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  1. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    I went on hiatus here for 6 months, Hurricane Harvey did not affect me directly but I had too many other projects going on that have eaten up my time in the interim, mainly helping out neighbors who aren't able to do some things on their own...so far have logged over 2,000 miles on my truck this month already while taking care of business...as for FB, I use it mainly to play Scrabble with some ppl and to document my unbelievable yet true stories of interaction with the rest of the world, which has included many pieces of photographic evidence...such as the time that schools were shutting down and businesses were closing because of a nasty winter weather blast that was en route...and things did not go quite to what was forecast, but I was iced in and had to stay at home that day anyways...
  2. 1-tons could be had in 126" wheelbase with 9' bed
  3. The DOT 5 fluid in my '48 still holds pressure 19 years later... I replaced the draft tube with a PCV valve on the '49 and the engine compartment doesn't smoke nor does the engine drip oil there...I have plans to add the tube from the oil fill tube to the air filter to siphon off any other crankcase gases to further clean up the engine compartment... also added the ground stud to the fuel level sending unit to eliminate any guesswork and minimize any future surprise pedestrian activities
  4. Sun D1 Tach

    Aren't these the ones that require some sort of sending unit? I found a few awhile back and have them tucked away in a safe place...whenever I find them again, I believe there are a few outfits that can do a solid-state conversion that eliminates the sending unit for a reasonable fee
  5. New gas tanks for pilot house??

    This is a good approach to refueling, to contain the fuel in the filler neck while letting the filler neck be the vent for displaced vapor. I made a similar contraption for an ag diesel manual transfer pump where the nozzle would blast out of the tractor tank on the pump pressure stroke. I ended up making a "hook" out of PVC pipe and fittings so that the nozzle could not fall out of the tank filler neck...used that thing for years until the manual pump gave up the ghost and we invested in an electric transfer pump that had a smoother transfer rate so the nozzle stayed put on its own. PVC can be used for fuel transfer, but it will yellow over time and become more brittle.
  6. the B-series fuel tank comparison shows that the seam for the B-4 (and C-1/C-3) is at an angle that lines up with the frame cross members. An adapter bracket is required on the B-1/B-2/B-3 for the rear tank mount, as the tank seam is horizontal and the rear mount frame cross member is at an angle. The top of the fuel tank needs to be level so that it will clear the bottom of the cab. The rear mounting bolts had springs between the bolt heads and the frame to protect the tank from excess torsion from the frame.
  7. steering

    grey beard's notes on steering gear boxes additional information Thoroughly cleaning the gearbox, re-sealing and refilling with JD corn head grease, and setting the high point made my '48 go from a wandering handful to a fun cruiser
  8. Bolts for floorboards

    additional information
  9. Bits of wit or jokes that backfired

    Our ofc.mgr was openly lamenting her impending 40th bday for months...I overheard a couple of the guys conspiring one day and much to their delight, mentioned to them that I had in my attic a wheelchair from the 60s (chrome rims, frame, and footrests, blue vinyl seat and armrests), so I lugged that filthy hunk out and gave it a thorough cleaning. On her special day, we swapped out her chair, and they set up their pranks, as she normally arrived at work over an hour after us engineers. Much to our surprise, she got mad, being very quiet and in control, just simmering under the surface judging from her clenched jaw and gritted teeth while asking her fave ppl where her chair was...they produced it, and she pushed that old wheelchair quietly down the long hallway to the lobby while the guys quickly dismantled their pranks planted around the office...I took that wheelchair out of the building when no one was looking a few hrs later, and the mood in the office for a couple weeks was tense with everyone on eggshells around her...less than a month later, I got laid off for dubious reasons, during our busiest time of the year while I was quite involved in multiple projects...weeks later, me and some of the guys wondered if that was the straw that broke the camel's back, as I had inadvertently stepped on quite a few toes during the course of doing my job for 6+ yrs, and she had a LOT of sway with the engineering manager, the company VP and the company president...and as circumstances have unfolded over the last 6+ yrs, that was the last office prank I pulled, as every place that I have worked since has been populated with ppl who do not have a good sense of humor...se la vie
  10. Best work place pranks

    My 1st project at the OEM was riddled with problems, lots of ppl pitched in to cause daily headaches...by the time that 1st unit got to the assembly line, it had gotten the nickname Lime Green Bstrd...it was then that I learned that it wasn't worth it to argue with ppl on the assembly line cuz they didn't listen, they would do whatever they wanted, curse engineering for screwing everything up, then let engineering fix the problems before deciding to listen to instructions. Because they couldn't listen to instructions, the first build had complaints that hoses were too short...when I tried to explain to them that the hoses were routed wrong, they insisted that the hoses were too short, with the crusty lead man cussin' at me to go get the hose stretcher back in the hose shop, with a few others chiming in agreement...I surveyed the situation and agreed, then headed back to the hose shop...the hose shop guys kinda looked at me funny, so I told them that lead man was pranking me, to which they laughed. I then asked to borrow some large slip joint pliers nearby and told them I'd be back in 15...I showed back up at LGB with the lead man perfectly perched up a 6 foot ladder and showed him them pliers...he tells me that those were not hose stretchers, to which I replied that they were johnson bar pullers, and that he should hold still for a minute while I motioned them big pliers like a snapping turtle...WHOA WHOA WHOA he exclaimed as he tried to scramble up that ladder, with the locals howling at the turn of events...in later years, when another new guy would show up on the shop floor for a new project, I invariably got dragged into solving these problems as I was kinda good at it and the guys on the line knew I didn't bs my way out of issues...the hose stretcher would be requested from the responsible engineer from various locations around the facility, as far away from the line as possible, with one winter it being located in a storage shed that was super dirty for the arrogant smart mouth engineer that blamed everyone else for his screwups...we had him out there for a couple of hours in subfreezing temps digging thru dusty shelves before I went to go get him, telling him that the stretcher was in Virginia being calibrated so we were going to try something else...when he eventually found out that Santa Claus wasn't real, he pouted and sulked for weeks...bless his heart
  11. Best work place pranks

