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  1. JBNeal

    a gas tank story

    Maybe you could bend the float arm up so it will show E when it's about 1/4 full...
  2. I like to see these old beasts close to factory original, but I've seen vintage pictures of trucks being used as workhorses and I can appreciate certain modifications made to optimize performance. So if a truck has mods that are period correct, such as dual carbs or even a 2bbl carb + a dual exhaust kit, I can live with that... I can also appreciate how important it is from a safety standpoint to keep these old trucks reliable and not causing accidents from stalling. I have stalled out from a blown condenser at the end of my driveway, which was durn lucky...years later, I stalled at a controlled highway intersection and things got dicey for a few minutes until I could get back underway because I did not have bright emergency flashers to get other drivers' attention. So improvements like electronic ignition and brighter signal lights with additional turn signals / flashers can be subtle enough to get a pass from me as they are intended for safety and not showing off. And with the advent of solid-state electronics, the factory radio option can be updated with IC board to replace the tubes, etc and even add an mp3 port...the look of the original radio with modern features that can be hidden from view
  3. I've seen the electric gas cap on eBay a few times...how does that work?
  4. JBNeal

    Door stays

    If ya need less than a full stick, ya might could call'm up and see if they could send ya a 12 inch sample for validation purposes...sometimes they do, sometimes they don't...
  5. JBNeal

    1953 Job Power Bench Seat

    If browsing at the salvage yard, pay attention to the floor of the donor vehicle as well. A flat floor minivan bench should yield a closer fit than bucket seats from a contoured floor sports car, for example. (I replaced the bench in my Dakota years ago with very comfortable Shadow buckets, but the seat angle was a little off cuz of the Shadow floor pan not being as flat as the Dakota's...lesson learned ⚠️) Ya might need to mock up something to measure a comfortable seat height so your knees are not up in the steering wheel, then you should have the dimensions you need to find a donor.
  6. JBNeal

    46 WF-32 smoking bad stopped running

    Make sure ya tighten that clamp down or that first right could get messy
  7. JBNeal

    Door latch spring b2b

    additional information
  8. Sonofagun that worked...that's an interesting feature
  9. The hoods on these trucks are far from perfect. The exploded parts view is accurate for '48-'50, but '51-'53 are somewhat different. The baffle (69) in the parts view was eliminated in '51; the extension (68) was made slightly beefier in '51. The B-3 and B-4 that I have with the hoods installed have similar problems sitting on the radiator...it may be considered a feature if anyone asks... additional information
  10. additional information
  11. JBNeal

    Interior light B3B

    you can lead a horse to water but ya can't make'm drink
  12. I tried to delete my shipping address, and both the billing and shipping address disappeared... when I attempted to add an address to my profile, the data fields did not specify if this was for the billing or shipping address, and when I added my billing address, the billing and shipping addresses were shown to be the same... ❌
  13. JBNeal

    No-good Benny

    I had been getting intermittent missed calls to my mbl# for a few weeks, then one evening the phone rang as I was sitting down to dinner...after a few questions, I realized that I was talking to a computer...so when I was asked if I had a home security system, my answer was "I got two big dogs and a rattlesnake"...the computer did not understand that and asked again, to which I stated "I don't know how much clearer I can make myself"...the computer tried a different tack and asked if I owned my own home, I responded " sorta, somebody dragged it off last week but we're still a-lookin' for it"...there was a pause on the other end of the line, then the voice said that I was not eligible for a home security system discount [sad trombooooone] 🙄
  14. JBNeal

    How to Guide Miller Brake Tool

    How'bout taking a 1x4, cutting it with a jigsaw so that it fits inside the drum, then cutting a hole at its center so that it can rotate on the shaft...then ya could drive a bent nail in the end of the board to act as the gage tip...easy to make, easy to adjust, easy to replace if lost or damaged...
  15. JBNeal

    Cracked old wires

    No, they are toast...the original cotton-braided insulation degrades over time and falls apart, exposing the copper stranded conductors to oxidation, which increases impedance significantly... it's almost the same effect as if your wiring harness has caught on fire...modern synthetic rubber insulated copper conductors last much longer under similar conditions, not being as prone to degradation from heat and chemical exposure... but both are seemingly as tasty to rodent invaders 🙄🙄

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