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  1. JBNeal

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    maybe that hole can be customized by opening up a little bit with a rotary rasp for more wire clearance then touching up or repainting black or bed color...
  2. JBNeal

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    additional information
  3. I have done enough on-line deals that I can say that statistically, 1% of the population are crackpots that will complain because they wanted something for free and that it took too long for it to be delivered and that the quality was not as advertised in the first place. Ebay took steps to give vendors some recourse against crackpots when they modified their rating system to allow for rebuttal against negative ratings, which was kinda helpful to identify crackpot sellers and buyers alike. On the other hand, I have heard stories about how some vendors have "volunteers" who pad ratings on Amazon and Yelp, witnessing odd spikes in positive feedback immediately after negative feedback is posted. So when somebody tries to tell me about a vendor's on-line rating, I argue that those results may be skewed by bias on both sides by crackpots who are trying to game the system. I have found a downside of leaving realistic reviews is that I have been contacted by other customers through vendors' websites, and half of these contacts are by crackpots who cannot be bothered to do their own basic research (does this u-joint have grease in it?) or have no idea what they are doing but want their electronic device to be a magic genie of answers (will this pressure manifold work on my ancient air compressor that I don't even know what its model number is?). So it boils down to good customer relations, where the customer also has the responsibility to deal with any complaints promptly and realistically.
  4. I spy a Plymouth exhaust manifold...to save ya some headaches down the road, be sure to verify the engine particulars so you get the right gaskets, seals, etc.
  5. JBNeal

    Did you vote today????

    Two of the early voting locations in my county are within spittin' distance of some of the finest smoked bbq in the state... So I did my duty and rewarded myself with a half chicken
  6. JBNeal

    "Ol Blue" Build

    extra additional information
  7. JBNeal

    New member new project

    Practice on a wheelbarrow?? that is a great idea! if ya can slick up a well-worn wheelbarrow, knocking out the dents and rust, replacing the wood and tire, and get the paint to look good, maybe even putting some pinstripes on it, all for the practice, then ya have a scaled down, simplified version of restoring one of these old beasts...I think I just had another project put on my to-do list
  8. JBNeal

    New member new project

    The B-series were designed around the flathead with economical pulling power at low speed in mind. Powertrain upgrades for speed require commitment of resources to safely control that speed with modifications to chassis frame, suspension, steering, brakes and sheet metal....this is some serious cheddar in time and $$$ that requires skills that may depend on a learning curve. Another alternative is to put the Pilot-House sheet metal on a modern chassis, such as 1st gen Dakota, which requires skill in grafting the bodies together, while the powertrain needs only refreshing. This is also a serious undertaking, but viable. Having said that, my side yard is populated with the remnants of 5 beasts where the previous owner had grand ideas but insufficient skills and resources to make those dreams a reality before eventually abandoning those plans...I suggest making a plan that includes a budget of time and $$$ before diving in, just to get an idea of the task at hand. It is clear from the work/butchering of the rescued projects I have (as well as a couple more I've spotted over the hill) that the plans of attack employed were variations of "Willy Nilly": sheet metal stripped of paint then left to rust in the yard, powertrains and axles sold for scrap with nothing to put back in their places, a cheap stereo hacked into the dash with no speakers...talking with previous owners, they had visions of cruising Congress at the Lone Star Round Up, but then it got too cold, then it started raining, then it got too hot, then it was football season, then it got cold again, and time just slips away as life gets in the way. I am not breaking any speed records with completing my projects, but I have a plan and a budget in place and the skills to get most of the work done, so I'm holding off on major work until I get all of my ducks in a row...at any rate, take your time and choose wisely
  9. JBNeal

    Hound dog hauler

    My fuzzy memory tells me that I had trouble with the 1st fire on the '48, eventually figured out that my spark plug wires were off by one...I made the adjustment, and the beast fired right up...
  10. JBNeal

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    additional information
  11. JBNeal

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    additional information
  12. JBNeal

    Engine Noise/Tick at Higher RPM

    If there is some gum on that valve, it will ball up on the valve stem, hanging the valve until it vibrates loose and flattens the gum higher or lower on the valve stem, repeating the process...check your valve galley to see any evidence there...ya might be able to narrow down which cylinder is affected, then squirt some MMO on the faulty valve and let it sit overnight to try to wash off the gummy stem...but definitely put MMO in the crankcase oil to circulate in the system and clear out any gum near the valve areas
  13. JBNeal

    Engine Noise/Tick at Higher RPM

    Put some Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase and see if that helps...ya might have a sticky valve
  14. JBNeal

    Pilot bushing insight needed please!

    Chrysler Master Tech 1948 Vol.2-4 around 8:45 is the pilot bearing lubrication info

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