    I noticed that our ofc.mgr would occasionally close the door to her office during her lunch hour, then eventually noticed that it was always on every other Monday...I then heard thru the grapevine that once her boys were old enough to stay over at other ppl's houses, her and her husband would head out of town to go kick up their heels twice a month...and yadayadayada Mondays she looked really tired...so one afternoon when she had some big meeting, I hacked into her PC to set an alarm every 6-10 weeks using an air horn soundwave cranked to 11...after the 4th time it scared the bejeezus out of her enough for her to yelp, she called IT for help cuz of some "virus"...GOOD TIMES
  12. Best work place pranks

    one of the 20-something office admins griped at me for filling out a form in black ink instead of blue ink...3 weeks later, on the day that she had quite a few reports due and was an excuse machine cuz she was always late, I replaced the 3 fistfuls of pens and pencils in her decorative cup and top drawers and 2 clipboards with packaged straws from Whataburger... when she strolled in fashionably late that morning, several of us gathered around and peered over the cubicle walls to watch her get situated, reach for a pen from the cup, then her keyboard, then her top drawer, then her other top drawer with a growing look of confusion before blurting out WTF, at which point we cackled at her like crows, surprising her before she resorted to swearing at all of us while throwing said straws at us as we fled...a few minutes later, I handed her a blue pen...and throughout the day, we would rain down a few pens and pencils at her desk over the cube walls after shouting INCOMING to which she would squeal and curse at us while diving under the desk...that was a fun day
  13. Best work place pranks

    One of the guys in the testing department was a real know-it-all blowhard, quick to shift blame and point out others' mistakes...a real ray of sunshine. I noticed that he would leave his CB radio on his toolbox and asked him about that one day, was told to mind my own business...a few weeks later, we had a cold snap but some European aerial lifts needed to ship, so knucklehead was out there freezing his whutsitz off doing his job, but found the time to cuss at me for some minor problem, in front of several ppl, before he went back outside to test another unit. Once he went out the door, I pointed at the radio on his toolbox, asked the observers "how long should I hang him out to dry?" , they all immediately began laughing, so I told the small crowd that I would be back in 15 minutes... by that time, knucklehead was in the middle of articulation testing, it looked like it was about to start snowing, and I returned to hit the e-stop on the lower controls...this effectively stuck him 50 feet up in the below-freezing air, and after 5 minutes I went back out to pull the e-stop so he could let himself down...of course by then the hydraulics had gotten so cold that the ride down was excruciatingly slow, which allowed me plenty of time to vacate the premises while he shouted threatening curses in my direction, much to the amusement of his coworkers...I later found out that chickens-hit tried to get me written up for some sort of safety violation; the only problem was that he was making a complaint to the guy that I had turned in his radio and asked him to remind his test techs why they need their radios at all times, which by company rules was a terminating offense. From that point forward, we didn't have much of a problem...
  14. The tool ID test

    I'm gonna guess that it's used to seat the brushes on the generator so the stator can be inserted without the whole thing going catty-wampus haywire
  15. Best work place pranks

    I was hired by the ME Department during my extended senior year to finish a design project that we ran out of time working on, with the design centering on a GMC Sierra 2500 that was donated to the school (long story). After several months of unsupervised work, I was nearing the completion of the project, then I was informed that there was a delay in my paychecks 3 weeks in a row, with some sort of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that came as explanation. The department secretary informed me on the back steps during her smoke break that if I was not paid in full by a certain date, the university did not have to pay me at all; also, they could only pay me so much per week, not one lump sum...I quickly did the math and realized that if I didn't start getting paid in a few days, I was gonna get stiffed out of some big $$$ to a starving college student. So I made my move the next day...2 days later, the department heads involved with administering projects were cussing me out in the hallway between classes, in front of other students, threatening to have me thrown in jail for theft of university property, cuz that GMC had "disappeared" ...I smiled and told them that I was just so weak from not eating, cuz I hadn't gotten paid in almost a month, that I was having trouble remembering things; this brought snickers from innocent observers and smoke coming out of the ears of the aggressors...the paychecks started being delivered as required a few days later, and when the last one cleared the bank, I paid a visit to the department head's top floor office, walking past the department secretary and giving her a wink as I dangled the GMC's keys (did I mention that she was drop dead gorgeous?). He cursed me out some more, told me how unethical I was being (hello kettle, you're black), and demanded to know where the blankety blank truck was...I pointed over his shoulder out the window to the university motor pool parking lot 500 feet away, where that red truck was parked in clear view of his window, and since that lot was secured, it had never left the university property and the keys had been with the motor pool office the whole time, where I had checked it in under my name with the ME department... which was right next door to the university police station... he cursed me one more time as I walked out the door, and I patted the department secretary on the head as she was covering her mouth and turning beet red, trying not to laugh...later, I ran into her on her smoke break, and she high-fived me for my accomplishment, and relayed to me the aftermath of that whole incident as it unfolded in the department corridors, as egos had been bruised for the fact that some lowly undergrad had bested several distinguished PhDs at a game of chicken...it was a good thing