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    Our car is a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe, it has been in my wife's family since 1954.
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  1. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    +1 to dpollo He helped me out with my 1950 Dodge as well. He gave me some valuable advice and with his help my car went from a _O_GE on the front hood to a DODGE.
  2. Electricians: What Is This In My Shop?

    All right, finally a question I know something about. Back in the day, most services were 60 amps or less. The load miser was usually hooked up so the stove took precedence over the dryer. Supper was more important than dry clothes. Not sure about elsewhere, but they were very common in Saskatchewan. I have seen/removed many in my 30 years of electrical work. They are no longer necessary in most applications, but they work well.
  3. new guy

    Neil, Good to see back on the site and making progress. I have not done much more to my 50 in the last year, I am at a spot where I am happy with it. I restored a 1978 Vespa last year and now am working on a 1967 Honda 90 bike. Neil
  4. Barton Mfg signal guide

    Here is what I did. I rewired the light itself as the sketch shows. The picture of the limit switch is kind of hidden, but it operates off the throttle rod. The brake switch turns on the brake lights, the red light in the traffic signal and pulls in the relay. This opens the normally closed contacts, thereby turning off the yellow(amber) light. If I remove my foot from the brake, the red light goes off and the yellow light turns on. If I push down on the gas pedal, the limit switch returns on turns the green light on. If I depress the gas and the brake, the brake light overrides the green light. Seems to work.
  5. Barton Mfg signal guide

    I mounted mine in the rear window. It came without the cover that slid over the gas pedal. I rewired it. I used a 6 volt relay and a NO/NC limit switch on the rod going to the carb from the gas pedal. I will look for my diagram and post this weekend.
  6. Miller MT19 Brake gage on Ebay

    I am back to work and talked to our machinist and he is not able to commit to making more at this time. If that changes in the future, I will revisit it then. Neil
  7. Miller MT19 Brake gage on Ebay

    Here is a picture of the sketch supplied by busycoupe with the 1750 tool he sold me. Also in the picture are the the parts produced by a machinist at my work. I don't need the Ford parts but the next owner (after I'm gone) might.
  8. Miller MT19 Brake gage on Ebay

    I will check with him and see if he is interested. I will take some pictures of what I have tomorrow. I am off next week so it will take some time before I talk to him.
  9. Miller MT19 Brake gage on Ebay

    I recently purchased an Ammco 1750 tool off of a member of this site for a fair price Thanks again. It did not have the additional parts to work on Fords, didn't matter. But, he did include detailed drawings with dimensions of the missing pieces. I was able to get 1 of our machinists at work to make the missing components. I do not need them, but I like to have things complete. After I am gone, the next guy may need them. Thanks again to Dave. Neil
  10. Let's see your other rides

    1978 Vespa P150X European version, speedometer is already in km/hr. Not sure how it ended up here. It was taken off the road when it failed a roadside safety check, none of the lights worked. I redid the wiring and got it safetied. Was a fun project and takes up less space.
  11. front end kit

    Sellers name on EBay is moparkenan. Just checked and he has nothing listed right now that I can see.
  12. new guy

    I got a new master cylinder for mine from here a few years ago. He is fellow member Rockwood's contact Norm Dumontier at Mid Canada Suspension 1-204-475-3399
  13. new guy

    Not sure where in Saskatchewan you are, but if close to Saskatoon I have the rear drum puller that you can borrow. I have a 1950 Dodge D36, I have the manuals and parts list book as well. They are available to borrow as well. There are a few of us in Saskatchewan on this site, various parts of the province. Neil
  14. Fuel economy of flat six

    Here are mine. 1978 Vespa P150X 1970 Honda PC5o moped
  15. 1952 Kingsway fuel gauge

    Great photo with the Pilsner can in the background. Where abouts in Saskatchewan are you? There are a few of us here. I have a 50 Special Deluxe. Welcome to the site.