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  1. JBNeal


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  2. ...or ya could "borrow" a yeller crayon from one of the lippy neighbor kids to mark TDC I thought the .008 and .010 settings were done initially when the engine was cold so that it would be close at operating temperature...?
  3. Ya don't have a bout of flu comin' on? *COUGH* SICK DAYS *COUGH* 4 DAY WEEKEND *COUGH* 😀
  4. JBNeal

    Wiring Harness

    additional information
  5. JBNeal

    New here. 1953 dodge pickup

    How's them wires lookin' in between? If they have original cloth insulation, the copper conductors are probably oxidized causing sky high impedance...
  6. Jeebus what kind of malarkey is that?? Cruise-in usually means anybody is welcome, even rat rods...definitely advise those dunderheads what you showed up in, how you were treated, and how ya have quite a few ppl spreading word of mouth about this snub on the internets...this kind of bull reminds me of Flounder & Pinto's attempt to fit in...
  7. There's a nice B-4 just around the corner...
  8. JBNeal

    side panel fixing on truck bed

    additional information
  9. JBNeal

    Warm start issue

  10. From what I know of paint in general and quality control of the post-war era, both of ya could be right...color matching is almost an art form, factory colors could have varied from batch to batch over the years...as long as ya are in the ballpark and are happy with the results, then ya probably nailed it
  11. There's a nice COE and some other beasts just over the hill...
  12. I have had more than one auto body paint supply store point me in the direction of Auto Color Library to do research and find possible solutions to my needs... I have located the paint chips needed, but the locals do not have the recipes to mix accurately, and their suppliers are not willing to go to their warehouses to dig out the hard copies that contain this information... good luck
  13. JBNeal

    Warm start issue

    additional information more additional information
  14. Although it is true that buying local is becoming difficult while doing restorations, the internet has become a boon for specialty businesses with hard to find parts...for example, eBay sent me an email about their updated My Garage feature, so I set it up with all of my Dodges...the first suggestion made? Replacement wiper blade refills...I had not seen those in yeeears, the prices are reasonable, and there is no minimum buy order. Replacement 6V bulbs? A plethora of vendors has them available without a minimum buy order and will ship to your doorstep... I try to buy local, but when this specialty stuff is only available online, I would rather have the stuff delivered to my door than run around the countryside trying to find something that doesn't exist anymore... life's too short to make it more complicated than it needs to be
  15. JBNeal

    Which truck is this part for?

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