the exhaust manifold,and even the muffler and tailpipe. Once the clouds of smoke stop,stop dribbling the water, It is a REALLY good idea to do this outside,not in your garage. Keep in mind that if your muffler is very old and thin from rust,you might have to end up buying a new muffler,but you were going to have to do that soon anyway,so no big loss. Also,pull your plugs and check the electrodes when done. This can be hard on electrodes.
  5. 1950 Spitfire problems

    Good for you! Now,don't forget to tell locals you meet that have old cars about Steve''s Auto Repair,and the excellent work he did for you. Too many people keep too quiet about "their" mechanics like it is a secret that needs to be guarded. The opposite is true. These people are like any other businessmen. To stay in business they need customers. To keep the old car hobby going with new generations off old car buffs that have no experience or knowledge of old car mechanicals,we need people like Steve. Win/win for everyone. It won't hurt your future dealings with Steve if you tell them to make sure they tell him that "Bubba/whatever from Clarksville sent me here.",either.
  6. 1950 Water pump removal/installation

    Yes. You can trust the factory shop manual and Motors Automobile Repair Manuals. If they tell you something is that simple,it is that simple. My only additional suggestions would be to tape a piece of cardboard cut to the size of the radiator core to the radiator to keep from accidentally damaging any fins accidentally, as well as to save the skin on your hands. Old radiator cores are nasty things,and they create nasty,infected cuts that make your hands sore. The next thing to do is remove the fan before you loosen the fan belt or do anything else. Putting the fan back on should be the next to last thing you do,and removing the cardboard should be the last thing you do. Don't ask me how I know this.
  7. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    The uber rich,like Buffett and Gates aren't really affected by taxes because they have most of their money in tax shelters. Warren Bubbette has even whined about how his personal secretary pays more taxes than he does as a way to promote leftist "equality",yet it never seems to have occurred to him to pay her more money and to enroll her in one of his tax dodges. It's ALWAYS the middle classes that pay the majority of the taxes because the rich have tax shelters like trust funds,and the poor don't make enough money to pay taxes. They also don't have enough money to move to better themselves.
  8. Need 6v help

    And standard 6 volt coil,condenser,and point sets will work just fine as long as none of it was made in China. You can usually buy this stuff in any auto parts store,but any but NAPA are likely to have to order it after you convince there there is such a thing as 6 volt coils. Tractor dealers are also a source for 6 volt coils,condensers, and batteries,and MIGHT even have the points
  9. Electronic distributor

    "You guys are scaring me. I put a Pertronix system in my 47 DeSoto; so far, so good. But any moment, when we're far from home... When I installed the Pertronix system, I added a junction block to the inside fender, near the distributor, and I drew diagrams of how to connect the points-type ignition vs. the Pertronix system. Fine, but I dread having to redo the everything along the side of the road, including setting the timing. Maybe I'll just buy an extra Pertronix Ignitor." The ugly reality of owning and driving a old car is that when it breaks down,and ALL cars will eventually break down,you can't just trot over to any auto parts store and buy the parts you need to get it running again. The same is true with a old car modified with modern after-market mechanical and electrical parts. That's why you keep some spare parts in your trunk. Even if for some reason you can replace the faulty stuff yourself where you break down,if you are away from home it's a lot cheaper to pay someone to fix it for you than it is to hire a rollback to haul it home. You have to have the parts before you can hire someone to install them,though. Most people keep the old parts they take off when updating something,and re-installing them is simple. Since you already own them,they are pretty cheap,too. I'm one of those people who carries a new fuel pump in my trunk,still in the box the manufacturer shipped it in. I also carry a new fuel filter,distributor cap,points,condenser,rotor,and a couple of spare plug wires. You can't carry everything,but if you can replace the fuel delivery system and the ignition,that covers most of what goes wrong on the road. In your case,carry a spare ignitor,but check for shorts that may have burnt out the old one before you install the new one.
  10. T142 engine

    You could use a mid-60's non-booster dual master cylinder. I had a 68 Fairlane with one,and have seen GM's of that era with dual reservoir master cylinder made for disc brakes up front. Or even one made for drums up front if you are just looking for the safety of a dual reservoir system and want to keep your front drums.
  11. casting number 668755-5 Mopar?

    With just one lever,wouldn't it be more of a transfer case than an actual transmission? Maybe something made for 1 ton and larger trucks?
  12. That would be a hell of a buy for someone who can do the floor and rocker repairs himself. Not so sure it would be much of a buy if you had to pay someone else to do it,though. Especially not when you have to add the price of new upholstery.
  13. Thoughts About Upgrading To Radial Tires...Photos?

    If the whitewall width is a major concern for you,look for a set of 4 "Porta Walls". They fit between the rim and the time,and look like whitewall tires. I am fairly certain you can find them in a 4 inch width,but will probably have to do a little searching.
  14. Electronic distributor

    Of course. It was made to work with that engine,wasn't it? I am pretty sure you will have to use the original coil and ballast resistor with the distributor,though. Or direct replacements.
  15. Running without inner/outer fenders

    What's wrong with a sheet metal screw backed by a big washer,and mounting it on the firewall? Small hole easy to fill and paint over later on,or just an existing hole with a threaded bolt and washers.